Rumors have swirled for years that certain elite members of the black community are part of the secret order of Masons. The Masons are a secret society of brothers who recognize each other through a series of clandestine signals such as a special secret handshake as evidenced by the photos above.

When a friend alerted me to the suspicious hand signals exhibited by rappers Jay Z, Sean Combs and NBA star Ron Artest in the above pics, the first thing I thought was that the handshakes looked like some ol' regular hood greetings to me. But of course I was wrong, as the friend pointed out.

He told me he was positive the greetings held some special significance because he had heard that Sean, Jigga and Ron were secret members of the Masons. Well, if these Masonic handshakes are supposed to be so secret then how is it that non-members know what they look like?

Then I thought well, maybe the Masons is an exclusive down low club. It would not be far outside of the realm of possibility considering that we are talking about Diddy and Jay Z.

But it turns out the Masons are not a secret society of well-to-do homos at all. It's a brotherhood of powerful men, sort of like a fraternity, who keep the power and the money within the society.

Members of the Masons are alleged to be such powerful public figures as Barack Obama, Jay Z, Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, Ron Artest, Jamie Foxx, etc. In other words, black men with money and influence.

I Googled Masonic handshakes to see if there was anything to all of this, and what I found were examples of greetings that were difficult to distinguish from the normal handshakes, fist bumps and daps that you see brothers (and the Obamas) exchange every day. But who am I to question? I'm just repeating what I was told by the friend who has studied Masonic handshakes exhaustively.

I will do some more research on this subject and get back to you. And then again, I might not...

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  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Did I just wake up to 2001?

  • Anna

    Members of the Masons are alleged to be such powerful public figures as Barack Obama, Jay Z, Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson? Is he more powerful than weird?

  • KaraZ

    Bored much Sandra?

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Oh and it's not a "brothas" type thing genius. Ugh! Half *ssed reporting is working my blood pressure this morning.

  • KayCeiSoul

    I could be wrong, but I don't believe just being a Mason is supposed to be a secret - I know quite a few brothers that are Masons, but that's about all I know. Everything else is kept to a hush, as with most fraternal organizations. It is a brotherhood for sure; the guys I know are very loyal and dedicated in their commitment to serve, plus they do a lot for their surrounding communities.

    Their sister organization is called the Eastern Stars.

    That's all I know, and I ain't saying nothing else 'cause in the words of Della Reese "I don't want Mr. Calhoun and 'nem after me. I'm a honest *oe, and all my *oes is honest." LMAO

  • Shauny

    WOW, this post is going to push some buttons. I'll just lurk. There is so much far fetched and incorrect info within this post that it makes you laugh.

  • KayCeiSoul

    *ADDENDUM* A brotherhood, but not limited to only "brothers". YT's are Mason's too, and probably others as well.

    **Getting back up under my desk, looking out every few minutes**

  • LadyJustice

    yup sandra will have to people hunting for her after this post. not sure i believe it though. looks like a regular greeting to me.

  • Imalover

    Sandra, there are plenty of white masons too. There's a large Masonic Lodge next to the Amtrak Station in Midtown (on Peachtree). I know several Masons and Eastern Stars (the female auxiliary of Federation of Masons), in fact my Grandmother was a very dedicated and influential member before her death. YOu're right about them being VERY secretive.

  • Sharonda

    My grandfather and uncle are masons.Even the mason symbol is on my granfathers headstone and even paid their respects to him.I always thought it was like for the men served in war, but oh well lol.But yeah like KayCeiSoul said there are white masons.

  • Shauny

    I don't see anything other than a regular ole handshake either LadyJ but I guess it'll be another slow news day.

  • KayCeiSoul

    LOL @ Shauny and LadyJustice

    Don't lurk only Shauny - you always have some intelligence to offer up!

    I tried to smooth it out as best I could. These guys are just greeting each other from the looks of it. But I'm wondering why the person who told Sandra that was so convinced that these were secret greetings, caught on camera nonetheless - there's no secrecy in that. Looks like regular dap to me.

