He wasn't supposed to appear until today (Thursday) but Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama just couldn't wait to revel in his historic accomplishment of becoming the first biracial man to lead a major party.

But let's talk about this for a moment. After Obama walked out on stage to thunderous applause, he approached his VP Joe Biden whose wife Jill was by his side. Out of the blue, Obama planted a wet kiss full on Jill Biden's lips! Is it appropriate for a man to kiss another man's wife full on the lips with all these diseases running amok out there?

After all, she doesn't know where his lips have been. Does Obama need 10-year-old Malia to tell him what greeting is appropriate for the wife of his running mate?

Even the anchor woman paused in the middle of her sentence like WTF? :?

  • cbann88

    Well now we know why he picked that unknown man to be his VP ;) and michelle didnt miss a beat shes clearly too wrapped up in celebrity she has to be on some type of medication or denial, remember that chris brown rhianna thing and that blank look rhianna had, it reminds me of that.

    Will barack succeed and become president, sure why not, do i think hes qualified, not really hilary was better IN MY OPINION. But america really seems to like him so i really wish for the best for America and if hes the best than i hope he wins =D Because gas prices are too high and i do not want to go fight IRAN =/

  • truthbetold


  • cbann88

    I was kidding about the why he was picked for VP comment, i really do wish he wouldve picked hilary because that wouldve been a slam DUNK for him not a DOUBT in my mind........

    Also im sure his 10 year old daughter told him and michelle both how they shouldve reacted and how it was inappropriate blah blah and she probably dresses michelle to and will most likely be pregnant by 15, yeah i said it..............

    Love you Sandra =]

  • Tasha

    I disagree that he kissed her on the lips. I watched it live. I think it caught her on her cheek near the lips but you could also see them both rushing, him to get to Sen. Biden and her rushing off stage; before she realized she took the microphone w/ her and had to come back.

    Plus, we need a clearer picture b/c its not fair to assume an intentional kiss on the lips w/o CLEAR evidence. I think it was just a mistake. Why would he jeopardize his entire campaign and marriage to kiss this chick on the lips in front of his wife, the VP nominee, & a national audience?

  • Tasha

    @ cbann88 (comment #3)

    Its so disrespectful and so negative to say that little girl will be pregnant by 15. But then again, I'm sure people said the same about Michelle O. I wish I could be present to watch that baby prove you wrong just as Michelle Obama has to so many people. Thats the problem these days...our youth have so many people not uplifting them, but rather belittling them. I don't know if it is out of hatred, jealously, or sincere ignorance but I hope you're around to see her prove you wrong w/ a smile on her face!

  • Tasha

    Ok Sandra...I looked @ the video again. It looks like just below her bottom lip on the right side of her face. But it looks like it caught Barack off guard too. Give the man some credit... Da-Da (Next Friday) said it best, "Playas f*** up, too!" lol

  • lexdiamonz

    chile you know ms.YT seen that big black buck and was like let me get some sugar.......

    sike just kidding we "rosebuds" are so crazy....

  • Kymystry

    Well .. I watched it ... he didn't plant a "wet one" on her .. he went to kiss her and she was turning her head in the direction and it LOOKED like he kissed her on the lips.

    It's obvious everyone on this blog isn't black or democrat
    but please keep the ignorant azz comments in your head. But to hate on a CHILD .. well thats PAST ignorant.

  • MissR2008

    You can tell from where you froze the pic that the kiss wasn't on the lips. I don't get why you even post this crap...

  • babysoft15


    I'm so surprised at the amount of negative publicity you put out about Obama. I'd think you'd be a little more supportive or neutral! I truly don't understand how you as an adult can see fit to repeatedly attack a child. It's in very bad taste Sandra, I know you're entitled to your feelings and opinions, but please before you bash this little girl remember she is a minor. Her father is in the spotlight she ISN'T. Maybe you'd have to be a mother to understand just how inappropriate your comments are about their children. Hopefully your opinion is the minority.

