This guy Zo makes too much sense! Kool Aid drinkers need to watch this video with their kids. Zo points out how celebrity hypocrites waited for Barack Obama to be elected president before they decided to make a Change. “where you been the last 8 years?,” Zo asks.

Zo also points out that for all the hostility heaped on Bush by liberals, at least Bush kept this country safe for the last 8 years. Let's see if the same holds true with Obama's regime.

As I type this, Obama is drafting a love letter to the Ayatollah Khamenei in Iran which Hot Air calls "a groveling apology to a terrorist." (LINK)

What are we apologizing to terrorists for? For kicking their asses after September 11?

When is Obama going to learn that those people don't care very much for us?

Oh, and for all Obama's posturing on bipartisanship and bringing this country together -- his wasteful stimulus package passed in the House yesterday, but not one single Republican voted for it.