Last night I spoke with a friend who informed me that the president of the NAACP was on my site yesterday. She told me how outraged he was by some of the comments he read. For some time now - years, in fact - I have held the opinion that the intellectuals among us do not leave comments on urban blogs.

Point in fact, the president of the NAACP didn't leave a comment even though he was moved by what he read. The reason for this is people like him don't want to wade through ignorant, juvenile comments just to find a spot where his comment makes a difference. And people like him know that his comment will be passed over for the ignorant comments that are most popular on urban blogs.

I rarely leave comments on urban blogs for that very reason. This year I have only commented on 2 urban blogs: Necole Bitchie and Style Razzi, because they have elevated their game beyond writing posts which encourages buffoonery in their comment sections.

A new day is dawning: for the first time in history, a biracial man is about to be chosen the democratic nominee. We have to do better on urban blogs because all eyes are on us now.

I realize that as the blog owner, I have a responsibility to set the tone for the comments on my site. So in recent weeks, I have checked myself to make sure that I include more positive posts. I convince myself that there ARE positive thinkers who read my site daily.

When someone whom I respect and admire calls me to complain about the comments, it makes me rethink my reason for converting to a blog in the first place. Most of my regular readers remember the old site where there were no comments.

Contrary to popular belief, I do not make money off comments - and neither does any other blog that I know of. We make money off the ads that you see. And regardless if there are 1 or 100 comments - we still get paid (sorry to burst your bubble). The fact is, advertisers don't care about comments - they care about stats/traffic.

Thank you to independent thinkers like Bird, 2BMe, 2thick, Smokie (even though you're a hata, lol), Shhh, and others who don't follow the crowd, and who help to bring balance and thought-provoking ideas to my site. I would like to encourage more independent thinkers to join in.

So to that end, I have banned the ringleaders who I feel are responsible for most of the negativity on my site. Members who attack the opinions of others will also be banned. While I don't agree with censorship, I do believe that people don't have the right to disrespect others. If that means there are less comments on my site, then so be it. To those who have been banned: don't take it personal. Remind yourselves that you didn't like me anyway, and have a nice day.

  • ms.peaches

    Wow Sandra that was real deep & I hate to sound like a kiss ass now but I think you make a very valid point, so I feel like it is my duty to be the first to step up & start posting things that are strictly to the topic, man what would I do without Sandra Rose during the day!!!

  • shanie

    Very Well Said Sandra!!!!

  • mizzdallas


  • Terry .W

    How funny, Yesterday I noticed just how negative people can be about people they dont know (read Rhianna). - was a pretty sorry site to see people bashing someone like that....the hate was almost sickening!

    So I guess I'm down with censorship on that level.

    I have noticed you've toned down a bit too kudos to you too!

  • ldorisca

    That's Right Sandra Rose. I have been reading your site for the last 2 years faithfully. I don't agree with everything you post and I think I commented 1 time since it was converted to a blog. Reading this post made me proud as a woman of colour. I am all for uplifting ourselves as black people and ending the constant negativity that we are associated with. Thank you for posting this and blocking those whom have caused this new day to dawn.

  • hellava10

    A new day IS dawning. I will behave myself and be positive about everything.

  • Caron02


  • Levar Thomas

    Good for you! Hopefully other sites will follow!

  • hellava10

    ms.peaches, I'm with you sista!

  • ms.peaches

    I feel like I just played myself, & I say that because if you think about it this to me is like an opinion poll almost one of the things I liked about coming here was the fact that you can voice your OPINION on the pics that you post, true we tend to get off the subject by comment #20 but that to me is what makes this fun & Sandra you can't sit here & tell me that you haven't read some of the things posted & cracked up laughing, I don't know I feel almost indifferent about all of this I think that what you said makes a good point but Sandra you are your own person & scince when have you allowed anyone to shape your thoughts & decisions about anything!!! I feel as though the person you said from the NAACP that saw some of the comments posted should have left a comment & Im sure someone would have taken notice to it, I laugh & joke all the time but I also know when to be serious & take someones comment to heart, I guess basically what Im asking are you now gonna change what you post in your blog to avoid anyone from having something negative to say????

  • ms.peaches

    Excuse the spelling!! *since*

  • ms.peaches

    Hellava you know as I read that I was thinking OMG Im one of the first to go(lol) but I know I have said some harsh & nasty(comical none the less) things but I figured she knew they were all in fun!!

  • pinky2083

    I totally agree with you Sandra. Time for black folks to change and stop being so damn negative!

  • Mia

    @ ms.peaches ~ Most of the comments on here are all in fun. I don't check out Sandra's blog to get updated on all of the serious issues of the world. I check it for entertainment and entertainment only. Sandra doesn't repeatedly post stuff on Rihanna to hear us comment on what a wonderful person we think she is. She posts on it to hear what comical stuff people are going to say about her being an alien, etc....

