This video is a very sad sign of the times that we are living in. The children's young mother, who is holding the camera, was probably raised on Hip Hop videos which taught her to have very little respect for herself or others.

She has passed those negative values down to her precious children. When I was a kid, the Rev. Jesse Jackson helmed a program called Save the Children, which taught black children to have pride in ourselves and our heritage.

Today, rappers have replaced our leaders and our teachers. And this is the message that they bring.

  • shannon04

    I have to admit I have heard worse from children their age and younger. This is ridiculous though.

  • msmika31

    This is so sad...and I pray that's not those babies mama holding the camera.

  • trina@atl

    Please locate these kids and take them away from their so called parents. This is a sad day and time for black people, Martin and Malcom must be rolling over in their graves, because this is not what they fought and die for. I want to slap whoever was taping this and thought it was cute.

  • bloggergirlz

    did she just point to her a$$...WTF???

    can someone remind their dumb a$$ mom there are child molesters lurking out here?

  • h0tsauce

    I Wouldn't blame RAP for this...I blame the MOMMA!!!

  • Sharonda

    I blame the parents.This sounds like a teenage girl taping this because only people that young worry about being fresh.

  • missnee

    It's not rap music Sandra and both you and I know that. Why does everyone blame everything else but the parents? When kids are effin' up everything is to blame but the trife parents.

    My mother raised me on rap music and I have never acted anything like this. The headline should be "This is what happens when parents don't raise their kids right".

  • AlwaysSweet

    I was raised on hip hop and never did I ever talk like this as a child. I don't even talk like that as an adult today because I knew what the bidness was with my peeps. I have down south old fashioned parents who would give me the business quick if I even looked like I wanted to curse and act all "hood rattish" like I had no home-training.

    I blame these children's parents, not a hip hop culture.

  • LovelyLady




  • Candi Apple

    This is crazy Child Welfare needs to get a wind of this and give a visit to their parents. I have no other words for this ignorant sh*t.

  • DMNB

    Wow!, really sad.

  • Kymystry

    So I guess Hip Hop is at fault for the Gas Prices so high ... the war in Iraq .. the Crash on Wall Street .. and for my more seasoned sisters .. I guess Hip Hop Shot J.R. too ? ? ?

    PLUEEEESEEEEEEEE .. these so called Parents are to blame for this blasphemy !! Call DYFS ... immediately...

  • Abhor_

    YEAAAA LETS BLAME HIP HOP BECAUSE I'M POSITIVE THAT THE EXPLETIVES EXPRESSED IN THIS VIDEO ORIGINATED FROM THE HIP HOP CULTURE..::rolls eyes:: NO, lets please put the blame on whoever the women was the put these children up to saying these negative comments...

  • candycane

    I blame the dumb azz momma for allowing her child to talk like that and the ignorant folks on Myspace that love to start Myspace wars. What the hell are these kids even doing with a Myspace page. Ugggggggggggggggggggggh

  • browni007

    They know good and dayum well they need 100 bars a soap and a 100 cans of whoop dat azz... and the person behind the camera needs hours and hours of how to raise your child right, to be bust in the head with that camera and 3000 cans of whoop dat azz opened on her.. Maybe if she had some sex education prevention classes she wouldnt be a child raising children... okay that was bad to assume she was young - the person does sound very, very immature and had to be immature to tape and encourage that junk.

  • DivineBrown

    and for my more seasoned sisters .. I guess Hip Hop Shot J.R. too ? ? ?


  • burgesslove

    Their mother shouldn't get mad when they are called to the school for cursing out their teacher,and getting into fights.

  • Abhor_

    Oh, and the fact that they can't speak proper English bothered me more than the curse words..geez, the "I is" and "She be" just wrong on soo many levels..Sandra, don't be quick to put Jesse on a pedestal, hes most definitely a racist, hypocritical HOT MESS!

  • cinnamonkisses97

    This is so sad , poor parenting !!!!!

  • dblaq

    Man please,it is Hip Hop, when I was growing up Hip Hop meant something totally different that what it is today. It's killing me that people complain about shit but then don't want to take responsibility. Thats why we so f**ked up now. We hate something but yet we support it. We talk about negativity but yet we contribute to it. So whats the use of talking?

    Obviously hip hop influenced the momma and she passes the torch. Let me just say this anybody that has some kind of public exposure on the media has influence on somebody because somebody will endorse it.

