The name of the game is controversy and last night's premiere of The Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo delivered that.

While watching the show, I felt embarrassed, uncomfortable, and sad for those ladies who need material things to validate their existence.

For those of you who don't live in Atlanta -- the Hot Mess Housewives of Atlanta are not real and they don't represent the Atlanta that I know.

Yesterday, I spent the evening with a millionaire. I've known this guy for many years. It just so happened that 3 of his employees pulled up in their cars. They drove a Range Rover and two Mercedes Benz's. All three of those cars once belonged to the millionaire. Now those cars belong to his employees.

If you met him you would never know he was rich. And that's my point.

The really wealthy residents of Atlanta don't feel the need to broadcast their wealth or material things like those desperate, pitiful housewives of Atlanta who act like they're not used to having anything.

Yes, Atlanta is full of desperate Gold diggers like Sheree, Lisa, DeShawn, Kim and NeNe -- and the men who love them. Women who feel the need to floss material things do so to make up for what they lack in personality and self esteem.

I'm told that Sheree Whitfield has no money. She lost her clothing boutique through mismanagement of funds. That $5,000 handbag you saw her buy last night was actually borrowed.

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Sheree buys clothes on consignment from stores like Intermix Atlanta and Jeffreys -- then takes the clothes back to the store.

Her "entourage" is made up of friends of hers who sometimes get paid if the checks don't bounce.

I know all of this because Evander Holyfield's daughter, who used to work for Sheree until her paychecks started bouncing, posts all of Sheree's dirt on message boards.

I did love the Louis Vuitton cake Sheree had at her party though.

NeNe was a stripper who met her husband who turned a ho into a housewife. Even though she's ghetto as hell, as least she keeps it real.

I'm told Lisa Wu, who got her ass beat on the regular by ex-husband Keith Sweat, lost full custody of her two boys, Justin and Jordan, to Keith. She has one son, EJ, with her current husband Ed Hartwell, who was cut by the Oakland Raiders and is now jobless. But Lisa came up after her contentious relationship with Keith Sweat.

She now designs jewelry, owns a real estate firm, Hartwell & Associates, a baby clothing line, Hart 2 Hart Baby, and does a little acting on the side to support her husband who is obviously smitten with her.

Click to see pictures from the Atlanta Premiere party last night.

  • The Divine Ms. K

    I hate I missed this show, but it sounds about what I expected. Gold digging chicks who "married up" and define themselves by the superficial junk that they can't take with them.

    Don't get me wrong - I like my designer bags and whatnot, but if I lost them all today - it wouldn't change a thing about me.

    Now, I'll have to go back and watch and see if Sandra is exaggerating, but I doubt it. Mornin' all!

  • Coop


    Your on point.

  • licia

    i am watching it now. seems like the only one who isn't a gold digger is lisa because at least she relies on more than her rich husband. she works unlike the others.

  • licia

    i want to know what is the different between the atl housewives and the new york and orange county housewives? all three seasons have had women who are very materialistic and shallow. not just the atl one.

  • suga_stix

    These are 4 of the most dramatic cunts I have ever seen. They spent the whole hour talking about their wealth and designer clothes. It just goes to show you that these broads have no class and are not used to anything. The housewives of the O.C. and New York were never this pretentious.

  • shhhh

    This is funny coming from someone that LOVES making it a point to point out what people like Rihanna, Monica, and Tiny paid for their bags and shoes.

    You know I for one have been reading you message board for many years so I know the type of things you write about in terms of material things. The type of things you tend to take focus on can drive a person to feel they're less of a person, because they can't afford to spend $1300 on a bag or pair of shoes.

    We also know that Atlanta is ofter referred to as "Black Hollywood." Everyone is trying to keep up with the Jones there, so lets keep it real now Sandra.

    By the way, I didn't see the show.

  • mizzdallas

    GM! Sr family!

    I agree Licia I was watching it for a little bit, I was annoyed I switch the channel, these are some hard-gold digging insecure woman.

