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Producer of the Year Polow Da Don and singer Keri Hilson at the R&B Live Atlanta Event hosted by Bryan Michael Cox at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night.

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Producers Jazze Pha and Polow Da Don squared off at the R&B Live Atlanta Event hosted by Bryan Michael Cox at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night.

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Producer/singer/songwriter Bryan Michael Cox hosted R & B Live Atlanta at Luckie last night

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Jazze Pha and a guest livened up R & B Live Atlanta last night

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l to r: DeVyne Stephens (Upfront Records), Ryan Glover (Turner Ent Network), Keri Hilson and Jazze pha attended R & B Live Atlanta last night

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R City with Keri Hilson at R & B Live Atlanta at Luckie last night

Hollywood socialite Christina Milian added a touch of style and grace to the the Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge held at a private residence in LA yesterday (5/29). Socialite is a term I give to people who are celebrities for no apparent reason. We still don't know why she's famous, but does it matter in today's Hollywood?

The only thing keeping Hollywood socialite Keisha Whitaker from blowing away are her clothes. As you know, she's Forest's wife. I thought black men liked their women with a little meat on their bones?

Hollywood socialite Rashida Jones is an actress now? Okay...

Diana's daughter Tracee Ellis Ross attended Chanel's Concept Boutique opening in LA yesterday. Tracee is rocking the Christian Louboutin pumps. Here's a little secret: Tracee and Ludacris dated for a hot minute. Chanel is really stepping their brand game up in Hollywood, I see. They have everybody wearing their line.

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  • blu_mango


  • Sharonda

    Is Keri even coming out with an album?Her hype has dyed down to me.But shes a cute girl!
    Rashida been doing her thing on Boston Public and thats been a while ago..
    Keisha, I give it to her.She has always been that size.
    Christina is a cute girl!Loves her!

  • bloggergirlz

    keri only been on a scene for a sec and looks tired already...rashida has been an actress for yrs, where u been sandra? i remember her from boston public...i'm not surprised about tracee and luda dating, she loves the hip hop guys...i agree w/ u about christian though...

  • Sharonda

    and the Office*

  • shunda

    Thanks Auntie Sandra!! Work is boring as hell today. Ok for my comments. Polow looks very dirty and stank to me. Keri's shirt is really cute. Christina Milian was an actress and singer for a brief hollywood minute. I want to have Keisha over for my mama's collard greens and cornbread. Everytime I see Devyne Stephens I want to throw on my tennis shoes and dance. That man is one of the best underated coreographers (sp?) out there.

  • 2bme

    Can Polow PLEASE take a bath..he's giving Jim Jones a run for Pig Pen of the year award..wait holdup..Jim Jones still has it on a landslide...Jazze Jazze..gluttony is a sin..Keri looks cute, Christina I guess could care less about a singing career but she looks HAWT..B.Cox..wonder how he will fare as a solo artist..time will for Ms. Ross yeah I heard about that, didn't buy it then and still hard to fathom now

  • Terry .W

    Polow Da Don fascinates me and I dont mean that in a good way!

  • pinkvirgo

    Polow always looked unkempt to say the least.He should get some of those white girls he claims to like so much to braid that nappy head for him.Ilove Traci Ellis,she looks super cute and smh at her and Ludacris although they probably would have looked cute together.Hell everybody's got a rapper,where's mine?lol I'm sure the chick w/ Jazze Pha is late for her shift at Body Tap.Keri looks cute at usual.It's funny that Keisha's the skinniest one in the Whitaker household,her kids are even bigger than her.lmao Maybe she's naturally thin however she could gain a hot 10 and look a lot better right now she looks dehydrated and sunk in.Christina M. adorable Rashida, who cares. she took time from her busy schedule of complaining about ppl not liking her b/c she's biracial to pose for a pic.

  • Mspeng

    I think Polow's head is too small for his body...
    I have yet to know who this Keri Hilson person is. And I DO NOT think she's as gorgeous as I hear some describe her. She's pretty average to me.
    Christina Milian is too cute. She's famous because she is a singer and an actress. Maybe not the greatest at both but she actually does a better job than some IMO.
    Keisha is a very attractive woman. A bit on the small side but that does not take away from her face because she's beautiful to me.
    Boston Public used to be my favorite show on TV so of course Rashida is an actress.
    And finally...I love me some Joan. lol. I love Tracee. not sure if I really LOVE her dress but she's Tracee so she can gwaan in my books.