  • hellava10

    Peaches-Ya know, I was thinking the same and I liked the fact that people can come here and speak their mind and their true opinions in sheer entertainment (a nonviolent setting)
    This IS Sandra's site and I will respect that and follow the program. I did put myself in timeout yesterday.

    OK, we will behave...just don't set us up with wild pictures and leading titles....we don't want to start twitching and itching :)

  • AreUForReal

    Sandra does that mean you will no longer make snide remarks about the entertainers you post about? or are you only posting about people you like now? I'm asking because most of the negativity in the comments section, usually begins because of a comment you've made in your post.

  • Taimia1

    I agree, Sandra.

    But I also believe more intelligent and positive posts from you, will field more intelligent and positive comments!!

  • greg

    It's great to see the president of the NAACP hard at work on the social issues that permeate the black community. Glad to know there's another Ciara fan out there.

  • AreUForReal

    greg Says:

    It’s great to see the president of the NAACP hard at work on the social issues that permeate the black community. Glad to know there’s another Ciara fan out there.


    LOL!!! Good One!!! Didn't you know trash talking our black celebrities on a blog site is the cause of everything wrong in our communities?

  • Smokie

    Wow, I really appreciate this post. ((sniffle))

  • Bird

    Well thanks for the compliment Sandra, but sometimes my opinion is negative although I never set out to be hurtful and I am not even capable of making a hurtful joke at someone's expense. While I sometimes get a chuckle from some of the jokes it was kinda going over board lately and I was seeing a clique forming and I am never down with that on blogs because it makes people feel left out.

    Anyway, thanks for keeping things in order. I wish more blogs would do that.

  • blackgyrl

    Wow!!! Sandra i have noticed the change in your post here lately kudos to you sweetie for takin a step in a positive direction!!!

  • dakotab

    Hi Sandra-

    I like how you are taking a stand.

    By the way, the next time you speak to the president of the NAACP can you please ask him/her what has happened to this organization and why we as a black community have not taken up A SOLID AGENDA for improving ourselves.

    I feel as though we just don't have any LEADERS, the black community is all over the place, one hundred different causes, one hundred different efforts with no SYNERGY.

    Between the NAACP, the Urban League, Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse JAckson, Joe Madison, the Black Caucus I don't see ONE (1) stand out leader. I see alot of different personalities some of whom have their own agenda to promote themselves, their books, their radio shows and no REAL commitment to the black community.

    We have the same events, seminars and conferences every year and every year the BLACK community has the SAME ISSUES.
    What good is the STATE OF THE BLACK UNION when nothing occurs from it.

    If we can be a moving force like we did for CIVIL RIGHTS, we can be a moving force for ILLITERACY, VIOLENCE, IMAGE protrayal on TV, the PRISON RATE, the FINANCIAL InEQUALITY and a host of other things that are wrong in the black community.

    OK I had to get that off my chest.

    Luv ya Sandra

  • Angel_Minded i banned? lol

  • ms.peaches

    Bird if I may; I understand what your saying however the only problem I have is when you have certain people tell you your ignorant or you sound dumb all because you have voiced your opinion about a certain topic!! the jokes are gonna follow thats a given but if I make a crack on Rihanna, I don't want someone coming back telling me that I sound dumb or Im hating or I need to get out of the ghetto cause to me thats where the drama starts, if I agree with someone I have no problem sayin it If I disagree I will say that as well but I won't point that person out & say oh your ignorant for saying that about Rihanna, or you hating cause it ain't you!! Not the case!!

  • stylerazzi

    Thank you for the shoutout, Sandra!!!!!! I was shocked when I saw it and I would actually have to AGREE with you on your entire post. I know even I have sometimes written things that were a bit negative or even commented negatively on other sites inthe past but I had to take a step back and look at myself for a second. I'm glad that urban blogs are starting to support each other. We have to all realize how BIG blogs are right now. They are the new face of urban media and I'm sure publicists are working OVERTIME to scour the net to make sure their clients are being positively portrayed. I hope people read this and rethink before they comment. I know I have been called everything under the sun in my comment section before and my skin has become thick like leather!!!!!! :-) Thanks again and keep doing your thing. At the end of the day, this is your site to run and manage how YOU please :-)

  • Angel_Minded

    greg Says:

    It’s great to see the president of the NAACP hard at work on the social issues that permeate the black community. Glad to know there’s another Ciara fan out there.


    Good Point!

  • bk2atl

    Bird says:
    Well thanks for the compliment Sandra, but sometimes my opinion is negative although I never set out to be hurtful and I am not even capable of making a hurtful joke at someone’s expense.
    Could you possibly be talking about the extremely inappropriate comment you posted on another site earlier today?

  • BayArea


  • Angel_Minded

    bk2atl Says:

    Bird says:
    Well thanks for the compliment Sandra, but sometimes my opinion is negative although I never set out to be hurtful and I am not even capable of making a hurtful joke at someone’s expense.
    Could you possibly be talking about the extremely inappropriate comment you posted on another site earlier today?


    DAYUM! You put her on front street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh my!