    **Back up under the desk**

  • uptopgrl

    I come from a long legacy of Masons and Eastern Stars who held high positions in the organizations. They are a VERY Secretive organizations but will bend over backwards to help another brother or sister.

  • SunnyPA

    I didn't know Eastern Stars are the sister organization. I know a few Eastern Stars ... never really talked with them about the organization.

    Once I worked a temp position at at a major oil company, and an employee in a management position said that Masons got him the job and had more influence than most give them credit.

    Other than that, all I know is they exist.

  • brooklynisis

    uptopgrl Says:

    I come from a long legacy of Masons and Eastern Stars who held high positions in the organizations. They are a VERY Secretive organizations but will bend over backwards to help another brother or sister.


    So uptopgrl why aren't you a Eastern Star if you come from a "long legacy"? Just curious. I come from a long legacy of Greeks and I am a Delta. My grandparents were a Mason and an Eastern Star but I had no interest in it (too involved in Delta).

  • Kymystry

    My Dad and Uncles and Cousin's are Mason's .. no downlow .. so miss me with that bullschitt .. my Grandmother was an Eastern Star ... and when I was lil I was in the young girl version of the Eastern Star ...

    shakes my head ... a-friggin-mazing

  • rhiannon

    Masons are secretive in the fact that what goes on in their organizations stay there. There are many white masons in fact every president other than JKF I think was a mason. And my grandfather and every other guy I grew up around was a mason so being a mason in no way means you are powerful or well-to-do.

  • rhiannon

    Oops I meant JFK!!

  • starr

    I don't know much about this mason thing. However, i've heard this rumor for a very long time. There was some youtube videos that someone had posted in a forum i use to attend, so its not the first i've heard of it about them.

  • iscream

    Good Morning....

    Its friday!!!!!

    And Jay still aint gay.

  • ELove

    @uptopgrl ... Same Here
    @rhiannon ... I concur

    And to ALL the Mothers who are Doing-Their-Thang
    Happy Mother's Day !!! ;-)

  • KayCeiSoul

    Thank you ELove!!

    Yes! Happy Mother's Day in advance y'all!

    I keep forgetting I'm a participant in Mother's Day, because I always spend so much time running around getting things for my own Mother and Grandmother!

    My boys will probably take me to dinner, and eat their food and mine. That's just how they do, ole' dirty thangs.

  • melinla

    Mornin' Ya'll - imma co-sign with iscream regarding Jay...

    Masons are not homos...

    ***going back to facebook, waiting for new post...***

  • attorneymom

    Them some rich *&%^$. Why can't I be a jumpoff???

    Oh, that's right, I have dignity and self respect.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Sandra, you are going to wake up with a horse head in your bed, calling Mason's homos. The Masons, much like the Illuminati, are a very powerful organization. They could shut your shit down PERMANENTLY. You should back track some of the stuff you wrote. Seriously, San - they can make your life hell.

  • kcicero

    RTB you took the words right out of my mouth! Very powerful organization and I'm going to need your naivety to not get you in boiling water San if I were you I would delete this post completely. My husband's family are a part of that society...Sandra I enjoy yourself Delete the dang post!

  • kcicero

    Sandra I enjoy your *site

  • rhiannon

    @Read the Blog...

    Sandra would really be surprised. When my grandfather died he was in Florida visiting us and by the time we managed to get to his house the next day in South Georgia someone had been in the house, though we could not tell because there were no obvious signs, his ring and other things related to the Masons were gone. They protect their society at all costs.

  • rhiannon

    @ kcicero...

    I was thinking she should too.

  • daninicole

    My grandmother was an Eastern Star and I know a few Masons. I also know a few Eastern Stars as well. I always looked to them as being similar to frats and sororities but on a much more secretive level. I have often heard of money, power, and incfluence in regard to these organizations, so I agree that this post might need to be deleted because you never know who is a part of their organization and what they have the power to do :(

  • uptopgrl

    Brooklynisis Says: So uptopgrl why aren’t you a Eastern Star if you come from a “long legacy”? Just curious. I come from a long legacy of Greeks and I am a Delta. My grandparents were a Mason and an Eastern Star but I had no interest in it (too involved in Delta).

