Singer Ashanti posed with director Benny Boom at the L.A. screening of "Next Day Air" yesterday.

Ashanti gets an 'F' for those torn Dirty Couture jeans. As the kids would say, "No ma'am!" It's funny because every time I strike up a conversation with someone about what's wrong with the music industry, Ashanti's name always comes up -- along with Beyonce's, of course.

Eva Pigford attended the "Next Day Air" L.A. premiere with her fiance Lance Gross wearing Dirty Couture jeans first popularized by Zoe Kravitz. Let's hope that Dirty Couture style isn't catching on with the sistas because everybody can't wear that look and make it work.

Speaking of dirty, did you know Lance Gross was a ghetto thug? He's on Twitter every day doing a lot of trash talking. At first I didn't believe it was really him because he comes off as a refined, respectable sort of guy. But, as you know, looks can be deceiving.

Embattled NBA star Derek Fisher of the LA Lakers and his wife Candace Fisher also attended the "Next Day Air" premiere. As you know, Derek is having some personal problems with a stray side piece who won't stay in her lane. He was forced to take out a restraining order on her rather than let his wife handle the situation.

Actress (?) Vida Guerra attended the "Next Day Air" premiere. Chicks need to stop turning around just because the photographers ask them to. Use your better judgment ladies. If you know you're not working with anything back there, spare yourself the embarrassment and don't turn around.

Actor Wood Harris also attended the premiere with a LSLH guest (it figures). Some of you may recall him from "The Wire". I can't believe chicks find him sexy, but whatever.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

  • Daisy

    Morning Fam!

    I am loving that hair on Eva

    Ashanti looks cute but her outfit not so much. Doesn't flow for some reason

    The chick with Wood proves once again that LSLH doesn't automatically = cute. Shoutout to all the true LSLH

  • mizzdallas

    Good morning!

    Personally I dont particular care for the "Dirty Couture jeans" so anybody who wears them looks a dang gon fool

    And Ashanti was and/is just trying to do her with the best that she has or had.

    @sandra you leave my baby Wood Harris alone, I dont find him attractive I just like him in "The Wire" I sooooo miss that show, one of the realest show ever....

  • dblaq

    Ummm EXCUSE ME!!! Vida has like the nicest ass in the game right now! And I am an expert!

  • Daisy

    Hey Mizz

    I thought Rihanna looked cute in her grunge/dirty jeans

  • Zuley

    Benny Boom- is the 2nd cutest video director behind Erik White of course. ;)

    Eva- luvs its girl she is so beautiful I love the hair and make-up. She and Lance are the perfect C-List black couple.

    Wood Harris and that busted a$$ broad- should have been stopped at the door and turned around. Why even go on a red carpet if your not going to look presentable?

    Vida Guerra- is in the same boat as Melyssa Ford I'm sick of them they need a new day job ASAP!

  • DivaMama

    Morning All!

    LOOVE The Wire! I wish that it never went off, but I guess it's better to go while you are on top then fade and continue - otherwise so many people would not be talking about it still.

    Vida does have a nice rear, actually.

    I like Eva's hair, too, but it looks lind of big on her to me. I guess I'm used to her with a lighter look. She typically looks good with any style, though.

  • SavageGoddess

    Good Morning All, first Ashanti- NO,NO,NO she always comes off second rate and cheap looking

    ? what is LSLH because I want to know?

    Lance is so fine , I gonna double check on that thug status, I love versatility in a man; no one wants a sqaure(at least I dont)

    I like those dirty couture jean ,,but as Aunti Sandra said errbody cant wear them -ok

  • SavageGoddess

    I have another question for anyone who can answer my Aunti Sandra- I got an invite for the Secret Society Party which I thought was industry insiders only- I am not a star just yet but i am excited to have recieved it!

  • Daisy

    LSLH= Light skin long hair

  • SavageGoddess

    On that not being a star just yet- I am on my way!

  • SavageGoddess

    Oh okay I am light skinned but I dont have long hair just lots of wigs! lmao ( but I aint bald either!)


    Eva's hair wouldve been cute, but right now it's coming off as a crooked wig piece.

  • iscream

    Not a Wire watcher but I did like him in Paid in Full. I haven't saw him in a minute.. Wish it would've been an hour. Time has not been his friend.

