Thanks to a loyal reader for giving me the heads up on this. I am still shaking my head.

ESSENCE magazine posted an online interview with Real Housewives of Atlanta's cast member, Sheree Whitfield.

In the article, ESSENCE points out that Sheree has three children, Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. The two youngest kids are by Sheree's ex-husband NFL great Bob Whitfield.

Tierra is Sheree's 23-year-old daughter whom she gave birth to at age 15.

Sheree's 3 beautiful children are shown posing In the photos accompanying the article. I did a double take when I read the captions under the photos describing Tierra as Sheree's "friend."

I have no words for this woman. I am just blown away that a mother would put her image before her own child. I am further surprised that ESSENCE's esteemed editor, Kenya, would allow another black woman to be disrespected in this manner.

I received the following email from one of Tierra's friends last week. I didn't post it at the time because the allegations seemed far fetched.

They don't seem so far fetched now:

Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 08:05
From: [Name removed by request]
Subject: How Sheree Treats Her Daughter

Hey Sandra,

I hope all is well. I am really good friends with Sheree's eldest daughter Tierra. We met in college at TSU and after graduation we both moved back to Atlanta. Sheree does Tierra so wrong. Tierra never have money. She is constantly borrowing money from me and my other friends. Tierra also mentioned that once she was at the mall with her mother. She called her mother "mom" and she just went off on her. She told Tierra "don't call me mom in public, I have a reputation."

Tierra says that her mother makes her pay rent cause she cannot afford to make the house payments. Tierra also said that her mother took out loans to fund the show. In addition, Tierra was just at my apartment watching cable because she said the cable was cut off at her house.

I have been to their house off of Roswell road several times and I have never seen a maid, personal assistant or chef. Something is wrong with this picture. If Sheree have so much money, why is her daughter asking her friends to borrow money constantly. Me and my girlfriends can never understand why. I was so disgusted watching this show just knowing the truth about what is going on with Sheree. Thanks Sandra!

  • shunda

    Now that is just wrong. I read the interviews on the Essence website and I had no idea that was her daughter. Even on the show NeNe said she had been to Sheree's plenty of times and never saw a maid. I had my daughter at 17 and I would never introduce her as my friend. That is just low down dirty.

  • Kymystry

    Yet ANOTHER reason I won't be watching that piece of crap show ... unbelievable :?

  • Xsjado

    Her mother is going straight to hell for her "reputation". I mean I know alot of trifling folks, but this takes the cake. I feel for the girl.

  • mizzdallas

    I couldnt watch that show no more then 2 minutes anyway, thats coldblooded how she treats her daughter.

    Good Morning, Kym! and everybodyelse, girl Im so f'kin mad at the Dallas Cowboys Im taking there picture down :(

  • Kymystry

    Morn MissD .. I actually thought about you yesterday when the game ended .. I knew you were hot as fish grease ...

    My team plays tonight ... GO GIANTS !!

  • shunda

    Morning Mizzdallas
    I just looked at the pictures again her daughter because I refuse to be ignorant and call her a friend. Looks like that long nose heffa.

  • pinkscorpion

    I believe it!! She is a mess and should be ashamed of herself. Why act like you aren't her Mother? You were bold enough to open your legs at 14/15...don't be scared now!!!Karma is a bad ***** and it's gonna stomp all over Sheree. I have never heard or experienced anything really nice about her personally or through the grapevine. She's always had that stank attitude. Tierra is going to make it one way or another, and her mother is gonna need her. Watch..





  • Kymystry

    Oh .. Where are my manners !! .. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE :-)

  • MAY

    I feel sorry for Tierra. It is a shame her mother cares more about her "reputation" than her child. I would also like to point out "What reputation?" Nobody really knows Sheree or cares about her. Tierra needs to move out of that house and get her own place.

  • ckarinwhite

    ....I agree, another reason why I don't support the show...I have never seen an episode and now I definitely won't support the show!

  • The Divine Ms. K

    Damn, how did we become so materialistic and worried about what others are thinking about us? That's just cold for a mom to treat her own child that way. She'll get hers, trust me.