    Like you I had no interest in becoming an Eastern Star other family members are holding it down. my grandparents use to ask me all the time.

    Bu like you I wanted to be a Delta but I didn't become a Delta either :=(

  • attorneymom

    I am an AKA myself. Skee Wee to all my Sorors!!

  • attorneymom

    @ Shauny, can you tell me how to add my logo to my profile? Although "SR" are my initials, I am tired of the default logo.

  • 2012illuminati

    Well Most "white" masons don't acknowledge "black" masons... Most black masons are involved in Prince Hall Masonry. Prince Hall was a black man born in the late 1700's and with him and about 14 other black men where allowed to practice Masonry.

    People please do not be fooled thinking that the handshakes you see above are just regular forms of "meeting and greeting".
    The skull and Bones are real and a lot of influential people from all over the world are involved.

    Symbolism is very big in the organization...

    Just look on the back of the 1 dollar bill...

    Ignorance is Bliss

    Google Mason Handshakes and symbols and you will se many influential people from all over the World engaging in secret codes

    The sad thing is, when you see "brothers" like Jay Z repping ROCAFELLA ir ROCERFELLER the "elite" or white people in the higher ups are simply using people like Barack and other influnetial indivduals to carry out a Bigger Sinsiter Plan.. Why do you think Jay z is always throwing up the Rockerfella sign. The pyramid that you see on the back of the dollar bill. He is simply a pawn

    The Rockerfellas have a threshold in the economic system of America, and they control about 70% of the world's wealth...

    it will blow your mind!!!

  • kdillon

    They are and I have been telling people but no one believes because they think they satanic masons are a myth. People open your eyes!

  • kdillon

    Oprah was trying to get Dave Chapelle to join the group but he wouldnt and he ran off to Africa. Many black celebs are involved.
    Jay Z
    -Raps about selling drugs to the black community
    -He has close business dealings with Jewish men who run most of the companies, they help him secure his business deals as long as he plays
    -Jay Z was brought to us to dumb us down and to throw up the triangle sign in the air not knowing its the pyramid with the all seeing eye
    -Jay Z a black uses the Rockerfeller name, the Rockerfellers were apart of the 13 illuminati families and they were also satanist
    -Jay Z always talks about being clairvoyant and knowing the future
    -Jay Z clothing line is the Skull N Bones, which is a secret society group that Bush belongs to
    -Why do you think a rapper that raps about drugs performed for Obama? Obama is against drugs, not being educated, and so on but a rapper and his wife performed?
    -Also Jay Z is said to be affiliated with York, he was convicted of multiple counts of molestation and rapes.

  • ELove

    #34, #35, #36
    Kick That S-H-I-T (Real Talk)

  • KaraZ

    Some of y'all give these people (fellow human beings) too much power. Some of these comments made it seem as though members of the Masons and OES are demi-gods, they're not, last I checked they eat, $hit and sleep like the rest of us earthlings, so why exactly should this post be deleted? Psssh.





  • 2012illuminati

    Even in a organization there are secrets, Masons on the low level have the slightest idea what the Masons in the higher levels understand (32 and 33 degree)
    Using your logic, most soldiers in the war are "good" people but they are just carrying out a more sinister plan by the HIGHER ups i.e. Iraq war...

    The CBS ALL SEEING eye is just a coincidence too huh? The Penny Is worth one cent and it has a bronze color, and when you place all the coins in our currency on the HEAD side the penny is the only one faced the opposite direction. That is a coincidence to?

    Our Calendar being based of the Greco Roman Calendar is a conspiracy too?
    Hence the day SUN-DAY or January/Janus even July/Julius, August/Augustus etc…

    I hate naive people; I think you should watch the first Matrix and see exactly the point behind the movie lol

    The World we live in is full of surprises

    Study psychology and read more so you won’t go around like a ZOMBIE!!!!