    Not a fan of Eva's lion mane. I think shorter hair brings out her features better. & her husband tameekatwitter mouth would shock those that don't need that much info on their fav celeb.. So Y didn't u print it?

    How is Ashanti messing up the music industry? She isn't even out. I like Ashanti & her music.

    I guess the days of looking HAWT or setting trends on the Red Carpet are a thing of the past.


    O and I forgot to add that Wood Harris is so good looking, not feeling the dime piece he has on his arm (should've been me). :)

  • Bird

    Benny Boom is cute.

    I like the jeans every single female celeb is wearing right now. They are not the same as Zoe's hobo style.

    Eva's wig looks terrible. She's channeling Chaka Khan.

    Are light skinned women with long hair not allowed to date at all Sandra? I'm happy to see him with a black woman.

  • h0tsauce

    Ashanti is sooooo....ten years ago (has it been that long??)

    Eva's is soo pretty it will take a lot to make her look bad!
    Her and Lance just look so cute together..

    I don't know why I love..WOOD HARRIS, I loved him in PAID IN FULL!! He's lost some weight, he needs to gain it back!!

  • Kat

    benny boom looks more like that child's father than jay z....i remember him being one of the "supposed to be baby daddies" when that story first was put out.

    ashanti and eva looks cute.

  • kwallace577

    what is that feather thing in the middle of ashanti blouse? it looks like a 3rd tit. no ma'am.

    eva gets points off for her bra skrap showing.

  • precious1


    I love him too! He may not be attractive but he does have a sex appeal about him. I loved that movie, he was really trying to look out for everyone. Can't trust anyone, that's why when I hit this Mega Millions I ain't telling no one! LOL!!

  • SavageGoddess

    Yeah, I wish Eva would have took the time to correct put that half wig on- When I wear my wigs people always think its all me( and there not lace fronts lol)

  • Daisy

    I watched the wire up until Stringer Bell was killed. I stopped watching in protest after

    @Bird I saw a pic of Zoe on the set of her new movie and she looked just liked Lisa

  • Daisy

    Oh and I don't see that Evas wig/weave is crooked. Just scrolled back up to double check. Her smile is beyond fake in one pic that is all I

  • KaraZ

    Benny Boom is giving me "cokehead" vibes.
    Is Derek Fisher's wife preggers? If not she needs to stop wearing that top.
    Every time I See Vida Guerra, I think HERPES! I don't know why, it's just this association I with her.

  • iscream

    Lol @ Kat.

    Really I didn't know there was another potential father lurking. I always wondered what happened with that story.

    Lol @ kwall. I didn't even peep the bra strap. She looks to be a "I don't need a bra" size type of chick. *shurgs* & I think Ashanti found that feather on her way to the event, thought it was cute and tied it around her neck on a piece of string... u r silly. Lmao

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. My husband is in love with Vida's butt. (I think he has her as his screen saver.) I don't mind, it's just a picture and plus I know about it. It's when they get sneaky with it, watch out! Besides, she probably wouldn't give him the time of day 'cause he ain't got no money to speak of. As for Eva's wig, it looks a mess but she still pretty. For the record, I saw a couple young ladies the other day sporting fierce afros and childdddddddd, were they wearing 'em. All even and shiny, like the Jacksons used to wear theirs. Boy, the good ole days. I saw another beautiful black woman the other day completely bald and was she wearing it. (Er body ain't got a head for this.) She was ascending the stairs outside my office and all eyes were on her. She was young, tall, chocolate, beautiful and bald-headed. She was regal, head held high, small waist, nice figure, clothes not too tight. I tell you, if we could only be more natural, it's less work. Peaceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • MistaO

    MAN - Some Black women just can't help but to HATE....

    Quit with the LSLH crap, if she's a "sister" then shes a sister.

    Some of yall just aint never happy with nothing and find fault with everything.

  • Krysi J

    I like Ashanti's shoes, and I love Eva's simple but chic outfit.

  • Shauny

    Not feeling Eva's wig or the face she's making. She does have some questionable expressions sometimes but I love me Eva Diva. Her man is the cutest piece of chocolate since Morris Chestnut. He and Idris is my current chocolate drops.

    Poor Shani - she tries but this look doesn't work. I don't like the jeans on anyone. Note: Zoe Kravitz looks like the mixed version of the Olsen twins ie. HOMELESS. Her style DOES NOT work. I hope "the sistas" stay away from HER look.