  • mj

    I thought the show was interestingly sad. Sheree seems very bitchy and it is sad that they do flaunt what their husbands have given them the way the do. None of the women are successful on their own. But that Sheree really seems like a handful. If it’s true Auntie Sandra what you say about Keith Sweat and Ms Hu, WOW that doesn’t even sounds like Keith Sweat. Not like I know him – but men that hit women are so gay. I hate to think Keith Sweat is that way. Oh and that NeNe is crazy in a good way. She seems to try and keep it real but I just wanted to shut her loud mouth up. Cleary ghetto with a few bucks. LOL

  • mizzdallas

    Shhhh tell us how you really feel!!!...... LMAO!!



  • here4beer

    These women are a trip. Unlike the other Housewives shows, none of them (except Lisa) even had a job!! They were all golddiggers who came up on the right one. I'm with you, Sandra- I liked Nene cuz at least she kept it real. The rest were too bougie for their own good.

  • Yanaja

    Nene is my absolute favorite. She is hood as hell, but she does keep it gully. She played herself by going to that party though. IMO she seems to be the only one genuinely grateful for the life she now has thanks to her husband. She does a lot of good in her church I've been told.

    Deshawn cracks me up. She said "I always knew I was destined for greatness." That sh*t is so comical. You are not the one out on a basketball court for 82 games ma. You are not great, you my dear are coasting off your man's riches. If you were so "great" you wouldn't need a governess, nanny, housekeeper, cook, toilet paper passer, etc. to help you take care of your house and fam when you are UNEMPLOYED with no reason not to be doing most of that sh*t yourself...Did you guys know she has a foundation named after...HERSELF...smh

    I have one important question though...WHY is that white lady Kim so damn gitchy??...just damn.

  • lovezoe

    It is funny that Sheree wants to keep the lifestyle that was given to her by her footballer husband, talking about she wants seven figures. PLEASE! Get out and get a job like normal folks. You wonder why people call you a gold digger. Clearly there was prenup. She is spending money like crazy. Having a party with 100 friends, $1200 cakes. Thanks for giving the judge something to base his decision on when you go to court.

  • shannon04

    Im glad that people from the A..are speaking up. These women in my opinion do not speak for the wealthy in ATL. Why do these women carry on like this and it is embarrassing to watch. I watched the premiere a few weeks back thinking it would show these women grinding and working on something positive. Some of these women truly are a mess. I will not be watching this.

  • dakotab

    Sandra, you told me this a long time ago about the women in ATLANTA. And you were proven right.

    #1 NeNe - You can feel she is what she represents.

    #2 Keith Sweat's ex- I actually like her, she seems at least humble and she does something!

    #3 - The wife her interviewed the governess did not come off as very intelligent and has some bad ass kids.

    #4 - White lady, I think she's seeing TED TURNER or a married celebrity.

    #5 - Sheree - If you pay close attention you can see that this is all a farce and behind closed doors she is sad and lonely.

  • DivineBrown

    I concur suga_stix!! Having that much money speaks for don't have to contantly talk about it!


  • toosexy

    I have never watched either shows, I really would like to weigh in but it just don't seem appealing to me

    Good Morning SR folks.

  • iscream

    I actually watched this train wreck of a show. Shree with her who's who birthday party. Well who was who? I didn't see no big name celeb's there & I know Atl is full of them.

    What took the cake for me was when that woman (don't know name) hired a supervisor to supervise the help. You don't work why can't you supervise your own help. And of course the husband stood there looking dumb like its not his money being spent. He really put me in the mind of Salt's husband.

    NeNe was the best of the worst.

  • dakotab

    And Did SHEREE say she was 38?!! NAH boo, that's a hard 38 if I ever seen one.

  • kamini

    I watched last night it was funny to me. No way I could forgive homegirl for my name not being on the guest list and hit not being dealt with properly. I would never speak to that heffa again. But it was funny to watch. lol

  • Yanaja

    dakotab Says:

    #5 - Sheree - If you pay close attention you can see that this is all a farce and behind closed doors she is sad and lonely.