    Hey MizzDallas - as mad as I was yesterday, don't give up on our boys! Good morning all!









  • shunda

    Morning everybody...Barbie has me feeling very left out with that ATL party ish lol. I wonder wich developments these ladies live in? I have an uncle that lives in Sugarloaf in Duluth. I may need to do some snooping the next time I come down,

  • shannon04

    If this is true( I believe so) Sheree should really be ashamed of herself. :-( People still dont get that "you will continue to catch hell until you do what you know is right" for Tierra I dont know what her true situation is but like many women such as myself, when you reach a certain age you have to learn to do for self and keep it moving. Depending on others is one of the biggest let downs you will face in life you have to constantly depend onother people and have to ask for things that you need. You have to grind and just do you.

  • iyonah


  • carmelita79

    sharee is the worst. but that wont stop me from watching.

    she really thinks its all about her and after watching the show and reading this i can so see how this can be true. she strikes me as the mommy dearest type

  • misskree

    SMH!!! Disgusted!!!!

  • Kymystry

    AHEMMMM .. AUNTIE ... You think we can have some REAL morning wood toay PLEASE :-D ?

  • shay1

    Morning Fam -

    MizzD - I thought about you too. I was hot! Mad, the whole nine.....But Go Falcons.............


    I'm not surprised ya'll, I know someone who knows Sheree. Her SELF ESTEEM is zero. Everything you write on this blog and others (I wouldn't dear mention, cause Sandra would kill me) she read and well be distraught or the rest of the day. So dog her MANLY LOOKING ASS OUT, cause trust me she's reading it. Sheree is a BUSTED BROKE BTCH who want to be more that what she is. Enjoy your 15 minutes cause you'll never amount to nothing. I hope Bob gets angry enough from watching the show to throw you out his MANSION and finally settle the divorce. Sheree, you're a DIRTY BTCH who belongs in the trash.



  • carmelita79

    i was suprised when she said that she wants her seven figures because she is accustomed to living a certain way. that what you say on the inside. not on tv. a mess


    She is disrespecting her daughter for two reasons:
    1. Her daughter is TOO BIG for Sheree's liking. Ms Long Nose prides herself by her body it's quite obvious from watching the show.
    2. She doesn't want to bring to the light that she was a FAST ASS 15 year old.
    At 15 she was using her body to trap men and she did the same thing to Bob. Apparently she was Bob's babymama before she was his wife, so that whole bullshit about " we were really good friends and then we got married and it changed everything" Btch please! You ain't noting but a GOLDDIGGER who picked an empty pot, cause Bob don't have it.

  • teecee

    that mother is part of these new i dont want to get old type of mammy's out here. they stay in the club defending there pop that coukhie title they won back in 1994. funny thing is life has a way of balancing itself out, what goes around comes around.... now for the daughter, baby girl, you 23 with a college degree get up off you ass n get a job, you'll have your own money. also with that money, you will get your own apt or an apt with a roomate.

  • Mimi Renee

    Well i haven't been able to watch the show in it's entirety (i caught the ending of the party scene) and i feel like this is not like the Real Housewives of Orange County and New York. Something about this season seems fraudulent because every other day Sandra is posting something about them. But I wouldn't be surprised because alot of stuff on reality tv is not what it seems.

    Sidenote: There's a little something called a recession goin on right now and don't nobody wanna watch some rich or so called rich folks complaining about they broke a nail because they couldn't fit all of their clothes into their special edition only one left in america louis vuitton luggage that they need for their 100th trip to cabo, mexico.

  • Teachturn

    These ladies are not the Real Housewives of Atlanta. They should have found some wealthy women in some of these exculsive gated communities in Fayette, Henry, North Fulton, or Gwinnett county. The Real Real Housewives were probably not entertaining enough or they were just probably disinterested in this foolishness. The sad part about it is that these women are portraying Atlanta as the a hot ghetto mess.

