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Sen. Barack Obama was forced to eat his own words tonight after taking a phone call from President Bush and agreeing to a White House meeting.

In a call that lasted about 6 minutes, Bush summoned Obama to Washington to meet with both houses of Congress to get the $700 billion rescue plan passed.

It was the same request made earlier today by Republican presidential candidate McCain in a phone call to Obama.

But Obama initially refused McCain's request to postpone his campaign and meet with Congress. Obama decided instead to focus on the first presidential debate on Friday. McCain had earlier said he would skip the debate and return to Washington.

In an embarrassing display of hubris, Obama mocked McCain's decision to suspend his campaign by saying a President should be able to do more than one thing at a time.

But Obama's words may have backfired. On the liberal blog The Huffington Post, the reaction was mixed, with one reader saying any candidate who expects to be President in 40 days should put the needs of the country first.

Another reader wrote, "I hate to tell ya'll this but in the end Mcain will look golden and O will like a self-centered moron."

Some members of the liberal media are calling McCain's chess move "brilliant," because it caught Obama completely off guard.

  • Charles

    How about GWB gave john mccain the scoop so he knew how to act to lure obama in this move

  • Charles

    It doesnt matter because they could pass the bill with or without john mccain or barack obama present, this is silliness at its finest, regardless we all know who is going to be the president in 2009................

  • Chocolate.sheek

    They were summoned for Thursday, the debate is scheduled for Friday!

  • Anna

    Ain't this about a bitch. Sure hope this is not true and Sandra is just working over time to stir up stuff.

  • kamini

    I just checked CNN Sandra and I don't that it?

  • starr

    I won't be commenting on anything political on here anymore. i'mma stick to my beyaki, and ti. and tiny post. Sandra really isn't any different than faux news when it comes to this. I'm convince she's gonna be danciing and if and when john wins this election.

  • djeclazz

    Sometimes I wonder is this or!!! If you're going to tackle issue. You need to post Bush & all the republicans F Up Financial Crisis!!! Instead of bashing Obama everyday!!!!

  • starr

    ^^^^^^Thank you!!!!!!

  • starr

    I had to come back here cuz i just read that.....Obama was willing to go to washington....but the debate is still gonna be on.

    I don't know why they should suspend the debates anyways. One of these men is gonna inherit this situation....its only right we hear what they have to say.

  • Sandra Rose

    kamini Says:

    I just checked CNN Sandra and I don’t that it?


    Check again sweetie.

  • alove


    What does one have to do with the other? He is not suspending his campaign as John MCCain tried to strong arm him into doing. Most American's believe that we should be able to multi-task especially as president. The debate is on Friday and he is going to the White House on Thursday. You may want to recheck Huffington Post.


    Mccain used the info to help his campaign. They just did a poll with over 50% of the people saying that the debate should not be canceled. Mccain knows that he is not ready to take an L over a debate. Yeah most bloggers are putting up every little negative thing they can find on Obama but you don't see the same treatment to the republicans..
    Now we have to use our money to bail out banks that wouldn't give a loan to me... and that some shit

  • teecee

    if the president summons you to Washington arent u suppose to go ? it doesnt mean u dont debate, it mean u go vote on the bail out to give the CEOs of these companies servence packages that go into the 10's of millions of dollars. they can still debate on friday. i swear this blog is republican, next thing i know armstrong williams will be guest blogging, and saying how he hated the fact he got an affirmative action college degree. .

  • dblaq

    A debate takes how long? They can work all this B.S. out that they created it in the first place. All this is because the rich want to get richer at our expense. Why did it happen because they allowed people to get loans for shyt that they couldn't afford. Some these loans seeemed good for the first year than it consistently goes up every year making those that can't afford it work harder and breaking their neck to pay for that. That is robbery and rape! This is what happens when republicans are in office they only look out for their own kinds on the regular citizens expense. Simple and plain.

    McCain halting the debate is bullshyt. Obama should continue it let him take the stage by himself. The new president is just as important. As far as Bush and McCain the economy is strong so lets get to debating.

    Oh by the way Republicans don't even like gays, just as they don't like minorities and immigrants

  • Doc James

    this is chess not checkers!!!!

  • karaz

    Sandra, I sure hope you're not a citizen and don't have the right to vote in this country.

    McCain said, just last week, that our economy was strong; now he wants to fly in and "fix a problem," one he didn't believe existed less than 10 years ago. And since he suspended his campaign, what has he done? Gone on TV, made phone calls, everything except go back to Washington like he said he would.

    Now, big surprise, he wants to reschedule the debates for October 2, the same day allotted for the Vice Presidential debate! Why don't they want anyone to ask Sarah Palin questions? Are they afraid that the strings will start showing in the GOP puppet show? Are they afraid that this chick won't have nothing to say? Next thing you know they'll ask to postpone election day because of some other BS. Bottom line this is posturing at its finest; they saw they were slipping in the polls as Americans now really face losing everything and see that McCain thinks they're all whining.

