According to a very reliable source, the reason behind LisaRaye's shocking public meltdown last week was not because her husband, Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick, was tapping a much younger chick than herself. It turns out the real reason was LisaRaye found out Misick had hired a private investigator to tail her while she partied it up on the arms of a much younger man here in the states.

Apparently, the private investigator collected all the evidence the Premier needed to prove LisaRaye was an adulterer. For LisaRaye this meant two things: she will lose her coveted "First Lady" title (to Rocsi, no less) and her days of raiding the Island coffers to finance her extravagant lifestyle were over.

In a panic, LisaRaye flew back home to Turks & Caicos Islands last weekend in hopes of doing some damage control (as any jump off who's "grown accustomed to the lifestyle - the gifts, the cars," would do). But once there she learned Misick had already put his plans into action to separate her from his paper by barring her from their home.

Don't forget that all of this started two weeks ago when LisaRaye's own publicist (a true gangsta B if ever there was one) sent a scandalous email to select media outlets (and blogs) hoping to publicly humiliate Misick by detailing his adulterous relationship with BET 106 & Park's co-host Rocsi.

But Misick had a trump card of his own. You had to figure the Premier had some devastating evidence on the First Lady for her to return to the Island and go buck wild on him. There's only two reasons a jump off would lose her self-respect in such a public manner: money and dick -- and she already had the latter here in America.

Last week, the Premier wasted no time issuing a press release announcing his plans to divorce his buxom wife (isn't it just like a man to be smug and self-righteous when HE was the one caught cheating first?).

News footage brought to you by WVIV (thanks to loyal reader Jolly).

  • mizzdallas

    This is starting to become a Ghetto Soap-Opera. If only there were camera's for this hot azz mess!!!

  • browni007

    Damn...Is this a case of who's the smarter cheater. If its just speculation - its just speculation, but if there EVIDENCE - that's a whole different ball game. Lisa put your gloves on.... seems like you were caught slipping.

  • Bird

    LisaRaye's publicist says she was not even in the house when the altercation occurred. As a matter of fact the whole scenario she described was differant than what we were told. Who are these "reliable sources" anyway?

  • Bird

    That woman in the video sounds like a fool. Michael Misick is a corrupt official currently under investigation by the British government AND the FBI. He is an accused rapist and open adulterer. And they got the nerve to be trying to smear LisaRaye? Pulease.


    Does anyone really care abut this mess?


    That is what her ass gets for messing with a very promiscuus west idian man! She shouldn't be surprised

  • missdisrection

    Why are you referring to Lisa Raye as a jump off?

  • LovelyLady

    This is some Ghetto ish right here if I ever seen any.,,,,them people ova there aint playing with Lisa got they island looking all bad and ish....they goin beat her azz if she come back

    She should have known in that tyoe of power you shouldn't dish out any info {ecspecially this extreme} to the media UNTIL AFTER THE DIVORCE, then write a damn book....lls......we know all yall business now so no needs for that

    But she aint going down with out a fight,,,,sh*t i wouldn't be giving up my title until I'm sure I'm getting HALF and for him to have evidnece he better have caught them kissing or betta yet F*cking....cause if it's just a peck on the lips I'll damn sure say "oh that's my gay cosuin that's how we do"

    Sit's back and eats popcorn

  • brownewoman

    These women should leave them to solve their domestic dispute by themselves. Typical example of women defending men with questionable behaviours and pasts. If these women look in the mirror they will see that this 'honourable'man wouldn't date or marry one of them. Why does he have to marry someone outside of the island? Aren't there women there on Turks & C for him to choose from. They should be rapping him on the knuckels for this reprehensible behaviour. And kick his A$$ out of office.

  • Ms. Me


    What goes around, comes around.
    It looks like they are both getting it.


    All I have to say is this is juicy, but I don't like gossip so you haven't heard it from me. LMAO!!

  • mjoylaw

    speaking as a divorced person and a divorce lawyer--this post is very savvy. The family court is indeed totally biased when it comes to character and perception and spin. IF LisaRaye was caught cheating and Misick has proof, that could indeed trump all his prior bull-ish in court and affect LR's property distribution...IF he's willing to play his cards and he has an open purse to pay a scorched earth lawyer..SMDH..but she shoulda stayed pure as the driven snow UNTIL the damn divorce was over! Didn't her own lawyers explain that?! Still SMDH..

  • ReadTheBlog

    So they were BOTH cheating? I'm not an advocate, but they should have been more descreet in their goings on, since they obviously couldn't resist.

  • SlimA

    I'm sure Lisa has a good explanation for all these rumors. :)

  • katgirl33

    I wonder who she was creepin with?

  • estyle4039

    Those Turks women ain't playing! They still pissed off at the fact that he married an American woman as opposed to a woman from their country. Lisa better get a clue and stay her a$$ away from that place before she goes M-I-A!.

  • AKAtastrophy1908

    How the Hell is LisaRaye a "jumoff" when she is actually the wife? You are losing credibility quick Sandra.

    @ katgirl: If she know like I know, she better jump on the D Wade train bcause she is too old for Russell Simmons, or Diddy and them young boys are still salivating off her Player's Club performance. If she can't get up with a young baller- GO WHITE! They loving us right now! Michela Missick is a loser anyway and Wacsi is jumping her dumbazz on that Titanic right before it sinks. I hope the little slut bucket forgot her life jacket.....why is she still at BET?

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  • karaz

    Lmao@ the official statement of the political party. I don't think it has anything with her not being from the Turks and Caicos, and everything with her not making an attempt to do anything in her official role unless she was compensated.

    Next time when a man is dating Omarosa, she should know his ass ain't worth stealing, but this just goes to show that how you get your man is surely how you lose him.