By Mike Clary and Macollvie Jean-Fran├žois |

The body of Stepha Henry has not been found, but so much of her blood was in the car that took her to a Sunrise nightclub that she could not possibly have survived, officials said Tuesday.

At a news conference at the Miami-Dade Police Department, officials for the first time said Henry, 22, was brutally murdered last May, and though she remains missing, her killer, police said, has been located.

Police in Brooklyn arrested Kendrick Lincoln Williams, 32, Tuesday morning and have been questioning him much of the day, said Jim Loftus, assistant director of investigative services for the Miami-Dade Police Department. Williams is being charged with second degree murder.

Henry, a recent graduate of John Jay College who aspired to attend law school, was visiting her aunt in North Miami during the Memorial Day weekend last year when she disappeared. READ MORE…

Thanks to loyal reader Thyra for the tip.

  • milly

    Horrible man.. R.I.P

  • uptopgrl

    Why are peopele so mean I just don’t understand the hate we have for one another. God Bless her family R.I.P Stepha

  • uptopgrl

    sorry I meant to say people :)

  • no12blame

    A total disregard for human life. If he is guilty may he suffer a thousand lifetimes. Hopefully this will start the healing process for her family. Just sad

  • HeyNow

    Why is this my first time hearing anything about this?????? Was this on Nancy Grace or the news for that matter??? This happened almost a damn year ago,but the Holloway case and others get atttention all the damn time..smh

  • Bsoul

    It’s sad, but I don’t remember this incident.

  • 2thick4u

    Glad that you covered this story.

    I am glad that they caught this guy!!!

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Wow, they found him in my backyard. Like, right there!

  • pyt_504

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!! I kept asking on another site if anyone heard about her!!? All you hear about is Natalie (which is sad as well) and that other chick Stacy Peterson.. It seems as though the news forgot all about Stepha. I am soooooo happy that bastard was caught! I hope he rots in jail for what he did to that girl!

  • milly

    I am waiting on Natalie’s case to be solved too, I’ve been following it everywhere the last thing I heard was that they had re-arrested the suspects.

  • truthhurts717

    How can ya’ll mention over exposure without mentioning this recent hiker chick Meredith Emerson? I have constantly asked out loud when watching the news “WHO IS THIS CHICK & WHY THE HELL IS SHE GETTING SO MUCH DAMN COVERAGE.” I was riding by Peachtree Street on the 4th and saw a big ass billboard with a picture of the hiker girl on it, she had only been missing for 48 hours and there was already a huge billboard for her.

    Stepha Henry got a little coverage when she first went missing and she got a honorable mention on Nancy Grace last summer too. BUT there was absolutely no major coverage on this because around that time Paris Hilton got released from jail and the media considered that a little more important, one of the reports from MSNBC actually said that.

  • larnold027

    I have stepha and her family in my prayers. But this is my first time hearing of this. And to me that is a damn shame. I’m not racist but everytime someone black comes up missing you are not going to hear about it but one time. Zoo animals get more air time on the news then a black person that is missing do. I agree its a shame what that man did to that young hiker girl, but if they spend more time like they did her case and that hollaway girl maybe a lot of their missing person cases will be solved. And just like that young black girl in buckhead who neighbors actually saw her getting kidnapp you still have not heard anything else. Wake up people!

  • aqtpie

    It wont bring her back but at least there is someone being held accountable by the law for doing a heartless crime. The media coverage on blacks missing is sad. There is a blog at that covers missing people.