New Couple Alert: Terrell Carter and Keston Carter Boo’d Up (Allegedly)

A loyal reader wrote:

Hey Sista,

Just wanted to send you some pics from Keston Karter, Terrell Carter and Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s momma) party they hosted in my town Cincinnati this past weekend. Frankie is a HAG gurrrrl! I love her and she loves us gay boys she betta WERK! It was indeed this party that ignited a split in Terrell and his ex-boyfriend Alex Cortez relationship and him leaking those intimate pics of he and Terrell because Terrell was cheating on him with Keston.

Everyone in the club could tell from Keston and Terrell’s body language they are an item now. So much so at one point Frankie had to hop in between them to get them apart (I snapped a pic of that). They were in the VIP area with another gay couple not trying to take alot of pics together until girls came around. But they came out to mingle with the crowd a little after Terrell performed.

Biiiiiitttch but Keston is sooo fyne and he gave me FEVAHHH diva knowing that he is part of the family because I had no idea but that night sealed it for me chile! I have to give you your coins bitch on that one. Gay knows gay honay Owwww! and ohhh my lawwd hammercy his face and body in person is OVAHHH! He is beat for the gawwwds! Yess ms lady, I had the time of my life just looking at that sexy piece of trade candy owww!

Keston and Terrell together gets 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dip bitch oww! Love you motha. See you hopefully at pride.

By the way, this email was sent to another loyal reader who forwarded it to me. The author was addressing her, not me.

MORE pics after the break!


32 Responses to “New Couple Alert: Terrell Carter and Keston Carter Boo’d Up (Allegedly)”

  1. 1
    Daisy says:

    Terell is still a CUTIE gay or straight IMO

    I hope he enjoys his life outside the closet

  2. 2
    iscream says:


    When Frankie is the most famous person at a party. You know something is wrong.

  3. 3
    Bird says:

    I love flamboyant gay’s flowery language. lol

  4. 4
    KaraZ says:

    Can you translate from “family” speak into regular English, he/she lost me at the first honayy

  5. 5
    yvonne79 says:

    @Bird: I’m with you on that one. Well, written! I can just hear his voice in my head

  6. 6
    Alana says:

    Wow…that was gay…lol

  7. 7
    mizzdallas says:

    Hey! everrrrybody

    So when is the RNB chicks N dudes gonna come out the closet?


  8. 8
    LadyJustice says:

    Keston and Terrell together gets 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dip bitch oww!

    :rofl: -dead-

  9. 9
    Daisy says:

    Hey Mizz! I need to remember that Wendys show starts Mon so I can set my DVR!

  10. 10
    ELove says:

    Hearing females talk about gay-guys is So Funny to me
    Very Entertaining Indeed and I’m gonna have to check out Wendy as well (HOW U DOING…) :rofl:

  11. 11
    yvonne79 says:

    The messed up part is I can SEE him in my head doing 3 snaps in a Z formation twirl push and dipping it while yelling owwwwwwww.

  12. 12
    melinla says:

    Am I supposed to know who these people are? If it didn’t say KC’s momma in parenthesis I would have a clue about her either….oh well…

  13. 13
    Anti-believer says:

    DAMN! I wanna do an orgy with Keston and Terrell and Jeremih.

  14. 14
    coaretained says:

    New word in SR vocab- ALLEGEDLY

    carry on

  15. 15
    Daisy says:

    @anti I heard that lol

  16. 16
    Divinebrown says:

    Alll the men in that picture look sugary as hail!!!

    Especially the 2 dudes on the end! They must be the bottoms.

  17. 17
    Sandra Rose says:

    ELove Says:
    Hearing females talk about gay-guys is So Funny to me


    Actually, a gay man wrote that email. It says so right there in the first paragraph. :)

  18. 18
    ELove says:

    Ms. Sandra
    I was talking about the SR-Ladies (You included…)

  19. 19
    ELove says:

    OH and did Gabby “The IB” Union approve of the Primal Fridays AD… U KNOW The Industry-Bicycle !!! :rofl:

  20. 20
    miamore73 says:

    Who are these guys?? What do they do?? Why do we care??

    I can hear ole boys voice when I read this letter also.

  21. 21
    kwallace577 says:

    that was the gayest shyt i ever read before in life.

    ummhmm honeychile. shole was.

  22. 22
    kwallace577 says:

    I can hear ole boys voice when I read this letter also.
    i can also see the hand movements that go along with this dialogue. both the imaginary visual and the audio are disturbing as hail…

  23. 23
    Kat says:

    i don’t know who keston and terrell is…..are they famous? :shrug:

  24. 24
    ELove says:

    You forgot the appropriate emotions for your statements
    :gay: and :lolsign:

  25. 25
    Krysi J says:

    well…..thats that.

    Its official, I guess Tyler Perry just does casting I actually thought all of his actors were saved?…..either way, I hope Terell is happy and Im done.

  26. 26
    Daisy says:

    @Krysi you can be gay and saved

  27. 27
    Krysi J says:

    @ Daisy


    no comment.

  28. 28
    Daisy says:

    We are ALL sinners SAVED by grace if you confess with your mouth and heart that Jesus Christ is LORD then you are saved IMO

  29. 29
    pointhimout says:

    yeah my first thought when i saw the pic was all the guys are screwing each other and the women were just thrown in for show. a guy as attractive as keston could have any woman he wants. im not feeling the hype with Terrell at all. Tyler pics pretty guys only. Think of a not so pretty guy who’s a brilliant actor. Tyler will never put him in his productions.

  30. 30
    Daisy says:

    @point Ketson does nothing for I like choc! Thought Terrell was cute since I saw him in Tylers plays back in the day. Nice build as well! Some lucky man gets to enjoy all that *sighs*

  31. 31
    terika83 says:

    lol loves gay lingo…

  32. 32
    Zuley says:

    SMH its always the “too good to be true” looking guys I remember I use to have the biggest crush on Keston a while ago until I found out he was GAY!! Nothing wrong with that but just jump out that closet if you are, stop trying to lock the door and be all up hollering at women. I need more shopping gay male partners. But I can’t believe all that ( is for a MAN SMH Jesus be a mirror!

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