Shaquille O'Neal was stripped of his badge and gun over that immature "freestyle rap" dissing former teammate Kobe Bryant. According to Shaq, he was just joking when he said Kobe broke up his marriage.

But Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio didn't think he was funny. The Sheriff said he had no choice but to strip Shaq of his badge after the Phoenix Suns center’s use of a racially derogatory words and profanity in the video.

"I want his two badges back," Arpaio said Tuesday. "Because if any one of my deputies did something like this, they’re fired. I don’t condone this type of racial conduct."

Good for the Sheriff! But we wonder how Shaq ever got sworn in in the first place? Can you see Shaq chasing a perp and tackling him to the ground with his big ass?


  • Sharonda

    Damn, Shaq, LOL, I still thought what he said was kind of funny.I had heard it on TJMS, man...

  • milly

    LMAO!!! Maybe he should have been on Beverly Hills Cops the movies...he doesnt look right in that uniform lol, he looks more like he should be someone's security guard.

    ***Now I know how Kobe snitched on him was a b$tch move regardless of if it was wrong or not. But the rap thinng Shaq just needs to retire that along with that polyester suit.

  • pinky2083

    I live in Phoenix and I am sooo tired of Sheriff Joe tryin to get his name in the press, every week it's somethin. I really don't think it's that big of a deal dayum!




    He wasnt a real cop to begin with so why is this even news? I mean, really... Does anyone care?

  • missmiami

    It was not that serious. I guess they were just waiting to take it away from him. Besides, I thought he and his wife were getting back together?

  • shannon04

    @pinky2083..I live in Phoenix too..Im on Washington street close to the arena :-) how about this HEAT?? and yes Sheriff Arpaio needs to sit down somewhere. You mean to tell me that his deputies dont curse, swear and who knows what else when they are not off duty?? You are on your own time when not at work,you should hold yourself accordingly at all times but it still is tecnically your off time.Shaq says that he and Kobe go at each other like this from time to time and its no big deal so why is this man tripping??? Im pretty sure Kobe is laughing about it.

  • ms.peaches

    Did I miss something?? I guess I don't follow him like that to know he was ever a officer oh well I bet Kobe is somewhere laughing his ass off all this back & forth stuff they going through is childish there is no way that boy could have broke up his mariage & I too thought they were getting back together!! anyway who cares!!

  • pinky2083

    shannon04, i was born and raised in this damn heat and I will never get used to it!! :) I'm sure Shaq isn't losing any sleep over this nonsense and of course Kobe's laughing somewhere.

  • shannon04

    sorry...I meant when they ARE off duty

  • shannon04 more thing I still havent got used to seeing these homeless people here in the summertime wearing jackets and stuff!! Whewww I be bugging out because its so D*$( Hot

  • teecee

    shaq's a cry baby fool like kobe. they need each other. shaq still thinks hes a rapper like most pro athletes. he kept comparing him self to biggie and maybe its because they both are cockeyed, but his rap was wack and asking kobe to tell him how his ass tasted was just nasty n gay as hell.

  • teecee


  • cupcakes

    Shaq probably laughed in his face and told him to come secure his home!!! Like he actually went out on patrol!! LOL!! Too funny!

  • Bird

    The sherriff is taking himself and that fake position he gave Shaq a little too seriously. I'm sure Shaq hasn't lost a drop of sleep over losing a position where he didn't have to do anything.

  • brenden

    Yeah good for the sheriff! Now if only he were as stern with his REAL deputies as he is with his prisoners and Shaq there might be less corruption in those who are to protect and serve us. I'm just saying. I'm more offended by the prisoners being demeaned and forced to wear pink panties than I am by shaqs freestyle which indeed was wack.

  • LovelyLady

    All I Can Say Is...........


  • GAGIRL73

    What about the dirty cops/dect in the department there.
    I guess its okay to be grimy as long as you dont be public about it!

  • ggouch

    #1 wasn't he an honorary officer...I mean correct me Phoenix crew, was he given the power to arrest and detain folks? Real Question.

    #2: I thought/read his divorce was a result of HER CHEATING...So, was HER CHEATING as a result of the Kobe comment?.......BTW:I am happy to hear they are working it out.

    #3: The How does my AZZ Taste, being repeated over and over and over again on TMZ last night...made me want to throw up my Moo-Shu Chicken

  • pinky2083

    ggouch, i don't think he actually had the power to detain folks. he volunteered with the Tempe police dept too but what's funny is i've never heard any stories of him walking around tryin to lay the law down. i think it was just for looks.

  • SnootyPooty1

    I thought his rap was funny!!!! Yeah people will do whatever it takes for their 15 minutes of fame

  • pinky2083

    shannon04, yeah it's crazy that they walk around in jackets but i'd prob want something covering my arms if i had to be out in the blazin heat all day!! :)

  • ELove

    SHAQ is the Most talented Pro Athlete we've ever seen and HIS entertainment value is Matched-by-No-One... Shaq Loves his fans and His fans Love him right back ;-)

    Oh and Ice-T. says the sheriff can Go-Suck A D-I-C-K !!!

  • candycane

    Kobe didnt ruin his marriage HE did. All Kobe did was put him on blast, had he not been doing the ish, he would not have had anything to get blasted about.

  • milly

    ggouch Says:
    #2: I thought/read his divorce was a result of HER CHEATING…So, was HER CHEATING as a result of the Kobe comment?…….BTW:I am happy to hear they are working it out.

    I dont know about the cause of their breakup(Shaq and his wifey)... but kobe made a comment that he shouldve just paid of the colorado chick like Shaq pays off his women and he wouldnt be in the situation he is in now(this was back when Kobe was facing rape charges).

    Now I dont condone cheating, but that right their was a real b*tch move on Kobe's part... How the hell you gon bring up another man's business out to the public when he had nothing to do with you catching a charge or sleeping with the white girl?? Come on now fo real

  • bklynchick


    Shaq is a deputy?? Okay.......

  • ThatCarmen

    Im so glad I didnt get stuck with some wack cheating ball player. Why they always trying to wife their high school milk breaths or their number one groupie? (juanita got jordan's ass with her then groupie, now doctor ass) anyway, ... if you gonna be a your thing...dont get married ...and pay your child support on time. one day, your kids are gonna see this if they dont already get shi* from their classmates about it. Kobe doesnt have one street cred so, I dont think anyone ever sat him down and told him about the "shut your f-ing mouth rule" and Shaq needs to tend to his family and stop acting like he needs another man's tongue on his ass. Shaq reminder "Houston 06" uummmm you ruined your marriage, not Kobe. And your wife just played the same games you did so, you both need to kiss and make up or shut up.

  • aMochaBabe

    @CandyCane- Exactly. ITA.

    Apparently Shaq still isn't taking responsibility for the state of his marriage because he's still carrying this ish regarding Kobe around with him. As if his wife had no idea what was going on UNTIL Kobe mentioned it. Please, grow up! His marriage couldn't have been that important to him otherwise he wouldn't have been creepin' in the first place.

    As for having his 'Deputy Badge' revoked, I believe just as MissMiami mentioned that the sherriff was just waiting for an opportunity to disassociate himself from Shaq and well... even though its a BS reason,Shaq handed it right to him.

  • The Black Katie Couric

    Shaq still holds status as a volunteer police officer with Los Angeles and Miami.

    So that Phoenix sheriff can suck it!!!!!!!!

    Team Shaq!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!