• AreUForReal

    I haven't listened to the song, because I believe this whole thing is silly. But, what really funny is that he waits to release a diss song after Ne-Yo released a statement saying that he would not be making one as some people have requested because he's to big of a person for that.

    Get it together Kelz....Your B@$ch@ssedness is showing!!!

  • plushlush

    African american women of color united all over the world should be outraged. I don't care if the girl was fast and her parents knew about it or not...If that girl had been any color other than black R.Kelly would be arrested and in jail. I hope you understand that is what America thinks of you Latin or African American if the girl was white he would have been guilty until proven innocent...OK why Neyo can't get along with nobody..this sound sweet.

  • Mia

    R Kelly is in no position to be talking ish about anyone. His rap game is wack.

  • pinkvirgo

    R Kelly needs to let it go.He should be ashamed of hisself he could damn near be Neyo's daddy lol.He's just mad b/c Neyo is taking R&B BY STORM.He's just too old for this crap.Now will ppl believe me when I say this negro is crazy!

  • pinkvirgo

    By the way the song is grade a garbage

  • mizzdallas

    Shouldn't he be in jail? Chester the Molester wants to be a rapper now, whatever I listen to that Garbage Chester is what 40 or 41 yrs old he is too old for this Messy (Ish) I'm so tired of him his career is fading just like Kelly career slowly but surely... I need for him to sit down inside a jail cell so someone can pee on him..

  • bloggergirlz

    i am so tiredddddddd of this guy...he doesn't seem to know when enough "is" enough...it digusts me to know there are still people out here who supports this clown...i wish his trial would get underway...i love my city, but this delay is totally ridiculous...my oh my, i wish i was on that jury...

  • renegro

    sandra roade = goat

  • renegro

    i mean sandra rose = goat lol

  • Jackie J

    That was terrible, he should never try that again!

  • ms.peaches

    Woooooooow, so R. Kelly wants to be a rapper now, what a joke & whats the point in making a diss song when your the one in the wrong!! It's seems like everytime some ish hits the fan Kels is right in the middle of it so if it is R&B beef he is the cause of it!! & who the hell does that anyway what do singers have to beef about? hell what do rappers have to beef about it's enough money out here for them all it's just a matter of who's the hotteset!!! GROW UP KELS that is so elementary!!

  • Music999

    Ummmmm....R. Kelly you are a grown ass man. Why exactly are you making diss tracks about somebody 20 years younger than you? Grow the hell up!
    When did R&B beef become whats hot in the streets?

  • tina12


  • hellava10

    Someone should piss all over that song. Now here is where we can talk about age appropriate mess. This fool likes little girls and he's making a diss song about someone young enough to be his child. Does he not have any friends his own age to f*** or pick on? Is he trying to bring back battle rapping? WTF? Everything he does confuses me.

  • bloggergirlz

    ok....i finally listened to the song...pure comedy! i don't think he's only targeting neyo though...

  • tbrown

    I don't bother with this man anymore. He's ridiculous.

  • MissGauzzz

    LMAO...ya'll gon' leave Kelz alone cause he say he tired of ya'lls shyt!!!! Whateva!! Like bloggergirlz said...pure comedy!!! This dude gets more clownish and clownish with each passing day/month/year!!!

  • ms.peaches

    I had to come back & agree with Mia but on the aspect of your in the media for not making good music anymore but for molesting lil girls so yeah he is no position to talk ish to anyone about anything!! how dumb, I bet you after he finished that track he thought it was the ish!!! you need JESUS boo boo!!

  • Bsoul

    The link has been replaced with a Melissa Ethridge song. Maybe that's a good thing.

  • http://www.youtube.com/WrecklessLoveAK LB

    lmao. it must have hit Kells that Neyo is gonna make WAY more money on Alicia's tour than he ever would have on his. The male ego is a funny thing.

  • alana

    Now I know why R.Kelly likes 14 year old girls. He's immature himself. I dont recall him making a diss song about Jay-Z when they fell out during their "Best of both worlds" tour...I could be wrong though. I'm with the first poster though, in the words of Diddy I'm seeing alot of "b!tcha$$ness" in Robert. I bet he wouldnt say none of that to his face.

  • alana

    his face = Neyo

  • mrsdawn

    I so agree w/areuforreal. Someone PLEASE call Diddy cause this is pure bitchassedness !!!

  • mzzphateegirl@yahoo.com

    im not gonna lie, im a rkelly fan and will alway be a rkelly fan. ppl are always saying he deserve to be in jail for molesting the young girl. my thing is there is no justification for his actions and if rkelly need to be in jail so does the average male.female in neighborhoods that molesting these kids today. no one talks about the average person committing crimes against these kids but as soon a celebrity committs a crime oh lock them up. rkelly will have his trial date. no one in this workd is perfect and everybody have skeletons in their closet, some ppl need to look in thier own closet b4 they judge another person.

  • Liyah74

    I do not see where he directed this track to Neyo. If anything the man is responding to all "his haters". He's stayed silence for long enough. He has a right to vent. Kellz is not gonna make a diss record about Jay-Z because his laughing all the way to bank. Jay-Z had to pay out his ass for the bitch ass move with the mase drama, confidentality agreements were signed.

  • chat bout

    so.......... this is what he does when he's not out feeling-up young girls. have this man any shame? ne-yo is probably young enough to be kellz child.as a grown man, he should have taken the higher road. instead he go and write some foolishness................................sucking my teeth at that fuckrey.

  • http://www.myspace.com/millyly milly

    I'm over this man and his nonsense.

  • cupcakes

    He needs to grow up and he should be in jail already!!