  • flyqtnva

    I try to tell YALL this STUFF all the time....32 and 33rd degree is where you get the secrets. EASTERN STARS is DEVIL worship as well but you have to get all the way through. In the beginning you think youre doing common good.

  • flyqtnva

    The said thing is when you put this stuff out their no matter how much you research people think yu crazy. Eastern Stars you have to study these sisters I got the book someone tried to INITATE me into it. But I was supposed to study the sister SARAH and The more I read it I was like something isnt right here. I never EVER went back......there is a reason why JFK is DEAD.........everything is not just 1 big Coincidence

  • 2012illuminati


  • flyqtnva

    Another thing then I'm going to let it go.....our families are cursed because of these societies....even if your grandma or pa didnt get through the ranks to the final levels. The pledged an oath to a god that wasnt what they thought it was. I'm thankful my g-ma & pa never did no STUPID SH%$ like grandfather was the first black man to install running water for black sharecoppers in va and he did it on his own w/o the help of affilated MASONS....if anyone every asks you please say NO...and always do your own research

  • flyqtnva


    drop more knowledge...we on the same page...have you seen the orginal map of washington DC? I would like to know what you think of it?

  • flyqtnva

    **if your grandfather has reached the top degree I feel for you...of course you wouldnt be able to are also a huge Beyonce fan....they already brainwashed you HON....the fact that you have family members that are mason makes you suspectable to believing true evil is GOOD.

    I still love you though...and I will pray for you...BTW...preachers are human to...that dont make them perfect.....that dont mean they dont cheat..lie..steal..they have already lied before GOD because they have taken an OATH to Honor no one before the brotherhood

  • 2012illuminati

    Well one of the "ARTS" that are taught in Free Masonry is "SACRED GEOMETRY" so yes when you view a map of certain historical places they are constructed geometrically perfect because it gives off a certain energy depending on the mathematical construction... The Pyramids found all over the world is a prime example.... Masonry delves into sacred arts like "Magic" "Astral Projection" etc... You see this ancient society is based off early societies found in Africa.... But When Greeks/Romans invaded they stole a lot of knowledge and mixed a lot of dogma with it. It’s sort of like Christianity, that religion is based off older religions from Africa but when you look at Europeans and how they mistranslated certain parts as well as destroyed other parts then you will see the same correlation with Masonry.... Most black people living in America, ancestors came from Western Africa. All of those people practiced Voodon not to be mistaken with Voodoo (Wiccan/Witchcraft)
    But once again so much knowledge has been tampered with. That’s why if you practice religion or other sacred teachings; Always go back to the original SOURCE....

  • candycane

    Is that the special handshake? I used to date this dude that was a Mason and he was telling me how he got out of a parking ticket because the officer was a Mason and he gave him some special sign, then the hand shake. I asked him to show me, he said he couldn't. IF he told me, he'd have to kill me. (not that he would have killed me) but he would NOT show me the mason signs or handshake.

  • missmiami

    As an OES, I will say you are correct. There are several clues that are in the pictures you posted but of course I can't disclose them. :)

  • brooklynisis

    uptopgrl Says:

    Brooklynisis Says: So uptopgrl why aren’t you a Eastern Star if you come from a “long legacy”? Just curious. I come from a long legacy of Greeks and I am a Delta. My grandparents were a Mason and an Eastern Star but I had no interest in it (too involved in Delta).

    Like you I had no interest in becoming an Eastern Star other family members are holding it down. my grandparents use to ask me all the time.

    Bu like you I wanted to be a Delta but I didn’t become a Delta either :=(


    Oh no I pledged :-)! I am a Delta and busy with that no time for OES. But was curious! My Grandfather has passed and my Grandmother is much older so we don't talk about OES...

    So the Mason's grip is all out in the open like that? Not like frats or sororities?! Interesting...