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Rapper T.I. appeared on BET last night where he told host Touré (in so many words) that he was a changed man. "I guess it's fair to say I'm humble as well as Blessed. I'm not bitter in any way," T.I. told Touré. "I feel like in life you gotta accept the responsibility for the part you played."

If you missed the show, has the video.

  • kitty4shigady

    I watched it and thought it was great TI spke very intelligent and I think he is a changed man and he kept it real. he admitted he fucked up and now he wants to right his wrong. he gets the up most respect from me for that.

  • bloggergirlz

    great interview...

  • London Marie

    He's so intelligent.
    I respect him so much.
    I like when a person
    is able to take the
    blame for their actions.
    go head clifford!!


    Loves TI! The interview went very well, he seems very humble but still very confident and mature. He admitted something that I said from the beginning and that's he had come so far in his career and a stupid decision almost cost him EVERYTHING. Once you have your livelihood and your family jeopordized you have a better perspective on what's important in life. Great things to come for TI and team!!


    He is wearing that pink!!! I am not for a man that wears pink AT ALL but he does look good..

  • SlimA

    TI @$$ is scared as hell.

  • Mimi Renee

    I'm glad T.I. has learned from this experience and thats all I will say!!! Looking forward to the new album sir!

  • diamondgirlmoe32

    That interview was excellent!!! He is a good person and he admitted that getting the guns were for protection especially after his best friend was killed. He is still the KING of ATL in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Mia

    A PR machine at it's finest.

  • Doganr

    If T.I needed protection why didnt he just hired some security? Furthermore, he did admit he made a mistake....Some mistakes arent to be made...clearly he is an adult and should know right from wrong now...He is NOT a good role model for kids...I am so happy many of the schols in ATL are NOT allowing T.I to speak to the children...T.I can go on with his life and livelihood but as I said SOME mistakes should not be made and he knew he was a convicted felon and should not of had any guns...

  • cutienjerzey

    Great interview. I truly do believe that TI is sincere in everything that he spoke about. Like he said he has to right his wrong. Kudos to him for accepting responsibilties for his action.

  • ms.kimba412

    I'm always impressed by how intelligently he speaks.

  • 2bme

    Sometimes it takes something like this to make you realize that you are not invincible..I hope he stays humble and sincere for his and his family's sake..everything he built was going to unravel and he was spared..most people in his shoes are not as blessed..I pray he continues to reflect


    TI is a role model to alot of kids. His actions have consequences for them as well. I saw from the interview that he was sorry for what he did, but he still needs to be held accountable. Part of his plea deal is to speak to students and I think he should use that forum to be honest with the kids, without glorifying. Help them understand that actions regardless of thhe reasons have consequences that can affect ones life forever. TI is a great artist but if he wants that career to continue being a success he needs to leave the thug ways alone. He should let his talent speak for him.

  • theatrkakal

    he sure can wear some pink!

    he's a great example of how your actions have consequences regardless of who you are.

  • 2thick4u

    I hope that after this last arrest that he doesn't stay a fixture in the criminal justice system.

    He seems as if he learned his lesson and I hope that this was a wake up call for him.

    He is very talented and his future can go further if he do things legally!!!!

  • scorpio

    It's so good that he has changed. I remember when BET did those dialogue shows on RAP. I thought at the time some of his comments on that panel with Nelli were some of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard.

  • Lucy

    @theatrkakal his actions had little to no consequences so he's not an example. He got off plain and simple therefore no consequences paid.

    I'm sorry but I'm not getting this "he has learned a lesson". Is it not true that he has spent some time in jail before? How can you spend any amount of time in jail (I don't care if its a DUI, robbery whatever) and not know what you can and cannot do once you have a record.

    You people are way to forgiving. This man belongs in jail Had it been one of your relatives I bet they wouldnt have gotten off so easy.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    @ Lucy...sure you right. Ray-Ray down the street woulda been locked-up for about 10-20 years....

