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Millionaire entrepreneurs Angela and Vanessa Simmons stopped through Atlatna yesterday to promote their wildly popular Pastry shoe line at Stonecrest Mall. Over 1500 Run's House fans packed the mall to meet the sisters. The last time the ladies came through Atlanta for a meet & greet at Underground Mall, only about 300 fans showed up.

It must be the shoes!

Angela and Vanessa have managed to parlay winning smiles, hard work and determination into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Look for the Pastry clothing line coming soon!

Don't forget Angela and Vanessa will be hosting a star-studded party at Compound tonight. Maybe Bow Wow will stop through and shout at his ex-girlfriend, Angela. To see who Vanessa is currently boo'd up with, click here.

  • kitty4shigady

    Now they are what you call role models for our young girls. go head on ladies.

  • gemini83

    I love these shoes!!!! I don't really wear gym shoes anymore, I'd rather rock heels, but their shoes are really cute when I want to dress down on the weekend.

  • gemini83

    Y is the word sh0es edited out? oooookkkkkkk (*scratching head)

  • Bird

    I sooooo love them. They are such wonderful role models for our girls. Angela looks so adorable with her little boyfriend, but I am feeling protective of her like she is mine and I don't think he's good enough for her. But hey, have fun little serogate daughter. Holla at Mama Bird if he gets out of pocket. You send me the plane fare and I'll come to Cali and handle him for you.

  • spraggaswifey

    i am very proud of these girls....they are handling their business and not trying to use their family's paper to live off of.....little girls can see these 2 and know that they could achieve see all of these children happy and having fun is a beautiful thing....bless......


    These girls are great, pretty, and very sweet to with their success. You can see the interview i had the pleasure of doing with them yesterday when they were at the Four Seasons. Sandra i do this from time to time...i hope it's okay. Thanks. ;)

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    No it isn't ok. I asked you once already to stop spamming my comments section.

  • CreditDiva

    Their shoes are so freaking HOT! Loves them! Also that's not Vanessa boo'd up, Sandra that's Angela!


    oh the picture you have up there is not of Vanessa and her boyfriend but of Angela and her boyfriend. They have a pic of them on the website too. Vanessa told me yesterday that she was currently single.


    i mean the picture in the link you included on Crunk and Disorderly. ;)

  • Sharonda

    Well the shoes are not the cutest thing, but I applaud them for keeping it professional and not throwing their asses on camera to get noticed.These are the kind of women young girls should aspire to be (after their parents).

  • pyt_504

    I love the girls! But one of them ( wont say who) just always got this "IM SPECIAL" look on her face hahaha ooooo let me be nice

    The kicks are not my cup of tea. I cant see myself tryin to rock that, but hey i am glad that they are doing what makes them happy and that the profits from their shoes I think 3% are given to the Arthur Ash Scholarship!!! So major props for that ladies!!!!!!!

  • coco

    thats not vanessa. thats angela and her boo. they were posted a few days ago on other sites. come on now sandra, get it right

  • MzDetermined

    I love these girls they are so positive!

  • ms.peaches

    I agree these girls seem 2 do no wrong, that comes from good upbringing!!! kudos to Rev. & Justine(lol) I know my Jazzy will love those pink Pastry's she's a sneaker queen(lol)

  • 2thick4u

    Congrats girl...get your paper!!!

  • JustSaying

    Vanessa Simmons is so cute. Angela is rather funny looking.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I like Vanessa and Angela...they are very positive girls.

  • brwnsugga4you

    congrats to them both. beautiful talented young ladies..and it doesn't hurt that rev is your daddy...and russell is your uncle..and kimora is your auntie..:)

  • claire

    way to go angela and lovin the handbags but the sneakers are a no,no for me....