Bob Owens sent the following email to request that I correct some "factual inaccuracies" in my post on automatic weapons this morning.

While his points were duly noted, I informed Mr. Owens that we here at tend to infuse a little dry humor into some of our posts. Some readers get the humor, but a lot don't.

I'm still at a loss to understand why people take my blog so seriously. :?

At first I wasn't going to post Mr. Owens' email, but since it contained such interesting information, I decided to post it:

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 12:26
From: Bob Owens |
Subject: Factual inaccuracies in your assault rifles article

Hi Sandra,

My name is Bob Owens, and I own the site you linked to regarding the increase in "assault weapon" sales. I was hoping that you would update your post to correct some things you got wrong. I ask this as something of an authority on firearms, as a someone who writes about them, who once sold them, and who legally carries one concealed.

    "Assault rifles are the weapons of choice for hired killers, terrorists, the KKK, rappers and other like-minded individuals."

Only in the movies. In the real world, according to FBI statistics, so-called "assault rifles" are very rarely used in crimes. Most crimes are committed with handguns and cut-down shotguns, weapons that can easily be concealed. Loaded "assault rifles" weigh in around 9-12 pounds and are too difficult to conceal.

The people that actually buy the semi-automatic rifles you call "assault rifles" (real military assault weapons having been used in exactly 2 violent crimes since 1934 and one of those was by an Ohio cop) are typically collectors, hunters, and target shooters, with the AR-15 (the look-alike of the military M-16) being very popular target rifles with it's own dedicated shooting competitions. So who are buying these firearms? Generally, most are middle-aged, middle-aged suburban and rural white guys. None have criminal records or they couldn't pass the NICS background check. In short, the people buying them aren't those you should be worried about.

    "Gun shop owners deny the weapons are being stockpiled by racists and
    rednecks to kill hundreds of blacks, as some wild Internet rumors allege."

While I obviously can't speak for everyone, everywhere, the gun shops I spoke with noted that blacks are appearing in proportionate numbers as well, shopping for similar firearms. While I have no doubt that some racist groups like the Klan are wishing that a race war was in the offing, there simply isn't any evidence of one racial group disproportionately buying firearms, or of race being a significant factor in purchases.

    "The shop owners say gun enthusiasts simply fear stricter gun laws under the new Obama-led administration. Obama is expected to impose the most divisive, anti-gun laws of any president in recent history."

Absolutely true. Obama favored outlawing entire classes of firearms as a State Senator in Illinois, and was a member of anti-gun groups including the Joyce Foundation and Woods Fund as a director. As a member of Joyce, he was part of a plan to undermine the Second Amendment by corrupting legal scholarship.

I should also point out that those cities with the most gun control have the worst violent crime, as criminals know their victims are unarmed. Since this summer, more Americans were killed in Chicago (which has a complete handgun ban and no concealed carry) than in combat in Iraq.

    "The Clinton administration outlawed assault rifles in 1994, but was lax on enforcing the laws. The law expired in 2004 under the Bush administration."

The "Assault Weapons Ban" that Joe Biden likes to take credit for writing was part of the 1994 Crime Bill, and did not outlaw much of anything. While it outlawed 19 specific guns by specific manufacturers, what it primarily outlawed was cosmetic features that made guns look scary. Flash hiders, folding and telescoping stocks, bayonet lugs and pistol grips do nothing to make a gun fire more accurately, more rapidly or with more power, but these cosmetic features were what was banned. As a result, the same companies manufactured the exact same firearms without some of these cosmetic features, and they were legally sold again the next day. In short, it was a law passed by ignorant politicians that ignorant citizens thought accomplished something. The prior administration was not "lax on enforcing the laws." The laws were simply stupid, and accomplished nothing.

Also, Obama's site has reinstating this failed ban as an official policy. I guess he didn't learn anything the first time around.

I look forward to you making those updates on your site.



  • bklynchick

    Awww Sandra u just wanted to post this because he is bashing Obama!!

    Guns are dangerous and no matter what law they put it I gurantee u, you will be able to buy one on the streets illegal quicker than buying one in a store. Sad but it's true.

  • Kymystry

    Bob ... ummm thanks ? but 3 lines into your dissertation my teeth starting itchin...

