Fan MAIL: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was that bad?

“Real Housewives of NY” was my show! I might even buy the entire season on DVD – it was that good! The ‘wives’ of NY were real. They weren’t afraid to show their human side and emotions. I could identify with them even though our lives were worlds apart.

Not so with “Real Housewives of Atlanta” which premiered on BRAVO network last night. I missed the premiere, but loyal reader Morgan Mathews says the show was “horrible”. I can only imagine what the first episode was like. Atlanta sisters are unlike any I’ve encountered anywhere else.

The sisters on ‘Real Atlanta’ were probably more concerned with showing their perfect homes, cars and weave, rather than showing their flaws. I’m sure I won’t identify with any of these “real” sisters.

    Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 05:42:04
    From: Morgan Matthews
    Subject: The Real “Embarrassment” of Atlanta

    Hi Sandra:

    I couldn’t WAIT for you to post about that horrible show last night. I can NOT believe the BRAVO couldn’t find any other beautiful, intelligent, classy women to represent Atlanta. WOW!!!!! I think the show would be a better fit for another network and I am sure there will be viewers…but I surely hope BRAVO doesn’t expect the same ratings they received from The Real Housewives of Orange County & The Real Housewives of New York.

    If I had to vote …….DeShawn Snow was DEFINITELY a beautiful person. Her internal humble spirit came through like a light!

    Have a great day & I can’t to see what you and other viewers have to say.


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  1. 1
    cjlessie says:

    I can believe it.

  2. 2
    pointhimout says:

    wow. i didn’t even know it was on last night.

  3. 3
    Mzsuave says:

    every since Flavor of Love………………………..

  4. 4
    chat bout says:

    every last one of those women need to go back to finishing school.

  5. 5 says:

    Are they in drag?????They looking kind a mucky.

  6. 6

    I watched it this morning because I taped it last night. If any of you remember, I said that Lisa Wu Hartwell is an old friend of mine. I say let’s wait and see. I may be a little partial, but I thought Lisa showed the most individuality on the show. She does not fully depend on her huband. She has a successful real estate business (that she runs herself and is the broker), a baby clothing line and a jewelry line. She used to be married to Keith Sweat and Lisa is probably the only one on there that doesn’t have a weave. Albeit, her marriages to these men may have funded her business opportunities, that’s cool. It’s better than being a trophy wife.

  7. 7
    Sharonda says:

    I think it was just a sneak preview not the premiere.It wasn’t that bad.Well, sort of when I think of it.But Lisa probably was one of the ones that stuck out to me because she wasn’t really depending on her man like that.The best Housewives was OC they have NYC beat, NYC housewives bored me for some reason.The rest can go…lol does it matter if she wearing a weave though, seriously.But the woman with the bad wig job, Lord she can go —->

  8. 8
    Sharonda says:

    And they seem to be more over-materialistic than OC and NYC though.I mean’s nice to have nice things, but uhhhh OC women were on the grind.They sort of remind me of like Super Sweet 16 for some reason.

  9. 9
    Kymystry says:

    oh … I won’t be watching it … Project Runway is my ONLY Bravo addiction …
    The “reality” of these pampered rich wives isn’t my daily reality .. I’m single with ONE child .. and live paycheck to paycheck and we don’t struggle THANK YOU JESUS .. so I can’t relate … make a show about that reality ….

  10. 10
    trina@atl says:

    I am about sick of all of these reality shows. Most of them are not even reality, they are scripted, because they do have writers for these shows.

  11. 11
    Lucy says:

    What gets me is they are not from Atlanta. Housewifes of Georgia but not Atlanta.

  12. 12
    missnee says:

    The new season doesn’t start until Sept 16th.

  13. 13
    prynsexxx says:

    Sandra said:

    The sisters on ‘Real Atlanta’ were probably more concerned with showing their perfect homes, cars and weave, rather than showing their flaws.

    You mean the fact that their husbands were probably “tootin” up that ass to some random dude and coming home to them after a “midnight tranny cap”.

  14. 14
    Ray says:

    Dang…its ****ing entertainment. I’ve actually like all of the housewives show and all of the reality shows on Bravo for that matter…even Flipping Out with his crazy ass. But I think the atlanta folks are keeping it real. I mean, you can be affluent…educated…and a little ghetto what the hell is wrong with that. If that’s who you are…you don’t have to be all stuck up and ****. Those newyork housewives were stuck up fa sho. I thought the show was cool. I will defeinitely watch…can’t wait!

