So John Gibson was right after all. The truth about actor Heath Ledger's serious drug habit has come to light a week after he was found dead in his Soho apartment. A video circulating the Internet shows Ledger attending a party where drugs are openly used and passed around.

The national media tried it's best to turn Ledger into a saint even though it was a well known fact that Ledger was a drug addict. Ledger took so many illegal drugs that he was literally bouncing off the walls, too wired to sleep. He tried every sleeping pill on the market and often complained that the pills didn't work.

The reason the media bent over backwards to sensationalize Ledger's death is simple: he played a gay cowboy in the film Brokeback Mountain. And as you know, gays run the national media.

For that same reason the video has been pulled from national TV shows such as Entertainment Tonight - once again highlighting the bias within the news media. We wonder if the media would exercise such censorship if Will Smith was found dead surrounded by pills and there was a video of him doing drugs.

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  • milly

    The answer to that is no, they would have told the whole world he was a crack head and even make up stories where they saw him using during Fresh Prince. Unfortunatly this is hollywood

  • H.B.I.C.

    This is tasteless. Regardless of if he was a crackhead or not, a young dude lost his life and a 2 year old lost her father. Even if it is true, at the end of the day someone lost their life. It's not like dude is still around kickin it and this video popped up. But I do agree with your last statement Sandra, about if it were a black actor.

  • moonforge

    Gays run the media? That one role as a gay dude
    did not make this cover up happen.
    Unfortunately black celebrities do not get as
    much image protection as whites.

  • stefany

    It wouldn't suprise me one bit...I don't know how Heath really died but I do believe it was a cover up of some kind as to what he was on at the time of his death...I guarantee that if he had been a black rap star they wouldn't have hesitated to air all of his business out into the open media.

  • SouthernLegalDiva


    Don't forget that Will Smith played gay in 12 Degrees of Separation. I think they would still publish the video though.

    I sincerely hope the Ledger mania will stop. The man is gone, he should be able to rest in peace especially if he was not able to do so when he was living.

  • SouthernLegalDiva

    Sorry, I meant 6 Degrees of Separation. My mind is not functioning today! :)

  • Terry .W

    Whatever happened to letting someone just rest in peace. He may have been struggling through some things while he was alive as we all do. Some more than others....Addiction is obviously not easy...but it happens. We must practice better judgment when it comes to respecting the dead as a society.

    May he rest in peace!

  • milly

    R.I.P Heath Ledger

  • Bird

    I'm trying to stop being angry about this double standard and here it is rearing it's ugly head again. My question remains; why is Heath any better than Anna Nicole? God rest his soul, but I can't feel sorry for him. A child hasn't just lost her father. The child was abandoned by her father. Dying of a drug overdose is the equivalent of suicide.

  • H.B.I.C.

    ^^^ @ Bird

    I was just thinking that!! When Anna Nicole died, they wore out videos of her on media outlets. So why is Heath getting special treatment?

  • dj_dceezy

    f___ Heath Ledger... WTF did he ever do fa ya'll

  • Poetry777

    All he was doing in the video was standing there talking. He did not use drugs in that video...Did u even watch the video??? He may have had a drug problem because there was another person in the video using and he said something about his weed consumption but how can you call the man a crack head over a video where he wasn't even the person doing the drugs????? I don't know....

  • Poetry777

    And yes...This website should show a little more respect for the dead....RIP

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I'm not trying to justify this but Anna Nicole was so controversial and her death was sadly expected. The general public knew she was a drug-user and she lived an openly wild life.

    Heath on the other-hand was thought to be family-oriented and quiet...even the gossip mags like US Weekly or gossip blogs never reported him being an avid drug user. The general public didn't really have a clue so his death came as a shock...and the media is pretty much capitalizing off of the public's curosity.

    I don't think the media is being kind to his legacy or family at all...his name is being dragged through the mud. When, he first passed he was simply a talented Oscar nominated young man who died from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills. Now he is being called a frequent drug-user who had it coming...its so unfortunate, disrespectful and sad on so many levels.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    And Sandra whats really good with that pic of Heath? Its ahem very B O S S I P like...RIP Heath.

