The female passenger in Morgan Freeman's car when he rolled it over into a ditch, wants to hit Freeman where it hurt most: his wallet.

At this very moment, her attorney Gloria Allred is holding a press conference to spill the tea on their romance.

Meanwhile, Freeman's ex-wife, who got her loot and split, is somewhere laughing her azz off. He should have just paid his mistress off to keep quiet like Sean Combs did.


TMZ has just obtained a copy of Demaris Meyer's lawsuit against Freeman. In it, she claims he was drinking during dinner that night and had at least one more drink at a separate location afterwards -- before the infamous crash occurred.

It's time for the big reveal! The passenger in Morgan Freeman's car crash last year is about to announce her lawsuit against the actor -- but more importantly, we're about to find out if she was his lady on the side as well. Gloria Allred, take it away!

As you know, R&B singer Usher partied the night away at the Velvet Room in Tucker this past Sunday. caught up with Ush yesterday in Washington D.C. where he traveled to speak before the House Education and Labor Committee about his charity foundation and his efforts to promote volunteerism in America.

Anyway, TMZ asked Usher how Tameka was doing after suffering a cardiac arrest during liposuction surgery in Brazil 3 weeks ago. His response was, "she's doing very well."

The paparazzi should have asked him why he left Brazil last Monday -- two days before an exhausted looking Tameka flew home by herself. Who does that? If my mom suffered a heart attack, I would never allow her to fly home alone. But that's just me I guess.

I'm just happy to hear that Tameka is doing OK. And maybe now she will get some help for her Body Image Disturbance issues.

Click to watch the video.

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Not that I think Sarah Palin is dumb. I actually think she's very intelligent despite the way the media has portrayed her.

It hasn't escaped our notice that Joe "Gird your loins" Biden is as dumb as a bag of rocks. But, strangely, the media has kept quiet about it. Maybe that's because he's not a female governor from Alaska?

In today's blooper reel, Joe forgets the name of the White House website, and refers to the website address as a number -- as in, "do you know the website number?"

Lol, but what's even funnier is he could be your next president if something happens to the current one.

These two words, "Oh, God," were uttered by a MSNBC staffer as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal appeared on the screen to give his response to POTUS Barack Obama's speech last night.

I saw the words "Oh, God" on every political blog this morning, but I didn't get it until I watched the video and heard it for myself.

But even before I heard it, I thought "Hardball" host Chris Matthews was the one who uttered the words because only a gay man would utter the words, "Oh, God" in response to another man appearing on the screen.

This is the same Chris Matthews who said he felt a warm tingly feeling go up his leg when he heard Obama speak. Can you believe this guy is a news anchor? Matthews is an embarrassment to the news profession.

I call bullsh*t on this. It sounds like a manufactured PR story aimed at repairing CB's irreparably damaged image. No one goes to anger management classes on their own without a court order:

Chris Brown, arrested two weeks ago for allegedly assaulting Rihanna, reportedly attended his first anger-management class on Monday. "Chris doesn't actually have to go by law, but he believes it will make him look better to the public," NY Daily News sources said. But Daily News insiders insist that "temperamental" and "hot-headed" Rihanna should be taking the classes with him. [LINK]

Some of you have emailed me requesting a Medical Minute segment. So here ya go, courtesy of T-Boz.

T has lived with Sickle Cell all her life, and has had to cope with a weak immune system and frequent illnesses.

She said she was sick during filming once, but quickly got over it. The long days of filming (16 hours) almost took their toll on T-Boz. “They kept you tired and hungry,” she said. But T-Boz, who turns 39 in April, never snapped on anyone in the cast as a result.

"Celebrity Apprentice" is two hours long this season instead of one. Season two debuts Sunday (3/1) on NBC at 9 p.m.


For once I must give Ashanti her props. She looked magnificent at Johnson's Body Care Cause Party that she hosted at Robert Verdi's Luxe Laboratory in NYC yesterday.
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Free attended the KING Magazine 50th issue celebration at a private location in NYC last night
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Tennis superstar Serena Williams gave host Nancy O'Dell a twirl at the Gatorade G2 Everyday Athlete Search held at the Roosevelt Hotel in NYC yesterday.
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Rapper Joe Budden and Jen Yu (New Era) pose during his album release party at the New Era Flagship Store in NYC yesterday. Jen is a supporter of, and we appreciate her!
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