  • shhhh

    Bravo Sandy!!! ;)

    I'm so glad you decided to do this. It was long overdue. Things had gotten out of hand. Way to go for taking back the integrity of your site. =) =) =)

  • AreUForReal

    @ dakotab

    You raised some very valid points. In my opinion a part of the problem is the fact that most of teh people in the black community are still looking for a leader to tell them what to do. If we all start to take responsibility for ourselves, and become our own leaders in our own communities then maybe some of the initiatives that the organizations you've mentioned would actually be effective.

    And, I hope everybody realized that my comment earlier in response to greg was made in jest, however, I would like for our self appointed black leaders to focus on more important issues than comments left on a blog site.

  • milly

    I try to be positive most of the time...But if I see some foolywang, I usually cant help myself.

  • pmap

    Am I the only one lost about this post? This is your blog. On one hand you want to control the atmosphere on this site that fine, but at the same time you don't trust your audience enough to be able to make comments for Rocko's Gucci Shoes Giveaway? Why even post it?

    Not being negative, just confused.

    And PS. you're correct advertisers don't pay for the amount for traffic a site gets, but if there are 100 comments for every post with new ones being added every few minutes, it makes your readers want to return to make sure they haven't missed anything good. So please don't dismiss the value of people posting comments.

    Whether they are unique hits or repeat viewers it all equals money in the bank.

  • pmap

    lol okay now THAT'S funny. Sandra's site blocked the word S H O E S from my last post.

    Thats odd.

  • AreUForReal

    @ pmap

    It's not the word s/h/o/e/s. It's the word h/o/e/s that's blocked

  • pmap


    LOL! HA! ... well i guess u learn something new everyday.

  • Smokie

    Bird Says:

    While I sometimes get a chuckle from some of the jokes it was kinda going over board lately and I was seeing a clique forming and I am never down with that on blogs because it makes people feel left out.
    I concur. And blog cliques usually only produces the silliest of comments. Well, gossip blog cliques. People get off topic and really, a blog comment section isn't the place to cultivate new friendships. Email can work for that.

    And YES, I am talking to someone in this comment section, but it is not off topic. My comment about AaronMichael being gay yesterday MAY have been off topic, but it was a burning/valid question since he's usually all up and THROUGH the comments.

  • MissB

    It is in deed new day......hmmmmmmmm

  • ms.peaches

    Smokie I will go out on a limb & assume ur speaking of me which I don't have a problem with at all, the problem I do have is the fact that I will probably never get the chance to meet any of the people on here, so like I said b4 if we share the same opinions & enjoy a laugh from time to time but it seems to me people have an attitude about the simple fact of me agreeing with the likes of Hellava, Jgats, Bsoul & Aaron & ever since people have been saying lil slick comments like "get fresh crew" or saying we have a clique, how old are we again?? because we share the same opinions on almost all of the posts that means what we are not individuals?? It has been plenty said about Jeezy from the people I listed above but me being a fan I state my own opinion, why cause I don't hang on every word of my fellow coharts I say what I say & keep it moving!!

  • aDj

    Bird Says:
    ...I was seeing a clique forming and I am never down with that on blogs because it makes people feel left out.
    I totally agree...

  • ms.peaches

    Smokie also since your one for sticking to the topic & so against making silly comments then why would you remark on the guy in the picture w/ Luthers mom as being his lover, that post had nothing to do with that man what so ever, but you felt the need to crack a joke!! I may be wrong but that seems a little contradicting!

  • aprilshowers

    Sandra needs to block herself.

    Alot of the things she says about a lot of celebrities are HARSH and mean. And when she does try to say something nice it's cynical, sarcastic, and downright mean spirited.

  • pmap

    also sandra fyi.

    banning people off your site is honestly just a waste of time. people can get new email accounts, change their ip address and proxies in a matter of minutes.

  • ms.kimba412

    Good look, Sandra!

  • free


    i'm/w you pmap. i wanted to have an intelligent discussions about rocko and the gucci s/h/o/e/s and monica's lifestyle choices. however, i'm not sure now if it would be deemed intelligent since intelligent people don't post on urban blogs.

    at any rate, lmao at sandra trying to get her blog straight now that obama will be president and the naacp has something to say. y'all get on y'all best behavior now--all across the country from the ghettos to the condos!

    "all eyes" have been watching us long before this.

  • ms.kimba412

    I don't comment everyday, but I do check in during the day to read the posts & the comments, and I don't plan to stop now. Blacks folks got enough people tearing us down - we don't need to encourage 'em, so positivity is a good thing. The humor is good, though. We can all use some of that!

  • Bsoul

    Where do I start?

    First, if the enraged individual couldn't address this issue himself, I wouldn't put much weight behind it. This situation reminds me of the whites who got mad at the guy from BET (too young to remember his name) for interviewing OJ saying they weren't going to watch BET anymore. They were out in droves protesting. Problem is, BET was never in their area. Just what serious post was he dying to post on but passed up on?

