Don’t hold your breath waiting for Def Jam’s chief LA Reid to announce a successor to ousted president Jay Z at Def Jam hints a source. According to an inside source, execs at Island Records plan to wait a “couple of months” before announcing Damon Dash as the new president. Or they may not replace Jay Z at all.

The exact quote from my source was, “I think they’re going to let the dust settle for a couple of months now that Jay is gone.”

Insiders believe Reid made the decision to hold off on making an announcement out of sympathy for Jay Z, who would crash and burn if his arch enemy Dash was selected so soon after he left. “His ego couldn’t take it,” said my source.

  • uptopgrl

    Hi Sandra I heard that Def Jam was going out of business is there any truth to this? Maybe that is why no sucessor has been announced.
    On another note I heard V-103 shout you a Happy Birthday today. Happy birthday fellow Capricorn

  • Caron02

    Sandra you are th funniest ever! SMH

  • c murda

    Shut tha f*ck up….

  • kat

    i doubt if jay z gives a damn about who’s replacing him at def jam……whether it be dame or ****** charlie brown…

  • Bird

    I don’t think Jay looks at Dame as an arch enemy. He made a business decision that Dame didn’t like, but I don’t think he did it to spite him. In the end I think Jay may have sold his soul to the devil. He is still throwing up the Roc sign, but he doesn’t own the brand anymore.

  • 2thick4u

    Jay Z ain’t tripping on Dame. His ass need the money if he do become the successor.

    When their asses still don’t sell then LL can blame his tired ass:)!!!

  • ms.peaches

    His ego can’t take what c’mon Sandra you can do better thant this!!! First of all record company’s don’t give a damn about nobody’s feelings & do you honestly think they gonna let Dame big mouth ass take the chair (yeah sure) Alot of people over there at Def Jam can’t stand him as it is so I can really see him being VP soon as Jay walk thru my front door saying “honey I’m home” & I damn sure ain’t Beyonce!!(lmao)

  • Black Bauer

    Def Jam kicked Dame and his Dame Dash Music Group out of the building a couple of years ago. Aint nobody checkin for him. Everything he touches goes “wood”. The only person talkin this garbage is Sandra Rose.

  • Irene

    Your source doesnt sound do sure of him/herself. Wjen you start statements with… “I think… it means it is just speculation and not fact!

  • Irene

    Ok, let me try this again….

    Your source doesn’t sound so sure of him/herself. When you start statements with… “I think…” it means it is just speculation and not fact! Every one of us on this site could sit and speculate what could happen. I THINK your source should try harder.

  • fashionista

    two things:

    1. “ousted president” ? ummm, let’s get it VERY CLEAR that Jay-Z was not ousted or asked to leave, HE decided to not renew his contract at the end of last year. Let’s not sit here and act like Def Jam gave Jay the boot…

    2. damon dash? are we serious? aside from getting his wife preggo, what has damon dash done over the past…mmm…two years, really? and do we really think Jay is going to sit in his house and cry to Beyonce because Dame was named president? When Dame starts collecting checks like Jay is, then we can re-visit this…