Elysium Tops Weekend Box Office

Sony Pictures science fiction thriller “Elysium” topped the box office this weekend with $30.5 million. “Elysium” stars Matt Damon as a modern day Moses who leads his people to the promised land — Elysium — a land of milk and honey where beautiful elitists get free health care and no one gets old or sick.

Earth in 2154 is a poverty-stricken wasteland overrun by undocumented aliens. To escape the overwhelming stench of the 99%, the “Haves” create a paradise in space protected by a futuristic air defense system.

Oscar winner Jodie Foster turns in a stiff performance as a heartless dictator-slash-president who fiercely defends her vision of Utopia — even if it means killing women and children who dare to cross the celestial border from earth on decrepit space shuttles.

By now you’ve figured out that Elysium is a metaphor for President Obama’s disastrous healthcare bill.

Without totally giving away the ending, everyone on earth automatically become citizens of Elysium/America, which affords them free health care without the hassle of paying high premiums every month.

Watch the Elysium trailers below.