    I feel it's a cop out for him to be "enraged" and not address it himself. You want change in the community, Mr. NAACP President? Contrubute something worthwhile. How about contributing to this site. I'm sure in your position you come across a lot of feel good material. We'd like to hear about those issues, instead of you being overly sensitive about the condition of this ENTERTAINMENT site.

    Secondly, I come here to laugh, joke and be entertained. No offense, but I get mainstream news from T.V. There aren't a whole lot of posts about really serious issues. When they are posted here, I try to "behave".

    Lastly, I'm sick of hearing about this click thingy. Some of the most vocal ones have, at one time, been all over this board in a similar manner at one time or another. I have never excluded anyone. Of course, there are some I speak with more than's the same way at work and with my family. I love 'em all, but some I love from afar. I even addressed some of your concerns, twice.

    Just in case I went too far with this post, Good wishes to everyone here, it was nice knowing you all.

  • Terry .W

    Tsk Tsk...wssup with people justifying/explaining lol!

  • mimi08

    Okay, this happened just as i thought it would. Now that a biracial man is running for president, we suppose to act like what? Whoever the NAACP rep is, he should be reminded that you don't have to start acting all stiff, i mean, this is a blog, get over yourself. The people that come on this site represents a broad spectrum of people, and face it, some people are ghetto. And it's not just on black blogs, a large variation of different types of people can be found on mainstream blogs that feature celebrities like lindsay lohan, paris hilton, angelina jolie, brad pitt, gwyneth paltrow, and many others as well. This is not a mainstream news channel, what did he expect?! People come on here and do so because they can freely express themselves. And sandra, i'm shocked you didn't have more to say. I've been coming on here before it was a blog, and usually you're very opionated and encourage free thought and opinions. So now we suppose to be fake. Tell Mr. NAACP to calm down, it aint that serious.

  • ms.peaches

    Terry ur right no one should feel the need to explain anything to anyone cause last time I checked this was Sandra But sometimes you just have to let things be known to certain people who feel they have a problem with you!! & also me being the person I am I just got to have the last word (lol)

  • pmap

    But anyway, are we really supposed to believe someone from NAACP cares about this blog? Did they enjoy the uplifting posts about TI and his trial? Did this site make them wanna join the Monica and Rocko's fan club? Did they like how Sandra praised Karrine Stephans? Did they like how Sandra said the women on this blog were jealous of Lola Love?

    Something is real sketchy about this entire post.

  • Smokie

    ms. peaches, I'm a walking contradiction. Makes life more fun. :-)

  • Bsoul

    Terry .W Says:

    Tsk Tsk…wssup with people justifying/explaining themselves….lol lol!

    I don't know, maybe it's something in the water. Evidently, the same thing is in your water, since you find the need to put your nose in biz that isn't yours.

    I addressed those who were offended by behavior that some feel I was a part of, last time I looked, that didn't include you.

    Don't trip heifer-face, I will get banned for you.

  • ms.peaches

    You know Smokie I didn't say anything to you to start anything I was just proving a point that we all tend to get off topic & thats the fun in it all or at least I thought!! I don't have a problem with anyone on this blog except for... well she knows who she is if I start with the name calling than that would be starting something & like I said I do know anyone on here personally except my mom who drops in every now & then!!

  • Smokie

    And wait a minute - why is the president of the NAACP so concerned about a GOSSIP BLOG? My God, there are so many other things he could focus on!

    Sandra, did he really write you?

    I go to for positive black gossip. I come here to be entertained. Love it all. Well, I wasn't liking the whole clique thing, but I do love to read Sandra's crazy opinions (although she's gotten nicer, d*mmit!). But we all know that Sandra's nicer words usually drip with sarcasm.

  • Bsoul

    pmap Says:

    But anyway, are we really supposed to believe someone from NAACP cares about this blog? Did they enjoy the uplifting posts about TI and his trial? Did this site make them wanna join the Monica and Rocko’s fan club? Did they like how Sandra praised Karrine Stephans? Did they like how Sandra said the women on this blog were jealous of Lola Love?

    Something is real sketchy about this entire post.

    I don't know, that's something to think about. But if he did, I guess he's not happy with or feel comfortable leaving reading and/or leaving a message on ANY of the mainstream blog/sites.

    I'd hate to think Sandra would hide behind another person to "clean" up her website. Since she's usually forward with her intention(s), I'm giving her the benifit of the doubt.

  • AreUForReal

    @ mimi08

    mimi08 said: And it’s not just on black blogs, a large variation of different types of people can be found on mainstream blogs that feature celebrities like lindsay lohan, paris hilton, angelina jolie, brad pitt, gwyneth paltrow, and many others as well.


    I know we have had our words, but I have to agree with you on this one. We are all angels compared to they way people talk about non-black celebs.

  • pmap

    @ Bsoul

    I’d hate to think Sandra would hide behind another person to “clean” up her website.

    >> oh i agree completely.


    Since she’s usually forward with her intention(s), I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.

