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Barack Obama lost his bearings at the White House on Tuesday and attempted to walk through a window to get into the Oval office. The door was several feet to his right.

Note to Obama: the doors are the ones with the door knobs.

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Rapper Young Jeezy remixed his "My President is Black" track to include a diss to Bill O'Reilly of Fox's O'Reilly Factor.

Among the lyrical gems: "Bill O'Reilly Eat A Dick." Now that's class. No wonder Jeezy won't go on O'Reilly's show.

Something tells me Barack Obama would probably give Jeezy a high five for that one.

Loyal reader Elishia wrote:


You need to school some of your users by doing a medical minute on fetal alcohol syndrome. The ones saying that a little alcohol is OK while pregnant are so wrong. My doctor emphasized that NO amount of alcohol is safe while you are pregnant. That is just old advice that doctor's used to give patients a while back before the full affects of fetal alcohol syndrome were realized and now any doctor that advises their patients that a small amount of alcohol is OK can be considered negligent. Please ladies do your research. Any range of problems a child has can be caused by FAS. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. I LOVE your blog Sandra!

This is disgraceful.


Recently Kanye West’s email accounts have been targeted by a group of hackers. The deviant’s first stunt caused mass hysteria through out the world by claiming that West was open to doing bi-sexual pornography. However, apparently, the hackers were dissatisfied with the damage on West’s image, and have attacked him again. Only this time the hackers have pushed the limit in a brutal and distasteful fashion by aiming there attacks towards West’s deceased mother. Images of Dr. Dondra West’s face have been photo-shopped on various models bodies, and sent out in a mass email to members of West’s electronic mailing lists. The hackers clearly intended to satirize West’s “Where Are You Yeezy” blog posts - a popular feature on his blog. The attack also included ridicule of West’s new shoe with high-end fashion designer Louis Vutton. READ MORE...

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According to and other online reports, Michelle Obama is pregnant with her third child.

But why was she drinking last week at the Inauguration? Rumors of Michelle Obama's pregnancy have been swirling around D.C. for weeks.

Yet neither Michelle or Barack have denied the rumor leading to more rampant speculation. It isn't like they aren't aware of the rumors. We know Michelle reads the blogs.

Anyway, congrats to them. And I might add that if it's another girl: Sandra Rose Obama has a nice ring to it.


The NY TImes reports that the Obamas are flying in their own private chef from Chicago to cook Michelle's meals for her while she's prego.

Also, Barack Obama keeps the White House thermostat at a toasty 77 degrees so Michelle is comfortable. (LINK)

But his staff is complaining to the media about the insufferable heat which prompted his mouth piece to say, “He’s from Hawaii, O.K.?”

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From Hot Air:

Barack Obama today told Washingtonians they needed to toughen up and send their kids to school when the roads ice over:

The suburban schools systems and many private schools in the region were closed today and the District public schools opted for a delayed opening because of the sleet and freezing rain that made some roads and many sidewalks treacherous.

“Because of what? Because of some ice?” Obama said to laughter around the table. He said Sasha, his 7-year-old, pointed out that in Chicago, not only is school never canceled for snow, “you’d go outside for recess. You wouldn’t even stay indoors.”

He concluded by saying: “We’re going to have to apply some flinty Chicago toughness to this town. I’m saying that when it comes to the weather, folks in Washington don’t seem to be able to handle things.”

Oh, and he signed his first bill today requiring equal pay for women. But we know Michelle Obama had her hand in that because she's the one who really wears the pants in the family.

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Rapper T.I. showed one fan just why they call him "Tip" at a concert in Las Vegas. The uncensored photos are all over the Internets. I can't post them because this is a family-oriented blog. Google 'em if you're 18 or over.

Okay, here's what really happened. according to witnesses onstage, an aggressive female attempted to pull T.I.'s jeans down. Then she yanked on his white tee prompting him to peel the shirt off, reach into his jeans, wipe his sweaty balls with the tee and throw it into the audience. I'm told the audience went wild.

Apologies for the slow posts today but I had a situation I had to handle expeditiously.

Anyway, today I received an email from an irritated reader who disputed the observations I made in my post on Sanaa Lathan and Taraji P. Henson yesterday.

She claims Sanaa is dating NFL player Adewale "Wale" Ogunleye and they have been together for years.

Hi Sandra-

I saw your article about Sanaa Lathan & Taraji P. Henson. I just wanted to send in a correction about Sanaa because you stated that she hasn't dated anyone since Denzel and that info is EXTREMELY false. She is currently dating Chicago Bears #93 Defensive End---Adewale "Wale" (pronounced Wa-lay) Ogunleye---and has been for the past 3-4years.

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This guy Zo makes too much sense! Kool Aid drinkers need to watch this video with their kids. Zo points out how celebrity hypocrites waited for Barack Obama to be elected president before they decided to make a Change. “where you been the last 8 years?,” Zo asks.

Zo also points out that for all the hostility heaped on Bush by liberals, at least Bush kept this country safe for the last 8 years. Let's see if the same holds true with Obama's regime.

As I type this, Obama is drafting a love letter to the Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran which Hot Air calls "a groveling apology to a terrorist." (LINK)

What are we apologizing to terrorists for? For kicking their asses after September 11?

When is Obama going to learn that those people don't care very much for us?

Oh, and for all Obama's posturing on bipartisanship and bringing this country together -- his wasteful stimulus package passed in the House yesterday, but not one single Republican voted for it.

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