    If anyone doesn't see this move by the McSame/Failing campaign for what it is, then they have mush for brains. I'm glad Letterman got in that azz last night! Like he said, you don't need to suspend a campaign, maybe down the road he would suspend a presidency!

    Obama's problem is that he still isn't playing the same game as these azzholes, he needs to get his trump cards lined up and play them just like that geriatric momofuku does.


    I agree with Senator Obama, why get scared at the first crisis situation and start shutting everything down? when you become President of this country you will be confronted with more than one crisis at a time.. he showing he's ready for the job, and will how he will be prepared to face all obstacles the this country will face.. Sandra I notice you post a lot of negativity about Sen. Obama. Oh I forgot anything positive, your just not with.. you like to stir controversy even when you don't have a clue what your talking about..

  • mizzdallas

    Gm! SR family!

    **"I'm not even gonna comment on sandra post, I just want all of this to be over*****

  • kalvonel

    Last I checked, a person doesn't/shouldn't get "kudos" for trying to fix a problem he or she aided in creating. The economy's been bad since 2003 folks. Most people may not realize it because they were still able to shop, but now that we're all struggling - Republicans included - NOW Bush wants to act like this is all sudden and new. Why should the American people who WORK for they're money bail out those who are obviously selfishly irresponsible with the money they get/have already. Hell, in that case EVERYBODY should get some type of bail out. just my opinion.


    ^^^^^Karaz say it!

  • black beauty

    Dumbass Bush called for Mccain and Obama to come to Wash today and Obama says tat he will go ahead with the debate. Mccain is trying to buy more time for Palin dumbass he ain't fooling me after she met with the united nations and made a fool of herself he realized that she is not ready to debate Biden

  • Lala11_7

    You will excuse me Sandra, but I have to take offense to what's written regarding Obama...

    Obama did not say that he was NOT supporting the b.s. bailout...he said that he is NOT suspending his campaign and he will be going to the debate as schedule...

    So, I'm trying to understand where the "hubris" comes into this matter...A Presidential candidate stopping his campaign to deal with a matter is like Franklin Roosevelt suspending his "Fireside chats" to the country when the war started...DIDN'T HAPPEN...

    One thing has nothing to do with the other...Obama still has a job to do and the most important part of that job is putting himself in a situation where the American public can hear his views regarding the national and international stage...and then he can get on his private jet and go back to D.C. and handle his business...

    I mean...COME ON...

  • flyqtnva

    They shouldnt bail out these bamas anyone with a small business knows if you mismanage your company and it fails you go down. No one bails you out. The same should go for these large companies. I called my senator and told of my concerns.

    Why is it everytime a Republican is president the economy goes bad?

    And I believe Sandra really is proud of Obama she just doesnt want to get to excited.

  • Imalover

    Obama Backpeddles? Sandra Plu-eez! McCain has been running scared and clearly seeking an escape from facing Obama in a debate that's going to be heavily themed with the current state of the economy. IMO, the only reason Bush invited Obama was to make McCain's cowardly decision to cancel the debate seem more legitimate. I hope and pray Congress reaches some sort of agreement today, so McCain will be forced to debate Obama on Friday anyway.

  • Kymystry

    karaz ..Succinctly said everything I could have wanted to say.

    Good Mor-Ting Family !

  • prynsexxx

    ********BREAKING NEWS****************

    THERE ARE EXACTLY 3 MONTHS LEFT UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Has everybody done their shopping. Yall know this comes around the same time EVERY year. I don't celebrate Christmas, however, I will GLADLY accept your, food (stamps), money, and gas cards.

  • Kymystry

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @ prynsexx ...

    all my son wants is the X-box 360 and the new I-pod ...

    so .. i'm good ... I don't ever get anything .. so I wont be looking forward to anything ... lol

  • Coop


    The majority of people on Huffington are saying that McCain is running scared here are some of the headlines

    Deal Near To Resolve Bailout Plan...House Financial Services Chair: "All Of A Sudden, Now That We're On The Verge Of Making A Deal, John McCain Drops Himself In To Make A Deal"... A White House "Photo Op" To Help McCain... McCain Wants To Postpone VP Debate Too...

    What Are You Going To Do If You're Elected And Things Get Tough? Suspend Being President?"

  • LovelyLady

    McCain is scared that's why he's post ponning the debate. But they said that the debate will continue. What, you can't do 2 things at once. McCSames numbers are taking a nose dive and Sarah Lying can't pull him out. Why can't you have a debate and meet Washington, This is a politics move not a move to better our economy., And wasn't McSame the one who said we weren't in a recession.

    Sandra I'm starting to thik you are Republic, which it's nothing wrong with that, but damn...give Obama a chance anything you oost is negative Auntie.

    Sarah Lying don't like gays.

  • missdisrection

    He's not back peddling. He said he will go to Washington but he still plans to do the debate on Friday.


    @ LovelyLady... Sarah Lying don't like gays... LOL. pricless.