    >> now that i can't agree with. but again its just hard to tell. even up until VERY recently she has been the one creating the atmosphere on this blog by the commentary she writes. her views have been contradicting, hypocritical and sometimes just down right ignorant. she favors some and hates others for no apparent reason. even adding flames to the fire in the heated debate of light skin vs. dark skin women.

    but whatever "sandra" is trying to do i wish her luck and hope her site and views improve for the better.

  • Bsoul

    Pmap said: "but whatever “sandra” is trying to do i wish her luck and hope her site and views improve for the better."

    I hope so too. I'd hate to see the opposite happen. Especially if she was "mis-informed". I did consider that maybe she got a lot of e-mails for people who post here, complaining about the temperament. I dunno.

  • Terry .W

    Back at ya...wonk wonk!

  • Tmekio

    Wow! Sandra- All those times I took up for u and I didn't even get a mention!! :)

    Just kidding! U know I love ur site and I love what u stand for.. An independent media mogul tht thinks outside the box...


  • pinkvirgo

    Who are the ringleaders?I'm late.

  • shhhh

    I agree with the #38 comment. I didn't read where Smokie called Aaron Michael gay, but I wish I had. I couldn't agree with you more. I exchaged text with him about this whole comment issue the other day and he listed he was this and that, and I wanted so bad to say don't foget gay, but I held onto that thought.

    Some people still just don't get it and I think Sandy should revisit her banning picks. I don't think Sandra is so much saying not to voice your opinion. But there is a certain poster who is either mentally challenged or just doesn't haven't a life. SHE LIVES on Sandra's website. She's also possibly narcissistic and feels that it is her responsibility to respond to every post made on Sandra's website, like she's Sandra's Little (likely big) Helper. This poster still isn't getting that no one is wanting to read or post, because the comments are overstaurated with the SAME people posting OVER AND OVER AND OVER...

    This isn't the Grammy's or the Oscar's and I personally don't think anyone cares enough about you to want to keep reading EVERYTHING have to say. You post so much that your post are being skipped NOBODY IS READING. Depending on the topic, sometime it's understanding for repeat posting. But this is a norm for the poster in question. Get a LIFE or a PUPPY!!!

  • MZN

    Oh good. I'm not banned! YES!!!!

    Anyway, Sandra, I have grown to really appreciate your site. It seems like you set yourself a part from the other sites. In the morning time, around 9am, I used to turn my computer on and go to B O S S I P, and then Sandrarose. But then for some reason,for the past two weeks, I've outgrown B O S S I P, and started to come here first. I don't even go over there anymore! They are so ignorant and I hate to leave comments because it seems like it gets overlooked by negativity (just like you said).

    Here, it seems almost like family (in a weird way). I mean, I recognize Bird, Ms Peaches, 2thick, etc. Even though we don't all agree with each other sometimes, it just seems like family almost because we all come here and comment on the same thing and we mean well. You know what I mean??? ;)

    Sandra you are one funny woman and you keep up the good work. You keep us all laughing through out the long day!!!

  • Richie Domino

    I concur. My tolerance level for dumb ish was low a long time ago.

    I have been reading "A New Earth" by Ekhart Tolle and it has opened my eyes to things I thought I already knew.

    It always has to get to a critical mass before things change.

    I think we as black people on the whole have reached the critical mass in our thinking when it comes to ignorant ish and now have low tolerance for ignorant ish.

    That's not to say that we have to be so serious that we can't have fun but some things are just outright garbage, it benefits no one or nothing.

    We can agree to disagree and still get along.

  • pmap

    @ shhhh ...

    lol lmfao. damn i don't post that often and only read a handful of the comments (besides this particular post), but you really make me wanna go back and figure out who you're talking about. lol!

    dang it! too bad i have work to do. lol

  • Bsoul


    When you generealize like you just did, it leaves your post open to be interpretation.

    How do you know that people are skipping posts and/or not reading them? I'm just asking.

  • ms.peaches

    HA HA HA I already know your referring to me SHHH just like I was referring to you when I addressed Smokie it's evident I don't like you I could care less how you feel about me, I think your the one that hangs on Sandra's every word & if you feel as though I should be banned then keep submitting those emails to Sandra, like I said b4 I refuse to let you & anyone else get me out of character cause I don't know you & obviously don't want to & since your skipping my comments you wouldn't have known that I said I like to have the last word!! oh & also I am far from BIG sweetie as you put it, I have a life & also have a puppy so is there anything else you need to address to me, cause I feel this is the perfect post for it, boy Sandra give people a shout out & they take it to there head!! now I was willing to squash whatever type of blog beef we had cause at the end of the day your not being thought about in my household so whats the point & if your not referring to me then I will humbly apologize!!

  • kpakpando

    umm Sandra please communicate back to Mr. Hayes that the NAACP needs to use their blog for more than just putting out their press releases. Its about time they start addressing the newer generations in the mediums they're used to, so that they become viewed as the relevant organization they used to be seen as.