    Hip Hop regressed us black people as it is right now. Nothing positive is being done. Tell me one song today that speaks about certain issue and enlightens people?? It doesn't even have to be on a righteous note but at least have me saying "Damn, they right". Sorry, Jay Z said 2 way pager, next thing everybody has one; Jay - Z rocking button ups, next thing everybody is, Jim Jones rocking the rock star clothes, everybody doing. Jay Z says Belevedere, everybody drinking, Pharell skateboard, everybody skateboards, Pacman got in trouble for "making it rain". And you say Hip Hop doesn't influence. Give me a break. Understand this people's mentality in todays society is very weak and easy to influence. You don't have anybody that is willing to speak out like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. they maybe some retards but it takes a lot of balls for someone to go against the media and system. I don't know of any leaders today that really make an impact. Everybody is just wishy washy and sketchy.

  • Anna

    @ Kymystry Says:

    So I guess Hip Hop is at fault for the Gas Prices so high … the war in Iraq .. the Crash on Wall Street .. and for my more seasoned sisters .. I guess Hip Hop Shot J.R. too ? ? ?
    I can't view the video but I am fessing up to being a seasoned sister. John Travolta is suppose to play J. R. in the new Dallas movie. I can't picture it. I can only see him as his Hairspray character.(Bid lady in a dress).

  • topsecret02

    Someone needs to report her to social services, if she's doing this I can only imagine what else she encourages them to do. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them ended up pregnant soon, and she probably thinks that's cute too. Please pray for them, nothing was funny about this video and more and more I see signs that the world is fast coming to an end.

  • Abhor_

    Dblaq, i have to disagree with you, i can name plenty of Hip Hop artists that speak about the current events and the issues that are going on in the community..( i.e, Common, Nas, Little Brother, Erykah Badu...i could go on) just because YOU fail to name any doesnt mean they arent there. This just proves your lack of knowledge about Hip Hop. Noones disagreeing that Hip Hop has an influence but to state that Hip Hop is the reason for these young children cussing really holds no validity. Like i mentioned in my previous post, the words that were used in that video didn't originate from Hip Hop and isnt just used in Hip Hop...cuss words were used LONG before Hip Hop was formed and will continue to be used AFTER.. People need to stop using Hip Hop as a scapegoat for all of the issues going on, its nonsense..

  • Kymystry

    Abhor ... add Lupe Fiasco to the list ...

    and I totally agree ... how many remember hounding your puerto rican (thats cause i grew up in jersey) friends to learn how to cuss in spanish .. so you could cuss and your momma wouldn't know ? ? ?

  • Mimiluv2

    Yo now this is NOT cute!!! Do they help these girls with there homework!!?? Yeah my family let me cuss when U was little!! But WOW

  • Abhor_

    ^Exactly, i remember my best friend was Mexican and she taught me how to say a list of cuss words in Spanish..I guess when people get older they tend to forget and bandwagon on the ALL HIP HOP IS BAD..As a true Hip Hop head i know its not the truth...

  • kwallace577

    "i do gotta momma"

    that right there says ENOUGH. their momma "do need" to teach them how to speak properly or when they get ready to learn double negatives and the diff. between an adjective and a verb they "do gonna have a problem."

    cussing irked me too. anybody who cusses like that under the age of say, 19 irks, the hell outta me.

  • SouthernLegalDiva

    WHERE IS DFCS WHEN YOU NEED THEM? These kids need to be located and removed from their parent's care. This is aweful! It ain't hip hop it is the parents (or lack thereof) that are to blame for this. When did it become funny to have children cuss and be provocative? When did it become acceptable to post videos like this on the internet? This is just sad.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    "I got cash in my hand"

  • kwallace577

    i am only 31 and i was raised up on hip-hop/rap. i like to say me and hip-hop are only a few years apart! so that is not the reason. i never talked like this.

    and my older sister (11 years older than me) who was born when my mom was 15 and my pops was 18 never talked like this either. so being young is not the reason.

    ignorance. that is the reason.

  • pointhimout

    no surprise. you are a product of your environment. i wont even pass judgment. if this is what they grow up around; what can you expect?


