Actor Matt Damon goes in hard on the possible future president of the United States, Sarah Palin. Damon makes the argument that Sarah Palin isn’t ready to be president because she’s just a soccer mom who happens to be a governor and a former mayor.

How many women have those job titles on their resume? Does Palin deserve some kind of credit for pursuing her lofty dreams and actually accomplishing her goals?

What president who ever occupied the White house had prior experience running a country?

Then Damon makes the absurd statements that Sarah Palin doesn’t know dinosaurs existed and she bans books. These types of inflammatory statements are intended to create conflict and have a wider effect than just Damon expressing his thoughts.

Damon is most likely a practicing Atheist – and the one thing Atheists fear above all else is a strong female Bible thumper in a position of power to change the way people think.

Atheists want people to stay blissfully ignorant and to believe that the Bible is a fraud since dinosaurs aren’t mentioned.

Yes, the Bible is only 3,000 years old while dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago. Does that mean whoever wrote the Bible didn’t know the dinosaurs existed? Or does it mean that whoever wrote the Bible didn’t care about the dinosaurs and didn’t feel they were worth mentioning?

Maybe Sarah Palin doesn’t care about the dinosaurs either. And show me one instance where she tried to ban books.

Thanks to loyal reader and member, Coop for the vid!

  • Kymystry

    Huh ? ? ? Seriously … I know my head is congested but .. Seriously ? ? Who cares what Matt Damon’s politcial views are … I mean .. he’s no Tim Russert (God bless is Soul)..

    again .. Seriously ? ? ?

  • iscream

    She did ban or burn books. This is a touchy subject… politics & religion. I’m not a Christian so I won’t say anything…

    @ Sandra do you have the Palin SNL skit link? I missed it heard it was great!

  • bloggergirlz

    you typed all of this to say what?!

    also, you accuse him of being making inflammatory statements, however you did the very same thing w/him.

    on the flipside, i recall reading about how she banned certain books…

  • carmelita79

    THERE IS A LENGTHY email referring to a times article about the library in alaska where she sent out a list of books that should be banned.

    sarah palin is a woman who doesnt know what she is doing. she was not picked because she is the best person for the job. she was picked because she is a woman( and as a woman you should be offended because they apparently think we will just vote because she is one of us(?) and ignore the issues at hand) and she tested well with the christians in the midwest THATS IT. to say matt damon is probably an atheist because he feels the same way most people feel about this woman is wrong. no first term president has had experience running a country which is what McSame was saying about Barak until he realized how stupid he sounded.

    the closer the election gets the more i start to wonder about this site politically.

  • kwallace577

    sarah pailin…god bless her heart. as my dead granna would say “there is no cure for stupid.”

    how can she be in oil rich alaska and not know dinosaurs existed? can we all say together what we learned in grade school? FOSSIL FUEL. where in the fluck do she think we get oil from? that it just made itself?

  • LovelyLady

    IMO Matt Damon is one of the few guys in Hollywierd who are smart. He also has a Havard education.

    He’s expressing his opinion and I agree with most of it.

  • ReadTheBlog

    WTF…whoever wrote this thread sounds like they are on a mind altering medication…IT AIN’T RIGHT!

  • terika83

    Ummmmm, yeah….Sandra you are DEF. routing for the Republicans…*note*…don’t get caught up in the fact that she’s a woman…she’s NOT Hillary and it’s insulting for them to think that just throwing ANY woman in the white house will be good enough for us. At least Hillary had Bill in her corner…Sarah just has a bunch of men who 90% of the time agree with Bush (according to McCain) telling her what to say/do.

  • black beauty

    Actually she attempted to censor the libray books when she was Mayor and even tried to fire the Librarian but was unsucessful

  • iscream

    & say what you want if Obama doesn’t win this will be the last election I vote. America is falling apart…. fast. Big banks closing, ppl losing houses, gas is up, food is up….

  • Abhor_

    Palin isnt running for President, shes running for Vice President..I cannot stand Palin, How can you NOT know what the Bush Doctrine is but you’re sending your son off to war?

  • Coop


    You are totally twisting reason I sent this into you. Damon made VERY valid points all thru this clip. The GOP makes it sound as if because she is a hockey mom, former Mayor (of a incorporated town of 9,000) and Governor of a state who’s population is less then the city of Chicago she should be VP

    Come on out Sandra admit that your voting for McLame.

    Here is a video I’ve been trying to get you to put up.