  • starr

    I'm not even going to say the gurl needs to do her, cuz that goes with out saying. But this is about the mother......SMH. Things have a way of balancing themselves out. I will never give thiss show an ounce of my time...smh

  • starr

    I'm not even going to say the gurl needs to do her, cuz that goes with out saying. But this is about the mother......SMH. Things have a way of balancing themselves out. I will never give thiss show an ounce of my time...smh

  • DivineBrown

    Good morning everyone!

    I don't know that I believe this story. Sheree is extremly shallow but I this seems far fetched, even for her!

    All of them are fake..even NeNe. Trying to get all the attention at someone ELSE'S bday party. So dramatic when she wasn't on the list!

    This parts of this show make me cringe but I don't believe all that I read on the internet!

  • Charles


    I have arrived =] And is that my wanna be wife divine brown, good morning!!!!!!!

  • DivineBrown

    And furthermore...I don't think her daughter is all that Big.

    I don't think Sheree's team of publicists, personal assisstants, and managers have released any statements for no one knows what the truth is. Who is to even say that email Sandra got is real...

  • Mississippi16

    Tierra, if this is TRUE and you are reading these posts, please listen...

    Low self esteem can be a generational curse. Get a job (hell, 2 if you have to), get a roommate and live within your means. Yes, we should always love our parents through their good points and their bad, but you are old enough to stand on your own. You need to distance yourself from this foolery or you'll end up repeating it.

  • stefany


    That's why I will not support that bullshyt show, nothing but a bunch of low self esteem, money hungry, high school acting ho's who aren't use to the good life.

  • DivineBrown

    LMAO@ wannabe wife!!

    Not no but hell no...Generally, none of the men I date take it up the @SS or even like other men for that matter! So no, sodomite...I do not find you cute!

  • Kymystry

    Well DAYUM Divine SIS ... crackin UP ... hahahaha .. lol

  • Charles

    DivineBrown Says:

    LMAO@ wannabe wife!!

    Not no but hell no…Generally, none of the men I date take it up the @SS or even like other men for that matter! So no, sodomite…I do not find you cute!


    Looking at your myspace, im surprised you can even find a man

  • Charles

    Kymystry Says:

    Well DAYUM Divine SIS … crackin UP … hahahaha .. lol


    And i had no clue you were 40, dont you have kids and a job or something??

  • DivineBrown

    Kym!!! What up, mama?

    You know I'm still holding grudges over the McCain post that went too far over the weekend!

    Found out Charles is in the air force and HunE chunked the dueces.

    He will get no more attention from me...until I find out who his supervisor is. Little does HE know...I "work" for the government as well!

  • Charles

    DivineBrown Says:

    Kym!!! What up, mama?

    You know I’m still holding grudges over the McCain post that went too far over the weekend!

    Found out Charles is in the air force and HunE chunked the dueces.

    He will get no more attention from me…until I find out who his supervisor is. Little does HE know…I “work” for the government as well!


    *DEAD* @ your DUmb ass. it looks like you putting on some pounds too with your forehead looking like rihanna, im laughing at you big girl

  • Kymystry

    I know Divine .. it's crazy ....that post got way outta hand ... looks like kwallace is gone too ... :-( ... what the HAIL !

  • donnia

    Sandra, I hope you are being paid well for the PR. I saw your nephew at Sheree's birthday party. He even gave her a kiss - on the cheek of course. (LOL)

  • Peachizz

    Morning Fam!!!!!!
    WOW, Charles you're back with a bang(that warm personality.

  • DivineBrown

    Kdub said she has a second job...did they get blocked? Anyhoo... get no more attention from me. Do me a favor and clean your mouth out with the same solution you clean your anus with before a first date!

  • crystal

    she more than likely can't work because she needs to baby sit her brothers and sisters. Something that she was probably doing for years.

  • mimi08

    A-PHUCKIN-PALLED! What reputation is she trying to protect. She's broke and faking the phunk. It's a shame that too many black people try to fake wealth and while doing so, end up broker than the average citizen..For all of her activities in her life, and she's 38, she has nothing to show for her stank attitude, and elitest views. She looks old in the face, and very manly. Couldn't even manage to keep her marriage going with a little known NFL player. I hope her ex will use this show to show she "claims" to be living large, and i hope the judge holds her azz to it.

