In a PC move, Barack Obama has agreed to allow 1,700 students to remain in the DC private school voucher program until they graduate from high school. But no new students will be allowed to enroll, thus ending the program that provided funding for underprivileged children to attend private schools.

Apparently, what's good for Obama's children isn't good for children whose families can't afford private school education. Obama hopes to save a few bucks by ending the voucher program so he can fritter away more tax dollars on important government projects like updating Air Force One photos.

  • melinla

    :so he can fritter away more tax dollars on important government projects like updating Air Force One photos."

    HA! thanks funny auntie! Don't know all the details to this story, but it doesn't sound like a good idea on the surface...but that's why I always look deeper =) Mornin' Ya'll!

  • Anna

    I don't like to comment on "Obama bashing posts", but this one I have to. Dumb move Mr. President. I did not view the video nor do I have young kids. This does effect us all if the gifted kid with the parent(s) who gives a damn has to go to his/her local inner city school with lack of educated teachers or even books gets lost in the system because Mr. President now wants to resind on a voucher program that seems to be working.

  • spongebobfan

    Starting early and often, huh sandra?


  • Dhoward1913


    Any basketball fans in here??? Anybody wanna talk about how Kobe seems to never get a foul called on him in LA!!! What the heck???? GO ROCKETS!!!!!!

  • kcicero

    I went to the top public schools at the time in Philadelphia Conwell Middle Magnet School and Philadelphia High School for Girl. There are also mentally gifted programs in public schools that separates children from the rift raff which I was also apart of.

    These vouchers spends unnecessary money on these children for only 1300 kids it costs about 17 million which is money that could and SHOULD be going into public schools so excuse me if I don't drop a tear.

    I am currently looking into sending my son to PENN CHARTER QUACKER SCHOOL. They offer scholarships and other reduced rates for families which I will be applying for. If we do not get the scholarships then he will be in public school in the top class possible and when I am able to AFFORD to send him to a better school or a scholarship comes through I will take it.

    Again this is unnecessary plus Obama seems very focused on education reform in PUBLIC SCHOOLS to make them better and that is what's important.

  • Bird

    Dang this is becoming the Obama blog. I need a dose of good old fashioned Sandra Rose. My time on the internet is limited these days so I can barely post on my favorite blog because damn near everytime I come over here there's an Obama post that I'm not interested in. Good or bad, I don't give damn. Now if some real dirt is exposed about him I'm all in, but this other junk is boring. I need some dirt Miss Sandra. Hook a sista up. Pretty please.

  • spongebobfan

    wow Im from philly too KC, went to Girard College but graduated from GWashington high and currently in temple.. PHILLY!!!! OBAMA!!!

  • anti-PC

    As long as Obama's kids are well-educated who gives a crap about the average inner city kid, right?

    Besides, we need all of the other money to go to big banks on Wal Street corporations. Right, Obama?

  • SunnyPA

    I never liked the voucher program.

    My daughter went to private school and I am not broke. At one point when I was unemployed, the school found funding because her grades were good. There are plenty of scholarships, financial aid, and other funding available if your child qualifies. And, by qualify I mean parents/child showing a commitment to education.

    Voucher program involves the government which is the equivalent of public schools. Please NOTE that there are very good public schools out there if you live in the right school district.

  • kcicero

    OMG Spong, lol I live in the Elks Park but all my fam in philly! I finished my courses from Temple back in January but can't officially graduate until May 14th, LOL. I'm going to grad school at St. Joes, God Willing...I didn't know you were from Philly! PA stand up, lol.

  • Daisy


    As I have been saying all along when I disagree with the President I will say it LOUD and PROUD! I think we should and can have BOTH voucher programs and great public schools. No matter how much govt money is sunk into public schools some private schools(due to private donations) will always be better educationally. It will take years to overhaul the entire public school system (which I am a product of) but until then I dont think kids should suffer and go to under performing schools because the voucher programs have been cut. I would like a way to keep the voucher programs as well as IMPROVE public schools.

    When I have kids I know I will want the best education for them be it public, private or charter schools.

  • Daisy

    OFF TOPIC How do I get my pic to change? I uploaded a new pic and selected it but it's still not showing!

  • Lala11_7

    kcicero Says:

    Kcicero...I've been meaning to tell you this for a while...

