Despite Sen. Hillary Clinton's big wins against Sen. Barack Obama in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island on Tuesday, Clinton still finds herself even further behind Obama in the delegate count than she was before her wins. In order to clinch the democratic nomination, Clinton must win the next 12 primaries by a considerable margin - a feat that political analysts say is impossible.

Which explains why Clinton is now floating the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket. Superdelegates won't help Clinton either: Newsweek's Jonathan Alter asked several prominent undecided superdelegates if they would go against the will of Democratic voters in each state and vote for Clinton. They said no because it would "shatter young people" and be the death of the democratic party.

After all is said and done, Clinton's only chance of returning to the White House is if Obama asks her to run with him against John McCain. Even then her chances are zero and none because John McCain is already at the White House taking measurements of the oval office and interviewing busty secretaries.

  • Bird

    John McCain is already at the White House taking measurements of the oval office and interviewing busty secretaries.
    hehehehe. You are a hot mess Sandra.

    Barack better not let that coniving heffa be his running mate. I have not read the story on CNN, but I did see a headline pertaining to her trying to get the Florida and Michigan delegates to count. She is one shady character. And what the hell is up with her not making her tax returns public? Is she afraid the working class people she is running game on will realize that she is a wealthy fat cat like every other candidate in history besides Barack? I'm liking her less and less every day.

  • Bsoul

    Man, talk about strategically placing pictures to tell a story. That is too funny.

  • Terry .W

    seperate ideologies....and she's shown her crazy ass to the - I dont know if Im down for him asking her to money is on him asking bloomberg!

  • 2Unruly

    She might be floating the idea of a Clinton-Obama ticket, but I don't see the Obama's going for that. Just CANNOT see it. She could still pull this off. Never underestimate the power of that Clinton machine. That machine is a strange animal.

  • bloggergirlz

    obama doesn't need hilary on his ticket, but she certainly will benefit from being on his...r u guys seriously ready 4 another clinton to be in the white house? we've already dealt w/ 20 yrs of the bush and clinton household...8 yrs of bill and 12 yrs (combined) with the father and son duo...i'm ready 4 a breath of fresh air...people r always talkn about bill being the 1st black president, that's BS...he did a lot of stuff to harm blacks b4 his term expired...

  • 2thick4u

    This is history in the making!!!

  • sharnell

    Out of curiosity has anyone else's email box been blown up with the new Clinton ad that makes Obama look 10 shades darker? They are comparing the controversy to the time magazine cover of OJ back during his trial. Just wanted to hear others thoughts on the issue.

  • kat

    OBAMA '08

  • african_dude

    sandra you`re making a mistake just like those so-called political analysts who thought by this time she would have dropped out of the race but she won texas,ohio and rhode island, yes she still lags in the delegate count but guess what? we still have 10 primaries and caucuses who knows what might happen? as far as i`m concerned i`m not counting hillary clinton out just yet!

  • Bsoul

    @ Sharnell
    I heard about the picture "shading" but have yet to see it. Could you please forward a copy of yours to Sandra--maybe she'll share with us.

  • milly

    OBAMA 08!

  • sharnell

    @Bsoul I just forwarded her one of the emails.

  • Goliano

    Nothing's impossible in politics.