  • Kymystry

    GOOD MORN SR FAM !!! :-D

  • LovelyLady

    Good Morn Kym

    I watched last noght and Auntie U Knwo he didn't kiss her on the lips lol.....n e hoo....I really enjoyed Bill Clintons speech....npw hopefully us Democrats can fully reunite as a party and KICK THE REPUBLICANS AZZ.

    Just like Bill said last night do they (The Republicans)really think we want to thank them for the last 8 years of our country going down the sh*t drain by giving them four more years ha..."Thanks but NO THANKS"

    @ cbann88 Says:

    That was so unecessary

  • Chyna3032

    I saw it live too, and it was a friendly kiss on the cheek; she did move her face and maybe she was going to say something and that was the reason for the "near" miss. However, it was clear in viewing that he was not aiming to kiss her on the lips. Why "speak this ignorance" Sandra????

  • Kymystry

    Morn LovelyLady ... Auntie on One this AM ain't she. .. i mean . SHEESH ! ! !





  • JustSaying

    The kiss does not appear on the lips. He appeared to be aiming for mid cheek but she moved and he ended up hit the lower front part of the cheek.

  • LovelyLady

    lol @ Kym

  • Kymystry

    Morn Blackbarbie !!!



  • black beauty

    Who are all these new B$TCHES commenting?

  • h0tsauce

    SANDRA PLEASE!!!!!....I watched it live and with there being so much excitement and joy ALONG with the fact that Obama was trying to get through and acknowledge Biden's WHOLE family..I mean the man (Biden) had 20 people it seems on the stage. It was not meant to be...and WHY O WHY would you begin to start something that really needs no attention!!! I'M SURE YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT!!

  • kay kay

    Biden's wife could have got Obama (you now turn the head as he about to kiss her on the cheek) it is not always the men getting frisky

  • sdsthomas

    Good morning Guys! I just love Joe Biden! He did a great job yesterday. During the democratic race, he was actually the one I wanted to win the Presidential Democratic Nominee but America wasn't feeling him the way I was. He and Obama are going to make an excellent team. Joe is so "N YOUR FACE" that it makes me moist. He really is going to give McCain H. E. Double L. As for the kiss, it took them both by surprise. If anything Barack was aiming for the cheek and Jill tried to sneak her one in (just joking). I wish a successful race for them. I am too crunk for both of them.....(do they still say crunk?)

  • dcwife1622

    I rarely ever comment but I've been on SR for at least 3yrs. now and this cbann88 has made one of the most ignorant comments I've ever read.

    Go Obama!

  • LovelyLady

    @ black beauty Says:

    Who are all these new B$TCHES commenting?


    HA HA I was thinking da same thing...all dis cursing and sh*t we aint neva had all dis b4

  • Kymystry

    Wow Auntie.. you say you are Proud and Glad to be in a Country that allows free speech ... then you turn the comments off on a different thread .

    Priceless. . . . .

    You Sure you don't really work for CNN ? ? ?

  • LovelyLady

    Kymystry Says:

    Wow Auntie.. you say you are Proud and Glad to be in a Country that allows free speech … then you turn the comments off on a different thread .

    Priceless. . . . .

    You Sure you don’t really work for CNN ? ? ?


    I know right

  • licia

    how did he get frisky? i missed that .

    i couldn't agree more with the last comment kym made.

  • Sharonda

    Another way to start ish early in this morning.

    And why would Hilary be a good choice?Oh yeah because the policies belong to her husband that's why...lucky for "experience"

  • Kymystry

    Auntie .. I wasn't referring to YOUR attacking on Sen. Obama's Child .. I was talking about cbann08 ignant azz statment about her preg @ 15

  • Sharonda

    And regarding to the closed post.It looks like a hit and miss.It would been better if they were rubbing cheeks????

  • JustMe1

    @cbann88 - umm, Joe Biden is hardly an unknown... do your research. Damn people wake up, the Clintons aren't the only people in the Democratic Party.

  • JustMe1

    cbann88 - you are ignorant. Never met you, & I never want to. Only an ignorant fool would talk negatively about a child in that manner. You don't even know that baby. Hillary is not running, Obama is. So get with it or get lost. Ya'll are gonna keep up this ignorant bull, and we are going to end up with McCain, and then you will really be sorry. Peace!