  15. 15
    Sharonda says:

    Kymystry Says:

    oh … I won’t be watching it … Project Runway is my ONLY Bravo addiction …
    The “reality” of these pampered rich wives isn’t my daily reality .. I’m single with ONE child .. and live paycheck to paycheck and we don’t struggle THANK YOU JESUS .. so I can’t relate … make a show about that reality ….

    I stan Project Runway, Shear Genius is cool too!

  16. 16
    blkdiamonn says:

    why is the show called..”real housewives” when some of them are married??

  17. 17
    blkdiamonn says:

    ^^^^^i mean “aren’t” married??

  18. 18
    Teachturn says:

    The chick Ne-Ne seems so hood rich to me. She appears to be very ghetto and of course the white chick would be her friend.

  19. 19
    missdisrection says:

    This is my take; just my personal opinion on the differences between the ATL Housewives and the NY/OC housewives.

    Basically, most black people are not use to wealth so when we attain it, it’s all about flauging, putting on airs and facades so to speak which is what I feel came more across in the preview than a sense of “realness.”

    With the NY and OC housewives, they are use to wealth. They are accustomed to it. Not having wealth to them, I’m sure, they would not be able to comprehend. My point being, since they are accustomed to wealth, there is no need to put on facades and therefore we are really able to delve into their personal lives with their families ect. Thus, I think the ATL housewives lacks that connection of “realness” because they are too busy flauging.

    I got the feeling they didn’t really want the world to see their real issues where as in the NY/OC versions we see it all. We see divorce. We see one transition from wealth to average income. We see a young son who doesn’t want to grow up but wants’ to live off mommy for the rest of his life. We see a woman pressuring her boyfriend to take their relationship to the next level. Most importantly, these women are making their own money whether through a custom upholstery business, real estate, or being a personal chef. These women are doing the damn thing.

    I’m just going to keep it real. I don’t care how much money you have, you still have drama because that’s life. All in all, the ATL version lacked true “reality” for me and that’s what came across in the preview. However, I am still going to watch the premiere episode to give it a fair shot.

  20. 20
    E-dub says:

    The Real Housewives of OC and NYC did their bragging and flaunting and nobody said anything. They had fake boobs, we have fake hair. It just is what it is and THAT IS, entertaining. That was the next best thing Bravo could’ve put on TV since Being Bobby Brown. That’s what the show is about. Flaunting wealth – dirty stanking rich housewives who dont HAVE to work if they dont want to! Like it or not Black women have that lifestyle also! I can not WAIT til they start the season. I will be front and center… and LMAO at that pole class/party with the REAL strippers on the pole. HOOD RICH! I aint mad. Do you, Boo Boo!

  21. 21
    dblaq says:

    Ummm, the reality is that all these housewives, were regular chicks like you see in Velvet room, Studio 72. Where they frequent in hopes to catch a meal ticket. All their money and wealth is their husbands. Not one of these chicks worked for where they are now. All of their so called doing their thing business are financed through their Ball player husbands. It wasn’t like that they use their own money to start their business, wrote a business plan to go the bank to get a small business loan and grind it out. The only grinding they probably did on their husband private parts

  22. 22
    mj says:

    Dang, I missed it.. But it will be on again Sunday at 9am central time… I didn’t think it looked like it would be any good..

  23. 23
    Lucy says:


    Thank you for putting in workds what I could not. You can talk about the OC and NY women to no end first of all they be white and all (correct me if I’m wrong) held jobs. Vickie from OC worked so much her hubsand became the family dog.

    I’m pissed because this does not represent Atlanta, and I’m tired of people thinking nothing good comes from the south. That is all.

  24. 24
    ATLCutie says:

    The show wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t great. It seems like most of these women are “new money”, and don’t know what to do to it. At least Lisa is making her own money. I think people will watch the show, but not for good reasons. Mostly for the drama and ghetto fablousity. Proves you can take the girls out of the hood, but you can’t the hood out of the girl (or trailer park). At least that’s what the show is depicting, and I’ll be watching every week to see.

  25. 25
    mj says:

    Oh my lordy. Its on TV right now 11am-cst BRAVO. It’s not right. This NeNe is just wrong! She talks way to much and she is so loud & rude!

  26. 26
    mj says:

    Ok, Housewife Sheree needs to not be trying the live off of her soon to be Ex husbands money. At least not on national television. I mean what did she do to earn that money? Looks like she had more to do with spending it. Im sure we will she her in bankrupcty court… She said she is successful.. By what definition??? Her husband is the successful one… 38! I could have sworn she was 49ish before she said 38…

  27. 27
    mj says:

    Ok, I’ve watched it all the way through.. It should be an ok show.. But please tell me these 2 sista girls are not going to be fighting on TV.. So ghetto! Lets not go there.

  28. 28
    nia says:



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