    She's lonely for a reason though. Her attitude is UGLY. You reap what you sow. When she got with her man she probably (I say probably because I dont actually know her) started acting brand new and alienated all her REAL friends. Now that her trifling man is gone she's left with a big old empty house that she has to fill with fake friends, employees and material things...every action has a consequence...that is the most important thing that parents much teach their children, especially little girls...

  • lnp03

    This show is so sad! I am embarrassed as a black woman that this mess is on. People with real wealth don't act like this. These women are "hood" rich. Everything that they focus on is material. I will not be watching. This is just another example of how Atlanta is being made to look bad.

  • lnp03

    I did watch last night but won't be watching anymore.

  • dakotab

    To Yanaja : I agree 100%. I don't know her either, but I bet underneath all of that, she might actually be cool.

    Everything she does says "I need someone to love me. Because the one person I married didn't."

  • ndwflorida

    Sorry had to use all CAPS. Lisa is about the only cool one, who is at least doing something with the money she did get and earned. Sheree makes me wanna slap the "wake up" taste out of her mouth!! Deshawn needs to go back where she came from, with her sorry azz! Why Snow married her is beyond me, she is lazy! NeNe is straight hood, but can't be too mad at her she came up from nothing, and poor Kim....Whitetrash, who got lucky and @#$%^ wit a married man is my guess?? All of them use money, and designer whatnots to make themselves feel better. Im sure they have low self esteem. I'm just sayin!!!!

  • carmelita79

    after reading all of this i look forward to turning on my dvr and watching the show. the housewives of NY were terrible and i was ashamed to be from ny( just another reason to be) orange county was way too fake.

  • kwallace577

    being materialistic will get you nowhere. life is too short to identify your worth with cars, houses, clothes, purses, jewelry, etc.

    at my funeral i want folks to mention what a kind person i was or how i was a terrific mother or some other kind of fond warm memory.

    NOT "she sure could dress her azz off while driving that mercedes to the club and when she got there she bought out the bar. she always had on some banging shoes and her bag game was on point"

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    LMAO @ Sandra...tell us how u REALLY feel!

    I might have to check this show out...borrowing a $5000 handbag? I don't get it. If the bag can't be mines I don't want it...and knock-offs is a no-no too lol.

  • kitty4shigady

    Ilike nene she seem real, sharee PURE BITCH,

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    I agree with Licia too. I remember seeing and episode of the Orange County season and all the women were going shopping for diamonds. It was like a group event, they got a limo and went to jeweler and they all bought something. Like it wasn't a thing.

    This season isn't different from any other season.

  • kitty4shigady

    oh and kim she is a golddigger like a mofo i want to know who big pappa is so come on sandra I know you can find that out. I think he might be married too. The lisa girl seems cool. I really don't have any thoughts on the deshawn female yet.sandra please tell us who big pappa please

  • Mississippi16

    @15 - I was thinking the exact same thing about Kim... Ted Turner or some married guy. Although she's an airhead, she's still entertaining and somewhat likeable.

    I liked NeNe the best but she's overwhelming.

    Sheree really need to heal and look inside herself and stop trying to use all these labels and appeareances to put a band aid on her pain.

  • ReadTheBlog

    OMG, I am soooooo glad that I am grounded enough and love myself enough to NOT define myself with material things. Although I love me and own some nice stuff, I do not let it consume me.

    Allah is Akbar :-)

  • brwnsugga4you

    uggg...what a sad, sad state we are in as black freakin materialistic. don't get me wrong i like nice shit, i got nice shit..however, it's not the it all be all....the real housewives of orange county and even ny were not like this!!! whoever the bitch (and i'm calling her that) sheree is, she's a real BITCH!!!...and she aint even all of that! my girls will run circles around her and we don't have the $$ she has..I WILL NOT BE WATCHING THIS GARBAGE EVER AGAIN!

