TS Madison

Karma always has the last word when you send negative energy into the universe. One week after one-hit rapper Khia Finch called it quits, her former co-host and drag queen TS Madison has pulled the plug on the “Queen’s Court” web series.

Madison, 49, announced the show’s cancellation on his Twitter feed on Wednesday.

“To the Fans of #TheQueenscourt I’m so sorry I truly tried but I am so sorry,” he tweeted.

It all started when Khia and Madison scooped an exclusive interview with blackballed comedian Mo’Nique. If all went well the interview would catapult them to premium Vloggger status with many talk show invites.

But they made a mistake by hiring 2 queens to produce the interview.

Khia, 45, walked off the set when the queens couldn’t get their act together and the show was plagued by technical difficulties.

Khia believed the technical difficulties were a set up to intentionally make her look bad.

Her suspicions were confirmed when the 2 queens made a video calling her “nappy-headed b-tch” and other insults.

Khia’s abrupt departure from the show sparked rumors that she was done with the “Queens Court” fiasco, but she later posted a video on YouTube.com clearing up the rumors and saying she would return to the web series this week.

However, “QUeen’s Court” returned last night without Khia, and the audience was not interested in watching an arrogant drag queen who thinks he is a better woman than they are.

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