  • Sharonda

    It isn't hip-hop fault that parents can't turn off the damn tv or the radio when they need to pick up a book.As seasons change, things change and things don't stay the same.So hip-hip change, it is what it is, but if you can't understand that what you see on TV is from a box then I don't know what to say.Things like this came way before hip-hop.It so easy to blame somebody for something rather to point the finger at the real problem.

    Influence can only take you so far.Nobody's holding a gun to nobody's head saying they have to listen to this or see that.The off button on tv is that powerful.

  • Sharonda

    *sorry for the lack of negative words


  • katgirl33

    Today, rappers have replaced our leaders and our teachers. And this is the message that they bring.

    You hit the nail on the head with this one Sandra! And what's more sad it that the rappers (most of them) are in denial about the influence they have on our youth...these kids who are out here shooting and killing up each other ARE LISTENING TO THEIR MUSIC!

    They all need to get together and make a "Self Destruction - 2008 version"

  • prynsexxx

    I have not watched the video, but I can only imagine. We have to realize that these are children and the parents may also be children as well. I myself am afraid of what our future holds. The children really ARE our future, we do need to teach them well and let them lead the way.....but how? That previous stated line came from a known crackhead.

    #17 said: Their mother shouldn’t get mad when they are called to the school for cursing out their teacher,and getting into fights.

    I believe that the mother would be at the school...........cussing AND fighting the teacher herself.

    Y'all blame hip-hop. I blame the FATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • katgirl33

    ITA that the parents hold some responsiblilty as son LOVED 2PAC and Bone Thugs and Harmony (E. 1999 eternal) when he was 4 years old! He would recite the day I caught his azz...LOL

    I told him that he cannot say the things that they say....#1 - THIS IS FOR ADULTS, you shouldn't even be listening to it, so most definitely you can't say what they say! #2 - If you listen to what they are saying, you will know that people who do what they do end up in jail or dead. Do you want to die? Do you want to go to jail? Know and believe that how they are putting it in the songs is not real! If you do what they talk about in the songs you will die or go to jail!

    So he asked about cartoons, and wrestling (he was a HUGE Undertaker fan, LOL), asking if they were real, and if he could do the what they do...I told him that it's pretty much the can't do what they do, it's not real, and if you did do what they do, you will hurt or kill somebody...and you will go to jail!

    People need to talk to their kids.....this is what the "Parental Advisory" sticker was made for.....

  • prynsexxx


    All I gotta say is:

    'Funky fresh dressed to impress, ready to party!" LOL

  • flyqtnva

    All I can say is Oh my Lord, Jesus

  • purepisces

    Don't blame hip-hop, blame these parents who don't want to properly raise their kids. Stop parking them in front of the tv, giving them the remote and going off about your business. Stop buying them unedited CDs and letting them listen to radio stations that play non kid-friendly music. Be more cognizant of what your kids listen to, do with their friends and being into your house. If you choose to allow them to consume more mature content, it should be done with adult supervision only. Most of all, these parents should be teaching their kids to be better than themselves. Just because you're ghetto and ignorant doesn't mean your kids have to be. What ever happened to wanting BETTER for your kids??

  • mj

    someone needs to send child protective services out there. This is crazy!

  • jamil2008

    As I watched this, my heart dropped. I couldn't even blink. And as much as I hate to say it--I sometimes find these "cursing kids" videos quite funny when they're of another race--the fact that these are two little black girls who will one day become women is bringing me to tears--literally. While I agree that the Hip Hop culture is a huge influence on our kids, the primary responsibility lies with the person behind the camera. I can say this because I too am influenced sometimes by the culture (fashion, nightlife, etc) but my true values--the ones that have been instilled in me because of constant nurturing, prayer, education and love from my parents--supersede any messages that any HipHop verse or music video deliver. So with that said let's all lift up our prayers to this young mother and her girls asking that she receives God's presence in her life(he's never left any of us)so He can take over from here on out.

  • DivineBrown



    ~money in ya pocket, dyin' to move ya body....

    Yo' Daddy 'em some more!

  • prynsexxx


    'to get inside you pay the whole ten dollas, got chased wit a razor blade taped to ya' colla'

    G'yeah! LOL

  • Seattle Slim

    I posted this earlier this morning over at the blog and was pissed as hell as I wrote up the commentary.

    I don't blame JUST hip hop but it is a factor. I blame the family, I blame the culture of ignorance Americans are in love with and who suffers the most? Minorities. Buffy and brad and kristen can act a fool and be given passes but our kids cannot. We should be better than them anyway.