  • starr

    Sandra is on point with this. I watched the first Housewives.....and all it is to is a bunch of materialistic gold digging women. I can't speak on the ATL housewives cuz i stopped watching after the first season of the first one.

  • starr

    I wanna see more black women like Michelle Obama....i'm tired of the b.s.


    Of all the REAL WOMEN in ATLANTA who really have it going on, how the hell did BRAVO find a bunch of uneducated, tacky women, who obviously have nothing going on. THEY ARE ALL PILLOW QUEENS (all they are good for is laying on their backs). All the over the top BS, it's like water, I can see all through it. I don't like any of those CHICKHEADS.... They are all fake and you can tell that they are not really feeling one another. If I had to choose, I would pick NENE, JUST BECAUSE THE "B" is real with who is she. STRAIGHT UP GHETTO, that why she will be the star of the show. Her Husband made that HOE into a housewife and we'll see if that marriage last. SHEREE baby I won't give you the time of day. You look like a broke down drag queen. You'll never get 7 figures from your husband BOB cause he doesn't have it. PLEASE hurry and sell the house so that the divorce can be final, stop holding up progress. You try to portray yourself as such a "I'm better that you B". What I really want to know is of all the BIG BALLERS in ATL how did you select BOB WHITFIELD, he was an average player for an AVERAGE CHIC and that's what YOU ARE AVERAGE. So get off you're High Horse.
    LISA after Keith Sweat, GIRL I am so happy for you, there is LIFE after such an abusive Marriage. Keep doing what you do because ED is smitten. SORRY HE WAS CUT FROM THE RAIDERS. He’d fine though. DeSHAWN….. Please get your fat self to a gym and learn to talk, and all of the other women should follow suit because none of you know the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Kim, Obvious White Trash, and all of the other chics are BLACK TRASH. I will watch week after week and dog out you WANNABEES on every Blog, maybe Bravo will hear my cries and find women I can respect.

  • licia

    ty mizz and hermosa. i am glad i am not the only one who sees that the first two seasons were no different. i didn't see any mile long posts on those two seasons.

  • iscream

    Who is Keith Sweats ex? & which one of them had a job. The one who worked out with her husband? What type of job?

    Sorry about all the questions. I missed the first 5 mins.

  • Krysi J

    I wonder if this episode is on youtube. I didn't see it, but judging by these comments, ATL housewives are straight garbage. I might as well get an eye full so I can clown dere aZZes too!

  • teeteek

    I watched the show last night and thought it was hilarious. NeNe was defiantly the hood rat out of the crew. If I was her I would not have gone back in the party. How are u going to call me and invite me to your party and then I’m not on the guest list…That was some B.S. I would have been pissed also. Who is Kim dating? Auntie, I know u know who she is dating.

  • lisa

    OK, I've been waiting for you to put this up Sandra! Sometimes I wonder what is just for the cameras and what is real because reality or not if it is boring no one will watch it. The first episode was not boring; oh contraire.

    Sheree is the snob of the group. I'm just going on what I saw. "If they can't keep up then that's their problem." Wow. I dont hate on wealth or their comfortable living but the whole attitude that you are better than others irks me but ok. I hope she gets her 7 figure settlement.

    Not to make light of Sheree’s BDYA but Sheree you know that some only came because of the cameras.

    I like NeNe but she was WRONG for trying to upstage the BDAY Girl! NeNe you know you would try and cut a sista had that been done to you. NeNe, please call Sheree and apologize because you not being on the list was not intentional. I sum up Sheree and NeNe's relationship as two extremes in personalities; they just don't mesh.

    NeNe adores her sons and you can tell that they adore their momma; even the oldest who is definately in his awkward teen years.

    I felt bad for Kim because I know she wanted to stay at the party but you have to stick with your Rho Dawg. I think her mystery man is Ted Turner:-)

    I like Lisa and her husband’s relationship and I pray that it lasts forever. Wow, they only dated for like 2 months. Lisa is definitely a go getter and has the most energy.