    Sandra, I know its about free speech, but YOU HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER!!!! Some of the things you are say are mean, but funny. But most of your posts are filled with alot of hate. YOu block people from your blog if they say something "disrespectful to you on your own blog" but you won't block people for attacking a child... Go figure...

    I may be blocked now too, but @ least I said my peace.

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  • The Divine Ms. K

    Gets frisky? Oh my God - Sandra, come on!

    Cbann88 - I don't even know what to say to you. Why make such a broad and ignorant statement about a child you don't know and will never meet?

    I'm all for free speech - attack Obama, his policies, his records, etc...but to attack a child is just cowardly and ignorant - especially when you can hide behind a screen name and a blog posting.

  • bloggergirlz

    @ cbann88: i highly doubt either of their daughters will be pregnant while still a teenager...i'm not saying it can't happen, but they have a very strong foundation, value education n family life, have morals, values, etc...

    they will b running circles around ur dumb a$$ n trying 2 educate ignoerant people like "you"....didn't u notice how pretty, smart and articulate they r? u probably have a warped view on black households, but let me tell ur dumb a$$ something, there r very strong 2 parent and single "BLACK" households in america...i'm 33, don't have kids, came from a very f'ed up background and doing quite nicely 4 myself...i'm don't need anyone to feel sorry 4 me or applaud me accomplishments though...i would hate 4 ur trick a$$ 2 believe everything u read on a blog, see on music videos, or hear from the negative racist a$$ media...i damn sure hope u don't have any kids...n in case u missed the memo, "we" don't play that $hit on here...tricks r 4 kids...

    on the flipside, there was a lot of excitement and a surprise guest on that stage...obama did not try to kiss that damn woman...i noticed u have the comments turned off in another post, but i'm sure w/ u being in the medical field, u know hand shakes can pose a risk as well...u need 2 dig a little deeper n ur quest w/ trying to bash our guy though...

  • ladilovely

    Wow was there a FULL MOON last night are something. People are snapping left and right. LMBAO!!!

  • brwnsugga4you

    cbann88 Says:

    I was kidding about the why he was picked for VP comment, i really do wish he wouldve picked hilary because that wouldve been a slam DUNK for him not a DOUBT in my mind……..

    Also im sure his 10 year old daughter told him and michelle both how they shouldve reacted and how it was inappropriate blah blah and she probably dresses michelle to and will most likely be pregnant by 15, yeah i said it…………..

    Love you Sandra =]

    i think you crossed the line when you start attacking children. that statement has absolutely nothing to do with the post at hand. unlike others i won't personally attack you but, hopefully you won't ever do this again.

  • ELove

    Personally I wouldn't have my Young children all out in the public eye, I definitely wouldn't be doing these YT entertainment cover mags and I also wouldn't have my young children up late night on stage...

    But I'm speaking as a responsible parent and if you put yourself out there like that WE all know that some people are going to Do-n-Say stupid things!!!

    Just My Opinion ;-)

  • Tasha

    @ ELove

    Normally I would agree about the kids in the spotlight, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and its something that can motivate them for the rest of their lives. Regardless of race, imagine being on stage while thousands of people tell your father that they believe in him enough to essentially trust him with their lives! I felt it important enough to let my daughter stay up late (one night) to see Michelle O. speak because she is a positive influence. Children these days need that.

    I'd be with you totally if they were just Hollywood celebrities, but this is history and this is a lesson learned in person.

  • mrsdawn

    OK DID U MISS THE ENTIRE HISTORY MAKING EVENT LAST NIGHT...JUST TO COMMENT ABOUT A FREAKIN KISS! I mean last night was a night in history that many of our parents never thought they would live to see, and all Sandra can post is a kiss...I mean people let's get it together!

  • katgirl33

    My and my Boo had a debate about this earlier today....I had to look at it twice....

    It looks like he kissed her on the mouth, but if you look really carefully, she turned her head, to kiss him at the DNC.....he kissed her on the side of her face...very close to the lips.

    Question for the fam: Do you guys think that they practice stuff like that; the kisses on the cheek, handshakes, waving to the crowd?

