The Barack Obama 'Joker' posters first appeared under overpasses in the L.A. area. Then they were spotted plastered on the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia. Now the posters have made their way into South Florida as more people take up the cause against Socialism.

Vandals plastered the signs all over a U.S. Post Office and drop boxes in Clermont, Florida yesterday. Lake County residents called a local TV station when they spotted the posters on Stop signs.

"He looks so mean, gruesome and evil and this is not something you want to portray your president. Very disrespectful," Clermont resident Charlene Forth told Eyewitness News.

The posters depict Obama in clown makeup with his mouth crudely slit from ear to ear similar to Heath Ledger's Joker character in The Dark Knight.

The Postmaster of the Clermont Post Office told Eyewitness News he was offended by the posters.

"I found that they were very well glued on and they're not easy to be taken off," Postmaster Willie Montgomery said. "I've been with the Postal Service for 30 years now. I've never seen anything this insensitive."

National radio talk show host Alex Jones put out a call for his listeners to plaster the 'Joker' posters everywhere.

"The establishment is trying to use [Obama's] star appeal to sell the new world order, the carbon tax, the health care, the whole agenda," Jones argued in a video clip on his website.

But Montgomery said Jones is taking his campaign too far. "They've gone much too far. This is what I would call an extreme," said Montgomery, who added that defacing a post office is a federal offense.


  • attorneymom

    Sandra, you put up those posters up didn't you??

  • Kat

    *sigh* smh

  • SunnyPA

    I do not condone those actions (LOL).

    It made no sense to me, when Obama linked the post office to healthcare yesterday.

  • Seattle Slim

    Instead of whining about "socialism" (which it's not), shouldn't these angry rethugs and their apologists be angry at the fact that we are no longer a democracy but a corporatocracy? Isn't that more insulting? Where are the mobs for that?

    "Socialism refers to various theories of economic organization advocating state, public or common worker ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and a society characterized by equal access to resources for all individuals with a more egalitarian method of compensation.[1][2][3] Modern socialism originated in the late 18th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialization and private ownership on society, however, socialism itself is not a political system; it is instead an economic system distinct from capitalism."

    Socialism encompasses many different beliefs, including a "meritocracy" (which is what Americans wax poetic about. You know? Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps...). It depends on the person.

    Is there anything wrong with the above definition? Socialism and communism are VASTLY different. Communism being more rigid, with less freedoms. Nothing indicates that Obama is heading in the Communist direction.

    "Corporatocracy or Corpocracy is a form of government where a corporation, a group of corporations, or government entities with private components, control the direction and governance of a country.

    This belief is reinforced by two factors. First, corporations give to competing political parties and major political party candidates. This is seen as a corporation hedging their bets on the outcome of an election, and trying to get on the good side of whichever candidate is elected into office. Some say this is one of the hallmarks of a corporatocracy. Second, in many cases former corporate executives serve as powerful decision makers within government institutions often charged with the regulation of their former employers. Meanwhile, former government employees often accept high ranking positions within corporations thereby providing their new employers with access to governmental decision makers. This serves to create the appearance of a revolving door between corporations and the institutions established to regulate their behavior."

    I know of several former republican leaders who are working for corporations. Matter of fact in our present administration, it is still going on, although not nearly as bad as with the last administration. A former Monsanto honcho (google it) is to become the new FDA czar. Monsanto are the fine purveyors of DDT, Agent Orange and your food...