  • civic0929

    Sandra is BLUFFING. She really is an OBAMA supporter but needs to sound controversial so that we can get all wild up and start a senseless discussion. I'm on to you Sandra!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Just dropping in to give Karaz a standing ovation!

    You can't go from having a fundamentally strong economy a week ago to now being on the brink of a depression if McCain does not immediately stop his campaign to fix the economy. Come the hell on!

    McCain's move was not brilliant - he speaks of working on issues together, but instead of responding to Barack's invitation to issue a joing statement, he goes on TV and grandstands. And after cancelling his appearance on David Letterman, under the guise of "rushing back to Washington" he still sticks around to speak with Katie Couric and attend Bill Clinton's summit talk or whatever.

    Sandra, I don't know what it is about Obama you hate so much, but if you think McCain and the Republicans are going to lead us to victory, you are sadly and tragically mistaken.

  • carmelita79

    karaz Says:

    Sandra, I sure hope you’re not a citizen and don’t have the right to vote in this country


    all the smart people can see through the bull. mccain does not want to debate obama. he never has. if mccain can go the whole way not debating he would. i wonder why i dont see the cnn story of obama calling him first and mccain calling back obama said they should meet and issue a statenment and then all of a sudden mccain is on tv. completely blindsided him. obama's ONLY mistake was trusting that devil in the first place.

    i am very happy i can post and i love the gossip on this site but the polital aspect is turning me off. if i wanted all this negative one sided crap i would stay on maybe i will come back after nov 4th but i doubt it because this is a real turn off.

  • Bird

    Barack back peddles enough without you putting a fake one on him. He was always open to a meeting, but wasn't down for that suspension thing. He has not changed on that. Since I have seen a McCain ad on NBC this morning, he's the one back peddling in this case.

  • terika83

    Sandra...the Obama hater....let me make this clear. Obama did NOT eat his words...and he prob. STILL will show up on Friday. Do you fall within the naive people of this country who let Bush tell them anything and screw this country up? Because it sounds like it? Would you rather your president tell you they are handling an issue and not hear from them or would you rather your president come out and be personable with you and address issues you have ALL WHILE handling that issue and letting you know what's going on with it? There is a BIG difference in taking orders from a competitor and taking order from the current president of the U.S.A...don't get it twisted...

    How is he self-centered...because he KNOWS McCain is trying to buy time for Palin? He's no fool...and he's RIGHT...a president needs to know how to multi-task to run a country! He never said he wasn't going to address the issue at hand. I can't stand for someone to be naive...

  • terika83

    Black non-millionaire republicans boggle i would REALLY like to sit down with one, one day and see what their logic and reasoning is for being one...seriously. Sandra are you available???

  • Krysi J

    How the hell did it catch Obama off guard, when McCain opposed the whole damn idea of using the bailout plan to save the economy....He later had to eat his words and take back what he said about "tax payers paying this and that" so the FuKK what if Obama wanted to concentrate on winning the debate, he figured since he's not PRESIDENT yet, the DAMN PRESIDENT HIMSELF should be able to handle his OWN DAMN SHYT! What the hell are they needed there for anyway??!! It might be a set up, for all we know, the republicans are probably going try and make a fool out of Obama and his campaign!! Dirty Bastards..!! ALL OF EM'...Laura too...she one too!!

  • cjlessie

    I'm sorry but McLame isn't looking good at all. Obama is going to come out of this smelling like roses. McLame is simply playing a manipulative gave of political chess. Since when is he so concerned about the economy "Mr Deregulate" himself. Plus, the last time that he voted in the Senate was this past spring.

  • nathandetroit20

    WOW..he's coming to Washington at the Presidents request...he has not suspended his campaign...and have not dropped out of the debate.....I want a President who can walk and chew gum at the same time....what briliant move......McCain never left to go to DC last night.....and breaking news.....BOTH PARTIES JUST AGREED ON A RESOLUTION TO SUBMIT TO THE TREASURY I guess he wasn't needed in DC in the first place....this foolish move didn't work...if you saw the response of the Senators who were working on the bail out agreement...they said it was no need for McCain to come to DC..that they were close to making finalizing the bill....Sandra I know you like to spice things up by making specific get folk talking....etc...but at what continue to come-off ingorant and uninformed.....the Political process it much too's not about being a Democrat or a's about being informed and telling the ENTIRE TRUTH !!


  • miamore73

    McCain is a sneaky underhanded old buzzard.


  • miamore73

    41nathandetroit20 IS COMPLETELY RIGHT!!

    I caught a clip from the David Letterman show last night. Evidently McCain was scheduled to appear on the show and canceled at the last minute to "fly back to DC". Well not long after he was seen doing an interview with Katy Couric.

    Sneaky Liar.

  • toy

    Sandra, I disagree with you on this view point. I have been reading alot of different commentaries and people agree that this is the right move for Obama.
    Watch and see, you will eat those words.

  • karaz

    Sandra, do you post on AJC articles?