Loyal reader Shanta points out in an email that Jay Z seems surly and moody ever since he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyonce. In this video from TMZ.com, Jay Z kirks out on a paparazzi who dares to ask him about his wife Bey. “You know better than that!,” snaps the aging mogul.

It seems Beyonce and Jay Z have grown wary of all the attention they get. So maybe it’s time for us to leave them alone? It’s funny that when celebs are on the come up they are so hungry for whatever exposure they can get. But once they reach the pinnacle of success they forget where they came from or how they got there. This is why I have no respect for those two and I will continue to clown them mercilessly.

Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson, Grand Hustle Boss Tip Harris, singer Fergie, and producer Polow Da Don attended the star-studded Investment Club’s Bosses Night Out at Luckie Food Lounge last night. The occasion was also a birthday celebration for big Bosses Jason Geter (Grand Hustle) and Jerry Clark (Island Records VP)!
All photos by Freddyo Exclusively for Sandrarose.com

Grand Hustle Boss Tip Harris gave a champagne toast to celebrate Island Records Boss Jerry Clark, left, and Grand Hustle Boss Jason Geter‘s birthdays.

Fergie snuggles up to her pal Young Jeezy

Back in the day we called Tip Harris and Young Dro‘s stylish attire “GQ”.

Singer/songwriter Keri Hilson celebrated the birthdays of Bosses Jason Geter, left, and Jerry Clark

Black Eye Peas lead singer Fergie is in town recording with producer Polow Da Don. I heard Fergie told Polow she didn’t want any Garage Band pre-sets on her new album.

Rapper Chingy poses with Certified Crunkness Boss Botchey.

Big thanks to Island Records VP Jerry Clark, and Botchey and Zae of Certified Crunkness for the personal invite!

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Okay, the founder of Sugarhill Records, Sylvia Robinson, was the first female music mogul. But R&B chanteuse Keyshia Cole is the new female mogul doing big things in the 08!

According to a source close to Keyshia’s camp, Keyco is in the process of gearing up for The Movie of Her Life which is scheduled for a Christmas ’09 release. Keyshia will be a producer on the film along with Jimmy Iovine, boss of Interscope Records.

Iovine also produced 50 Cents‘ “Get rich or die Trying” and Eminem‘s critically acclaimed movie “8 Miles”. Iovine and others involved with the film project believe KC’s movie will definitely make History!

Keyshia also formed an additional company under her already existing umbrella of companies. The new company will focus on publishing books, TV shows, and managing writers and producers.

KC is currently in a West Coast studio working on her 3rd album which is slated for a Dec/Christmas ’08 Release. Watch out people, the new Young Female Mogul is Running her OWN empire!

Earlier today, I posted a YouTube video of a promising young talent on the rise in the ATL by the name of Phatfffat, real name Dondria Nicole. I first heard about her through a friend over at Empire Ent. who told me that Jermaine Dupri had signed a female singer who was Tha Truth.

I wrote a very nice compliment about Phatfffat in my earlier post. But as I type this, Phatfffat is mobilizing her army of fans and is declaring war against us. Go figure *shrugs*

Will Phatfffat be able to handle the criticism later on in her career when the big time music critics give their unbiased opinions of her? I doubt it if she’s crumbling under the pressure now. :)

Thanks to loyal reader Jaclyn Jones for the tip!

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According to Alicia Keys‘ publicist, a mystery illness has forced Alicia to cancel shows. A mystery illness also forced Jordin Sparks to leave Alicia’s tour.

    After cancelling a concert in Pittsburgh, PA last night, eleven-time Grammy winner, Alicia Keys, must cancel a second stop along her Lexus Presents the Alicia Keys As I Am Tour due to a continued bout with swollen vocal chords. The show was scheduled for Thursday night at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, OH.

    Ticket holders in both cities may contact the respective venues for instructions and fans with tickets for the Cleveland concert will be able to have them honored at the upcoming show in Columbus, OH.

    Keys, who is currently being treated by a physician, is expected to return to the stage on Saturday, April 26th at the Value City Arena at the Jerome Schottenstein Center in Columbus.

    Alicia Keys recently wrapped up a successful European run and kicked off the highly anticipated U.S. leg in Hampton, VA on April 19th. The As I Am Tour is in support of Keys’ 5 X worldwide platinum album, As I Am, which has spawned smash hit songs including the Grammy Award winning, “No One,” “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” and “Teenage Love Affair.”

Theola Borden
J Records

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Men can be jump offs too! Star Jones is about to find out what all of us bloggers (and her friends and family) had warned her about before she tripped down the aisle with gay Al Reynolds.

Al has secured counsel and is going for broke – literally. TMZ.com reports that Al has acquired the services of divorce lawyer Stanford Lotwin. And get this: Al is going to claim that Star talked him into quitting his job as a stock broker so he could be at her beck and call for the past few years!

