Trust me, I know this one smells like a publicity stunt. But too many industry heads are talking, so there must be something to it.

In fact, the source who gave me this info also gave me a hot tip two weeks ago — which I chose to dismiss — and by the next day, the story was on every blog.

This source is responsible for a few of my hottest scoops which the national media picked up on. She is no joke when it comes to dispensing industry insider information.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t a publicity stunt. We both agreed that it might be.

As you know, director/actor Tyler Perry has done this sort of thing in the past to quiet the rumors about his sexuality. Talk show guru Oprah felt so sorry for her friend that she agreed to front for him in an International publicity stunt that went nowhere.

And talk show diva Tyra Banks refuses to speak to Perry after their publicity stunt got out of hand.

So here’s the latest: Director/actor Tyler Perry is said to be engaged to actress Taraji P. Henson, who plays his wife in Perry’s latest flick about family discord, The Family That Preys.

Perry supposedly fell head over heels (or in this case, heels over heels) for Henson on the set of ‘Prey’. He supposedly popped the question over dinner.

Either Taraji is a fag hag or she is paying no mind to the rampant rumors concerning Mr. Perry’s extra-curricular activities.

It’s easy to look the other way when your man is showering you with diamonds and other pricey trinkets.

But at 37, Taraji isn’t getting any younger, and most available men are getting turned out faster than Johnny Gill.

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  • Anna

    I don’t believe this.

  • LilMissRed

    “But at 37, Taraji isn’t getting any younger, and most available men are getting turned out faster than Johnny Gill.” Sandra, ur a mess!

  • DivaMama


  • karaz

    Jesus! Please be a gaydar.

  • Krysi J

    Well, I have to admit, this doesn’t make much sense? (scratching my head) No offense Madea, but how did Taraji go from Common to Tyler Perry?

  • goat76

    I used to like her…….Good luck….

  • shay1

    Morning – everyone!

    Dont believe it either…..

  • kwallace577

    i hope this is not true. star jones, teri mcmillian, jhud, what the HELL is WRONG with these women? if i even heard the inkling my man might like men i would run the other direction.

    they all need to report to an HIV/AIDS awareness class ASAP and get skoold on the statistics of the disease and black women. in my opinion.

  • kwallace577

    and why is she turned around like she got a donk? just asking.

    does ANYBODY ANYBODY famous or otherwise believe in MATCHING anymore? what was wrong with plain black shoes? what was wrong with a shoe in that exact style but one that MATCHED?

  • DivineBrown

    WHAT????? WHEN DID HER COMMON BREAK UP?? What happened with Tyler and Tyra?

    I can’t even hate on Taraji! She did her thing in his last movie…I loved her. If this is true, I hope they are happy together.


    Who know’s?! I don’t care. Did any one see Tyler’s house online? It’s up for sale. there are over 20 pics of the house.

  • MRSJONESK go to this website to view the pics of Tyler’s house.

  • ckarinwhite

    I don’t believe it!…

  • toosexy

    I don’t believe this either, I think tyler is a pretty handsome man, I really hope he isn’t swinging that way.

  • toosexy

    But I did enjoy that movie!

  • Kymystry

    Good Morning Family ..

    Ummm why she gona on Electric Blue Shoes … I thought that Gay Menz has Such an awsome fashion sense… if That Were her Fiancee .. shouldn’t he pull her aside and say .. guuuuurl .. you KNOW you ain’t goin NO-where with me

  • iyonah

    @KW “they all need to report to an HIV/AIDS awareness class ASAP and get skoold on the statistics of the disease and black women. in my opinion.”

    Are you implying that DOWN LOW men are the lead cause of HIV/AIDS in black woman?

    @db Well since Common is seen often with one of the William’s sisters for a min now, I am wondering when did him in Taraji hook up. I only remember seeing her in one of his videos, but I could be so WRONG …

  • iyonah

    @ all please excuse typos and please file this under WHO CARES!

  • Alana

    If I was 37 and he didn’t make me sign a pre-nup and I wouldn’t have to have sex with him I would marry him! I can keep his gay secret!

  • toosexy


    Girl for real! But I don’t know I love sex, lord forgive me but i would probably have to have me a mandingo on the side.LOL



  • Naturally_Sexy

    Taraji Penda Henson
    September 11, 1970 (1970-09-11) (age 38)
    Washington, D.C., United States…per Wikipedia

  • kwallace577

    @16. nope not implying that at all. but why even put yourself at extra risk? there is enough risk with hetrosexual men. i am well versed in the numerous ways to contract as i am a volunteer for many years now at my local AIDS awareness agency.

    black women have enough odds is what i am saying.

  • goat76

    Good Morning Toosexy

  • Detroit48205

    I hate the blue shoes…

  • Bird

    I don’t really have anything to say about this. It’s just a rumor. When I see them doing red carpets and interviews together, I might weigh in. Even then I don’t think I’d have anything bad to say. We don’t know if Tyler is gay. People just speculate that he is based solely on his looks.

  • licia

    i agree with bird.

  • iscream

    Somebody named Star Jone, Teri McMillian & JHud… well in the relationship THEY were the bread winners. This is a different case.

    @ Alana I’m with you. I’d spend his money and have me a honey on the side. Best of both worlds.

  • Charles

    Yeah im sure they are enageged and im sure tyler perry has sex with her every night


  • NaturallyMe

    I wonder how Laveranues Coles feels about his man getting married to Taraji.

  • dblaq

    Well, Taraji is not a catch!!! I have seen somethings on this woman with my own eyes. I would definitely pass in wifing her.

  • omina-homina

    Taraji is 31…

  • pointhimout

    sandra, i despise this post and am outraged at its contents.

    i am NOT turning out available men faster than Johnny Gill. We’re neck and neck. WHATEVER!!!

  • Tricee1973

    I don’t know whether to believe this or not. Time will tell soon.

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