Photos of the Day, 2/6

Halle Berry, 41, doesn’t exactly look thrilled to be out & about with her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, 32, who has been missing in action lately. Maybe Halle read the blogs questioning Aubry’s absence and ordered him to the West coast. The two were spotted grabbing takeout on Monday at P.F. Changs in Santa Monica, Calif.



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  1. 1
    milly says:

    she looks pretty preggers

  2. 2
    mina says:

    Do you really think Halle reads these blogs and/or gives a damn what they say about her or her man?

  3. 3
    ms.peaches says:

    Poor thing she probably miserable, those of you who have been pregnant know how it is when your ready to drop that load!! she shouldn’t have much longer to go, as far as her man not being around latley I seriously doubt that just because they are not in every pic together means nothing!!!

  4. 4
    plushlush says:

    Choice’s Choices Choices Halle and all the other women of the world choices choices

  5. 5
    Seattle Slim says:

    I’m sure she looks like that because, and me being at 38 weeks myself, she is in pain and is going through hell right about now. She is probably in her third trimester and that is no joke. I feel for ya honey!

  6. 6
    no12blame says:

    In addition to Ms. Peaches comment— pregnant women are not always the friendliest people to be around. Gabriel has probably learned that by now. Just a little ways to go…

  7. 7
    TT says:

    I hope he hasnt flip the script esp. after she was on Oprah talkin about how she had 50 used pregnancy test in the drawer… this baby was planned :(

  8. 8
    hellava10 says:

    She’s probably tired as all hell, uncomfortable, and just maybe he is working (or whatever it is he does). Her hormones are jacked but deep down I know she’s thankful for 3 seconds of peace and quiet.

    @ plushlush – we all know your warped opinion…she should just raise this child by herself because it’s her choice to have the baby and she shouldn’t expect him to be around. P L E A S E! Maybe the oil tycoon can let Halle be his 8th wife.

  9. 9
    eishaKC says:

    The guy is a model so he probably travels a lot.
    Halle probably does troll the internet.
    Just because she’s a celeb doesn’t mean she’s above going online. Should’ve seen those goofy pictures she took with her computer and was showing them on Jay Leno.

  10. 10
    Bird says:

    I got a tip for you ready to burst ladies. Check the internet for safe, natural ways to induce labor. I did and the technique I used worked in about 12 hours. Less than that actually.

  11. 11
    miamore73 says:

    She’s pregnant. She probably ain’t looking to thrilled about much except her due date.

  12. 12
    katgirl33 says:

    She just looks like a pregnant woman who don’t want all them cameras in her face…..

  13. 13
    2thick4u says:

    I doubt Halle let bloggers and media get her attention about her personal life:)!!!

  14. 14
    Krysi - yes the same one says:

    Halle is JUST FINE, and at almost 9 mts pregnant, trust me she ain thinking about NO DAMN MAN! It was probably his idea to go out to eat, because she probably wanted to stay in the house and put her feet up! Not to mention avoid having all those cameras in her face like someone mentioned above.

  15. 15
    J Gats Juice says:

    I agree with everyone here… She looks like she’s ready to not be pregnant anymore. Helluva10, I spit out my apple pie reading what u wrote!! ROTF! U know u need to stop!!!

  16. 16
    niastar says:

    She looks tired. Isn’t she due next week or something.

  17. 17
    MissR2008 says:

    In the third trimester, when it becomes nearly impossible to get a good nights sleep, i dont see why any woman would be looking like everything is peaches and cream. By the third trimester you are ready to pop the baby out and meet your bundle of joy. 9 months seems like forever when you’re carrying a 6,7,8 lb. baby in your belly. I understand the look on her face and she was going to pick up take-out, she was probably ready to eat!! Stop being so negative and judgmental Sandra, its really unbecoming of you.

  18. 18
    shhhh says:

    Halle finally looking like a black girl for once.

    Damn yall is being pregnant THAT bad!!! Please say it ain’t so. I haven’t had a baby yet, but I’m planning on having one in the next 2 to 3 years. I don’t want to do it if it’s all this bad.

  19. 19
    Krysi - yes the same one says:

    I mean its obvious kinda, look at Halle’s hair, you can tell she wakes up in the morning the same way the rest of us did taking a peek in the mirror…and saying “the hell with it” and kept it moving.

  20. 20
    2bme says:

    being pregnant isn’t bad it’s just tedious..that last month,hell that last trimester you are READY..damn a far as the blogs all celebrities are aware of them, some troll them on their own so trust she knows what’s being said about her.

  21. 21
    Toodles says:

    SHES ABOUT TO BUST! My ladies help me out! Anyone knows that is the hardest point! Hence the look on her face or maybe it was just a bad pic taken. I saw plenty of her on other sites and she was smiling..guess you didnt see that pic :)

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