    Deshawn was low key in last night’s episode in terms of going’s on and again the scene with the Estate Manager kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I know it was on a trial basis but DeShawn you should hire her. You can tell that she is professional and all about the business and things will get done. She definitely does not have a sense of humor but that’s not what you are hiring her for.

    Funniest moment: when NeNe said “her gate doesn’t even work; talking about security…” and when Kim said “im a black girl trapped inside of a white body…”

    Analysis: There will never be a dull episode.

  • aikandy

    They were quite ridiculous, especially Sheree. NeNe will likely make the show with her ghetto antics.

    I sure would like to know who Big Poppa is....

  • lisa

    Dang, why did Lisa lose custody of the boys? Mothers rarely lose custody so something serious must of went down.

  • aikandy

    Also, did anyone else think that Sheree should fire her makeup artist? (Anytime your face is orange and your body is not, there may be a color mismatch - maybe she and alicia have the same artist?)

    DeShawn has got to hit the gym.....I'm sure there is one in that museum somewhere.....

  • shhhh

    I was able to find this on the Internet and watch it. It was MOST entertaining. I'm really speechless!

    People keep talking about Lisa being the coolest one. As beautiful as she is, there is something that's really not right about her. I can't quite put my finger on it though. Her dude seems really eww. Kind of seems like she's trying to come off a lot happier than she really is for the camera.

    I like Deshawn out of everybody. Although I think she's doing most of what she's doing for the camera and it's all good. I think her and her husband make a BEAUTIFUL couple. They were so funny to me.

  • kitty4shigady

    iscream Says:

    Who is Keith Sweats ex? & which one of them had a job. The one who worked out with her husband? What type of job?

    Sorry about all the questions. I missed the first 5 mins

    ^^^^^^^^^ its all good his ex is the lisa girl I think she is in real estate and she has her own clothing line I believe its a chiildrens clothing lin. Yea lisa was the one who was working out with her husband

  • Sharonda

    I watched and my analysis is as simple :They are all gold diggers.Do women really marry after a month and half knowing each other??My sister did and she wishes she wasn't married.Funny...

    I don't want to cut my opinions about them, but I'm pretty sure you all said it for me.

  • Peachizz

    I don't live in ATL, neither do i think these women represent what woman realy are like in ATL, these woman a just a mix of everything "Wealthy is not".

    NeNe is Great T.V, a Hot Ghetto Mess, She's str8 hood and you know it, what you see is what you get with her.

    Dashawn Honey you don't need no estate manager,goveness(what is that anyway),nanny,chef,maid, etc etc. Honey you are unemployed) and greatest is not defined with $$$$ , NEWSFLASH- Old money don't respect new money.

    Sheree, Poor lonely sweet thing.. Get a reality check, what you mean you don't want no rif raft around.. girl get ya gate fixed and stop issuing rubber checks..

    Lisa-I sorry you stayed in that relationship for so long for status, If she said "Power Couple" one mo time.

    Kim-White Trash, Big Daddy has to be Ted Turner.

    Until next week's episode...

  • aikandy

    I second Peachizz' comment on new money.....

  • KaraZ

    Geez I need the man to stop blocking the site from my desktop!
    I just knew NeNe was a stripper,her titays just hanging out; and I suspect Kim was at the very least an escort and that's how they know each other.
    Sheree's ugliness shows on her face, she can stay waiting on that settlement, very soon those kids will be over 18, and what is she going to do then? Sandra is your source for sheree Lawrence at N'seya?
    Deshawn is so low rent, you can tell she got it from her parents too, having a list of demands to visit their child. And her dumb ass should know that having a governess AND a nanny is redundant. No wonder Eric left her.

  • Mississippi16

    @51 KaraZ....
    Are Eric and Deshawn no longer together???

    He appears to be very grounded and that may be what's separating them... her trying to be like the other women.

  • iscream

    I would think an old man like Ted Turner could pull him some playboy type of women. Not a plastic MILF.

