• Sharonda

    Don't like it.Her face is just funny.She looks robotic.

  • fatblkboy

    "...But this has to be one major disappointment to Janet’s hard core fans."

    AMEN to that. I think this is finally it for me...

  • dakotab

    She doesn't look like herself..the lips are throwing me off...and then it reminds me of Madonna when she was in her leather S&M phase

  • https://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    At least she looks her age. I had a teacher in junior high who came to class every day like that. She wore the same gloves and everything. She never smiled so we didn't know what to expect from her. We never cut up in her class.

  • homemade

    Not feeling it. I dont see why she cannot get out of this sex kitten mode and just start being good again. I thought things were going in the right direction with Def Jam. So far other than the song everything has been a disappointment. Step it up Jan this is the last shot.

  • https://www.sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    False alarm. This is not the official cover. A new cover is being rolled out as I type this.

  • nhendergame

    WHOA WHOA WHOA.... Hardcore fans DO NOT hate it.. and are not disappointed... Fair-weather fans are... note the difference... the cover is different.. it;s outside the box... its Janet... if u don't like it.. tuff

  • homemade

    This shit is garbage. No matter who is a fan. If people dont like it they wont buy it and it will only be tuff on Janet. She should be more like Mary and grow.

  • nhendergame

    MARY WHO... MJB?? the same MJB that uses Xmas to push her half ass album? Janet's outside the box as usual... look at he past album covers... CONTROL, THE VELVET ROPE... this fits in their cateogory.... this isn't a dull album cover like MJB or some other cheap black artists (Ciara, MJB, etc) does...

  • http://www.myspace.com/bettathaniwasb4 2bme

    hahahaha..it's different i'll say that..reminds me of her "scream" episode with Michael..JD is gonna kick u in your ankle you keep it up..lol

  • kdillon

    It looks great! This is something Grace Jones would do......
    Its age appropriate and the album is called discipline, so its simple and robotic like.

  • Testudo

    are you guys serious, it's an album cover, save it for the music!

  • Testudo

    and this is the official cover btw

  • dj_dceezy

    lol... this was witty...

  • buttercup24

    I don't like the cover at all.

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    2bme Says:

    JD is gonna kick u in your ankle you keep it up..lol

    Ok first of all you are totally wrong for that. hehehehe

    Thanks for clearing that up Sandra. While I don't hate the pic at all I was just thinking it doesn't really look like an album cover to me. I think that Janet is taking a lesson from Mary J. Someone has gotten the message that it's ok to be your age. Not all fans are 16. Like Mary, Janet's fans have grown up with her and we will support her if she makes music we can enjoy.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I heard false alarm..so I'll wait for it.

  • licia

    it's very different. at least she's not showing alot of skin ( which people ted to complain about ) . i am glad she's going for different and not trying to do what others do .

  • renegro

    if you love someone you gone sho love, point blank, ,, , ,these half as fans stans or whatever you want to call them on some other shit, the shit snitches are made of. ... .and i doubt this is the album cover...last cover she did, didnt she have like every one in the country trying to design a album cover for her then she picked the best one, cause alot of hype around the album, i doubt this is the album cover but if it is i can live with it,,, and cucumbers taste better pickled

  • cinnamonkisses97

    I hope a new cover is being rolled out , they should trash this one.

  • http://www.myspace.com/slimlady727 Slimlady727

    Dont like! Looks weird!

  • http://notenoughrealmen.blogspot.com 2thick4u

    I knew this was not the cover!!!

  • ReadTheBlog

    Thats really really lame, if it is her album cover...

  • kpakpando

    Sandra Rose Says:

    At least she looks her age. I had a teacher in junior high who came to class every day like that. She wore the same gloves and everything. She never smiled so we didn’t know what to expect from her. We never cut up in her class.

    _ _ _

    Then doesn't this mean that the cover is in line with the theme of discipline, since you just said your teacher had a similar look and y'all were disciplined in class?
    I don't particularly care what the cover looks like, as long as she gives me some tracks like on velvet rope that I can burn calories to.

  • fatblkboy

    so how does being a fan of someone mean that you have to accept and like any and every half-assed effort they throw out at you no matter how terrible it may be? BECAUSE i am a fan, I expect better than this mess.

    by the way, the more I look at it, the more i start to like it. but i do hope that there's a better one on the way.

  • dallas214

    I think it looks hot! Go Janet!!

  • micca


  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    WHO CARES WHAT THE COVER LOOKS LIKE??!! If the album/music is good then it's good, bottom line. And if people are true fans and gonna buy it in the first place then the cover will not deter them. I have never went out to get an album and hated the cover so much that I turned away from it. I'm not saying this cover is perfect but I don't see the problem. Anyway u say a new or different cover is coming on then cool, but it should not be such a big deal unless they show her digging up her butt hole or puking in a toilet...etc...feel me? Maybe she just wants to explore and do something a little, little different. Good. :)

  • Bsoul

    Put a picture of Penny on the cover and call it a day.

  • Bsoul

    Sandra, you're sooooo wrong for sandwiching her in with the two "Munsters". LOL!!!!!!!

  • ms.peaches

    I will have to admit Janet is too fierce I know a lot of folks don't like it but girlfriend is staking her claim for the 08!! Wit her ol ass (jk) I like Janet & a lot of these new skool artist have taken a lot from her they may not want to admit it but they have!!

  • gmoed1974

    it's simply age descrimination. i don't see any of you complaining about beyonce, rihanna, and ciara prancing around half-naked...giving no more visual maturity than janet.

    i'd prefer a grown ass confident woman like janet making her own decision to experience her sexuality any day.

    and why would that cover be a disappointment to her fans??? her true fans are gonna ride with her through all her experssions.

    the minute a black artist explores other avenues of their artistry, they get kicked to the curb.

    hell, either way, the woman is doing her, and not producing an anti-black woman blog page....she seems to be doing a lot more with her life than us.

    get off janet's balls with the negativity!!! do you. she's not criticizing her fans for not sticking behind her and not buying her albums. the woman seems to be in a good place in her life, and the sandra roses of the world, instead of supporting a sista will find some reason to berate her.

  • gmoed1974

    hell the game has changed since, the following stepped on the scene:


    Beyonce, Ciara, and all the rest you proclaim as the best are just a variation of one or more of the above. and in ALL cases, everyone has sampled/ lifted from the Janet pattern.

  • gmoed1974

    the game HASN'T changed..i meant to say