    I hate to say it but I have lost hope for these girls unless someone steps in.

    A fucking disgrace is what it is. There truly is a "market 4 niggaz".

  • PAHairston

    The blame is basically two-fold- the parents and hip-hop, along with the crack epidemic in the 80s, Reaganism and the low self-esteem for our entire race.

    My 21 year old son, my only child, is a senior at Stanford. He's not an athlete but a scholar. (Not too many scholars are icons in the 'hood.) I raised him alone in DC, once dubbed the murder capital of the world. This city, God forbid, is full of ignorant and jealous people. (My Momma, God rest her soul, once told me that the two worse things one can be in life are ignorant and jealous and the two eat us up alive!) It was hard but without a husband, I put God first and my son second. When you chose to have children out of wedlock, this should be the order. According to the scripture, we have gotten out of the order of things. (An end will soon come to the system of things.)

    What we need is for poor, black, single young women to stop having 3,4,5 babies by as many men. Our children deserve better, period. That's all I'm saying. Peace.

  • PAHairston

    My bad, that's Reaganomics.

  • tigris

    This is very horrible there isn't anything else to say about it!

  • dblaq

    Abhor - Please believe that I have a very very deep rooted knowledge of hip hop. Honestly, artists like Common, Little brother DO NOT have the majority of listeners artists like Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Rocko, etc. They are the ones that get to be on MTV, perform on Summer Jam, etc. So with that being said is that these artists attract a very small audience.

    When Hip Hop was started Rakim was the hardest rapper out plus his street cred was crazy but what he spoke about knowledge. He was reaching the same people that Jeezy is reaching today but on a different level. I was one of those katz that did a lot of dumb ish in my younger days but I listened to katz like Rakim that encouraged me to go deeper and learn some ish. I have plenty of friends that did the same.

    Hip Hop today ain't saying nothing. You got songs like Whats up with that Cookie, that dumb ish Plies is saying, etc. and kids (adults too) are buying into it. What is up with all the ballin' crap? Since when is a brand new Honda Accord shameful? The value is what dropped and it is catching on. YOu can't say don't blame hip hop but it has a major part in it. Why do you think magazines like Vibe, XXL, Murder Dog, Ozone exist? These are for the fans that would do anything the artist tell them. And there is a huge difference between what was yesterday and today.

    Young kids nowadays don't even have respect for the elders, their momma liek they use to. Back in the day your neighbor could whoop your ass when you did wrong and then you go home and get another ass whooping.

    Don't sit here and say hip hop aint' ish to do with it. You might as well then say that media doesn't influence people period.

  • dblaq

    Oh on another note. Why was Rick Ross sooo concerned about his C.O. employment when it doesn't have anything to do how people perceive him? Obviously it was damaging the image that the people held him up to. Like they found out that their leaders is not what he is saying just like these other rappers.

  • cocoa49

    i'm calling CPS

  • BayArea

    This is what happens when BABIES have BABIES! I can guarantee these little girls parents are about 13-16 yrs older than them. When your young trying to be grown and thinking your ready to be someone’s parent at 13-16, 9 times out of 10 you will treat your child like your friend and raise them as such. This is some disgraceful shit and I blame the ENTIRE FAMILY as well as the MOTHER! If a youngster has a child in my family this right here would not fly, regardless!

  • ms.kimba412

    I don't blame Hip-Hop. I'm betting those little girls have older sisters/cousins that encourage this foolishness.

    I knew (& was encouraged to use) those same words by my oldest sister, and older cousin because they thought it was cute.
    My mother would've whipped all of our behinds if she'd known. Thank God they didn't have YouTube back then.

  • daninicole

    That is a damn shame! I am a teacher and I would hate to have those little girls in my class. They are lost and they have a lost adult leading them. I don't at all blame rap music movies or anything else for that behavior. That ain't nobody's fault but the damn parents. Besides if rap was to blame, then where are they hearing it from? They are just a few years old and need assitance for almost everything that they do, including cursing, creating myspace pages, and uploading embarrassing videos. Black people, we gotta do better!!

  • Tiffochris11

    Thats a shame!!! Ignorant ghetto azz mama


    PRAY for everyone and everything! These are the signs of the end of this corrupt world that we live in. We innocence is lost, there is nothing left.


