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In this interview with Jamie Foster Brown, publisher of Sister2Sister magazine, Keyshia Cole says she probably won't approve of her mother and sister starring in their own show. Let's hope she means it.

As you know, Frankie & Neffe are set to star in a spin off from Keyshia's well-received "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is" reality show on BET.

Some of you are too young to remember the blaxploitation flicks from the 60s and 70s that portrayed black people in a stereotypical light as mostly pimps, whores, heroin addicts, etc.

We are headed down that road again thanks to the popularity of Bravo's Real Hot Mess of Atlanta and this new show featuring Keyshia's kin. We already know these shows will be chock full of scripted fights and buffoonery, and we hope Keyshia will put a stop to Neffe & Frankie's show and bring some dignity back to urban TV.

By the way, I am really impressed by Keyshia's mature new look and attitude. She is really doing it, and she is a great role model for young ladies in our community!

  • Daisy

    I am not sure looking that mature is what you want when you have such a young fan base. Please get rid of the old lady jet black hair. Thanks

    No comment on the rest of this post

  • iscream

    Keisha has really replaced Tiny.

    These are grown women and if EBT is offering them a show that they are getting paid for, there's nothing she can do. What she needs to do is thank God that's less money she has to spend on their free loading arse.

    As far as the comparison of the 60 shows & these shows. Weren't those shows written to make black people (all) look bad. This is one extreme while on the other end we have Oprah, we have Will Smith, we had The Game, the Cosby show ect. We have come a long way.

  • coaretained

    I don't know why I like the black on KeyCo. Oh well..hope she does try to talk some sense in them.

  • Kymystry

    Well ... thanks to iscream .. and myself ... we have a new name for tyler perry's shows... sit-coon's ....

    I hadn't planned on watching that trainwreck of a show anyway ... i can't stand Frankie .. and Really can't STAND Neffie ... they were the reason I didn't buy KeyCole's 2nd album seriously ...

  • iscream

    I'm sorry but I like the craziness (except when Neffie acts super ghetto in front of the kids). I always said that Keyshia was only the name on the show.

    (& I heard on the radio this morning the way it is isn't coming back bc they are pushing the Monica show & I guess EBT can't afford to push both stars. Bet you that's why Rocco is trying to push his new "music")

    Now that shucking and ducking Tyler Perry show is something that needs to get cancelled. They are "acting" like coons. Neffie and Frankie are Ghetto aint no acting that.

  • Mspeng

    Daisy...why do you keep saying jet black hair looks old ladyish? Does blonde make a person look younger? For 99% of black people it's not a natural hair colour. I dye my hair jet black and in no way look old. Does black hair make Monica look old? Or Lil' Wayne's baby mama Toya? or Rihanna?

  • Daisy

    @mspeng I like color I didnt say it had to be G fab color but a happy balance will do. IMO the jet black hair makes KCole look OLD. Rhi Rhis cut is fierce so her hair can be black. I have always thought jet black hair ages the majority of ppl not all. Mo's hair doesnt bother me neither does Wayne's ex wife. SOmething about KCole and jet black hair I HATE it on her and I think KCole is a pretty girl.

  • jade

    even though frankie and neffie may be entertaining and's not cute nor a good look for them!! they are mothers...and i don't blame key co for not approving the show, hell i wouldn't wanna be embarrassed either because they are in deed a mess

  • licia

    how is it right that keyshia was able to have her own show , but they can't ? keyshia had her moments where she acted a plume donkey . she's the one who started all this .

  • Daisy

    Frankie is on V103 every Thurs and she sure said last week the show just finished recording. BET was wrong to waste money and time to record the show then decide not to air it. Who has money to waste in this day and age. I will wait and see on this. I think the problem is we dont have enough "positive" shows to counter all the reality shows. The ATL housewives are no worse than the other housewives IMO.

  • Peachizz

    @ Ice I think Neffe's bi-polar(remember when Frankie and her were with the Therapist, Frankie admitted to the dudes being no good for her or soemthing like that, all i remmber was neffe all over the conference room table , with antics)
    "By the way, I am really impressed by Keyshia’s mature new look and attitude."
    Real cute!
    I read the interview and I didn't get an implication of her trying to stop the show.If i care i would read it again.

  • lovejoy1

    I Hope they dont air that garbage!!! Its embarrassing enough watching that ish for Keyco!!! Lord bless Kesha with a mama/sister who know how to act in public!!!

  • licia

    daisy i agree about the housewives. had the atl cast been white ( again) and acted the same way noone would have anything to say . have u seen the new jersey one? those accents are killing me lol

  • Peachizz

    Can we give Frankie her props for staying off drugs!!!!!

  • Daisy

    @Licia yes I saw the NJ wives and yes they are killing me all the way around. I am waiting on them to fight in the They are doing a Bev Hills housewives series next. I say do Dallas or Miami.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    I don't watch none of that bullsh*t anyway.

  • iscream

    @ Daisy the way it is isn't coming back but Neffie and Frankie will air. Minus Keysia. Who I'm sure will make an appearance on the show. I can't see her making the move that the 3rd Osbourn kid made and have herself totally edited out.