  • terika83

    @Abhor_…true but I look at it like this….McCain is 72! He has battled with skin cancer and shows early signs of Alzheimer’s…to me…Palin IS running for president as well and she is by far NOT qualified…

    P.S. By no means at all am I wishing anything on McCain…but GOD forbid…

  • trulyposh

    as some of your other readers have pointed out, she did try to ban books from the Wasilla library when she was mayor. She asked the librarian to remove them…the librarian didn’t want to do so….Palin tried to have the chick fired. luckily, the town came to the librarian’s defense. but that sounds like censorship to me. since it’s obvious you haven’t read the letter, click the link and learn about Anne Kilkenny yourself:
    i’ve googeled her and seen her on a few news shows…chick is legit.

    and how do you get that matt is an atheist? although i’m a christian, i don’t believe that creationism should be taught in schools. i believe in a separation of church and state…does that make me a closet atheist?

  • trulyposh

    is my comment awaiting moderation because i posted the link to an e-mail written by anne kilkenny?
    i’m just trying to show you how and when she tried to ban books because you asked one of us to…

  • stefany


    Your hatred for men is just astounding!..You never have anything positive to say about Obama but defend this no talent, unqualified Republican puppet just because she’s a woman..This woman is no where near ready to be in the white house or run the country if something happens to Jarassic John McCain, she can’t even give a damn interview or speech without being coached..So while you’re talking this “strong woman” bull keep in mind she’s being used by the good ole boys, they have their hands in her back pulling her stings so in reality she ain’t running shyt she’s just a female figure head being used by a bunch of rich old white men to play up to a bunch of blind women who are on this liberation trip to get their votes..And the Republican don’t give a fuk about women’s rights or empowerment and never have that’s why I don’t understand how these so called strong women can be so eaisly decieved by this jedi mind trick.

  • Kymystry

    @ Coop .. I am SOoooooOooo glad you cleared this up …
    While we disagreed on the child support issue .. you have an intelligent point of view…

    I was wondering where this came from .. now it ALL makes since

    Auntie .. you’ve missed your calling.. you should have been a political spin doctor.

  • UrbanBeauty

    Please don’t stop voting if Obama doesn’t win. I know its discouraging, but all that does is increase the chances of THEM winning over and over again. Believe me, I’ll be just as disappointed if Obama doesnt’ win, but, “if at first we don’t succeed, try, try again”….and again, and again, until we get this sh*t right. Don’t give up. That’s exactly what they want us to do! We’re getting sooo close…

  • trulyposh

    if they steal another election from us or IF Obama doesn’t win…i’m moving to canada. this country will only continue to go down, down, down…

  • msmika31

    I think Matt spoke very well and he made major points that someone in the media needs to speak on about Ms. Palin. The whole situation was a strategic political move to get all of Hilary’s votes….but yeah, it also sounds like he has no hopes of Obama winning and is already planning for the McCain/Palin victory.

  • HunE916

    Sandra says:
    and the one thing Atheists fear above all else is a strong female Bible thumper in a position of power to change the way people think.

    Hell, I’m no Atheist, but this b!tch scares me too!

    And just because she was mayor and a governor does NOT make her qualified to run the country. Depending on how stupid your residents are ANYBODY can become mayor or governor:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: bodybuilder/actor
    Jesse Ventura: wrestler/actor
    Kevin Johnson (about to be elected the mayor of the capital of California): basketball player
    Sonny Bono (actor/mayor), Clint Eastwood (actor/mayor), etc.

  • starr

    yes, this woman has tried to censor books in library. Sandra herself said she has no interest in real journalism. This election is all too important for me to get into people who wanna remain ignant about it.

    I don’t if anyone has been reading the nytimes and washingtonpost…….but the more i learn about her, the scarier she seems to me.

  • Charles

    Palin did ban books she alluded to it in her interview on ABC if you watched that 2 part series sandra.

    And by the way who cares about matt damon, are him and ben affleck still dating?

  • Charles

    It was at her local library and she didnt ban as many as the media would have you believe but she did ban some

  • Coop



    Just kidding

    Sandra has a funny habit of only pointing bad things out about Obama and his supporters and those things are usually false.

  • starr

    HunE916 Says:

    Sandra says:
    and the one thing Atheists fear above all else is a strong female Bible thumper in a position of power to change the way people think.

    Hell, I’m no Atheist, but this b!tch scares me too!

