Video of "comedian" Jamie Foxx's half-hearted, halfway apology to Miley Cyrus on the Jay Leno show last night. Jamie has fallen off now that his head is swelled to the size of a watermelon. Jay Leno looked bored with him.

  • kcicero

    Both of the parties involved are highly annoying....Jamie should apologize or YT will blacklist him and Miley should apologize for adding her name to a list of non role model Disney stars that little girls (unfortunately) look up too...

  • Kat

    jamie, fallen off? i don't think so....

  • H-Town Shan

    Who cares

  • SunnyPA

    I get tired of all the people who make offensive statement then apologize.

  • Daisy


  • Shauny

    I'm sorry but the "the girl with all the gums" line had me CRYING!!!

  • teecee

    hes a comedian, are you saying that she is off limits because she 16 and doing wrong ? im sure you wont say anything bad about no kids because now you have agreed to leave the kids alone. that mean no more references to lala's big head kid....what daddy lets a 20 yr old man date his 15 yr old daughter ? what do that talk about ? noting but sex....

  • luvly1957

    I don't think is apology was half-hearted I think it was sincere but like he said I AM A COMEDIAN, stop taking shish so seriously!!!!

  • luvly1957

    why dad don't get made cuz his 16 yr old daughter is dating a 20 yr old!!!!!

  • eastpointvet

    in the context of the whole radio show the miley cyrus clip was funny like he said people on the internet take one lil piece and blow it out of proportion

  • pointhimout

    i dont think he's fallen off Sandra. he's still relevant to the people who thought he was relevant before the Oscar, which is where it counts. you know the media will build u up only to tear you down.

    he's still the in ya face crass comedian will all grew to love from in livin color. ray wasn't a great movie anyways, truth be told. so i can care less about the oscar. any given sunday was a great movie for him, yet ray is when he gets all the attn?

  • jrzy_girl

    **Note to self** Sign up for Sirius. I love Jamie.

  • masonmom

    maaaaaan jamie funny as heelll. i swear i crack up everytime he opens his mouth. he needs to do another stand up like the foxxhole one "WOO THAT RODNEY KING SHYT GOT ME MAAADDER DEN A MUTHAPKHA BOOY..WOO..PRESS 9 MUTHAPHKA 9!!