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Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with Ron Poag, a close associate and friend of R&B legend Keith Sweat, who reached out to to dispel rumors and inaccurate information contained in my post on 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' show which premiered on Bravo last week.

Sweat, speaking through Poag, wanted to make it clear that he is very much heterosexual and loves the women. He also stated he did not sue his ex-wife Lisa Wu Hartwell --- he sued the distribution company (SONY/RED distribution) which partnered with Wu in distributing the movie Black Ball, which Wu wrote, and Sweat executive produced.

Court documents indicate that during their marriage, Sweat invested $180,000 in Black Ball as executive producer of Black Ball. But when Black Ball was released in 2003 (after the couple divorced), Sweat was not credited nor did he receive any profits from the movie.

Court records show that in 2007 Lisa Wu filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy requesting full protection from her creditors. In court documents, Wu claimed she was destitute and couldn't pay her debts.

But on Wu's website, she lists at least 5 companies she owns or co-owns, which she calls her "Corporate Empire". And on 'Real Housewives,' she and her husband, ex-NFL player Ed Hartwell, flaunt their extravagant lifestyle as if they are debt-free.

Real Housewives of Atlanta features 5 women -- 4 black, 1 white -- supposedly friends, who live in wealthy enclaves on the outskirts of Atlanta. The women drive fancy cars (some leased, some borrowed), floss their self-perceived wealth, spend recklessly, and curse like sailors. All while their whipped husbands look on with a nod of self-effacing approval.

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In the midst of all this decadence are the innocent children, who watch from the sidelines as their narcissistic parents live out their full blown grandiose fantasies on national TV.

Ron Poag wanted to make it clear that Keith Sweat is a great father who was granted full custody of his two boys, Jordan, 13, and Justin, 11. He declined to discuss why Wu lost custody of her sons. "Mr. Sweat doesn't wish to speak negatively about his ex-wife. He respects her as the mother of his children," said Poag. "He's a great father, he loves his children. They are his life. He wakes them up every morning, irons their clothes, takes them to school and picks them up every evening," said Poag.

"[Wu] gets the boys every other weekend. She picks them up at 6 PM on Friday and returns them to Mr. Sweat at 6 PM on Sunday."

In a posting on her website, Wu said Bravo arranged its shooting schedule around the boys' visits.

Poag responded to allegations made by Wu that Sweat refused to sign a waiver allowing their their children to appear in 'Real Housewives'.

"Yes [the boys] were a little upset, but their father knows what's best for them," said Poag. "He didn't want his children appearing in an adult oriented show. If it was the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, he wouldn't have a problem with it."

Keith Sweat did have this to say through Mr. Poag, "I don't even know why my name was brought up in this. Lisa and I have been divorced for six years."

Keith Sweat is now a popular radio personality who is heard in 40 markets on Clear Channel. When he's not on the radio, Sweat is busy producing R&B group Dru Hill's new album, and the group is currently shooting its own reality series which Sweat will appear in.

  • Charles

    DOes anyone even watch this show though, they are doing all this for a DLIST show....................

  • Charles

    "In the midst of all this decadence are the innocent children, who watch from the sidelines as their narcissistic parents live out their full blown grandiose fantasies on national TV."

    More of a reason i will not watch, especially with this one girl being in a shit loud of debt cant pay 400 bucks but can have a 5000 purse loaned to her




  • shannon04

    I dont blame keith Sweat for not wanting his children to be apart of this foolishness. He did a good job by not speaking bad about his ex-wife and kept it moving. I can respect that.

  • shhhh

    Good article Sandra! You sure know how to cut and dice with words don't you? :)

  • starr

    Good for keith. Sandra as long as this show is airing, you should do a put on blast, desperate golddiggin housewives of atl edition.

  • Kymystry

    Something about Keith Sweats swagger has ALWAYS done it for me .. lemme put "A right and worng way to love somebody" on now ... lol

  • DivineBrown

    He did that just to dig at his ex, obviously. How does a mother lose custody of her children? That doesn't seem right.

    Anyhoo...I like Lisa.


    sandra, i thought you were off today?

  • Toi

    Sandra, did Keith ever deny through Poag, the A$$ whuppins he gave Lisa? Just checking . . . .

  • Lala11_7


    I'm not looking at the trifling ass women who are on this show...really, I'm not...because these shows are PURE COMEDY AT ITS LOWEST FORM...


    I am looking at "Bravo" and "Oxygen" networks...the corporations that signed on to showcase this b.s.

    Why didn't they do more investigation on these women's backgrounds to AT LEAST QUANTIFY THAT THEY ARE WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE!!!

    I mean, the premise of these shows is SUPPOSE to be women that are steeped in the lifestyle of upper-middle class/rich backgrounds...

    However, some of the merry women in this band look like they need to come up to my job and fill out an application for work...TOOT SWEET!!! (and, I'm sorry...WHY ITS GOT TO BE THE ONE WITH THE BLACK WOMEN ON IT!!!)

    Which makes them frauds...


    I'm just saying...

  • iyonah

    SR you are giving this show to much publicity positive or negative, I am not in the A and don't care about the people on the show at all. Reality TV sucks anyway.

  • Mzsuave

    GM yall...

    I never thought KW was a homo...he always had that demeanor of being a lady's man. He is a fly guy, in spite of his irritating voice.

  • Mzsuave


  • Kymystry

    mornin Suave ... we put out a APB for u last week ...what u have a cold .. cough .. cough .. cough .. .lol

  • Mzsuave

    tahehehehe...nah, just took a mini-vaycay away from the slaveship, I was able to escape. Just made I had to come back, piles n' piles n' piles of dog shyt they could of did while I was gone. is all a sistah looks forward to when I'm at work...and getting a paycheck. :)

  • Kymystry

    Thats right ... the lil was GONE .. I completely UNDERSTAND ... ;-)

  • Bird

    Well damn, what did I miss? Who said Keith wa gay?

