Thanks to loyal readers BevG and Gina of for sending the links to this story. Brenda Lee, a reporter for the heretofore unknown Georgia Informer, was dragged kicking and screaming from the L.A. airport tarmac where Barack Obama's Air Force One was parked awaiting his arrival.

According to online reports, Ms. Lee, who described herself as a "Roman catholic priestess" had planned to personally deliver a letter to Obama encouraging him to take a stand against gay marriages. But two Secret Service agents forcibly removed her from the area before she could get her chance.

So the White House approves press credentials for just anybody now? I guess I'll apply for one then.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    So did you the video? :-/

  • starr

    I"m sorry...i don't feel sorry for none of these fools thinking that they could just get access to the president. Like....r u frigging stupid. No u can't walk up and give the POTUS a letter is wrong w/ u. She deserved just what she got....i'm sorry. There's no excuse for stupidity.

  • pointhimout

    the coverage she's getting from this splaboovian behavior will aid her in her fight against same sex marriages. mf's always wanna act out the bible. sweetie, you're not God. Y should you care about who's marrying who? just dont you do it if it's not ur thing. "the bible says..." bitch, choke on that bible and wash it down with holy water when you can.

  • candycane

    Sandra is that you?? I KNEW!!! you wanted to get up close and personal with our President. LOL!!!!!!!

  • intensemocha

    Was that a woman for real? It looked like a man and I don't trust the audio it didn't match what was going on.

  • Sandra Rose

    intensemocha Says:
    Was that a woman for real? It looked like a man and I don’t trust the audio it didn’t match what was going on.


    Yes, she's a real female and she's a journalist here in Georgia. Remember the student who was tased at a college by campus police? He said, "Don't tase me bro!" The audio from that incident was superimposed over the audio on this video.

  • attorneymom

    LMAO. Did she had to lay down on the ground like she was in church catching the Holy Ghost?? I am embarassed for her. She should have just walked away.