So I was browsing my favorite blogs yesterday when I happened upon this post by Necole Bitchie. It seems one of Necole's sources threw her a bone claiming Keri Hilson was pushing up on Terrence J when she sat in for the vacationing (or suspended) Rocsi on BET's 106 & Park.

Was Terrence's publicist Necole's source? Lol, I kid, I kid... well, not really.

Not for one second do I believe Keri Hilson would be interested in Terrence "corny is my middle name" J. For one thing, Keri is a different stature and status than Terrence, meaning he's not in her league. And the other thing is those pesky rumors about TJ's extra-curricular activities just won't go away.

Well I have sources of my own who tell me that this whole thing is a publicity stunt (as I told you earlier). In fact, I received an email from someone within Rocsi's camp (or was it TJ's camp?) who gave me the real skinny. I posted a bit of the info in my Photo of the Day post yesterday.

Here's the rest of the email:

Hi Sandra... I just wanted to let you know that Rocsi is on a planned vacation for this week. Next week Terrance will be on vacation. They are still cool... it is a ratings thing. We were ALL in Miami kicking it @ the Fifth in Miami for her BFF/ assistant Chantel's Bday party late last Friday night & Zo' Summer Groove Weekend. Terrance & Rocsi were at the game together... search for some pictures. Take Care.

So there you have it. If this "beef" is not a publicity stunt, then Terrence won't go on vacation next week and he will announce his engagement to Keri live on the show. :)

  • cupcakes

    OK...First who cares?

    Terrance looks like he about to bust a big one, just by Kerri rubbing her stuff on his head! Good gracious!! LOL!!

    I heard Rosci walked off the show on Friday...stunt? Maybe, but WHO CARES!!!

  • prynsexxx

    I watched the video of her walking off the set.......and believe you me, that was a clear indication of "When Sleeping With Your Co-Worker Goes Wrong".

    You should never, ever, ever cross that line.

    Word of advice: Don't walk off your job over some d!ck! Keep the job, so you can have the means to go buy one.....if all else fails. j/k LOL

  • milly

    LOL @ prynsexx

    Its truely a sad day when networks will almost do anything for a rating...but I still aint watching, thats simply because 106 SUCKS!

  • Bird

    I don't think Terence is out of Keri's league. She's not that big. She's not big at all actually.

  • cupcakes

    @prynsexx...LMAO!! You ain't never lied!!


    Is this supposed to make me wanna watch? Put Donnie Simpson & Cheryl back on & maybe I will

  • pyt_504

    Well I saw the lil eposide on you tube... and it didnt look like a stunt to me....

    She was pissed when he commented "WHATEVER ROCSI.. WHY YOU DONT HAVE A BODY LIKE CIARA?" She was pissed and just looked at him and then she said "WHY YOU DONT HAVE A BODY LIKE NELLY?" Then it went to video clearly she was pissed.... and then came back on and he made fun of her unablity to read the prompter.. and she walked off before the 1st video came on and had an audience member to introduce it. THANK GOD FOR YOU TUBE CAUSE I DONT WATCH THE SHOW! Just wanted to see what ya'll was talking bout

  • j-lo843

    @ prynsexxx

    I just watched the video too...I wanted to see what the hype was all about and that was no publicity stunt...Rocsi was straight up pissed and so was Terrence...They can try to cover it up but in my eyes its not working...Hell they need new hosts anyway cause both were LAME as HELL!!!


    No one can be out of Keri's league because she doesnt even have one yet. She is a C-Lister right along with P-Diddy.

  • j-lo843


    Oh yeah...that's is what us grown folks call the good ole days...LOL...."Video Soul"


    The s*it sounds childish just like the show..

  • iyonah


  • HunE916

    Sandra Says:

    "...Not for one second do I believe Keri Hilson would be interested in Terrence “corny is my middle name” J. For one thing, Keri is a different stature and status than Terrence, meaning he’s not in her league...."

    Oh, for real? Not to doubt Terrence's corny-ness. But you do not know squat about that woman to say that she is so above ANYONE'S league! Like, who is SHE!? A Future nobody, I'm sure!


    the show is boring, i don't watch(except for bits and pieces of the keri hilson episode which was all planned and framed...C'MON people...get smart!!!). and terrance and rocsi are boring BUT it is giving the show maja publicity. so rather a stunt or not it is working. one source says this, another says who the hell knows!

    but i agree with sandra on this: aint NO way that keri is diggin' terrance "corn ball" j. she DOES have status bcz she has been in the biz for years as a writer, the thing is she is just now coming into the limelight as a singer(her bday party last winter was the bomb and filled with some of the hottest artists in attendance...cuz they KNOW her), so trust she's known and paid to the peeps that make money in the industy...i'll stan for keri on that one. but terrence...ahhhhhh, he's like the total dweeb who got beat up in HS and then stumbled upon this biz by pure luck of the gods and maybe a lil spanky spanky of some big wig exec's wilted monkey. u diddy did to AH to get where he is today. same thing... ;)(eehheeeee...)

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I truly don't think it was a publicity stunt...and I KNOW Terrance isn't messing with my gyrl Keri, in his dreams.

  • prynsexxx

    LOL @#7 pyt

    YouTube was the only way I looked at it as well.


    Don't forget about "Midnight Love". Does that still come on anymore? Oh I forgot, they replaced it with BET UNcut........does that still come on anymore? LOL


    @ Prynsexxx

    No they replaced that with Hell Date & The Boot

  • D.Ortiz

    I just watched the video on youtube and I say its real. She really looked pissed throughout the show, at no time did anyone laugh everytime Terrence dissed her. She walked off the stage looking like she was about to cry. It was unprofessional on Terrence J's part to bring whatever drama he had with her that day on live pretaped tv.

    When AJ and Free used to throw dissess at one another you knew it was for entertainment, but I could tell by body language and tone of voice that Terrence and Roci had some personal problems, in which he decided to act like a 13 year old child and constantly diss and interupt her during the taping.

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  • teecee

    kerri doesnt want that midget. the only one would want him are 14 yr old girls who hes actually taller than. lol

  • ggouch

    prynsexxx Says:

    I watched the video of her walking off the set…….and believe you me, that was a clear indication of “When Sleeping With Your Co-Worker Goes Wrong____________________________________________________
    BAM!!! There it is...I saw that and Prynsexxx, I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!....That's EXACTLY what it is. I am an occassional watcher (actually I am a the remote is too far out of reach watcher) of 106. So a few years back, I felt that they had somthing going on. I thought that due to their age they just lacked maturity to hide it while on air. You would have thought BET would put something in writing after Free and AJ. "No Sex with your Co-HOST"