    Anyway, I agree with his decision not to let his kids appear on the reality show. I'm hoping that these shows where the subject brag about their wealth will eventually disappear. Especially since we now know almost everyone in America is living above their means and don't have as much as they act like they have anyway.

  • brwnsugga4you

    not only the kids shouldn't appear but, the woman on here shouldn't appear either! the show is garbage. i won't be watching, or entertaining this. i'm still trying to figure out if you are cheating with a married man why are you on the show as a housewife??? i'm just asking....and sheree there is a reason you are by yourself honey...and it's not by choice!!!!

  • Sharonda

    Lol, everybodys gay!You haven't made it until someone says your gay.

  • whatdoesitmatter

    This was a good post.

  • stefany

    Lol, everybodys gay!You haven’t made it until someone says your gay.

    Funny as hell, but true!

  • ELove

    Mr Sweat IS a "How can I get this Chick in the Bed" LEGEND... I personally didn't NEED his assistance BUT didn't turn it down when the opportunity happened ;-)

    Keith is ONE of those few artists who could get the MOOD-Popping for real... He's THE MAN!!! ;-)

  • donnia

    From what I understand, Lisa has 1 or 2 companies - one is a very small children's boutique - and she is in the process of trying to launch the others. I wish her all the best!

  • theatrkakal

    i swear white people are laughing at us as they pretend to have these lavish lifestyles that they feel they need to flaunt in front of america although they're probably not even half as wealthy as they appear to be.

  • Kymystry

    Ok Auntie .. can you give us something else beside these 2 pitiful threads on the Golddiggers of Atlanta ? ? ?

  • shunda

    There you go telling me no again lol I had to do it. I think Keith was right for not allowing the boys on the show. Lisa seems like she jumps into things without thinking


    @ theatrkakal



  • cjlessie

    Thanks for calling them out on this. I watched the show and will probably continue to watch it for the laughs and NeNe. All of them seem fake, it is definetely different from the other Housewives' shows.

  • ldorisca

    Is anyone calling the White women out on the NY and CA shows. I hate that black people hate on each other and feel the need to investigate and then put them on blast. Why can't we let each other shine (fraud or not)? This is the first show where the "housewives" were predominantly black. We should be supporting them, not looking for some dirt on them. Just my 2 cents. OBAMA 2008!

  • teecee

    i dont think keith sweat should have responded. i get tired of black men running to defend their sexuality over their good name. we have allowed this society to to allow our men to think that if they dont have 10 babies and 4 girl friends then hes less of man. i tell the young brothas dont worry about what people say, get you education, take care of your credit, stay out of jail and become an independent man. becoming a happy man requires that you simplify your life.

  • shernell

    Keith Sweat gay...... his swagger was kind of airy lol. But about the show I think its funny. Especially with the white lady calling her "married boyfriend" BIG POPPA. Who taught her that NeNe? Reality shows at its best. I know some real women in ATL who would never had done this type of show. But hey I guess its all about the ratings.

    Keep up the great work Sandra!

  • missamerica

    I missed the Keith Sweat gay rumors, I always heard he was a ladies man. When you don't speak out against gay rumors it means its true. It was smart of him not to allow his sons to appear on the show. That situation could have been spun for ratings.

    In response to Lisa filing for bankruptcy - Just because you have 5 companies, doesn't mean you're making any money. Especially if your business is under 5 years old.

    I actually enjoyed the show, I don't know what people were expecting. Why do we hate ourselves so much? Why is everything ghetto?

    Its real, people, we're Black in America and we're not so different from each other regardless of income.

    One thing we need to act white about is how we view ourselves. We really need to embrace and celebrate who we are as a whole and as individuals.

    We need to stop worrying about what white people will think. They never worry about what we think about anything.

    I just really want to know how are you supposed to live when your husband is a millionaire? Do you live like you make $30,000 a year? Buy your shoes from Payless? Do you become Mother Teresa? I think a lot of critics are not being realistic about the dynamics of this show.

  • mj

    I am so in luv with Keith Sweat! im glad to hear something positive and i really hope those rumors that he used to beat WU are not true.

  • pointhimout

    Lisa aint do nothing the next person hasn't done; she protected her assets. Hell mike vick filed bankruptcy even though he didn't have to give his signing bonus back. If she were broke at the time, isn't life about bouncing back and rising above obstacles?????

  • lisa

    "R&B legend Keith Sweat".....

    Legend: “a person whose fame makes him or her seem exceptional.”

    I remember Keith Sweat’s album being the absolute bomb when I was a senior in high school; 1987-1988. But to call Keith Sweat a legend is overstating.

    Tina Turner is a legend. Aretha Franklin is a legend. Elvis Presley is a legend. Michael Jackson (with his crazy behind) is a legend. James Brown is a legend. Frank Sinatra is a legend. Barbara Streisand is a legend. Bob Hope is a legend. Ella Fitzgerald is a legend.

    Granted, his debut album (Make it Last Forever)went 3X's Platinum as well as several other of his albums but Mr. Sweat is not a legend.

    Kudos on being a great dad though Mr. Sweat; we definitely need more fathers like you!

  • msmullens

    I looked at Lisa's "Corporate Website", and there's only two legit businesses up and that's her reality company and her Hart to Hart t-shirts. All her other stuff is supposedly "coming soon". I guess until her hubby gets picked back up by another team, she has to hold their family down.
    I really like OC edition because unlike one of these females, all but two actually worked. Even more than half the cast of the NYC worked. Were they unable to find woman who actually where wealthy in their own right?