    Sorry I meant "when" not "we".

  • SylentDreamz

    Naw, this has nothing to do with Hip-Hop. This the influence of their mother. She thinks its cute and funny because she acts the same exact way. This is crazy.

  • karaz

    This isn't hip-hop/rap or the music industry's fault. We all share in the blame of this travesty that was recorded and distributed for worldwide consumption.

    The blame first goes to the egg and sperm donor(s) that created these children. I personally doubt that these children come from a two parent household, and i also doubt that their mother came from a two parent household as well. Then the next level is the grandparents of these two, because they failed in raising their own children, hence the next generation being this disappointing. After that the extended family shares in this blame and then the community they were raised in.

    I remember when I was a child, I couldn't act up anywhere because I would be reprimanded, scolded and reported to my parents by anyone in my community who witnessed it; now people take offense when you report their snot nosed crumb snatchers or even try to reprimand them; now people are afraid or don't care enough to step in and provide correction for children who act out in public. And I don't know why parents aren't receiving it.

    Personally if I'm in a public setting and I have to reprimand somebody else's child, I'll do it. The other night I was at a library in Dekalb county, and some kids were running around, being loud, making lewd remarks and cussing up a storm. I sure had no problem going over there and telling the ring leader to either sit down and be quiet or leave the library. At first he snickered and continued talking, but when he saw I was there in his face and his friends were disappearing, he found a seat and STFU. Now I know some kids are wild and that could have turned out different, but i'll be damned if I can't use facilities that my tax dollars pay for in peace. After I took my seat again, a grown man came and said it's about time someone told those kids something. A grown man! Over 6 feet and at least twice my size was scared to say something to some children? I just looked at him.

    Everyone knows of that saying, it takes a village. Well it's true, we all need to stop the individualism and live once again like a true community, looking out for the best interest of each other and the children that will take over when we're gone. These girls in this video act the same way around other people, and I doubt that anyone has ever said anything to them, or slapped the taste out of their mouths (which is necessary)!

    It's easy to blame a music genre and absolve ourselves of our responsibility in today's youth, but that attitude yields no results and we'll continue to have these bad ass kids

  • ms.peaches

    This is ignorance at its finest!!! I swear im so sick of people blaming hip hop for everything that goes wrong in the community (our community)!! first of all if that is there mamma holding the camera she cant be that much older than the lil girls (seriously) she probably in her early 20's thinking these lil kids cursing is cute & funny when in all reality it is a reflecion on her the parent! we need to really wake up & start raising our children & stop depending on the streets & the so called school system to do it for us!! It really upsets me when I see stuff like this cause I know my mother didnt & still don't play & im a grown woman with 3 of my own & I wish one of them would come out of there mouth with anything that disrespectful!! & a Myspace page, yeah okay not while I still have breath in my body!! check out there earrings though!!! too much for me Im through, although I would like to catch there mother in an alley & beat the dog sh** outta her(lol) I got these same girls going on Maury in a few years screaming how they need or want a baby or trying to get Maury to find out who the father of there baby is!!! 3 words---- THEY NEED JESUS!!!!


    I don't have time to waste on the blame game. I am too busy during all that I can to help get Senator Obama elected as our next President.

    Sat on your behinds and don't vote and keep putting the very people of all colors that have no respect for you or your children on the television and sat back and claim it does not harm your children if you want, but 8 more years of the KKK, you will not even have a pot , let along a life! We deserve better and so do our children.

    I talked about what a disgrace John Mc Cain's VP is for letting her special need child be passed around like a sack of potato's during the Republican Convention, and how she is called the Pit Bull - Barracuda and was named the Hottest Governor , from the Coldest state, Alaska, but my beef is? Why was the adorable baby allowed to be on Television, for the entire world to see, without shoes and socks? Palin was wearing $600 glasses and Jimmy Choo's, her son don't count? And where did his little sister learns to spit in her hands and wipe his hair down?

    That being said, we need to wake up and get real Folks, Britney Spears showed her cootie to the world and broke every law in the books while on tape along with Lindsay and Paris. You got hard working Artists that are decent and good role model's for young people, yet they gave Amy Winehouse a award that her country wouldn't even allow her to get, and turn around and gave Britney every award they could for being a slut!


  • karaz

    ... alrighty then!