    Ugly broke azz bytch! I can't stand them women who live here who faking they got everything and clearly aint got shyt! She's a shame and waste of a human being for denying a child. I think this goat think she can pull a baller or something...ha! Only if he gay and looking only at her muscle butt. And we know there's alot who are gay in the NFL, and for those who don't know, here's a lesson. Plus alot of them give them women incurable STD's at the same time they buying them Louis Vuitton bags and shyt.

    I hope this bytch get's outted! Old hag!

  • Yanaja

    My mother got pregnant with me at 15 and gave birth to me at 16. After many years of struggling, she is now living a very comfortable lifestyle. Never once has she introduced me as anything but her DAUGHTER. Never once has she treated me as anything but her daughter. I am proud to say she is my mother and when people start doing the math in their heads she goes, "Yes I had her at sixteen." She makes no apologies or explainations to anyone. She really doesnt have to. She made it on her own.

    If what you wtote is in fact true Sandra, Sheree is a disgusting poor excuse for a human. We should all write letters to Essence so they can investigate further and print the REAL story.

  • Bird

    Er um uh, Tearra is a 23 year old college graduate so her mother isn't supposed to be supporting her like she was a child. And she needs to get her own place too. And she needs to stop borrowing money to. Grow up Tearra.

    As for those pics, that better not be her daughter. It better not. I can't imagine Essence would refer to her as a friend if they knew it was the daughter. At least I hope not. That would be truly ridiculous. In that regard I would feel sorry for the young lady. The mom needs to get over the shame of being a teenaged mom if that is in fact an issue that she is dealing with.

  • prynsexxx

    When I first read "a friend", I was like "Oh, Sheree got her "lick-her" license and ain't afraid to drank either. I thought she got real bold with it and Essence "entertained" the business. Upon further reading I see that is not the case and she should be glad that The Almighty gave her the means to produce that beautiful child. Because if not she would be somewhere mad that she couldn't have kids along with the "so-called" lavish lifestyle that she claims to have. Somebody should put her ass on blast for this one!

  • mimi08


    So?! Why does she have to get her own place, and why does she have to stop borrowing money?!!!!!I must say, you sound very foolish!

    What's your point? Even if her 23 year old daughter did graduate from college, does that mean her mother is not suppose to help her out? There are alot of new college grads that still need help from their parents. How many college grads do you know fresh with their degree, that can get a job that will allow them to pay fully to live on their own, i.e., rent/mortgage, car note, insurance, food, clothes, healthcare, everyday bills, gas money, etc, without help? What planet are you on?

    The facts are, most college grads need help for up to 2 to 3 years out of college cause them new jobs with a bachelor's degree don't pay all that; starting pays are very low. Depending on the job, they might need help until they complete their masters.

    So while there's no law that says a parent has to help their adult child, but certainly, if i had a child who needed my help and could not afford to live on her own, then certainly me bringing that child into the world, i would feel it's still my responsibility to help them until they can help themselves. All children aren't lazy, and will do everything to support themselves. Why not help someone whose trying to help themselves.

    IF you are having this situation, maybe your child is lazy...

  • donnia

    Sandra, I hope they are paying you well for all of the PR. I saw your nephew at Sheree's party. He even gave her a kiss - on the cheek of course. (LOL)

  • Sandra Rose

    donnia Says:

    Sandra, I hope they are paying you well for all of the PR. I saw your nephew at Sheree’s party.


    You mean my grandnephew? He's only 15 months old so I doubt you saw him there. My nephews are in Philly so I know you didn't see one of them there either. :) I didn't have anyone representing me at that party.

  • dblaq

    Man please Sheree is triflin. She took Bob straight through the cleaners, nobody cared for her in Bob's inner circle and many were shocked when Bob eloped with her because nobody knew he was marrying her because he knew everybody would have had something to say. Her store Bella Azul they dumped a shitload of money in it and she hardly had it open plus the area it was in at the time was terrible. A Snake has more personality than her. She use to get so offended when the people who worked for didn't recognize her. But nobody gave a shit. Yes that is truly her personality

  • Bird

    mimi08 Says:


    So?! Why does she have to get her own place, and why does she have to stop borrowing money?!!!!!I must say, you sound very foolish!

