A lot of you email me requesting link exchanges. While I appreciate you considering my blog for a link exchange, I do not accept requests for link exchanges. Here’s how I select links for my Blogroll (Hot Links) section:

  • Your website/blog contains unique content that I post on my blog
  • I regularly visit your website/blog
  • I link to a post from your website/blog

That’s it. If your website/blog meets those qualifications, I will add your link to my Blogroll automatically.

  • Bsoul

    A’ight. Hook me up and link my site. http://www.Beyoncefans.com!

    LOL! I’m just messing with your Sandra.

  • http://musicisourhigh.blogspot.com musicisourhigh

    Hey Sandra, I have noticed lately that the ALL THINGS MONICA link hasn’t been working for me lately. Do you know if the site still exists?

  • dblaq

    Yes Sandra lets exchange some links

    I need you to take the last one and place it on the top. The the 3rd from the bottom and put it in the middle. Also I need them alphabetized from the back.

    thank you

  • http://dapoandtomi.com dapo

    your blog roll is only missing http://dapoandtomi.com and it will be complete lol.

  • http://highbridnation.com Mike Belgrove

    Looks like Hanna Montana to me

  • http://www.madnews.wordpress.com MissB

    coo ya……

  • http://pleasurekisses.com Mika79

    Don’t forget…for all your ADULT shopping needs visit me at http://www.pleasurekisses.com and shopping is discreet on my site.

    PSST…I do parties too!

  • http://totallytiny.com Janay

    Hi sandra,I Am a Loyal reader of this Lovely Blog,And thanks for Confirming my Account.Any way I’m not sure if this is true,But i hear that Tiny,and T.I. is your favorite Couple.Tell me what cha’ think