Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa, Christina Milian

Stars attended the Los Angeles premiere of Live By Night, a film about organized crime underworld figures conducting their dirty dealings in the Prohibition Era. The movie stars actor and director Ben Affleck, Elle Fanning, Zoe Saldana, Sienna Miller, R&B singer Miguel, and character actor Anthony Michael Hall, among others. The premiere was held at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday, Jan. 9.

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Elysium Tops Weekend Box Office

Sony Pictures science fiction thriller "Elysium" topped the box office this weekend with $30.5 million. "Elysium" stars Matt Damon as a modern day Moses who leads his people to the promised land -- Elysium -- a land of milk and honey where beautiful elitists get free health care and no one gets old or sick.

Earth in 2154 is a poverty-stricken wasteland overrun by undocumented aliens. To escape the overwhelming stench of the 99%, the "Haves" create a paradise in space protected by a futuristic air defense system.

Oscar winner Jodie Foster turns in a stiff performance as a heartless dictator-slash-president who fiercely defends her vision of Utopia -- even if it means killing women and children who dare to cross the celestial border from earth on decrepit space shuttles.

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Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict renew wedding vows

Two happy Hollywood couples renewed their wedding vows this weekend. E! News reports that Tia Mowry and her actor hubby Cory Hardict renewed their vows during an intimate ceremony on a beach in Malibu, California.

"Cory was holding their son, Cree, as he walked down the aisle," an eyewitness tells E! News. "Tia was wearing a white dress with cutouts on the sides and had on a sparkly headband. She looked very pretty."

About 20 people attended the ceremony, all wearing white. After the ceremony, the guests attended a reception at Sunset Restaurant.

"Cory held Cree while they said their vows," the source told E! News. "It was like a five-minute ceremony."

Tia and Cowry were married on April 20, 2008.

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Actor Matt Damon goes in hard on the possible future president of the United States, Sarah Palin. Damon makes the argument that Sarah Palin isn't ready to be president because she's just a soccer mom who happens to be a governor and a former mayor.

How many women have those job titles on their resume? Does Palin deserve some kind of credit for pursuing her lofty dreams and actually accomplishing her goals?

What president who ever occupied the White house had prior experience running a country?

Then Damon makes the absurd statements that Sarah Palin doesn't know dinosaurs existed and she bans books. These types of inflammatory statements are intended to create conflict and have a wider effect than just Damon expressing his thoughts.

Damon is most likely a practicing Atheist - and the one thing Atheists fear above all else is a strong female Bible thumper in a position of power to change the way people think.

Atheists want people to stay blissfully ignorant and to believe that the Bible is a fraud since dinosaurs aren't mentioned.

Yes, the Bible is only 3,000 years old while dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago. Does that mean whoever wrote the Bible didn't know the dinosaurs existed? Or does it mean that whoever wrote the Bible didn't care about the dinosaurs and didn't feel they were worth mentioning?

Maybe Sarah Palin doesn't care about the dinosaurs either. And show me one instance where she tried to ban books.

Thanks to loyal reader and member, Coop for the vid!