  • pmap

    @ ms.peaches and shhhh

    lol well i guess that answers my question lmfao

  • Bsoul

    @ kpakpando

    I concur! Now that's what I'm talking about!

    That's if Sandra's friend is telling the truth.

  • blkdiamonn

    Is that the President of the National Chapter or Atlanta Chapter...because why would a leader of NAACP, be researching on an entertainment blog? Does he need more evidence of the decline of the African-American family? This is is a entertainment site that has never done more that educate us on entertainment related topics not, anything of substance as it relates to legitimate issues(no offense SB). NAACP has not stepped up in a long time...what is he trying to do, win a pair of Rocko's Gucci gym shoes?..really!! Kudos to Sandra for stepping up her accountability game, maybe talk about some real issues plaguing the black community, and maybe encourage us to get off our butts and go ut in the community and make some changes, or maybe just stop encouraging the coonery that has overcome some many in Black American culture especially entertainment. I must say I really do miss all the all the event photos you used to take.

  • ms.peaches

    MZN.... I appreciate your kind words I was feeling like this was almost like a family setting & Sandra was the crazy aunt we all love to hate(lol) but because I wasn't down with Sandra since day 1 I guess the folks that were here before it became a "blog" took offense & automatically assumed we were starting a clique cause we share the same opinions, so from now on I will make sure I have as much individuality as possible!! I didn't know we were still in high school here!!

  • Bsoul

    Terry .W Says:

    Back at ya…wonk wonk!
    *crickets chirping...tumbleweed rolling by*

  • kpakpando

    blkdiamonn Says:

    Is that the President of the National Chapter or Atlanta Chapter…because why would a leader of NAACP, be researching on an entertainment blog?


    It could be either president. Truth be told Sandra's blog is growing at a much faster rate than any of the other black entertainment centered blog (112% vs 34% on avg). While she hasn't cracked the top 50K websites in the world, she has gotten to a respectably his spot of 58K in a short while, with virtually no SEO and lack of original content.
    I would hope that someone from the NAACP, PUSH coalition et al. are looking at all of the big traffic blogs so they can see what exactly folks are talking about and view their online behaviors, if for nothing else but research. They need to figure a way to tap into the congregations of folks online, because the letter writing/come to meeting at the community center model is not going to reach any new blood.

  • Smokie

    To: _____ Please meet and fight. Just let me know where.

  • hellava10

    I have to give it to Sandra, she knows how to get things moving….one direction or another. In general – it is just simple--everyone here has their own opinions and their own agendas. We make up the comments, we don’t make up the topics. We can all agree to disagree and keep it moving. There are quite a few people who disagree with what I say. My only apology is that I’ve never been one to bite my tongue or mince words to please people. So, that being said there are comments that I understand and agree with and there are those that make me itch. I read the blog because it is entertaining as all get out AND I enjoy hearing different views on 1 subject.

  • oneda

    So now the blogs are the cause of the problems in the black community? Yeah, okay. But I seem to recall that there have been the same problems in our community long before there were blogs.

  • kpakpando

    OMG, I just read through these comments, lmao! Since there was no daily dose to the RhiRhi, the straight clowns in this comment section made my day.

  • toy

    I'm confused...doesn't the web site owner set the tone for the site? Once I read Sandra's blogs, I already know what the comments are going to be!!!!!
    I am curious to see how this site will put its best foot forward. And I'm saying this from my heart because I know Sandra and I know she can do better!
    As far as the comments, to each his own. I don't expect a bunch of geniuses to respond to mediocre information.

  • Anna

    I thought I got banned from this site. I was trying to think of if I ever said anything mean spirited and could not think of any. I have added my comments they are just my opionin. I have not had to log in since my very first comment. I did have to look for my password. Glad I am not banned. I enjoy this site and the comments. I especially love reading the comments from bird and hellava10 and Bsoul. Sandra thanks for mentioning the site Stye Razzie. I never knew of it until today. I checked it out and liked it. Sandra I learned of your site from another black blog sitealso. I rarely comment on this site but I do read it everyday. @ dakotab, I agree with you about our black leaders. I believe there is no oneness. They are about themselves. Where did the "unity" go. Guess voting for Barak will bring a new leader to "all people".

  • donnia

    This was an interesting read. However, I beg to differ. I know first hand that intellectuals leave comments on urban blogs.

    I agree. We must stand up and be counted. A new day is coming for people of color. We will be held to a higher level of accountability. I am ready. I hope you are as well.

  • hellava10

    Thank you Anna and I value your opinion as well.

  • dakotab

    @ AreUForReal - I believe in personal responsiblity myself. However, as a collective we could do so much more other than throw parties and hold award shows.

    @Anna - I believe that alot of our self-named leaders are jealous of the SUPPORT (again I say SUPPORT) that black people are giving OBAMA. I think it's awful funny how now they want to vote as they wish when any other time they screaming and hollering about Black support. ANd everytime a camera flash they are damn near jumping in front of it.

    They better catch a hint, John Lewis did.