    And just because she was mayor and a governor does NOT make her qualified to run the country. Depending on how stupid your residents are ANYBODY can become mayor or governor:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger: bodybuilder/actor
    Jesse Ventura: wrestler/actor
    Kevin Johnson (about to be elected the mayor of the capital of California): basketball player
    Sonny Bono (actor/mayor), Clint Eastwood (actor/mayor), etc


    Tell it…….

    anybody else notice that she doesn’t even blink……..da woman doesn’t think. The thought of her being vice president scares da ish out of me, and the thought of her being prez…..goood lawddd

  • dcwife1622

    Sandra I know you like to post the negative things, but how about telling your loyal readers about Matt Damon being down in Haiti with Wyclef assisting the people hit by 4 hurricanes………………

  • goat76

    She’s running for Vice President and didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was about……………..GTFOH

  • Abhor_

    @ terika83, you’re definitely right! Didn’t think about it that way. Palin is NOT a person that i would want to run this country. And the whole Republican party are liars and bullshitters for continuing to back her up when she continues to prove her inability to run..

  • katgirl33

    I don’t think it’s about what you talkin about Sandra….LOL

    I saw another quote he made, and essentially he was saying that she is not experienced enough to handle foreign situations…..

    I agree that she is not ready to be VP….McCain just put her on the ticket for the ladies….LOL

  • kwallace577

    for all the folks who said she is scary as hell i co-sign. i think this is an evil cruel joke made on the american people by the GOP and is being orchestrated by john-mccan’t-remember-how-many houses i own. he knows his azz is in the beginning states of alzheimer’s and knows he may very well not make it through four years if he is elected. and he knows by default if he croaks she is gonna be running shyt.

    kinda like a big azz “nah nanny boo-boo” on us. he cannot possibly care about the american people and our future by choosing this twit to be 2nd in command.

  • nyp

    while i rarely give credence to the political leanings of public figures who probably didn’t graduate from high school, matt damon’s concerns are valid. 1st off, according to creationists, the earth is only as old as the bible, which would make the earth approximately 3000 years old. if you believe that, then there’s no way you believe that dinosaurs once roamed this planet because carbon dating shows they were around 5000-10000 years ago. you don’t need to be an atheist to see the conflict. in addition, as mayor, mrs. palin did indeed try and have certain books banned due to her religious beliefs. as a librarian, i cannot support that action.

    what makes a potential candidate like palin scary is her total lack of experience in governance and her thoroughly archaic political views. this is not the direction this country needs to be heading. i’m all for freedom of religion, but please keep it out of politics.

    fyi: the bible has several authors and was written over an extended period of time, and has been edited. if so called christians would only take an introductory course on the history of the christ movement, they’d better understand what naysayers are talking about when refuting christian doctrine.

  • missnee

    Being an atheist I can tell you that you don’t know shit about us, Sandra.

    I do love your site but you’re bat shit crazy with some of these posts.

    The reason her religious beliefs are scary is because she says things like “god is guiding us in the war” and she wants to use her view about sexuality (which she takes from her christian views) and punish those are not like her.

    A strong woman wouldn’t make a RAPE VICTIM PAY FOR THE RAPE KIT THEY HAVE TO USE TO TAKE DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Are you kidding me Sandra????? I know you like to make stupid remarks to get a rise outta people, but you need to think before you type.

  • stefany

    @ missnee


    That’s why I hate the hipocracy of the of the Republicans, I feel that religion should have no place in politics..A lot people talk about wanting a candidate who represints their values and morals when in reality no one can speak for your morals but you, these candidates are human beings who sin like every other God loving christian..On one hand America wants to be the welcome mat for the world opening their door for all other cultures, nationanalities, and races but then try to force everyone to live according to American beliefs and religion like no other religions exist..No one has the right to use their religion to dictate someone else’s life or tell them how they should live..It amazes me how Republicans can be against abortion while promoting guns and war.

  • babysoft15





    WOW, all i can say is make sure your registered and vote. PLEASE on election day, make sure you are up early, hell take the day off, cause you already know there are going to be long lines, machines not working, etc, etc.
    Its just weird that if your a life long dem, and your upset cause Hillary is not in the white house, you would just up and decide to vote for McCain. It seems that they have her for the women vote. I watched her speech and wasn’t impressed at all. I noticed how the camera kept going back to her little girl holding the down syndrome baby (Awww makes your heart melt NOT). Also how she introduced her whole family but didn’t mention the baby daddy that was sitting there…