    I was just wondering....I know they are reading from scripts and stuff like that there.....

  • katgirl33


    If/When Obama wins, them babies are gonna spend the next 8 years in the spotlight.....it's a presidential tradition.

    Anybody remember when the press used to follow Chelsea everywhere? They shut it down on the Bush twins, b/c they was drinking it up when their daddy first when in....LOL LOL

  • katgirl33

    Dang CBann?!?!!

    You gotta be easy when you make your comments.....LOL

    We gon C you Banned in a min.....

    Be Easy sweetie! LOL


  • katgirl33

    Hey SR fam...I think know what's up with CBann.....

    She/He is a young buck...it would explain why he/she doesn't know who Joe Biden is.....

    Yesterday on Bird's post, she/he didn't know who Jon B. or Silk was.....

    "I believe the children are our future...teach them well and let them lead the way, show them all the beauty they possess insiiiiiiiide!"


  • candycane

    It looked like a missed kiss like everyone said. I couldnt help but wonder how that old lady really felt or feels about her son running with Barack. She's really old, and I wonder if she grew up liking black people?

  • speakinmymind

    Just to clarify something for Sandra and if i get banned, so be it. Bill Clinton and JFK also appeared early at their conventions. The historic nature of this particular convention made it even more appropriate for him to make an appearance prior to his acceptance tonight.

    Do you ever stop hatin'?!?

  • ELove

    @Tasha and @Katgirl33
    I respect YOUR opinions but I refuse to let go of my principles-n-beliefs about child-rearing regardless of historic significance or society's posture on whatever ethics... And my children are Off-Limits to the public's whim on having access to them outside of my parental guidelines and OUR family dynamics.

    There's always Tivo or the various internet news outlets as far as looking-n-listening to the speech... And as far as Michelle is concerned SHE is not more than a positive influence on my child than ME. There is nothing SHE can tell my child that she doesn't already know because I've already instilled that knowledge in my child. My daughter is a wonderful person and an excellent student & role model to kids as well as her peers.

    AGAIN I respect your opinions BUT there is NOTHING on this earth that will stop ME from being a responsible parent... And that includes Barack Obama's run for president ;-)

  • cbann88


    Sometimes you have to read through a message and understand that i wasn't being 100% serious and threw out a lot of dialogue and sarcasm not for starting a diatribe but statring a honest discussion but the personal attacks are out of line. John McCain had a point in his ads comparing Obama to Britney spears etc..... A lot of what he is known for(WHETHER YOU WANT TO ADMIT IT OR NOT) is the color of his skin and his ethnicity and that is the truth.

    I would address each comment that came to me but most were personal attacks and so i will ignore them.

    I wish the best for Obama because he has a lot of support behind him from this nation and clearly the nation is ready for change, MY ONLY CONCERN IS when and if he does make it to office, how will america change and i think thats something to consider.

    In speaking with my father obama has his unconditional vote and do you know why, because hes BLACK and he has made it this far, obama could say he was a NAZI and my dad would be the first to vote for him and unfortunately its wrong to decide on who you are going to vote for based on the color of their skin as i tried to explain to him(didnt get far).

    And i dont see why i would be banned because i spoke my opinion and my truth and you all have to respect that it is my opinion..

  • cbann88

    OH and about the child lets be real here because you know what this is the problem in our community is that we have kids who think they are grown and make grown ass decisions at a young age, and WHERE Are there parents? What do their parents think, whatever there kids tell them. MY MOM wouldve smacked me if i wouldve told her how to run her life and do her job and what she needed to do. And i also have to wonder how much his daughter interacts and sees her father on a day to day basis and EVERYONE knows what a lack of a father figure can do to a young women later in her life........ I also have to wonder what values are instilled in her. You cannot be serious and think that her parents are attentive to their children 100%, you cant honestly believe that.

    You may perceive it as out of line and in a sense it was because she is just a 10 year old child but i you think long and hard about it, i wonder what jamie lynn spears was like at her age i wonder what lets say brandy was like at her age and what was the big difference between the two, parenting!!!!!!!