    What’s your point? Even if her 23 year old daughter did graduate from college, does that mean her mother is not suppose to help her out?

    Listen here Miss Mimi there are people in this world that work and raise families right out of high school off of little pay. NO a parent shouldn't encourage their children to live beyond their means by continuing to support them financially because they can't make enough money to live lavishly fresh out of college. It the best she could do is a minimum wage job then she needs to get some roommates. There are far more solutions than beinga grown a$$ woman living off of your parents with a degree costing tens of thousands of dollars under your belt. Get out of here with that. Stand on your own two feet people!

  • Kymystry

    @ Bird Whats the point of having Money if you can't it easier for the next generation ?? It's nice to have some SHOES on those 2 feet .. lets give our children a fighting chance out there... I'm not saying let them leech off of you until they are 30 .. but lets make their lives better than ours ...

  • CaramelDrop

    Okay Bird!!!!

    I co-sign

    I was kinda thrown off by mimi's comment as well. 23 with no kids FRESH OUT OF COLLEGE AT THAT needing to live with their parents is ludicrous!!!! Hell the college grads are the ones that get the good paying entry level jobs.

  • Kymystry

    oh .. and I moved out of the house when I was 17 when I went to college .. thought I was G-R-O-W-N ... lol .. if I had it to do all ova again .. well .. yall know the rest ..

    I'm not saying she shouldn't be out on her own .. Yes absolutely .. with roomamates .. learing how to do the grind ... but lets not be so cold hearted .. who knows what this "friend" of hers is asking or making her pay in orther for the "friend" to maintain the lifestyle she was accoustomed to ... ha !

  • shunda

    I can see where Bird is coming from but I have a friend that just finished law school and her starting salary as a public defender is $33,000. So her mom helps her with those thousands in student loans. I don't have a problem with Sheree making her daughter pay rent. I have a problem with her calling her daughter her friend. That is some BS



  • sali

    Wow people, is it just me or people seem a little harsh today to each other. MAD MONDAY I GUESS...

    I agree with bird, my parents helped me in college but I also had a part time job all through out college because I didn't want to go running to them for everything. The problem now a days that I see is that some people are too proud to work for minimum wage. God forbid if I lost my job I have NO problem in saying would you like to super size or Welcome to Walmart because I know I have responsibilities. Times are hard and jobs are scarce. Especially in Tierra case, the way her mother supposedly treats her, that should be an incentive for her to get 2 jobs if she has to so she doesn't have to deal with mother dearest bull.


    @ shunda

    I AGREE...

  • DivineBrown

    I'm on the fence about this one..I can see where Bird is coming from because when I left home, I didn't constantly lean on my parents for money.

    Not everyone is fortunate, but, there are college degrees in which you can be hired directly out of college.

    There is no need to make the girl suffer, if Sheree has the money. But, where is the responsibility? This could be a case of tough love. What if she is a spoiled, selfish college graduate that has no initiative and expects her parents to give me money without ever knowing what it feels like to work?

    I don't know what the case is but it could go either way. I am not putting much faith into the crediblility of the friend of her. Something is weird...

  • Mississippi16

    You guys are speaking as if this the typical situation that we're "evaluating". Most adult kids who move back home are required to help around the house. Be it paying rent, or having to pay a cable bill or phone bill, etc.

    We're talking about a mother hiring maids, make up artists, publicists, etc. and you're borrowing money. If you mom spends money like that and you are living like Cinderella, then it's time to liberate yourself.

    Your mom is spiraling out of control and if you think that you "deserve" the lifestyle that she does, you're going to go down with the ship - like the Titantic.

  • Sharonda

    For me it's different.My parents is still taking care of my expenses while I'm still in school.Most parents would let you go.But my dad, being as generious as he can, helps me out.I don't have nothing but 2 credit card and i pay that on my own.

