I can’t believe people don’t have anything better to do with their time than argue about a mole. By now you’ve seen pictures of Rihanna‘s fantastic new stardust tattoo. Supposedly RiRi and her BFF, Chris Brown got matching stardust tattoos last night just before attending a birthday party for Rihanna’s friend..

But Rihanna’s tattoo was designed to curve around a mole on her back. Other bloggers are calling for the removal of the mole. But as long as the mole isn’t causing any problems, why should she remove it?

Sad news to report: Bob Marley‘s mother Cedella Marley-Booker passed away during the night of natural causes after a long illness. Booker died peacefully in her South Florida home surrounded by loved ones. She was 81.

Cedella’s grandson, Ky-Mani Marley, told The Miami Herald she “has always been a very loving, caring and supporting person in my life. She was always there to help me — even when I didn’t ask for help, she knew I needed help. She had that instinct to know when things were wrong and had the courage to fix it.'” (Source)

Thanks to loyal reader PYT504, for the tip and the photo.

Photos: JustJared.com

Janet Jackson embarked on a 3-day trip to Japan yesterday. That explains why she wasn’t in Atlanta to party with her man’s and ’em last night. Janet coyly flashed her engagement ring for the paparazzi when she landed in Japan.

Janet is in Japan to promote her 6th number 1 album. She ties with Madonna for #1 albums for female artists. “I love Japan so much because it never bores me,” said Janet, who last visited Japan in October 2006. “I want to visit KiddyLand, sushi restaurants and clubs with my friends.”

KiddyLand? I’m just saying Janet.

Photo: Faded Youth Blog

People are still talking about Beyoncé’s appearance at last night’s Mary J/Jay Z Afterparty at Studio 72. Sources say Bee was dressed in the same clothes she wore in the above photo as she and Jay Z made their way to the airport for their trip from NY to Atlanta.

They say Bey wore no makeup and something was wrong with her skin. “It didn’t look right,” said one source who got a close up look at the diva.

The source said Bee stayed in the VIP furthest away from the crowd for an hour and a half before leaving the club with Jay around 3 AM. Bee’s bodyguards threatened everyone with a camera – including my photographer and YBF’s Natasha.

The same source said neither Bee nor Jay wore wedding bands. What’s really going on?

This is a sad story that once again brings national attention to mistakes that are made due to the dire need for transplant organs in the U.S.

The story began when a 14-year old boy took ill and died from what doctors thought was bacterial meningitis – the deadliest form of meningitis.

Alex Koehne was given a course of IV antibiotics that was supposed to kill the deadly bacteria and prevent the bacteria from reaching his vital organs.

After his death, doctors harvested his organs (at his parents request) and transplanted the organs into four recipients.

But what doctors thought was bacterial meningitis turned out to be a rare form of lymphoma (cancer). A 52-year-old man who received Alex’s liver was the first to die of cancer followed in quick succession by the death of a 36-year-old woman who received Alex’s pancreas.

Doctors removed Alex’s kidneys from two other transplant recipients but those patients are now fighting cancer.

“Our jaws dropped,” said the boy’s father Jim Koehne. “We walked out of there crying.”

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Taylor Dior and her grandma

Thanks to Chavon for sending these beautiful pictures of her daughter Taylor Dior. If you don’t recognize Taylor, she was the subject of yesterday’s Photo of the Day. Her photo touched off a healthy debate in the comments section.

Taylor’s daddy Jerrell was so upset by some of the comments that he fired off an angry email to me yesterday. Jerrell’s email said in part:

You would think that your site would promote something positive like, cute baby of the day or something like that. But no, you allow the tearing down of the very essence that holds together families for generations.

Once I read the comments, I thought they were very nice. Chavon even left a comment yesterday.

I’m glad that Chavon and Jerrell reached out to me because I didn’t know that little Taylor Dior is set to play the late great B.I.G‘s daughter Tianna in the the movie “Notorious” currently filming in NY.

Taylor’s parents Jerrell and Chavon

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All photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

It’s difficult to say who won the Battle of the Titan Afterparties between AG Entertainment and So So Def last night. The post Mary J Blige/Jay Z concert festivities was in full swing at Dreamz Nightclub. Mary, Lil’ Kim and Sean Combs hosted the huge AG Entertainment Event at Dreamz, which I heard was packed to the rafters.

Meanwhile JD’s Afterparty was a little more subdued with only Young Jeezy, Nelly, Usher and Tameka, Jay Z, Beyonce, and a host of others attending his party.

I initially asked my photographer Freddy O to go to AG Entertainment’s party, but you know how kids are: they do what they want to do. He said the atmosphere at Studio 72 was not intense at all. He said bodyguards were scarce until Jay Z and Bee got there – and then they swarmed all over the VIP refusing to allow photos.

Freddy O’s big moment of the night came when Beyonce entered the VIP where he was sitting and sat down right next to him. He said there wasn’t an inch between the two of them. So naturally I asked him why he didn’t take any pics of her. Instead of saying he was so awed by Beyonce that he forgot about his camera, he said the bodyguards threatened to break his camera if they saw so much as a flash go off. Since when does the paparazzi let threats stop them from taking pictures? This is why you can’t send a man to do a woman’s job! :)

Anyway, Usher and Tameka soon entered the VIP section. Freddy O said Tameka looked very nice last night. He was especially impressed with her hair which he said was very full. Freddy O would have taken Tameka’s pic except that he was distracted by Beyonce who he said was wolfing down her chicken like she was eating for two. I don’t know if that’s a fact so please don’t quote me.

After Freddy O left the club he said he saw a Rolls Royce with a presidential style police escort blow past him on Northside Drive. He said he followed the motorcade to Devyne Stephens‘ Complex Recording studio. Freddy O didn’t know who was in the Rolls, but he was certain it wasn’t president Bush.

It’s nice to know that our taxpayer dollars are being wasted on police escorts for celebrities with full lights and sirens. I’m going to call Mayor Shirley Franklin to see if I can get a full police escort the next time I go out to a club.

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(Photo source)

A spokesperson for singer Toni Braxton announced she has been hospitalized in Las Vegas. TMZ.com reports that Toni is suffering from pericarditis – an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart. According to TMZ, Braxton may have contracted the illness when she gave birth to her second son.

(Photo source)

I don’t know why the Beyonce/Jay Z wedding is still a story 4 days after the fact. The blogs are all in a tizzy going on about Jay Z’s bare ring finger. Who cares? I promise you I wouldn’t be posting this if it weren’t for the fact that Jay Z’s people are lying about the reason why he’s pulling out of the Glastonbury concert.

I was on this story last month if you recall I told you that Jay Z was being blamed for the lackluster sales of the tickets. If you remember, the organizer blamed rain for the fact that this is the first time that the festival has not sold out.

Now in an effort to save face, Jay Z’s people are sending out press releases claiming Jay Z didn’t appreciate the organizers saying the festival was “more urban and hip this year because of his appearance”. Oh please! The truth is he’s pulling out because nobody over there cared about seeing him.

Man up for once Jay Z.


EDIT: the tickets have been sold.

No joke. Industry insider is selling the tix for the concert tonight because her clients missed their flight. Two tickets are for sale at $250 each. Lower level, Section 116, Row N Seat 7 and 8. Email me if you’re interested in purchasing the tix and I’ll put you in touch with the seller. Serious inquiries only.

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