  • pointhimout

    why would they want their own show when they'd get so much more press with guest appearances on meet the browns or the house of payne? killing two birds with one anchor sized stone.

  • Kymystry

    Licia ... I'm born and raised jersey ... they exaggerate those accents ... I have an accent .. not to that extreme ... they are hot ga-bage .. and I've not watched the show ... lol just the previews when I'm watching something else on Bravo

  • licia

    daisy everytime i hear them talk i think the mafia is gonna jump from the bushes. lmao i heard about the beverly hills one. i think they will be worst than the ATL with all the flash, but noone will say anything about it because unfortunately it will come down to skin color . also why isn't anyone complaining about the divorced women on the NJ & NY shows? everyone whined about how kim & that man looking one weren't housewives on the ATL one .

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    I agree that keysha looks better with the blonde hair dark hair makes her looks old and the same goes for kelis too she looks better with colorful and blonde hair. They both have long faces and I think the black hair colors make them look old

  • Shauny

    Morning yall. I'm on and off her e today too. Full day at work BUT....

    I don't think KC has the authority to have BET pull a show that they know will generate ratings. That show will be coming on. I haven't watched since Season 1 so I don't care if it comes on or not but she can't stop it.

    Daisy and licia - Everytime someone speaks on the RHOA I always make it a point (Lisa Wu just did an interview saying the same thing) about how the media AND other blacks give them twice as much heat then their counterparts for doing pretty much the same thing as all of the other casts. I've seen EVERY RH show and the only difference from the ATL to the others is THE SKIN COLOR. All the other RH shows are called "entertaining" while the ATL is ghetto or trashy. SMDH

  • Shauny

    oh and jet black hair DOES age you. I've watched A LOT of shows with stylist and they have ALL said that dark black hair makes you look older than you are. A regular black or a deep brown is better (it's what they said).

    I don't like KC with the LONG dark black hair BUT I liked it when it was shorter. I HATED that blonde.

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    It is funny too how keysha who was adopted makes it big. And family comes out of no where and get tv shows and want to be all up in the limelight. I am sorry u can love your family but some family u just have to cut the fuck off!! Based on what I read from the S2S article her mother should not get mad @ the lady who raised your child while away. Keysha let everyone know that frankie is her mother. It seems like frankie is in trying to be young again which is fine because she missed out on a lot being locked


    I can't review the the video, but I head on Miss Sophia "Girl Talk" this morning that Kisha was quoted saying "They (Neffe/Frankie) won't be doing a spinoff unless she is the exec. producer and she has to know everything that is going on." U can't blame her. But Frankie will be on Ryan Cameron show this afternoon so I'll hear what she has to say about this.

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    Down and u can never get those years back. (Damm this G1 phone)

  • iscream

    I give yall props for watching RHWO anything but ATL. I can't wait for the next season to start.

    & if you want to see black women behavior vs white women behavior watch charm school. Smh.

  • Daisy

    @Mizz I don't miss Frankie on Ryans

    @Shauny I agree Frankie and Neffie sign contracts with BET not KCole.

  • Lala11_7

    This show will go on...because its all about drama...

    Drama MAKES money on television...

    And Keisha is GONNA get executive producer credits...and won't care about how GHETTO it is...because its ALL ABOUT MONEY...

    And more ghetto drama = more money...and money makes the world go around...

  • http://XSCAPESIGHTINGS.COM crystal

    If I was keisha I too would want control. If it wasn't for Ms. Cole no one would have known who neffie or fankie was. They are a reflection of her as keisha grows in to mainstream she doesn't have time to question some of the questionable $hit that her family may do on tv

  • attorneymom

    I love Keyshia Cole but Frankie and Effie are another story. I love her spirit (and attitude) more so than her singing.

    Sidebar: I can't stand punk azz parents. Frankie is going to be the poster child for punk azz parents. I can't wait to my site is up and running. My website better be up and running by Tuesday or there is going to be some funiture moving.

  • miamore73

    I think reality tv period is nothing but a coon show for all races. Have you seen The Real Housewives of New Jersey. HOLY COW!!

  • kwallace577

    Some of you are too young to remember the blaxploitation flicks from the 60s and 70s that portrayed black people in a stereotypical light as mostly pimps, whores, heroin addicts, etc.
    i actually wrote a paper on how blacks are protrayed in the entertainment industry....going all the way back to black face. i also talked about blaxploitation genre of the 70's.

    the problem is tho that those were ROLES people were playing (pam grier, huggy bear, etc)....frankie and neffe are just exploiting THEMSELVES and not the entire black community since that really IS their life. frankie really WAS a hoe with an addiction and prolly had a pimp. so it is even more sensitive to keycole to know her momma is not playing no role...that really IS her story.

  • attorneymom

    Sidebar: Did Frankie ever get the her remaining children out of the foster care system?

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  • ReadTheBlog

    IF I cared about any of these women, I might be concerned too. I say let the triflin bums hang themselves.

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