  • bloggergirlz


    This is something I can truly appreciate. I started to notice a different tone when you opened the "flood" gates. It started to feel like I was on a website I don't even want to mention! I can see why you pointed out the "independent" thinkers. It got to the point where I started scrolling through, and specifically looked for their comments.

    I usually come here for two reasons: ATL gossip and good debates. There's nothing wrong w/ voicing your opinions, but you still need to have a level of respect. Some people talk really reckless on blogs, because their identity is hidden!

  • Bsoul

    Anna: I would thank you, but I don't want it to be mis-interpreted. :^(

    Oh, nevermind... Thanks Anna!

    Anyone: Quick, name a gossip blog where there is no joking around.

  • claire


  • Anna

    Bsoul. I don't know of any gossip site where some don't try their best to say hateful and mean things. I can't belive some of the things that Sandra allows to get posted about her on her own site. I do realise that you do have to take the good with the bad. Don't get mad at me for saying this. When Oprah gave away those cars in her audience a few years ago. (The tickets are free). How many ugly ppl or ppl that needed dental work did you see in the audience. How many ppl did you see dressed in what I consider "casual wear". Everyone was well groomed dressed up with nice (white) teeth. lol. Sandra I enjoy what you are doing on your site. I don't think that we should attack each other for our comments(opinions). To pound on our keyboard out of fustration does get it out of our system and some attack for those reasons. Either they are having a bad day or just disappointed when they see celebrites throw money away and just want to discet them from head to toe. I don't think I could be paid enough money for the fame and the fouturne if I have to lose my privacy for it. Not worth it to me. But hey, some will settle for being a "One Hit Wonder" and their "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame". So they know they are putting themselves up for judgement for all to comment on. Money is the root to all evil but damn it sure does help pay the bills. Don't know about all of you but I sure am not willing to sell my soul to the devil. lol. I guess since I never had the fortune or fame there is nothing to miss. Some do try to hard to stay in the spot light, i e. Brittney, nothing wrong with saying thank you for your support and turning into JLO and saying I want to be a mom and wife now. Guess I got fustrated and took it out on my keyboard. (but in a nice way). lol.

  • Necole Bitchie

    I totally respect this post Sandra. As bloggers we do want to build a community and give our readers freedom to state their opinions. I think the issue is when comments go off topic and there are only five relevant comments pertaining to the actual post. I had that happen on my blog and built a forum in an effort to tone it down a bit but it still happens. I love having commenters don't get me wrong but I would love to have more relevant ones as one

  • Necole Bitchie

    meant to say *well*


    I feel you Sandra! Some of the comments are off the hook! Hopefully the NAACP dude has someone go online for him and print him the comments and he reads them on a flight cause he better NOT be reading your site himself. No offense but he needs to be focused on the very MANY problems that are going on with his people.

  • Bird

    This turned out to be a great discussion. I left my first comment on the fly and didn't really say everything I wanted to say.

    First of all Sandra certainly didn't name all of the independent, INTELLIGENT, people who comment on this site. And let me tell you, I don't know if I could just read all serious comments from hellava. I need her comedy because it is intelligent and funny and reminds me of my two favorite comedic bloggers Ron Mexico and *Future*.

    When I mentioned the clique I definately wanted to add that I have nothing against any of them or anyone for that matter. Even when I have been cursed out I get over it and have nothing but love for the person I got into it with. Far more often than not everyone's posts are intelligent and engaging. Only recently it seems that the same people are commenting all the time. That gets boring for me and I just stop reading the comments and don't want to add to the problem by making a bunch of posts myself when there isn't a real conversation about the topic at hand.

    As many have said, this post brought everyone out of the woodwork. The readers who don't comment everyday made the discussion more interesting and intelligent which is what I have always loved about this site. Say what you will about Sandra, but she knows how to do this blog thing. Shutting down the clique or more importantly the person or people that I agree were forming it was the right thing to do in my opinion.

    I have seen cliques practically shut down comment sections on other blogs. S O H H Soulful has never recovered from when their clique fell out with each other and all left after having chased away other readers with their one-sided exclusive conversations or brutal verbal attacks on "outsiders". Another blog I won't name is slowly rebuilding after the clique left when "outsiders" started complaining about them in the comment section. The clique means no harm and starts out innocently enough, but it quickly gets out of control.

    Sorry I went on and on, but the discussion was so good I had to go there.

  • Bsoul

    @ Bird,
    Thank you for that. I hadn't considered it from that standpoint. At first, I looked at it as some complaining for nothing better to do. You proved that things can be explained calmly and rationally.

    @ Anna.
    My sentiments exactly. I hate harping on "her", but that's exactly who I had in mind.




  • Bird

    bk2atl Says:

    Bird says:
    Well thanks for the compliment Sandra, but sometimes my opinion is negative although I never set out to be hurtful and I am not even capable of making a hurtful joke at someone’s expense.
    Could you possibly be talking about the extremely inappropriate comment you posted on another site earlier today?
    ********************************************************* That is a site where I don't read the comments for the most part due to an overabundance of ignorance so I made that remark and never looked back. I actually had to research to figure out what you were talking about. I just read some of the comments. I pissed folks off huh? If it were a serious site I would have explained my remark.

