FanMAIL: Email from an Obama supporter

This is the type of ignorance that I receive in my Inbox daily. According to this reader, I shouldn’t blog or express my opinions because I’m not an American.

So because I’m a resident alien with just as much right to work and pay taxes in this country as she does, I can’t speak on anything that concerns Americans. This is the elitist attitude of Obama supporters.

I should forward these ignorant emails to Barack Obama’s Atlanta office so they can have something to do.

By the way, Medina, it’s “you’re” not your.

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 13:01:12
Subject: Your not an American?

If your not an american you should NOT post anything about Americans.
Especially when you don’t know what your talking about. Really!!!


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    BUT I DO!!

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    SlimA says:

    We welcome you once, we welcome you twice, we welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ. :)

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    spongebobfan says:

    i feel you sandra, but where did she say shes a Obama supporter, maybe that part was edited, i ask because it seems this is a example of the “pot calling the kettle black” cause if she is being ignorant that your view on Obama supporters being “elitist” is just as sad and ignorant, but i do not agree with the emailer, continue with your views i am a fan of this website be it you being from england or iraq that in itself is irrelvant…………

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    mizzdallas says:

    Sandra, your just misunderstood, how come you edited the email?

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    Mississippi16 says:

    Let’s start a campaign.

    Let’s try to persuade Antie Sandra to send 10 of her loyal readers to Barack Obama’s Inaugural speech in January.

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    DivineBrown says:

    Well Damn, Medina Johnson you could have said something intelligent to back up your opinion!

    Come on Brotha…inspire her to change her viewpoint!

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    Seattle Slim says:

    While I don’t agree with the xenophobic tone, I think that right wing propaganda and general misinformation displayed in recent posts has worn thin on a great many of us.

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    ldorisca says:

    I agree with you Seattle

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    Mississippi16 says:

    I’m broke as hell and trying to get to the Inauguration. Sandra, please help.

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    H-Town Shan says:

    If your not an american you should NOT post anything about Americans.

    I hate when people misuse “your” for the contraction “you’re”.

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    WeezysBaby says:

    And how do you know that she is an Obama supporter? She didnt mention his name.

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    DivineBrown says:

    H-Town Shan: Thats an honest mistake. I do it all the time. However…

    I haven’t heard you say anything about “conversate”, “irregardless and observitant”…

    tee hee hee….just thought I’d slide those in again today Kwallace! lol

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    Mzsuave says:

    See…u starting stuff and stuff DB….lol

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    iyonah says:

    LOL …. this is funny

    @ HTown tell us why your mad ….

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    estyle4039 says:

    Ignorance begets Ignorance.

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    lovezoe says:

    Although it was not a well drafted letter, I get what she is saying. You are not able to vote, yet you voice your opinions daily on the matter of elections. Paying taxes and health care is a part of living in America. Clearly there was something in America that there was not in London, or you would not have moved her. As a blogger who relies on hits to get paid, you would think that you would try to be a little more fair and balanced. I think it is safe to say that over 50% of your readers are supporters of Barack Obama, feel free to type what you want, but how about showing viewpoints on both sides for a change?

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    lovezoe says:


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    estyle4039 says:

    H-Town Shan Says:

    I hate when people misuse “your” for the contraction “you’re”.


    and AX instead of Ask!!! That burns me up.

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    MRSJONESK says:

    H Town, that was the first thing I’d noticed. The misuse of the word “your” for “You’re” that’s one of my pet peeves.
    Sandra, brush your shoulders off and keep moving. She has nothing else to do. IT’S FRIDAYYYY!!!!

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    andrea says:

    “This is the elitist attitude of Obama supporters”

    Sandra, please don’t put us all in the same category. You have a right to your opinion & you can post whatever you want because this is your site. If people can’t deal with that they can leave. People get so damn bent out of shape when it comes to politics. It’s not that serious.

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    DivineBrown says:

    MZSuave….I’ve been being bad this week.

    I’ll be better next week…I promise

    I’m about to start some more stuff, too.


    Auntie…can you address the social inequalities of the Afro-Carribeans in England? And furthermore, do you feel you face the same inequality here in the United States?

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    stefany says:

    I think that right wing propaganda and general misinformation displayed in recent posts has worn thin on a great many of us.

    Although we’re all entitled to our own opinion, but disliking Barack Obama and bashing him because he’s a man (and Sandra obviously has problems with men) is just plain ignorant..When you hate men bad enough to support some bullshyt like McCain/Palin just because Palin is a woman, dumb as rocks thats pretty damn sad..I’ve personally don’t pay any attention to some of the things written on this blog because some of it is intentionally written to play on our emotions to generate comments, all blogs do it..And blogging under the name Charles to tell us how she really feels about Barack was just hilarious!