  • dblaq

    That's funny I could pretty much draw out one of the GD's career as I known her for some years through the husband. All trash. When they married I was like WTF? and he wouldn't tell that he did get married because how we felt about her. Over the years she proved herself to be what you guys see in one little show. No skills, No personality, full sh*t. Taking the husband to the cleaners but the way I see birds of feather flock together


    Ted Turner is not KIM'S man....... She has no class, he would never deal with her. After a classy woman like Jane Fonda..... trust me Ted's lady is not on a reality show.

  • Mississippi16

    They summed it up on Bravo's website as, " MTV Cribs meets Jerry Springer"

  • talkingwithtami

    I was at the premiere/red carpet in Atlanta last night and met all of the housewives. They were fine to me and NeNe really stood out, wow she is tall as heck! Lisa was very classy and fun,Deshawn was the quiet,low key one,Kim was fun and wild, and Sheree was the best dressed diva there!Out of all the women I met, I liked Sheree the best. I loved all of them though.Most of you have to remember its tv and its pure entertainment like Sandra Rose's blog!

  • KaraZ

    Umm I can almost guarantee you that Kim is with a black man, a married one at that. Ted Turner would not be slumming with this gutter butt trash.

    @MI. The Snows aren't as together as the show would have you believe.

  • trina@atl

    I live here in the A and I have never heard of any of them or their husbands, so they are only elite in their own little minds. It is so sad that women have to brag about material things to make themselves feel good. That white chick needs to really set a better example for her two daughters, b/c I am sure Big Pappa is a married man and she is his mistress that lives in a townhomes and him and his wife lives in a mansion. That Sheree lady is very pitful and loney b/c anyone who would have a cake made like their LV bag and then be ghetto enough to bring the bag out to show everyone at the party that it looks like the cake, really is not use to anything. Also this is the example of rich versus wealthy. You would never catch a wealthy person acting like them.

  • shhhh

    I think a lot of this sh*t is jyst for TV.

    First: Who just out of the clear blue says "I want a Escalade?" Then goes and writes a check for the FULL PRICE of $68,000? I don't care how rich you are NOBODY DOES THAT.

    Second: You noticed after the she purchased the Escalade she was in the Range for the party. That didn't make sense.

    Third: I could tell how Deshawn was laughing with her husband when she was talking to the House Manager about her dad's request that this was not their "normal" behavior. That's why she kept laughing and why he was just like whatever.

    Forth: The whole party thing with her hyping it up like it was going to be so big when I didn't see a familiar face in sight. All of it was hyped up for TV.

  • talkingwithtami

    @ shhh, Now you understand what im saying! Its good tv and entertainment!Coming from a tv producers point of view, they coach you along. I did Deserving Design(Hgtv) last summer with Vern Yip and it was not spontaneous lol. It took months to prepare and we did scenes over and over again. We knew they were coming, just didnt know exactly what our house was going to look like in the end. Same with the Atlanta Housewives show, its all staged folks lol.

  • Yanaja

    shhhh Says:

    I think a lot of this sh*t is jyst for TV.

    First: Who just out of the clear blue says “I want a Escalade?” Then goes and writes a check for the FULL PRICE of $68,000? I don’t care how rich you are NOBODY DOES THAT.


    I meant to comment on that too. Purchasing a car is the biggest WASTE of money. Wealthy people lease whips because they depreciate in value as soon as you drive them off the lot. A car is definitely not an investment. Plus when the new model comes out you are either stuck with your old whip or you trade it in for a fraction of the real value...leasing is definitely the way to go

    She obviously didn't actually earn any of the money she's throwing around because she has no idea how to spend it wisely. And please tell me why she had to ASK him if she could get the car if the money was already in the account she wrote the check against???

  • Yanaja

    And how hookerish did she look paying for her purchases at an upscale store with cash??? Really? Like $5000 in $100 bills??? LMAO

  • Lucy

    The its nice to know that there are people willing to look bad for pay. Keep the riches coming.

