Janet Jackson's album Discipline drops today. In anticipation of her new CD, Janet took her promo tour to the kids on 106 & Park yesterday. Janet performed on GMA this morning (sorry, I missed it), and she will make appearances on Ellen, Larry King and TRL. Discipline is expected to top the charts next week with an estimated 200,000 units sold.

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Photos: Calvin Robertson

Def Jam held a private listening party for Rick Ross tonight which was attended by industry executives, radio people and print media. The party was invitation only and not open to the public. So why was security and the police so heavy handed with industry professionals who packed into Patchwerk Studios to listen to Rick Ross' album?

My spies say the party was too crowded and too hot for the small venue where it was held. One industry professional was manhandled and taken to the floor by 3 burly police officers who had to struggle to bring him down. His crime: not going back inside fast enough when he attempted to go outside for air.

Def Jam should know this is Atlanta and not New York. An apology should be issued by Def Jam reps for the disgraceful way their guests were treated.

On another note, my spies say Rick Ross' new album Trilla is bangin'. The album is in stores March 11.

Photo: Splash News

Sean Combs was photographed behaving like a normal person yesterday. Paps caught Sean tossing a football around with his son Christian in an L.A. parking lot. Sean makes his television acting debut tonight in the remake of the acclaimed Broadway play A Raisin in the Sun.

Kevin Federline's sperm receptacle Shar Jackson was photographed shopping for pricey jeans at a pre-Oscar's gift lounge last week.

Former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Tatyana Ali was also spotted browsing through the expensive gifts at the Silver Spoon pre-Oscars gift lounge last week. She looks so beautiful and all grown up!

Felicia Pearson, 28, aka Snoop from The Wire - attended BET's Rip the Runway last week looking like a teenage boy. Snoop played an integral part on last night's episode of The Wire. I won't spoil it for those who don't have HBO's On Demand. But if you can't wait until next week, click here.

Photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

The Queen of dance, Ciara, was gracious enough to grant Sandrarose.com exclusive access to photograph her open call for backup dancers at Gotta Dance Atlanta studio last week. Ciara put out a call for "raw, fresh" dancers to go out on the road with her in support of her upcoming CD.

500+ hopefuls turned out to show Ciara their best moves, including the young boy pictured with her who mastered a complicated dance routine as well as his own freestyle (click to see him in action). Ciara was so impressed with the Atlanta turnout that she added another Atlanta date to her schedule.

Ciara was joined at the Atlanta audition by her mom Ms. Jackie, her manager Phillana Williams, and her toy poodle Tyson. Spies tell me Ciara sported a rock the size of Gibraltar on her finger. Will there be a special announcement forthcoming from CiCi's camp?

Check back later for more exclusive pics from the Atlanta auditions!

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R&B Diva Monica responded to fake promotional banners being posted on popular urban message board and fan sites announcing her new single.

"Tell them those banners are fake," said Monica who, along with her label J Records, are in the process of selecting the first single off her upcoming CD.

Monica told me a release date for her first single is slated for June with her much anticipated album dropping sometime this July or August at the latest.

"When we pick a single, of course I'm going to send it to you," said Monica who appreciates her avid fan base on Sandrarose.com. Monica also promised to send updated photos of her sons Lil' Rock who is talking up a storm, and Romelo who turned 6 weeks old last week. So check back for those photos!

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The other day, while perusing my favorite magazine, I saw a full page ad for Kanji jeans which I mistook for Karl Kani jeans, since the name was so similar. Of course, it wasn't Karl Kani's jeans, but it made me wonder what ever happened to the entrepreneur who was savvy enough to make a generation of thugs wear his name on their butts.

As it turns out, Kani is still making the right business moves all over the globe. Kani proves his line of Hip Hop influenced urban street wear made popular by rappers in the mid 90s, was not just a flash in the pan. His stylish Kani Kouture line can be found in Saks Fifth Avenue stores stateside.

You can leep up with Kani's style which he calls sexy, glamour couture on his blog.

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According to Project Scoop blog, legendary singer Etta James is at odds with the actress who is cast to play her in a new biopic. I have no clue who the actress is, but according to Scoop, Etta says:

"I wasn't as bourgie as she is, she's bourgeois. She knows how to be a lady, she's like a model. I wasn't like that... I smoked in the bathroom in school, I was kinda arrogant, so those are some of the things I would want to tell her."

And here is Scoop's translation:

TRANSLATION: I don't see it. I'm real and that b*tch is a robot/ a machine run broad/ a calculating chick/ too controlled/ no mind of her own/ no real sense of self/ didn't go through anything real/ a sheltered tool. Jill Scott wasn't available? (Source)

Wow, that's deep! Holla at Scoop if you have any questions.