  • Bird

    Christina is an actress and singer. I wouldn't put her in Paris Hilton territory just yet. Let's give her another year to get a new record deal or an acting gig before we start telling her to sit the hell down. Yes Rashida Jones is an actress and she has been one for several years Sandra. Maybe you are confusing her with her sister Kidada (is that her name?) who used to be in the limelight for nothing other than being a rap groupie to the likes of LL and Tupac.

  • african_dude

    traci ross= boring
    jazze pha= its only a matter of time before the attack comes knocking at your door...i dont wish it happens but your body speaks for itself
    rashida jones= nobody
    christina milian= had a promising career but hmmm its officiallt has-been status now
    brian m. cox= looks like a down low, hiv positive type of brotha
    polow da don= overrated producer, you aint no timbaland
    keri hilson= disappointing singer, i wanted to root for you but the last thing you have is talent
    mrs whitaker= not bad..its better to be like her than to be like mo`nique..lmao

  • cupcakes

    @african dude - I was going to say the same thing about Jazz...he seriously needs to lose some weight!! He looks bigger.

    Everyone else looks good - except the dirty one! LOL!!


    Happy Friday All :)
    I agree with Ms. Peng with Polow's head being too small for his body. It makes him look kinda slow..
    I thought Jazzy Pha only dates white girls.. Homegirl he is with looks like a homeboy.
    Keri is pretty but her weave is wack!

  • miamore73

    Who is that little short fat man!!!

    My God Can he breath or is that why his lips stay parted. I bet he's a noisey breather.

  • milly

    I never thought there would be a day that I would catch my self typing this but

    I actually agree with african dude

  • pinkvirgo

    african_dude Says
    brian m. cox= looks like a down low, hiv positive type of brotha

    Wooooooow was that necessary.

  • 2bme

    african_dude Says
    brian m. cox= looks like a down low, hiv positive type of brotha
    That was malicious and not at all's one thing to talk mess about a celebrity, but you took it too far

  • Sharonda


  • Tangela

    LOL, I thought what african dude said was kind of funny. If you squint a little bit--he kinda does!

  • Zuley

    Yessss my two favorite FAB ladies Keri Hilson and Christina Milian as my gay friend would say "WERK DOOOWWWN BITCHES ya'll are OVAHH owwwwwww!" LMAO!
    Oh and Keisha Whitaker is lucky I wasn't snapping pics on that red carpet cause I would have threw a damn biscuit at her scrawny looking self. She looks malnourished YUCK! The bulimic look will never ever be cute to me EVER! Maybe thats an LA thing but we NYer's eat.

  • Zuley

    Oh and why does Polow the Down look like he smells like a hospital room. Ya'll know what I'm talking about don't front. He just looks like he reeks of stink I'm sorry.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Keri's hair is fucked up - LOL...what's with those bangs, dearie? And Jazzy Phae's home girl is NOT the business - neither is he. LOL...Atlanta personalities make me laugh!

  • blackstar

    ms traci ross looks nice..

  • srv

    Sometimes you should do your celebrity homework. If you would have looked on IMDB, you would have seen Rashida's long list of acting credits.

  • AKAtastrophy1908

    ok. Why Polow Da Don always looks like he just came from the gym or just got out of jail. He is SWOLE for no damn reason. He looks crazy ass hell. Is that chic with Jazzy Phathe best he could do? OMG? WTF? Christina is cute but has the same reason to be faous that Kim Kardashian has- NONE. I wish she had accepted Nick Cannon's proposal (she was the first on his long list of engagements). That relationship would hae made more sense, been cute and made both of them a little relevant. Hey Sandra, can I send you some photos so you can start shouting me out as a socialite? I bet I would be dating a baller and have my own reality show in no time...cmon girl, put me on! LOL

  • AKAtastrophy1908


  • pointhimout

    is polow gaining weight or pumping too much weight? he looks thicker in the neck and midsection to me.