Remind you of anyone? Maybe Al consulted with Jonathan Plummer, the down low con artist who suckered author Terry McMillan into marrying him.

It isn’t like Al is completely broke. It turns out he’s a professor at Florida Memorial University. (Source)

TV sitcom star Orlando Brown is missing and presumed dead by his little fans who are emailing me. According to People magazine, the portly 20-year-old star of TV’s That’s So Raven has been missing since early Tuesday morning when he walked to a 7-Eleven for some comfort food.

According to Brown’s publicist, Elayne Rivers, he had a full day of meetings and appointments in preparation for a photo shoot Wednesday.

Rivers adds that friends and family are very concerned, as the young actor is not one to be out of touch for long, and the convenience store was within a short walking distance from his manager’s home in Studio City.

Supposedly, Ricky Romance, Brown’s close friend and manager, has been calling all local hospitals looking for information on Brown’s whereabouts.

The skeptic in me sees that Pop Tart, Ricky Romance’s name and suspects a publicity stunt. Anybody associated with Ricky and Raz B is immediately suspect in more ways than one. Something tells me Brown will turn up safe with a strange story to tell.

Anyone who might have any information should contact Elayne Rivers at TLToonz@aol.com

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Everyone’s favorite human blow up doll Ashanti performed last night at the R&B Live showcase at Spotlite in NY. After the show, Ashanti kicked it with her pals Lloyd, Gayle King and Flo-Rida. I’m not a violent person but whoever did Ashanti’s makeup needs to be shot for assaulting and battery on our eye sockets.

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We covered this story already, but Star Jones made it final by filing for divorce from husband Al Reynolds. Unfortunately, Star Jones belongs to the ranks of women whose gaydars are irreparably broken.

These women are often type A personalities who ignore the infinite wisdom and advice of their family, friends and associates who can spot a gay man a mile away.

Fresh put it best when she said Star “must’ve sniffed his dick one night.”

Former “View” host Star Jones filed for divorce from her husband Al Reynolds, “Entertainment Tonight” is reporting.

Jones filed back on March 26. The couple married back in 2004.

She released a statement that reads: “Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone’s life that requires privacy with one’s thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman.” (Source)

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Add Swizz Beatz‘s wife Mashonda to the list of jump offs who have come up and cashed out.

    Rapper/producer SWIZZ BEATZ is to divorce his wife after four years of marriage, according to reports.

    Swizz Beatz – real name Kasseem Dean – and his R+B singer wife Mashonda wed in 2004 and have a one-year-old son, Kasseem Jr.

    A spokesperson for the star has refused to specify a reason for the couple’s parting, but is adamant the separation was “on amicable terms”. The representative tells sources, “Their union was one shared in love and deep admiration for one another. (Source)

Predictably, Obama lost the Pennsylvania primary. But we already knew he would. While the win infuses Clinton’s redlining campaign with much needed cash, it does nothing for her chances overall. She still has no hope of beating Barack Obama in August unless there is foul play involved.

Obama’s camp realizes that and has decided not to play footsies with Clinton anymore. Obama turned down an offer from CBS to debate Clinton on Sunday after “60 Minutes.” Clinton sorely needs this debate to push forward her hateful agenda, but Obama doesn’t need it. The Democratic nomination is already in the bag.

Obama spokesman Dan Leistikow said this of Clinton’s chances of debating Obama: “Their attacks indicate they are really not looking for a debate, but any forum to continue their negative, throw-the-kitchen-sink campaign.” (Source)

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Earlier this month, while doing my research, I happened upon a post by some random blogger out of the Ukraine named Slav Kandyba.

The blogger was going in hard on music mogul Sean Combs for dissing Slav’s cohort Chuck Phillips of the LA Times. His post was an open letter to Sean Combs that basically threatened his life. Bol has more on that here.

The hater that I am, I quickly scanned the post hoping for a good quote to highlight on my site. I never found a good quote unless you consider this good:

“You might be a smooth criminal, but when you pick on the media, you pick into the devil’s nest and you will get stung.”

In fact, after 3 paragraphs I dismissed the post as the ramblings of another incoherent hater.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the post was part of a test Hip Hop blog created by the LA Times (yes, the LA TIMES). And the Chuck Phillips mentioned in the post was the same cat who wrote that error-riddled expose on Sean Combs and Tupac Shakur that was ultimately retracted by the LA Times.

I don’t care if Chuck is a Pulitzer winning reporter, his reporting/research skills are suspect. In fact, there’s only one reason why Chuck hasn’t met the same fate as former Washington Post reporter Janet Cooke, who returned her Pulitzer after it was determined she fabricated the story that earned her the top prize. Did I mention that Janet is black?

Anyway, fearing another huge scandal, the headz at the LA Times abruptly pulled the post that threatened Puffy, and they made sure that the Hip Hop blog itself would never see the light of day.

The bigger story here is how The Times thought that no one would find that content online before they pulled it? Haven’t they ever heard of Google Alerts over there?