    I'll keep my lil ole Lady Smith & Wesson 38 and my g-daddy's 9mm he gave me and call it a day...

    thanks .. smooches

  • Asouthernpeach

    Listen up: White folks are preparing for a RACE WAR, actually they are calling for it. You better take heed. White folks are buying guns in record numbers, while the authorities are having gun drives in black communities, giving away free sneakers and sporting event tickets for black people who turn in their guns. Y’all need to start seeing with your third eye and hearing with your third ear. Read the real news, not sorry azz blogs!!! G. Gordon Liddy has place an on air radio call for whites to buy guns and not legally registered them!!!!! Why would someone not register a gun????? Hmmmmmm…. WTFU people!!! Don’t believe me listen to conservative talk shows like (S. Hannity, G.G.Liddy, R. Limbaugh) they ain’t hiding shyt.

  • shunda

    One of the old ladys at church told me to get a gun because I am home alone a lot. I told her that I can be a little angry at times and I may randomly shoot somebody. She gave me the weirdest look.

  • Kymystry

    SoPeach... You have Credibilty ... and yes these Crackers are PISSED ... and are seriously demented in their thinking..

    I will be makin regular visits to the shooting range .. my dead center mass is a WEE bit off from non-use.

  • shunda

    off the subject
    Can I sue my job for attempted murder for trying to freeze me to death?? Just wondering

  • HouStar

    I know this may be hard for some to believe... But not all white people are racist. It took more than just the minority vote to get him into office. IT is this type of nonsense that irritates the mess out of me...

    Oh yeah and shunda..LOL at your answer to the old lady. I can just see it now :) And if you succeed in your lawsuit please let me know, I would like to sue mine as well!!

  • Asouthernpeach better. They are expecting 4 million people for the inauguration. 3 Million of those people will probably be people of color. Can you find a better shooting range for the crazies??? I'm just saying...........

  • Bubbles

    Factual inaccuracies is a polite way of saying LIES.

  • shunda

    I agree not all white people are racist. Yeah, you should of seen the way she turned around. I was just being honest. I do get a little angry at times :)

  • candi21

    Look at Bob's confederate yankee email moniker, now c'mon Bob do you really expect Me to believe yt's are collecting the guns for show and hunting? Its obvious you are a redneck, and are probably one of those____ that would like a race war because you have a black president?

  • Asouthernpeach

    Not all@HouStar.... BUT MOST!!! As long as you ain't messing with their money they cool. As long as they stay on top and and you at the bottom they cool. The only reason why they voted for Obama was because the draining economy affected them too. They turned on their own because they saw their retirements and investments go down the drain. They had to buy the same expensive azz gas as we did. If it had only affect blacks they wouldn't have given a shyt. And McCain would be the President Elect. Black folk are use to STRUGGLE, white folk can't handle struggle. Don't fool yourself. Keep it Real!

  • HouStar

    We are just going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I can tell already that we have very different views on this subject...

  • Charles

    Obama always keeping the white man down!!!!!!!!

  • kalvonel

    HA! @ Charles...silly.

    I don't think most yt folks are racist. Just like every black man isn't an "angry black man" not all white folks are racists. As far as being killed at the inauguration...I'll be there, but I'll be like a gazel in Africa! (aka on the look out for fools and the quickest exit)

  • melinla

    That was funny Charles


    Wow, these people kill me.. My uncle works as a DC special forces division and please believe there won't be any craziness on Jan 20th.. I can't even tell you all the security measures that they are taking for that date... So if your going don't do ANYTHING that will cause you to stand out cause they will be watching and in the crowd. They have a record number of cops, ex-marines, navy seals, undercovers from around the nation will be there...

  • Asouthernpeach

    BK there is not enough security in DC to secure the faith of 4M million people on the mall. Trust that all that security is for the safety of the president. Not the people in the audience. Here we go getting it twisted again.....

  • sexyma078

    WEll i say bring itif you want kidding a little bit but im not going to live in fear I'm here in DC and will be standing on the mall on January 20th as far as race wars it's believable like south peach said all Sandra's friends at Fox are instigating like Shawty lo at the Dirty awards trying to start some stuff...but not many will fall for it and as we saw with the two fools that were locked up for their "plot" on Obama they are not that far as Bob's handle he appear to be representing both sides of the civil war as the yankees were from the north so maybe he's a nothern redneck?!?!