    T.I. has the money and the celebrity to change his situation...thats the way it is. However, if he doesn't get his shyt together he won't be getting too many chances. I honestly think this will be his last serious run in with the law...the reason I say that is b.cuz he is finally understanding that is not the way to live and its not all about Tip anymore! He has family, friends, and colleagues that depend on him.

    I'm not trying to say he wasn't wrong for what he did but, sometimes what makes sense to you doesn't neccessarily make sense to others. If you were reared in a certain environment and all you knew was that growing up...then it may take some serious life lessons before you finally realize damn this is not the way to live at all.

    If all you know is wildin out and all you're friends are praising you for doing crazy shyt and being a "g" then why would you stop? Yes, he has been to jail before but it wasn't under these circumstances...and he needed a reality check. God just woke his azz up...and made him realize he blessed he truly is.

    I really hope his does better...and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is still young...I think people forget that he is only 27. He has a long-way to go and I'm going to pray for him!

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    *how blessed he truly is...

    *I really hope he does better...

    Sorry for the typos ya'll...I'm at work!

  • marsette4483

    True that! I'm not on here to bash T.I. because I'm a T.I. fan, but he is not a role model! I'm glad that some of the Atlanta schools did not allow him to speak to their students. The reason I feel this way is because he is speaking out about his situation because that is apart of his probation. I feel that he won't make the same mistake in the future, but I do feel that it is not fair that he only has to do 1 year. My auntie's husband was in a similar situation because he was a convicted felon and was caught in the car with his friend who was carrying a hanggun and guess what? the judge sentenced my auntie's husband to finish out his parole term in jail which was 9 years and he is eligible for parole in 7. His friend didn't even get no time and he was the one carrying the gun because it was his 1st offense. He only was charged with a misdemeanor. So NO I feel no sympathy for T.I. and he gets no respect from me until he earns it back thru his consistent positive actions. I know I'm NOBODY to T.I. but I speaking the truth. I'm not going to come post on this board frontin' like T.I. is this CHANGED MAN when he hasn't done anything special to make me feel that way. Maybe in some years he can be mentor to the youth, but a role model? I dont think so! The whole T.I. situation is a mess and the judge set a bad example by sentencing T.I. to only serve 1 silly year in prison. The judge has shown all of us that these paid celebrities are above the law in every sense. It is extremely pitiful and the judge had this perfect opportunity to make an example out of T.I. by giving him a reasonable amount of time in prison so that the next celebrity wont feel they can break the law and get away with it. To me a year in jail is not even a slap on the wrist, to me T.I. sentence in compare to when you put your hand in the air to smack someone on the wrist but your cell phone rangs and you forgot to finish the slap on the wrist because u answered your phone. T.I. deserved more then an attempted slapped on the wrist, he needed to be kneed in his groin to really feel the That is how I see it. TRUST ME when I tell you that T.I. will be out in about 6-8 months on some good behavior B/S. i do love T.I.'s music thoe. I can't lie about that because he is one of my favorite rappers.

  • teecee

    yea, you are right, TI is scared. lol
    hmmmm why he need all dem guns to prtect his family, hire security and get an alarm. you only got 2 arms, you cant fire all them guns. lol TI scared of jail or that all the peeps he snitched on is gonna put a hit on his azz .... so to speak. lol

  • Zuley

    awwwww T.I. is soooooo cute! Tiny girl you betta keep that man. Cause he is a keeper. And I usually am turned off instantly by down south slang, but on T.I. its extra cute cause its not so extra like the Ying Yang Twins or Lil John. I'm a New York chick so I like clarity in communication.


    Sandra, arent you the same one who persecuted one of the Jena 6 kids when he was in a second fight??? But yet, TI gets praise for the same thing? U called a child a thug, but TI is a man? He knew he wasnt supposed to have guns in his possession EVER, thats why he was buyin them illegally. Whether he was set up or not, he knew better. He has the resources to find other ways to protect himself & his family, he should've used them