X17online.com sent their paparazzi airborne in a helicopter to capture the first pics of Joseph Michael Jackson Jr., aka Prince, 13, the eldest of the three children Jackson raised as his own.

Last week a judge granted Michael's mom Katherine Jackson, 79, temporary guardianship over Prince and his siblings Paris-Michael Katherine, 9, and Prince Michael II, 7, aka Blanket.

The three kids are with Mrs. Jackson at the Encino mansion where Michael grew up after moving from Gary, Indiana.

According to TMZ.com, Prince and Paris' biological mother, Debbie Rowe, is making noise about fighting for custody of the kids she once said she didn't want. The identity of Blanket's biological mother is unknown.

Prince's urban street style is drastically different from the nerdy way Jackson used to dress him.

Photos: X17online.com

  • Anna

    Well he has his daddys hair. LOL. Whomever took these pics needs to be shot down. "Leave Him Alone"! They say if you feed them they(kids) start to look like you. I have neighbor kids that look like they could be mine. Too bad I can't deduct them on my taxes.

  • Shauny

    Beyond messy in so many ways. So now the kids are just "children MJ raised". I swear you could be on a panel on Nancy Grace or faux news right next to the other hating azz people.

    As far as the attire of this boy. He has on a whit tee, shorts and gym shoes...that could be suburban as easily as urban. Also since this is the "first" pic, the picture on the right which wouldve been taken when MJ was alive shows him looking more "urban" than this recent pic. Just cut it out.

  • SunnyPA

    Maybe it's the camera angle, but his feet look huge.

  • Krysi J

    WOW, the paps are that desperate huh? Poor kids, they'll never live the normal life Michael would want for them......SMH. Thats a damn shame. The paps are doing to much, can this man's family mourn for at least 10-20 days before they start snapping pics of the kids??!! Let the family speak and take pics on their own terms please. This is fukking ridiculous!

  • Anna

    SunnyPA Says:

    Maybe it’s the camera angle, but his feet look huge.
    You can't help but to notice his feet. It's like someone with a big nose, it just sticks out. Look at the pic on the right. He was younger and he does have big feet. Why am I starting to think this kid is Mikes? Prince looks like he is ready to break out a Michael dance.

  • wiggy2272003

    Sandra why you always gotta add something extra? I know Shauny already got at you about it but you're just foul. Secondly the outfits ARE IDENTICAL except for color. How and why would you call A CHILDS

  • wiggy2272003

    hit submit too soon.
    ATTIRE NERDY? Maybe you would like it more if he was dressed like the Atlant wannabeballershotcallerthugs you worship.
    You remind me of someone who thinks they are down, but really aint.That person that trys just a little too hard.

    They are his children. Period. What the fcuk you talking bout raised as his own. Whether he made them or not HE ARRANGED FOR THEM TO BE BROUGHT INTO THIS WORLD THEREFORE THEY ARE HIS OWN.
    I bet you take sleeping pill cuz if you have any sort of consience you must toss and turn at night

  • iscream

    This is why Michael had them wear mask. He did not want his kids being picked apart the way they picked him apart.

    Why this picture even got published is beyond me. It doesn't have a purpose.

  • Mspeng

    I find that raised as his own comment offensive as well...because what about adopted children. I know a few. The people that raised them are their PARENTS...you've known somebody from the second u were born and they fed you, clothed you...it's your PARENTS. They don't want to be reminded that they're not real kids because they're as real as biological children and even better because you can't have an adoption by mistake!

  • http://twitter.com/joycejustice LadyJustice

    anybody see where that black lady is claiming that she is blanket's mom, she file a court petition and she judge is actually gonna hear her. people will to anything for 15minutes

  • SunnyPA

    In an interview, Debbie Rowe stated that it was her idea for them to wear masks because she was afraid they'd be kidnapped.

    One of those pictures is actually before MJ died.

  • MissGauzzz

    Yeah that "raised as his own" is a little much...never did quite get why that's relevant...they are his children and they lost their father and now they gotta be picked apart about their clothes! SMH with the side-eye! too too much!

  • iscream

    Billboard is stupid. Even though Micahel Jackson is clearly # 1 in the country because his album is more than 18 months old it doesn't qualify to be listed. I always thought it was based off of album sales no matter what.

    SunnyPA Says:

    In an interview, Debbie Rowe stated that it was her idea for them to wear masks
    I remember that. Glad people watched the video. Fox hasn't reaired it but abc aired the one that made him look bad. The video that started alot of his problems.

    I thought I was bad. My son has been introduced to MJ music and can't get enough. You would think it was the height of the Thriller time. Smh I have created a monster.

  • Anna

    I thought I was bad. My son has been introduced to MJ music and can’t get enough. You would think it was the height of the Thriller time. Smh I have created a monster.
    I may only be 42 years old but I an going to be a grandmother in the new year(Jan. 7th). I said that I will have DVD's of Mike for my grand child to watch, like Dora or Barney or Mr. Rogers. Mike was the man, will always be the man and I hope that my grand child will appreciate music/lyrics as I do.

  • Mspeng

    Anna Says:

    I may only be 42 years old but I an going to be a grandmother in the new year(Jan. 7th).

    Hey Anna...congrats on your grandchild. I'm pregnant and due that exact same day. Jan 7th!!!

  • precious1

    Sandra I am so sick of these people talking about Mike's surgeries and such. I'm watching 20/20 and that's all they seem to talk about. This man has gotten nothing but negative press since his death. No one mention Elvis with his turned wife at 14. But Mike is a pedophile. What abotu Farrah and her coke habit. Is she excempt because she died of cancer? Both deaths are sad but I haven't heard one negative thing about Farrah in the media!!! It is not fair. I really need a way to ask NBC, 20/20, CNN and all the other "reputable" media outlets where was the negative coverage of these individuals!!!

  • pointhimout

    nancy grace...dont even mention that bytch. she's an educated idiot. i stomached about two seconds of her show last night and turned the channel after she tried to go in on one of MJ's friends in London.

  • pointhimout

    i completely agree. the negative comments about his life are overboard by the media outlets. this dude spent 45 years entertaining people and all they want to focus on are crimes he was found not guilty of committing. lames

  • Anna

    Mspeng Says:

    Anna Says:

    I may only be 42 years old but I an going to be a grandmother in the new year(Jan. 7th).

    Hey Anna…congrats on your grandchild. I’m pregnant and due that exact same day. Jan 7th!!!
    Congrats on your new baby. I have six ultra pics. My grand baby has a big ass head. lol.

  • wiggy2272003

    @sunnypa I knew that pic on the right was before he died he was actually standing right next to his son thats why I said the outfits are identical except for the color.

  • mjoylaw

    RIP MJ

    Prince Michael was reportedly gonna perform with dad in London

    I never believed Mike molested anybody

    My kids love dance so I got them MJ's CDs and videos..my 7 y.o. can moonwalk..he dance like MJ..

    His poor children..and they are his..can we give them space like presidents' kids get

    Once again RIP King Michael..I will always love you more than I can ever say..we will keep your memory alive, you will always be alive in our hearts and minds..gone too soon

  • SylentDreamz

    I must correct you on his sons's name his name is Prince Michael J Jackson not Joseph Michael Jackon known as Prince. I wish you would be more respectful since you claim you're such a fan. His children biological or not, they knew Michael as Daddy are now without him.

  • Kat

    *sigh* oh sandra.....smh