    Does Fish's wife look like Marsha from Floetry to anyone else but me?

    There was a rumor a while back about Vida being the video chick that didn't like black girls and referred to them as n@#$as and when she called a sales girl one in a store, the girl came at Vida. Her rapper boyfriend who heard her say the n word cursed the girl out and tried to get her fired. Does anyone remember this story?

    I love Wood Harris for his talents not his looks. Maybe his talent is sexy to some people. He isn't the ugliest person in the world. He's an odd sexy. Damn I miss The Wire. Best show that was on tv.

  • Mspeng

    iscream Says:

    Not a Wire watcher but I did like him in Paid in Full. I haven’t saw him in a minute.. Wish it would’ve been an hour. Time has not been his friend.


    Kat Says:

    benny boom looks more like that child’s father than jay z….i remember him being one of the “supposed to be baby daddies” when that story first was put out.


    That's the first thing I said when I saw him Kat. I remember Benny Boom being the other potential dad and that kid looks JUST like him!

    And Shauny, yes, Fisher's wife does look like the girl from Floetry.

  • Dhoward1913

    Okay. Wood Harris, let's just say yuck! He was a hell of an actor as Avon Barksdale on the wire, but sexy......Hell no!!!!

    Derek Fisher's wife looks exactly like that Floetry chick!!!

    That Vida chick is a video hoe, correct? I am so confused by these hoes that started out as a video chick then all of a sudden they become relevant in the entertainment business.

  • Daisy

    @Shauny Zoe cleans up very well don't sleep on her style

  • model_chick78

    Are light skinned women with long hair not allowed to date at all Sandra? I’m happy to see him with a black woman.

    I SOOO agree Bird ! Come on auntie...I am soooo tired of the whole LSLH bs ! I am brown skinned and NEVER tripped over dudes with LSLH girls because I ALWAYS gets mine :-) BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL in EVERY shade. Why can't black women band together more instead of hating and tearing each other down over the most trivial things like "who a guy wants to date". It's his choice ! If that's what they like, oh well. I have always felt and been treated like I was fabulous and skin color has nothing to do with it. At least they are with sistas. If you love the skin you are in (like I so do) then something as petty as another person's complexion or hair is the last thing on your mind. It all reeks of insecurity to me.

  • model_chick78

    Oh, and WOOD HARRIS has been the BIZNESS since "Above the Rim" !! I am sooo in love with him...*sighs*...

  • Shauny

    @model chick
    agree on comment 32.

  • pointhimout

    man I wish some of these dudes played for the other team. Benny Boom is a sexy MF, fa real. Next Day Air---ok. Ashanti, give "it" up, since "it" has given up on you. Where her mom? I'm sure she's somewhere tryna make that last minute of ashanti's 15 last.

    vida guerra's an actress now? and for all of us rookies who spent time investing in acting lessons, flash some ass and tea bag and ur in there. thou shalt not allow his/her oral services to go in vain.

  • pointhimout

    Nah Wood Harris aint sexy at all. He's just a regular dude imo. Omar used to be able to get it until I saw those dirty nails. That is a big turn off to me cuz all I can think is 'when was the last time you showered?'

  • LilMissRed

    I like Eva with shorter hair, but she doesnt look bad here.. wait... is she cross-eyed or ar my eyes playing tricks on me??

    I like the jeans Evas wearing .. not so much what Ashanti's wearing.. hers are more so for running around on the weekend or playing in the dirt(yardwork) DEF not anyones 'carpet' or 'screening' IMO

  • terika83

    @MistaO....I agree, didn't we just go through this yesterday because of GregW's email to Sandra? I guess we type in vain. lol.

  • aMochaBabe

    I'm not a fan of Dirty jeans because they look..well..... dirty. I do like Ashanti, though. She looks laid back and cute...can't be all 'Dresses & 5 inch heels' all the damn time. Relax & Enjoy yourself Ashanti.

    Eva looks cute minus the what? Dirrty jeans. So not a fan.
    I am a fan of Lance & Eva as a couple though. Love them.

    Derek Fischer..WTH? Boy, you know better! A little too much free times on your hands? I think yes.

    Must be the clothing, the angle of the photograph or something because Vida has a really nice shape..allegedly:)