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In a letter to his readers posted on his website, playwright/filmmaker/director Tyler Perry told fans that a woman has been stalking him. “I’m trying to be careful how I say this without inciting this person, but I have a stalker,” wrote Perry. He was so afraid for his life that he was forced to hire extra security. “I hate to have big guys following me around,” he said.

Perry said although he has never met the woman, she’s shown up at his door several times, sends him “hundreds of emails a day”, and has already planned their wedding complete with rings and everything.

I’m not surprised by this because certain people have the tendency to over exaggerate things a bit. I for one don’t believe his stalker is a female. I’m going to need Mr. Perry to go ahead and kick open that closet door since its been hanging off its hinges for awhile now anyway.

Supposedly Atlantic Records ordered British phenomenon Estelle to have cosmetic surgery on her teeth to help break her in American because Americans are so image obsessed. It appears the pressure got to Estelle because when she made an appearance in Atlanta yesterday, she wore orthodontic braces on her teeth.

The record labels executives also got on her about her tomboyish haircut:

According to The Sun, the record label bosses also want her to ditch the boyish haircut and want to give her a complete image overhaul.

A source told the newspaper: “The American executives are adamant she makes a lot of significant changes. They want rid of her tomboy hair and want her to get her teeth fixed. (Source)

Estelle’s hit song “American Boy” ft. Pharrell Williams was #1 in the UK for three weeks.

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HE SO NASTY: Ray J‘s BFF Whitney Houston was his special guest last night at AG Entertainment’s Hot On the Runway Fashion Show at the Compound. They say Ray J groped his package onstage to the delight of a few of the men in the audience (What? This IS Atlanta). My spy says neither Whitney nor the ladies in attendance looked impressed.

I can’t tell if this is Ashanti or not. I swear she always looks like a blow up doll.

The effervescent Rashan Ali (Hot 107.9) and Young Jeezy were in the house. I think I’ll call Jeezy’s peoples and let them know I’m ready for my dinner date with Jeezy. I need to find out who he’s kicking it with now that Keyshia Cole has moved on with her life.

Rapper Rocko ripped the runway last night. His baby mama Monica was at the studio putting the finishing touches on her upcoming CD.

Singer Mario performed in 2 spots last night: at Justin’s for the R&B Live show, and at the Fashion Show at Compound.

I diidn’t know Jazze Pha had his own YouTube cooking show? By the way, that’s rapper Vawn on the right. He’s So So Def’s new artist.

The College Hill kids. I guess. I don’t watch the show.

Come on, Whitney! Just ONE picture, damn!

Check out for more pics from the fashion show!

Behind the scenes video from the set of the Lil’ Scrappy video shoot a few days ago. His boo Diamond (Crime Mob) is featured in the video. Warning: strong language.

I would love to tell you who the female singer is on the track but the folks who answered the phone over at BME Recordings don’t even know if Scrappy is an artist on their label. Talk about clueless.


Despite reports that requests were “pouring in” for rapper T.I. to speak to teens as part of his court ordered community service, several Atlanta area public schools have turned down offers for T.I. to speak to their student bodies.

The news comes from an official at one of the schools – who’s also a loyal reader of Speaking to us on condition of anonymity, the official said her school considered the “far reaching impact” T.I.’s visit would have on the children. She pointed to the language in T.I.’s plea agreement which requires him to speak to at-risk youth. “Suffice it to say, we don’t want our children unfairly stigmatized by the at-risk youth label,” she said.

The school official also expressed concern about the message the federal government is sending to the youth. “Mr. Harris is a convicted felon and a repeat offender who was given a slap on the wrist from the courts,” she said. “It’s a double standard. The implication is, ‘do as he says, not as he did.'”

She added, “The lenient treatment he’s received despite all his prior convictions is the stronger message that the students will take away from his visit. It’s a dichotomy that’s difficult even for adults to understand, much less children. His visit would raise tough questions that we as teachers would have to grapple with long after he’s left our campus.”

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias told the AJC that T.I., real name Clifford Harris, Jr., successfully plea bargained for a lower sentence by convincing the court that he could use his considerable influence over kids to prevent future crime.

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Guess who was with Ray J at the Hot On the Runway Fashion Show at Compound last night? My photographer Freddy O would have gotten better pictures if it wasn’t for a Hot 107.9 SKANK intern who was blocking.

Okay, I didn’t know Lenny Kravitz passed his singing genes down to his daughter Zoe Kravitz? Thank you to loyal reader Brwnsugga4you for the link to this inspiring video! Please watch it all the way to the end (there’s a brief pause at the end).