    I don't give two sh*ts about Bill O'Reilly or anything he says. I put him in the same boat as Al Sharpton. They are not to be taken seriously, ever. The fact that Star would lower herself to even waste that diatribe on him was ridiculous to me. The whole Ho Sit Down category on that site is no differant than Bill O'Reilly so who the hell are they to talk? And many of the people who were mad at my comment rip our stars and even civil rights leaders to shreads on a daily basis so they are the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to Bill O'Reilly.

    Anyway, to answer your question; hell yeah, that's exactly what I mean when I say sometime my comments are negative.

  • Sandra Rose

    kpakpando says:
    Truth be told Sandra's blog is growing at a much faster rate than any of the other black entertainment centered blog (112% vs 34% on avg). While she hasn’t cracked the top 50K websites in the world, she has gotten to a respectably his spot of 58K in a short while, with virtually no SEO and lack of original content.

    Thanks for that information. I honestly didn't know that because I don't follow the stats. Last I heard (from a reader) my site was ranked around 80k. All the credit for my success goes to my readers! Like you said, I don't optimize my site or send out email blasts. My traffic is entirely reader-driven! So thank you to every one of you who make this blog popular! :)

    And thanks for all the nice comments in this thread. But I'm not asking anyone to be fake or change the way they comment. I'm honestly not going to ban anyone for speaking their minds or having opinions that differ from mine.

    Regarding the NAACP president: he is an adviser to T.I. and that's why he comes on here - along with most of T.I.'s camp - to see if I'm putting out any info that I shouldn't be privy to, lol.

    The comments that offended him were in The Tams post. The comments were hateful and evil and serve no purpose on an entertainment blog. The Tams are a hardworking, talented group that has entertained governors and presidents for 45 years. I could see why he was upset.

  • 2bme

    Thanks for the shout out Sandra, I like to have fun as well as anyone else, but there is a time and place for everything. if you notice I haven't been responding to much on here lately for the simple fact of negativity and childish antics..So again thank you for going back to the original formula of how this blog is supposed to be

  • Elizabeth

    Sandra...thanks for enlightening us on your recent stand on things. I was beginning to wonder who had knocked u on the head. I have to say this wave of positivity has been a good change and i'd encourage you to maintain it. Though i'll definitely miss the bashing..quite comical (if you don't take it personally). The only thing i have to complain about is i didn't get a shout out!! Sad...

  • 2thick4u

    I feel special...thanks Sandra!!!

    You have just opened my eyes more Sandra to what is going on with urban sites and blogs. I do read that comments section and I have noticed that the tone is getting to be more negative but you can't stop voicing your opinion and you can't censor your audience.

    You can inform them that ignorance isn't tolerated and if they can't respect that then will be banned from commenting.

    I hope that people won't stop commenting due to negative comments because your voice does matter and people do look and read them!!!

  • Poetry777

    There were too many comments to read. But honestly this posting made my morning. I'm so glad someone of influence has said what I've been saying for the last few months that I've been visiting this site. I do like coming to this site for entertainment purposes and I do like posting comments...But honestly I have thought about stoping because the comments left by others are so negative. If being negative and hateful is considered having fun...I just have to wonder what happened in your childhood to make you feel that way. There is nothing fun or humorous about negativity and constant critisisms of other people. So..Sandra I hope you meant what you said and I hope other viewers of this site will gain at least an ounce of maturity and postiveness from this post....Thanks...

  • LAChick

    He is an advisor to TI? An attorney? Just curious.
    I think all has been said already about why this blog can go seriously negative at times and with that changed perhaps you will see less of the ugly. I don't think I read the TAMS post, tend to read what interests me and have no idea about them.




  • KittyHummerKitty

    Testing...1 2 3

  • hellava10

    Thanks Bird! I can't do anything but be me. I do (at times) step over the line--my fingers and my brain are not contected. :)

  • musicisourhigh

    I must say that I liked that you did address yourself. It seems that before that for a while you were posting a lot of negativity on your blog. I think not all of the time but many time posters follow the lead. I think just by you trying to be more positive and not being negative just to be negative you will appeal to a different crowd that don't just get off on being rude or trying to be humorous by being disrespectful.

    I look forward to seeing what your blog has in store for the future


    wow. impressed. i agree that we need more positivity in the community, we do hate too much. i think people on this blog did it for fun and not harm mostly but did blow up too big many times. but remember keep it positive, post positive. you are the leader in most cases. it's not your fault that it got out of hand however. but even when i noticed you stopped talking about Alicia Keys acne and stopped calling Beyonce Beyaki...or claiming that Rihanna and Ciara were "girlfriend girlfriends" i, a change done come. :)

  • mimi08

    Say what! AreUforreal actually agreed with something i said. Oh shucks, let me duck, pigs are flying out here. Gotta go.