  • Bird

    Kymystry Says:

    @ Bird Whats the point of having Money if you can’t it easier for the next generation ?? It’s nice to have some SHOES on those 2 feet .. lets give our children a fighting chance out there… I’m not saying let them leech off of you until they are 30 .. but lets make their lives better than ours …

    My children's lives have been better than mine. They don't live in the hood and never have. I am not addicted to any mind altering drug that effects my ability to parent and love them. I have been working since age 13. My daughter will be 17 in a week and she has yet to get a job. The problem with many of us is that we think giving them a better life means more luxuries. The result of that is a generation of children who feel entitled and are too lazy to work. Unless the girl is borrowing money for food, I just don't get it. And hasn't said that the mom is already living waaaaay beyond her means already? Yet she has a grown woman living with her with a degree? We are going to have to agree to disagree on this one, because I think children need to be taught to take care of themselves and learn that unless they make the money, mommy's lifestyle is not necessarily the kid's lifestyle. She has the degree so now it time to go out and get that money.

  • starr

    I understand Bird's point. HOWEVER, people make it sound easy by saying she's a college grad, she can get a job. As a student, I can easily.......we wish it was that easy. I have a part-time, and i take care of me where clothes, cellphohe is concerned, but the reason I'm able to be comfortable is cuz my mother is helping me. Nobody is hiring now a days, everybody is firing. A bachelors degree ain't worth much anymore. As soon as i'm done, i'm off for my masters. And how do we know she isn't tryin to get a job. I had a friend who went ot school in the south, bright gurl, and didn't get a job for years. She lived with her parents until she was able to get on her feet. Thats what parents do.

  • starr

    @ sharonda

    thats me in a nutshell. I pay my one credit card bill, my phone bill and laundry.

    I know there is no way my mother would have me out there struggling turning to otha people.

  • dblaq

    Y'all MF's on this site are retarded!!! Don't complain about the world being messed up because y'all fit right in it.

    A thing or two about Family values. First if you raise your kids right you would know that they don't want to sit on your pocket but in the Tierra case she has been deprived before she was 23. Bob Whitfield made millions of dollars, Sheree use to go on spending sprees and buy shyt for no reason. If your kids have to ask for shyt they need. Thats a problem.

    Our family values are so f**ked up but yet we always complain. I spoke to this Ethopian woman and she told me that they want they kids to stay at home until they get married. Her daughter wanted to get her own apartment but the parents told her not to do it and just stay home to save money.

    When you get out of college you don't have anything and I believe that family is suppose to give her the jump start especially if you are "ballin". The way it suppose to go is you raise your kids, let them blossom, send them on the right track and then when you get old your kids will take care of you unitl your dying day.

  • Kymystry

    @ dblaq .. calm down boo .. we aren't ALL retarted .. ;-D

  • only1fe

    Er Um...reunion? So as far as the "new people"?....I like M-bar...I like people....I like the Falcons ( love the bears tho')...haha

  • DivineBrown

    Thanks for the education dblaq, since we're not worthy of offering "our" opinion.

    You have spoken and that is the gospel. Thank you for
    gracing us with your presence!

    In the future, when I want to offer my perspective, I will ask you since you know EVERYTHING.

    The last time I checked this was an open discussion and personal point of view was authorized, that is if you aren't here just to cause rukus...bottom line, you can say what you have to say without blaming the demise of the world on us.

    Frankly what you had to say wasn't that profound. But, then again... I should ask you if I want to speak on something.

  • Mississippi16

    @ dblaq... When you get out of college you don’t have anything and I believe that family is suppose to give her the jump start especially if you are “ballin”. The way it suppose to go is you raise your kids, let them blossom, send them on the right track


    Yeah Sheree needs to do better by her daughter - that's a given. And not just with money but by at least ACKNOWLEDGING that's her daughter. No one is saying that Tierra deserves what she is getting or that Sheree is justified in her treatment of her daughter.

    BUT...... if her mom is not going to do right by her, the posters are trying to encourage Tierra to save herself. If sheree really does refer to her own daughter as a "family friend" that goes to show that she is off her fukin rocker. We want her daugher to understand that she's some little hopeless child that will not be able to succeed without the help of her mom. As long as you think that you can't make on your own, you won't make it on your own.

