Photos of the Day, 7/31

Ludacris attended the HEPA luncheon in Beverly Hills yesterday. Luda didn’t seem affected by all the hooplah surrounding Sen. Barack Obama denouncing his lyrics. Luda called himself writing a song in support of the presidential hopeful. But all he got for his troubles was condemnation from Obama’s camp for calling one of the most recognizable white women in America, a bitch.

Monica celebrated the premiere of her new reality show The Single: Monica which airs August 5th on Peachtree TV. Yung Joc and Trey were just two of the stars in the house to support Mo. More pics latah!

I hear that College Hill Atlanta’s Shavon and Dorion made a special announcement at Mo’s party last night! I wonder what it was? :)

Fashion icon Rihanna made the scene in NYC last night with friends and admirers (note the man in the back).

Photos: Splash News, Freddy O, Splash News Online and Wireimage/Getty


Harper Family Lose ‘Extreme makeover’ Mansion to Foreclosure

The Georgia foreclosure crisis has claimed a mansion built by ABC’s popular “Extreme Makeover” show for the Harper family of Clayton, GA. I watched this show back in 2005 and it saddens me to see that the home was lost to foreclosure due to the family’s mismanagement of donated funds.

According to online reports, the Harper family used the two-story home as collateral for a $450,000 loan, for a construction business that failed. Atlanta-based Beazer Homes, its employees and company partners donated an additional $250,000 to the Harper family, including scholarships for the couple’s three children.

The money is now gone and the home will be auctioned off on the Clayton County Courthouse steps on August 5.

The 4-bedroom mansion was the most ambitious project in the series history. It took 1,800 volunteers six days to construct the mansion after tearing down the Harper family’s dilapidated house.

Costing $450,000 in materials and labor, the front door to the home opened into a magnificent foyer featuring 4 fireplaces, a solarium, a music room and a plush new office. (Source)

Now the Harper family members are right back where they started. ABC released a statement saying they advise each family to consult a financial planner after they move into their new home. “Ultimately, financial matters are personal, and we work to respect the privacy of the families,” the network said.


It ain’t over til’ the fat man sings…. RAWSE!

What can I say, it’s a slow news day…

More Photoshop fun after the break!

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Video: Angela Simmons – Center of Attention

Yet another music video typifying the industry standard LSITNB credo. Well, at least chocolate brothers are still in vogue (where’s that Trina video?).

Anyway, cute video. Very clever commercial for Angela and Vanessa Simmons’ popular Pastry kicks shoe line. Nicely done. As for the jingle itself: the kids will love it.


LL Cool J “Exit 13″ album cover

I’m told this is the cover art for LL Cool J’s upcoming CD Exit 13. The album is due to drop on August 26. It took me all of 27 seconds to process the fact that there’s a gigantic microphone rammed into the asphalt.

But where’s LL Cool J? Is it a good marketing idea to release an LL Cool J album without a steamy pic of LL’s ripped abs?

The fast single off Exit 13 is “Baby” featuring Dream. Click here to watch the music vid.



New Music – Cassie ft. Lil’ Wayne – Official Girl

No doubt about it: pseudo-singer Cassie owes her career to the Stunt Meister, Sean Combs. All that publicity stunt hype has paved the way for the release of Cassie’s new single featuring Lil’ Wayne entitled “Official Girl”.

I’m pouring out a little liquor for the brain cells I lost while listening to this hot steaming garbage. I should have known better: the girl can’t sing a lick AND Lil’ Wayne is on it. Double strike!


Jacob the Jeweler Sues Wyclef Jean for $300,000

Jacob the Jeweler, real name Jacob Arabo, will report to a federal prison in January to begin serving his 30-month sentence for money laundering and other federal offenses. But until then, Jacob is calling in all favors and moneys owed by his celebrities friends.

Jacob doesn’t have much time, so he’s suing customers who fail to ante up the cash they owe for jewels they bought but never paid for. One such customer is rapper/producer Wyclef Jean whom Jacob says owes him approximately $300,000 in unpaid jewelry purchases.

In a lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court Tuesday (7/29), Jacob and Company Incorporated claims between March 2002 and January 2006, the 35-year-old musician purchased $765,100 worth of assorted ornaments, including several watches, but only paid half of the price. Jean apparently still owes the company $319,680 despite “repeated demands for payment.”

At least we know Wyclef’s bling is the real deal.


Photo: Wireimage/Getty


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