  • shhhh


    I don't even think she purchased the car. I think it was all for TV. You noticed how all those people were just standing around at the car lot? I'm willing to bet that we don't see that truck again in any future episodes.

    Also, why didn't she take her new truck to the "hottest" party in ATL? She was driving a Range to the party.

  • Yanaja

    True indeed shhhh...I mean who gets to drive a fully loaded whip off the lot anyhow??? How did she get rims so fast??? As much as I can't stand these chicks (except Nene and maybe Lisa, but I didnt like her NBA wives comment) I will still be watching faithfully lol

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  • china977

    I don't even think these women of Atlanta are setting good examples for young women. I was raised to work and get what I want so I wuld not need to depend on a man for that. I would be very embassed to let my daughter even watch this show......

  • dblaq

    Well what does that tell you? I guess it doesn't take much for you to be entertained anymore. The producers proably feel like that you can throw the viewers all kinds of bullshyt and they will like it. I would take more of an insult that they give you some low budget non sense because you all are not worthy of quality entertainment that takes real actors, a good script, good production and serious development.

  • Sharonda

    They probably leasing like all celebrities or so call "show-offs" do.

  • mimi08

    I was embarrased too by this show. The truly rich don't broadcast their riches like that. People who are broke and flossing and on the edge of bankruptcy do as you seen last night.

    Ne Ne was okay

    Sheree was ugly and look like a dude! And you could tell she's broke and living on credit cards; she's fake ass hell.

    The White chick was okay.

    Deshawn and her husband seemed fake...don't get me wrong, she seemed nice, but she seemed a bit over the top at times, like stocking the bedrooms with stuff her father likes....OVER THE TOP...Just take his azz grocery shopping when he gets to town....Some people try to be so boujie they come off looking like a over the top idiot.

    Lisa was okay i guess.

    Overall, the show is full of fake bytches, who are ugly. I live in Atlanta and there are beautiful women here; where did they get these busted bytches from? I swear it's like they found the ugliest chicks to represent the A.

  • mimi08

    And damn, where'd that white chick get that big azz obvious men take note, white women where wigs and pieces too, prime example.

  • Anna

    mimi08 Says:

    And damn, where’d that white chick get that big azz obvious wigs…black men take note, white women where wigs and pieces too, prime example.
    I saw that dirty looking weave and thought what the hell.
    The first girl in the green in the pic. She looks like shes drowning in her outfit. She is too short for such a long dress to wear with laced heels.

  • pointhimout

    Man, the blogs are hard on Sheree (different blogs...folks are doggin her out).

    I love Ne-Ne too, just loud for no reason, yet entertaining. Kim is boring to me though. Like I said before, I won't judge them at all. It's good tv, so I'll tune in. I almost fell off the couch laughing when NeNe left the party saying 'i been the sheree's house a million times....the gate dont even work.' priceless.

    When she bowed her head during the guy's speech, I sensed she was going thru a lot, but just wanted to enjoy this one day and have a good time.

    If we were doing a reality show, somebody would be dogging all our asses out for our quirks and habits/ways. Let's cut the ladies some slack.

    No, I'm not on anybodys payroll YET.

    Sheree, NeNe ,etc... CALL ME....better yet, Deshawn...she seems to be in a hiring mood.
    I dont know what Sheree has or will be getting. Something's keeping her in that 2+million $$$ pad in Sandy Springs. I was actually wondering how Bob Whitfield pulled HER, and where he gone get 7 figures from????? oh well, best of luck to her.

  • dblaq

    pointhimout - most likely the alimony is whats keeping her there or child support she gets both. You wanna how he pulled her and it is quite simple

    He was one of the top line men in the league got 30 million = all the women looking for meal tickets gravitate towards the 30 mill, Its like using you to get to your best friend!!!! Bob is YOU and the 30 mill is your best friend

  • Linda Blansky

    Flash forward to 2015. That stripper is rich B. Lisa Wu still digging for Gold along with broke Sheman and the rest of the pretenders.