    Yes the economy is bad but her daughter does have two great things going for her, 1. An education and 2. No children. She can work multiple jobs until things turn around and she's able to get on her feet.

  • Mississippi16


    she's NOT some little hopeless child

  • teecee

    wow @ comments..... i think if you got a college degree, no kids, a mom that calls you a friend, and you broke borrowing money and faking the funk is not problem ? shes not working so her mom can pretend to be rich ? im sure shes already a sister with problems. low self esteem and dependency on others is not a good thing. she suppose to be a part of the talented tenth not the dependency tenth. baby girl, get a job and walk away from that mess before it destroys her.

  • dblaq

    @ DivineBrown - Your opinion is based on the information that you get on this site. I didn't say you didn't have a right of your opinion. I been knowing Bob and Sheree for many years and yes I have witnessed how Tierra was treated very different than the other kids. The other kids probably got better care because they were Bob's kids. So when people say, she should be taken care of herself, blah blah blah. Yeah that may be true but if she never received the foundation to do that how can she? especially if her mom is trying so hard to be a celebrity when she is not even close to coming to a chicken. If you suppose to have millions of dollars why shouldn't she get an apartment and spending account with the note "After the first year you will pay your own rent and expense, Love you mom and dad". but most likely she done blew all the money

    She always had a issue with wanting to be recogninzed as an "A-Lister" and if you asked me she had them kids to ensure that she can get alimony and child support for the rest of her life.

    I don't blame the demise of the world on you but a lot of statements are the same of those who complain about everything but yet don't do nada to change it. It is easy to say well go get a job.

    You are right you have a right to your opininon just like an asshole everybody has one, but if you give your opinion be sure that you fact check

  • Bird


    The situation you described is very unfortunate. I feel bad for Tearra in that regard. Now what? Is she going to fall apart and be homeless because her mother is an idiot? Like my girl Amel said, "I know you're down. When you gonna get up?" Or my boy Donnie McClurkin, "We fall down, but we get up." Sitting back doing the whoa is me routine is not going to help this young sista.

  • DivineBrown

    Dblaq...again, you said fact check. Exaclty how would I do that?

    You supposedly know them...but you think I can go google Tierra whateverherlastname is and her mistreatment by her stepfather will come up? These are not well known people we are talking about here, much less their family life being widespread. Again, we were simply addressing an issue.

    Obviously, you have vested interest And if you know Sheree and bob so well, then YOU need to go tell THEM, that THEY mistreated their child.

    Furthermore, I haven't seen you offer more than your "opinion/asshole" on why Sheree had the kids in the first place. Just like we were doing about the whole situation.
    For someone with inside information and the ability to fact check, you really aint saying much different than what other people have said.

  • dblaq


    I understand what you are saying but if you never had anybody around you to show how life goes. How can you know what to do? As far as I know the kids were taken care of financially when they were younger but as far as emotionally and relationship wise that was always a big ?. Tierra was the black sheep probably because she tells Sherees age but who knows they she is demented. I just think that kids nowadays are straying away because of the parents. There is no more support system, people are not willing to guide these kids anymore

    I know I was bad as a kid but at the same time we snuck around the neighborhood because if any of our neighbors caught us doing something, they would whip our ass, drag us home and then we would get another ass whipping from our parents. But you always had somebody that would mentor you not necessarily your parents might been someone else parent but thats how you learned a lot of things. Today that shyt is non existent but we quick to judge and criticize without doing anything about it. Sort of like people that don't have kids but tell you how you need to raise them. Thats the only problem I have.

  • DivineBrown

    And one more opinion is based off what I've experienced and have found to be true.

    Don't insult my intelligence by "assuming" what I say is based off what Sandra that's statement was retarded, if you don't mind me saying so.

  • dblaq

    DivineBrown - I don't take up for Sheree or Bob nor do I care to do so. I know Sheree because of Bob. Yes I have my own opinion of her because of the things I witness that she has done, acted, presented herself and conducted.

