The Barack Obama 'Joker' posters first appeared under overpasses in the L.A. area. Then they were spotted plastered on the Big Chicken in Marietta, Georgia. Now the posters have made their way into South Florida as more people take up the cause against Socialism.

Vandals plastered the signs all over a U.S. Post Office and drop boxes in Clermont, Florida yesterday. Lake County residents called a local TV station when they spotted the posters on Stop signs.

"He looks so mean, gruesome and evil and this is not something you want to portray your president. Very disrespectful," Clermont resident Charlene Forth told Eyewitness News.

The posters depict Obama in clown makeup with his mouth crudely slit from ear to ear similar to Heath Ledger's Joker character in The Dark Knight.

The Postmaster of the Clermont Post Office told Eyewitness News he was offended by the posters.

"I found that they were very well glued on and they're not easy to be taken off," Postmaster Willie Montgomery said. "I've been with the Postal Service for 30 years now. I've never seen anything this insensitive."

National radio talk show host Alex Jones put out a call for his listeners to plaster the 'Joker' posters everywhere.

"The establishment is trying to use [Obama's] star appeal to sell the new world order, the carbon tax, the health care, the whole agenda," Jones argued in a video clip on his website.

But Montgomery said Jones is taking his campaign too far. "They've gone much too far. This is what I would call an extreme," said Montgomery, who added that defacing a post office is a federal offense.


Remember those Barack Obama 'Joker' posters I told you about earlier? Well, some enterprising anti-socialists have printed up t-shirts, ball caps, mugs, and bumper stickers with the image and made them available for sale online.

The White House isn't too happy about this, but fortunately we still live in a country where free enterprise and capitalism thrives without interference from the government (at least not yet).

I've already placed my order. Thanks to loyal reader Lizbeth for the link!

No one knows who the artist is, but the Obama 'Joker' posters first originated in L.A. back in April during the hoopla over the stimulus bailout.

The posters (inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker character in 'The Dark Knight') are showing up in the most unlikeliest places. According to a local CBS affiliate, a different version of the poster was plastered on the outside of "The Big Chicken" over the weekend in Marietta, Georgia.

Naturally, the left wing liberal milquetoast lapdog media are howling in protest over the Obama 'Joker' posters, but they'll soon roll over and play dead again.

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The government has launched an investigation to determine how actor Heath Ledger was able to obtain so many prescription drugs.

The government is investigating whether a licensed doctor stepped outside of the normal standard of practice to supply drugs to an addict for recreational use rather than for therapeutic use.

When dealing with the very rich, certain money hungry doctors forget their oath to first, do no harm to their patients.

According to Dr. Michael Hunter, a prominent forensic pathologist, the level of tranquilizers, pain killers and sleeping pills in Ledger's system were intended to obtain an intoxicant effect - not for therapeutic use.

Dr. Hunter tells PEOPLE that the combination of the powerful drugs most likely caused "poly-drug intoxication" which led to respiratory arrest. "His breathing probably got slower and slower until it stopped all together," he said. (source)

Not wanting to become statistics, actresses Eva Mendes, Delta Burke and Kirsten Dunst checked themselves into separate rehab facilities to kick their dependence on supscription meds. reports former Designing Women star Delta Burke has been in a psychiatric hospital since last week.

Burke, 51, is seeking treatment for anxiety, depression and substance abuse. "I was on so many medications and they just weren't working," Burke said.

Spider Man star Kirsten Dunst recently checked herself into Cirque Lodge in Utah, Star magazine reports. "She desperately needed help," a source in Utah tells Star. "She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears.

"She not in a good place right now, but thankfully, she's getting the help she needs." Cirque was also the rehab of choice for other famous patients such as Eva Mendes, Lindsay Lohan, Richie Sambora and Mary-Kate Olsen whose friend Heath Ledger died of a drug overdose on Jan. 22 in NY.

The NY coroner's office released toxioclogy reports ruling actor Heath Ledger's death an "accident" based on results showing he had 3 different anti-anxiety medications and 2 different sleeping pills in his system.

Overdosing on a few sleeping pills is an accident. But Ledger had Valium, Ativan, Xanax, Lunesta and Restoril in his bloodstream at the time of his death. That's more like suicide or murder.

In somewhat related news, an LA county coroner also ruled rapper Chad "Pimp C" Butler's untimely death an accident due to the combination of sleep apnea and the effects of cough medicine. Despite all the headlines blaming Pimp C's death on cough medicine, it's more likely he died from his medical condition sleep apnea considering the levels of Phenergen and Codeine in his bloodstream were not that high.

According to published reports, Hollywood rallied together in a show of unity to protest the broadcasting of a video showing deceased actor Heath Ledger snorting coke. Isn't that nice? Friends who snort coke together stick together I guess. Ledger was found dead in his SoHo apartment last week of a suspected drug overdose. Toxicology reports are pending.

It is no secret that Ledger's rumored girlfriend actress Mary Kate Olsen of the famed Olsen twins sent bodyguards rushing to Ledger's apartment to "sanitize" the scene before paramedics got there.

Now we're hearing that a concerted effort by publicists and Hollywood actors has succeeded in removing the video from national television shows such as Entertainment Tonight which had planned to air parts of the video in last night's broadcast.

We're almost certain Hollywood would do the same if the deceased were Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson.

So John Gibson was right after all. The truth about actor Heath Ledger's serious drug habit has come to light a week after he was found dead in his Soho apartment. A video circulating the Internet shows Ledger attending a party where drugs are openly used and passed around.

The national media tried it's best to turn Ledger into a saint even though it was a well known fact that Ledger was a drug addict. Ledger took so many illegal drugs that he was literally bouncing off the walls, too wired to sleep. He tried every sleeping pill on the market and often complained that the pills didn't work.

The reason the media bent over backwards to sensationalize Ledger's death is simple: he played a gay cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain. And as you know, gays run the national media.

For that same reason the video has been pulled from national TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight - once again highlighting the bias within the news media. We wonder if the media would exercise such censorship if Will Smith was found dead surrounded by pills and there was a video of him doing drugs.

Click to watch video

Here's my take on the Heath Ledger story: I have to admit I was not familiar with the actor whose promising career was cut short by his untimely death. Someone reminded me that Mr. Ledger played a gay cowboy in the movie 'Brokeback Mountain'. I never saw the movie.

For those of us who are unfamiliar with him, we can't escape the wall to wall news coverage of his death. One of the troubling aspects of his death was his masseuse's claims that she attempted CPR on Mr. Ledger when she found him unresponsive.

According to Nancy Grace, Ledger was found face down in his bed. Any masseuse should be trained in basic CPR 101 which teaches you to move an unresponsive person off the bed and onto the floor before initiating CPR. If you're unable to move the patient, then a board or other hard surface should be placed under his back.

At any rate, the patient must be face up before any attempt at CPR can be made. If paramedics found Ledger face down in his bed, then no attempt at CPR was made.

The other troubling aspect is why the masseuse called actress Mary-Kate Olsen twice before calling 911? And did the actress send her security to the apartment to remove incriminating evidence? Lastly, if 911 was called 15 minutes after the masseuse heard Ledger snoring then she or the company she works for could be held responsible for not acting swiftly enough to save his life.