  • ms.peaches

    #25 I thought Kels had to pay out cause he was the one who actually skipped out on the tour?? I do remember him saying that Ty-Ty(jays man) sprayed him with mace or something like that!! & that what he supposedly sued him for, Im not sure I do know Kels is creating alot of bad blood in the industry I mean just look at his long time frienship with Mr. Daniels gone down the drain over some p***y, he really needs to start using his head & not the one below!!

  • Liyah74

    Jay Z got him kicked off the tour. He sent Ty Ty to do his dirty work. He definitely had to pay up. Lawsuits are public record so you shouldn't have any trouble pulling the details on this.

  • Liyah74

    A matter of fact when Kellz was on the Angie Martinez show he specifically said he wanted to finish the tour but Jay Z just din't want to.

  • Liyah74

    Ms. Peaches you seem to know alot about him. Are you by any chance from Chicago?

  • ms.peaches

    No Im from DC but I am a huge fan of Jay-z I can't lie I like R.kelly too as a musician & when they did that Best of Both Worlds cd I thought that was gonna be something huge, it actually was in the beginning cause you have the best in the game doing a cd together to my knowedge I don't remember anyone else doing that b4 them!! I do however remembering Jay saying that he messed up too many times & after that sex tape thing came out it messed up the sales of the cd but all was forgiven & thats when they did the tour & once again Kels was acting like a diva!! I saw him in concert b4 & got a chance to go backstage to take a picture w/ him & he is really conceited!! but will do anything for a female fan!! This one chick asked him to take a pic w/ just his underwear(thongs) & some damn cowboy boots &he did it(lmao)

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    I wish Chester The Child Molester would just go to jail already and if he is going too continue to make music please make age appropriate songs. The public does not want to hear you venting like a spoiled rich brat... :(

  • bloggergirlz

    @ ms. peaches

    ur right, there was so much excitement when jay and r. kelly did the BOBW...i remember being n philly 4 all-star wkend and everybody was bumping the cd...i'm from chgo and people were pissed and plenty people were talkn...dude has pissed off so many people (inclu. his family)...u can't even enter his house w/out signing a confidentiality agreement! everyone knows how he used to go up to kenwood hs and solicit young girls...the guy is truly disgusting...he has settled $ w/ some of those girls...i wish i had time to dig up some old info...i recall one girl saying she was forced 2 have an abortion...he thinks he can't be touched...he only married his back-up dancer because of that aaliyah stuff...the fact that it's 2008 and his trial still hasn't started is a JOKE!

  • http://myspace.com/mullatos SnootyPooty1

    pardon my typo "your"

  • Mia

    The reason people are calling, and have continued to call, R out is because he is in the media. The average child molester isn't in the national media. Celebrities are, and that's why it seems like they get "picked on" more than the "average" person. I think if R were anything but a celeb his ass would already be in jail. Too many times celebs get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card when it comes to stuff that an "average" person would be locked up for.

  • Island Princess

    I was feeling this song! I agree 100% with #25 because He is tired of all the haters who smile in his face and talk shhhh behind his back. I am no celebrity but I go through the same b/s. I am good to people but for some reason my name always pops up in a negative conversation. I can see if I was a grimey b**ch but I am not.

  • hellava10

    Rhianna? that you, girl?

  • ms.peaches

    Hellava u were doing do well.....(lol) I know I may sound a bit naive about that whole Aaliyah situation, Im sure she had a major crush on him & they were close but something happened once she made that 2nd cd!! she denied the fact that they were married up until she passed & I feel like he may have over stepped his bounds cause I think they were on the same Blackground label which was run by her uncle after everything was said & done I think he went to Jive (please don't quote me on this) but the same way George Daniels & his wife started distancing themselves from him thats what Aaliyah & her folks did as well so he definitley is consitent with that pattern of turning people away!! Im sorry Im hungry so I may not be making a lick of since!!(lol)

  • hellava10

    I'm a work in progress.

  • mzzphateegirl@yahoo.com

    if rkelly was the average joe, he still wouldnt be in jail. there r numerous females in urban areas who are pregnant by older men and nothing happens to them, in the black community some ppl act as though its ok when this occurr. i say if u condemn one condemn all. i dnt know how many ppl on this blog reside n a urban community or used to reside in n urban community but just look at all the females that were pregnant in high school or elementary. when i was in elementary a girl had a baby in 8th grade and this was her 2nd kid and the father was 18 at the time.
    not to say this dnt occur in the suburbs but im focusing on the urban communities.

  • Maxdan

    LMAO @AreUForReal

    For real, it's not that serious. I guess b/c it's been a little quiet for Mr."Rrrr-ruh in R&B" he had to make up some beef.
    I love when Diddy told ol' boy he sensed some "B1t*ha$$edness" in him. I heard it's taking over in the industry.

  • http://www.findentertainmentnow.com miesha@FindEntertainmentNow.com

    kells is a dum dum with a dum song. BOOOOOOOO r.kelly...BOOOOOOO!!!

  • Nadine

    Dyamm...R. Kelly must love D-R-A-M-A! Why every time I turn around, this dude is involved in some type of dramz! Get over yourself Kells! You're a talented musician, you've proven that point time and time again. There is no need to entangle yourself into foolishness like this. You're just making Ne-Yo look honorable. Go Ne-Yo! Don't respond and keep singing good songs.

  • kat

    tell 'em how you really feel kells! lol!

  • http://highbridnation.com Mike Belgrove

    R. Kelly is a clown for this one. One of the other writers over at Highbrid Nation broke down the "I'm a Beast" track to explain what the lyrics meant and who exactly Kelly was talking about. It appears that he not only took shots at Ne-Yo but Jay-Z and Young Jeezy too. Can he just hurry up and go to prison already. Geez, he got charged like 6 years ago. Let's have a trial already.