New Music: 50 Cent – Officer Ricky… Try Me

Oh lookey, another rap beef. This one is between rappers 50 Cent and Rick Ross whose career may very well be over as Fiddy says in his rap. 50 sounds desperate on this track doesn’t he? The beat is tight though. I know Rick is secretly thanking Fiddy for the much needed exposure.

Rick Ross called up Angela Yee on Shade45 Morning Show to discuss his beef with Fiddy and his upcoming album.

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Rick Ross:


Blago Has Left the Building

Nobody loves impeached Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Yesterday, his fellow legislators and (co-conspirators) voted unanimously to kick him out of the governor’s mansion. Blago will never work in Illinois government again. But does that mean the book is closed on him or will he start talking now that he has no incentive to keep his mouth shut?


PICS: Rick Ross Birthday Bash On Board The Princess Lady (1/29)

Rick Ross threw a Boujhetto white-themed birthday bash for himself in Miami on board the Princess Lady yesterday. All of Liberty City turned out but only a select few made it on board. The reason is the gift bags were some of the most expensive ever. Thanks to for the pics!

In addition to bottles of liquor worth hundreds, each bag contained stacks of cash ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. As you can see DJ Khaled got the one with 10 stacks! Lucky him! I’m just wondering who paid for all that?

Rick’s daughter is beautiful.

I hear Shawty Lo was on board asking if anyone’s seen T.I. I’m just kidding. But I see Lo refuses to let go of that fake ice.

Rick had a fancy Maybach birthday cake.

There’s always one in the bunch who ignores the dress code at every white party because they think they’re special.

In addition to cash, each money green gift bag contained one of these. They say Rick’s gift bags were the most expensive ever. See one of the bags in the rear?

I see DJ Khaled ignored the dress code.

On board the Princess Lady which is dry docked on South Beach.

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Photo of the Day: Obama Tries To Walk Through Window

Barack Obama lost his bearings at the White House on Tuesday and attempted to walk through a window to get into the Oval office. The door was several feet to his right.

Note to Obama: the doors are the ones with the door knobs.

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Young Jeezy Responds To O’Reilly With Remix

Rapper Young Jeezy remixed his “My President is Black” track to include a diss to Bill O’Reilly of Fox’s O’Reilly Factor.

Among the lyrical gems: “Bill O’Reilly Eat A Dick.” Now that’s class. No wonder Jeezy won’t go on O’Reilly’s show.

Something tells me Barack Obama would probably give Jeezy a high five for that one.


FanMAIL: A little alcohol is never good during pregnancy

Loyal reader Elishia wrote:


You need to school some of your users by doing a medical minute on fetal alcohol syndrome. The ones saying that a little alcohol is OK while pregnant are so wrong. My doctor emphasized that NO amount of alcohol is safe while you are pregnant. That is just old advice that doctor’s used to give patients a while back before the full affects of fetal alcohol syndrome were realized and now any doctor that advises their patients that a small amount of alcohol is OK can be considered negligent. Please ladies do your research. Any range of problems a child has can be caused by FAS. So, it is better to be safe than sorry. I LOVE your blog Sandra!


Hackers Target Kanye West’s Mother

This is disgraceful.


Recently Kanye West’s email accounts have been targeted by a group of hackers. The deviant’s first stunt caused mass hysteria through out the world by claiming that West was open to doing bi-sexual pornography. However, apparently, the hackers were dissatisfied with the damage on West’s image, and have attacked him again. Only this time the hackers have pushed the limit in a brutal and distasteful fashion by aiming there attacks towards West’s deceased mother. Images of Dr. Dondra West’s face have been photo-shopped on various models bodies, and sent out in a mass email to members of West’s electronic mailing lists. The hackers clearly intended to satirize West’s “Where Are You Yeezy” blog posts – a popular feature on his blog. The attack also included ridicule of West’s new shoe with high-end fashion designer Louis Vutton. READ MORE…

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