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    Charles says:

    ““This is the elitist attitude of Obama supporters””


    Im gonna be LAUGHING out LOUD when OBAMA LOSES this election, America is not ready for a black man to be president and they will elect a underqualified white man before a over qualified black man, WATCH you all will see!!!!!

    And sandra, if he has such a problem with your blog or your opinions why the **** is he reading your blog or on your website, what a lame!

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    starr says:

    Sandra….y u mad…..she has a right to her opinion….just like u do. Its really no different than the stuff u been posting alllll week.

  26. 26
    avidreader says:

    Pay no mind to her Sandra, you still have Freedom of Speech! LOL

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    Bird says:

    Whatever. Why would the Obama campaign be interested in this email? It’s silly for you to pay attention to it, let alone a presidential candidate. 99% of the stories on this site are about Americans. Would she prefer you only do stories on Brits? This is a non story.

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    BLACKBARBIE404 says:



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    SlimA says:

    Charles has always been suspect in my book. Will the real Charles please stand up?

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    stefany says:




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    prynsexxx says:

    #22 said:

    I’m about to start some more stuff, too.


    Auntie…can you address the social inequalities of the Afro-Carribeans in England? And furthermore, do you feel you face the same inequality here in the United States?

    Speaking as Sandra’s publicist:

    “F U C K you. Next question.”

    LOL j/k

    {{{{cyberhugs}}}} Divine Brown

  32. 32
    Crys says:

    i don’t understand using ‘ELITIST’ as an insult…..

  33. 33
    Seattle Slim says:

    Crys lol word. Paternalist and patronizing are a lot worse and that is exactly what Sarah Palin can be described as.

  34. 34
    DivineBrown says:

    Speaking as Sandra’s publicist:

    “F U C K you. Next question.”

    LOL j/k

    {{{{cyberhugs}}}} Divine Brown


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    Jadavies says:

    I am disturbed by this post! Disturbed at both the writer of the email and Sandra. To MEDINA JOHNSON, your ignorant rant is, shall I say it plain, STUPID! Sandra does have the right to have an opinion where ever she may be from. Though her opinion is “interesting” it’s we are all created equal and should be able to speak what we want. To SANDRA, please do not categorize all Obama supporters. We are not all the same. Maybe you should say this is the ELITIST attitude of ignorant people.

  36. 36
    free says:

    it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at.

    sandra, i didn’t realize you weren’t an american! sandra is being sandra. she AIN’T fair and balanced. i mean, it’s not fair that we have to hear about tiny and monica all the time what with all the other celebrity baby mommas out there but hey, it’s her blog.

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    Fenix6376 says:

    I don’t think it is fair to call Obama supporters “elitist”. They are no more “elistist” than the McCain supporters. What they all are is passionate about the issues and their candidates. Their passion may be missplaced sometimes, but I won’t go so far as to call them “elitist”, on either side.

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    dblaq says:

    Wow, elitist? If anybody is that it is the repubes! Obama supporters are those that are currently f**ked up and trying to stay alive. If a 90 year old woman shoots herself because she is about to evicated from her home through a loan from countrywide is called elitist, than you are on some straight up bullshyt!

    For you being black, gay and an immigrant, you out of all people should rethink your position because the Republicans despise all of the three. The republicans are the elitist hence the support from the CEO’s from ebay, walmart, etc. because their main goal is to rape the american working class to see their wealth grow. They could careless about any of us. Obama and Biden are the closets to us and they understand what it is like to be a regular American. Majority of Republicans are wealthy and have been for many many years it wouldn’t be suprising if they roots go back to the plantation owners back in the day. I just look in my subdivision of who is a McCain supporter and it is easy to point out.

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    Jessie says:

    I agree everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even Sandra. However, her coverage of this election has been similar to FOX NEWS. She dogs Sen. Obama every chance she gets and actually makes excuses for Gov. Palin.

    I don’t know how things are for people of color where she’s from, but being black and born in America has not always been fair to us African Americans. So when we see an intelligent, qualified and educated black man trying to get to the highest position in the land, we feel PRIDE. So, while Sandra certainly has a right to her opinion, her opinion is not based on anything other than her disdain for Obama. But, of course, she doesn’t get to vote and maybe that’s a good thing. Taxation without representation has finally paid off.

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