    I LOVE YOU DUDE!!! You are TOO COOL FOR A VOUCHER BASED SCHOOL...and by the way...I am in agreement with ALL OF THAT!!!

    And further more...I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with maganet schools...and I will tell you why...

    I do not think that my public dollars should be going to schools that get a better quality of teachers...educational programs...buildings, etc. based upon ANY CRITIERA!!!

    I have no problem with honors programs incorporated within the schools, etc.

    But in urban in the one I'm in Chicago...the difference between a maganet school and a regular school is HEARTBREAKING!!!


    Thank you...

  • kcicero

    clear your cache Daisy, Go to tools, clear private date, uncheck everything except cache and then click on clear private data. Then refresh the page...

  • kcicero

    Aw lala thanks!!! Right back at cha hun! LOL. I completely agree!!!

    The only reason I want my son to go to Penn charter is because they are Quackers and they teach the students to handle things through non-violent means since Quackers don't believe in violence. I want my son to have that, of course he will know how to defend himself if need be but I want the school to reinforce my ideals of non-violent conflict resolution...

  • Daisy

    @KC I did that last night on my laptop. UGHH!!!!!! Thanks though. I will try it again as well.

  • Daisy

    I do not have a problem with magnet, charter, public or private school every child has different needs. Send your child to the school that best fits their needs dont take away other options from everybody else. Public schools need to be overhauled and everybody has known this for years. Not breaking news.

  • teecee

    President Obama isnt the mayor of dc nor is on its commissioner board. doesnt the board of education handle things with the school system ??? dc public school isnt a federal program and he has nothing to do with the monies alloted to them, surely he doesnt micro manage the dc school system.

    the voucher program only helps rich kids. see private school cost 10k to 20 or 30k a yr. how much is the school voucher between 3-5k a yr. so if you cant find a school that will take the 5k voucher, then the kids end up in public school. alot of those private school that take just the voucher, the kids dont past the end of the yr exam and get an f and shut down. rich people want vouchers because they get a 3-5k reduction in tuition but poor kids get the shaft because they cant afford the rich private school. take the money ad make the public school better.

  • Sandra Rose

    @ teecee:
    It shocks me when I see how uninformed some of you Kool Aid drinkers are. Would it kill you to Google the information before you speak on it? Here, I did it for you.

    --- President Barack Obama wants to keep paying for private-school vouchers for students receiving them in the District of Columbia, an administration official said Wednesday.

    The president would like to continue the funding until all the students participating in the program graduate from high school. He would not let new students into the program, the official said. [LINK]

  • ReadTheBlog

    I'd rather see him funnel that money into improving the public school system. Isn't this manan man of public service? I believe in him and his decision.

    Aside form that, I am one of the parents that can afford to send my child to private school, however, I have her in public school - one that is wait-listed and highly recommended, so they do exist :-)

    Low income parents need to get up off their asses and TRY to make sure their children get the best of what's out there, even if it's free. I'm tired of people living off my damn dollar.

    F*ck off

  • JustSayin

    I don’t believe vouchers should be used at private schools. That’s why it’s called “private”. Just anybody..Even with a voucher she be allowed in. This thinking will obviously bring up the thought that all children should be afforded the same exceptional educational opportunities. I couldn’t agree more. Which is why the real issue should be addressed. Fix the public school system. Create a system where every child will receive a stellar education and it won’t matter if an unprivileged child can’t use a voucher at a private school. It won’t matter because a public school will serve them just fine.


  • keely107

    We are going to have a lot of candidates to pick from next election...........or just a lot of contradicting over opinionated folks blowing hot air all over the place.

  • Kymystry

    ..!.. sip ..!.. ahhhh

  • masonmom

    let me just say..those same parents pitchin a bytch fit are the ones who's bad azz kids go to school n phk it up for the ones who actually care about their education. some kids are lucky enough to have the advantage of the vouchers to go to a decent school and the rotten apples in there actin a dmn fool. so guess TEAM OBAMA!! im tired of my tax paying dollaz goin to waste for some lazy azz mama who wants to collect my dime while they work from home n braid hair n do nails gettin tax FREE money! teach ur kids some discipline and respect cuz it starts from home!

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