    Again, my only issue was when people got on Tierra and were like why don't she do this and that. Kids have no control who the parents are and it is up to the parents to prepare them for the world. if they are unable to do so then it is a failure of the parents and it has. To make it short, I only defend Tierra I could careless about Sheree.

  • mj

    If this is true this is so sad. My cousin had a baby at 14 and another at 16.. but they both have grown up to be bright and intelligent young adults. She never once not claimed them as her own. She did the right thing and raised her kid’s right. It wasn’t always easy.. I mean after all they did end up on an episode of Cops (her and the baby daddy had an argument) but her son is now in medical school and her daughter is also doing very well. No mother should ever be ashamed of their child no matter what age she had them at.

  • mimi08


    Bottom line, it's parents job to help their child...just cause she's 23 with a degree don't mean she's no longer your child. I really don't get where you're coming from in this aspect, and i would hate for your ass to be my damn mama....

    I don't know many new college grads living lavishly off their 20,000 per year jobs! Most starting pay is in the 20's to begin...and never mind a new college grad living off that, i know single grown ass women well into their 30's making 30 some thousand a year with no kids and still can't make it. A bachelor's degree is like a high school diploma, you need it, but it's not really profitable unless you go get your master's. I would at least help my child until they get their masters, and after, if they need my help. That's not being the hell is that being dependent if the child is in school, getting good grades, and really trying. On the other hand, a child sitting their ass at home, not doing anything is dependent.

    In my opinion, it's a parents job to do everything they can for their child...It's pure stupidity to think that because a child is 23 and graduated from college, they should be footing the ENTIRE bill, without asking for anything, you get outta here with that bull...that's the fantasy world.

    No words on how harsh women are on their daughters, and expect their ass to be good at 23 and out the house, but yet, will let their sons live in their basement forever.

  • pointhimout

    there are three sides to every story. we all got skeletons. everywhere i look and read, people are doggin sheree out. does anybody really know this lady? i dont mean sister in laws baby's cousin tracy...i'm talking about someone who knows her.

    There's a method to the madness i'm sure. it's none of our business and sheree owes none of us an explanation. Sure, if she ALWAYS introduces her daughter as her friend, there is something wrong with that. who's to say she didn't do an interview and say 'my daughter is one of my best friends' and the interviewer took it and made it work against her????? we really dont know.

    whether she got money or not, who cares. man, yall are throwing stones at this one. i feel bad for her. if she has low self esteem, snap out of it. i didn't get that vibe, but again, that's tv. she's a nice looking chick who speaks pretty well. she has to get her own life and not wait around for 'the settlement.' i wish her the best. cut the lady some slack...geeesh. i do remember nene saying she aint never seen no maid or any help at sheree's house. remember, DIVORCE. she wants to show she and the kids NEED these things to get more money. again, that aint our business.

    Sheree, i'm on ya side lil mama. damn. i like her and nene too, ironically. i do wonder what their falling out was over. thankfully from this show they'll all be able to branch out and do other things.

    i started off liking deshawn til she said she was destined to live that way; like she spent a lifetime to build that lifestyle. sweetie, that's eric's money. i wont be too hard on her though. do ya thang.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Shree is a bitch, anyways! She looks unstable and when you said friend, I ALMOST thought you were going to imply that she was a lesbian, now. All of those women are shameless, and have no purpose but to spend recklessly. I am so glad my mommy raised me better than that!

  • dblaq

    pointhimout that's the whole issue. you like her by what you see on TV. You don't know anything about her, how she treats people, how she handles her family, what type of mothers she is, etc.. but yet you defend her by ONLY what you see on TV.
    So if I see a person consistently being an a**hole to people, that when you be around someone and you can see how they conduct themself, when you consistently see someone doing shady shyt. How well do you have to know them.

    Do you have to know me, if I am messing with your best friend but you see come over only at night time to get some, when you see me taking money from your best friend all the time, when you see me out and about groping and touching on other females while I am suppose to be dating your best friend but yet we may never had a conversation. You can't determine what type of person I am even though you may never had a deep in depth conversation and hung with me???