  • scorpio

    First off to anyone who has passed away R.I.P. 2nd the media definetly has tried to make him into more than he really should be. Why should we be surprised? they have even gone so far as to say the results are inconclusive as to why he died. They know it was drug related, but again he needs to be made into an all American guy that died too early so that his legacy can continue for generations to come, and don't forget there are several movies he's done that have not hit theaters, those film companies will make millions off his death, so they too need for his passing to look clean so movie goers will not be turned off when Batman comes out.

  • scorpio

    And in addition, his role in Brokeback definetly made him into who he was. Without that role noone would have even thought twice. Who even remembered that he was the son in Monster's Ball that committed suicide?

  • J Gats Juice

    Bird u r my blog soulmate!!! I'm sorry, I just cannot bring myself to feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for the child's mother who has to explain what happened and why Daddy hasnt called or come by

  • Bird


    Actually Heath was exactly like Anna Nicole except paparazzi didn't follow him around at all times capturing his lunacy. Another site posted an interview of him where he was clearly high as a kite. Even if you haven't seen it, I'm sure you heard of it. Its the one were he said he couldn't sleep so he took a sleeping pill and when that didn't work he took another and went to sleep only to wake up a few minutes later. He was fidgeting and scratching himself constantly like any garden variety addict. But I don't want to keep throwing dirt on the man. I'm just tired of people pretending he was a saint while they treated Anna Nicole like trash when she died. I was so pissed about that and this is even worse.

  • Tmekio

    Bird Says:


    Actually Heath was exactly like Anna Nicole except paparazzi didn’t follow him around at all times capturing his lunacy. Another site posted an interview of him where he was clearly high as a kite. Even if you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you heard of it. Its the one were he said he couldn’t sleep so he took a sleeping pill and when that didn’t work he took another and went to sleep only to wake up a few minutes later. He was fidgeting and scratching himself constantly like any garden variety addict. But I don’t want to keep throwing dirt on the man. I’m just tired of people pretending he was a saint while they treated Anna Nicole like trash when she died. I was so pissed about that and this is even worse.


  • D4lyfe773

    Heath Ledger was a good man. I wonder why when celebrities die the media tend to brake out with negativity and old things from the past. Its sad and I really feel sorry for his family. It would be good if the media let the man rest in peace.

  • me888

    im in awe of how sensitive people have been to this unfortunate event. there must have been something special about him to inspire such sanctimony.

    when that other Black gOSSIP site quipped about his death possibly being from "smoking rocks" the day after people were in an uproar - saying that they were lying, making shit up, getting the "facts" wrong, etc.

    vindication must be sweet

  • carliss

    I'm not believing any of the negative stuff. They always wanna make it seem like every single hollywood actor, singer, rapper,whatever does drugs..not everybody..I just ain't buying it. Let him rest in peace....

  • niastar

    It amazes me how people can judge someone that they have never met and knew nothing about. If he was into drugs or whatever, he has been judged by God. That is the only person that can judge him. The bible said let he who is without sin cast the first stone. That picture, Sandra, is completey low down and dirty and your ass should be ashamed of yourself.

  • D4lyfe773

    To H.B.I.C, Bird, and J Gats Juice

    You all should be ashamed of yourselves for getting on the internet talking trash about Heath Ledger. It doesn't matter how he died and it doesn't matter if he wasn't or was a good father but the least you can do is let him rest in peace. You didn't even know him and you sure as hell didn't meet and greet with him so saying things to just get attention and being totally negative is so disrespectful to him and his family. But of course you don't care because you don't know him...right??? Put your feet and his family shoes, how would you feel if people were judging your family member and making him out to be a drug addict and bad father. Think about it...Grow up people!!!

  • mrsgoodes

    You should check your sources on said that ET was not going to show the tape, b/c they could not confirm that he was using drugs, the tape shows him smoking cigarette, just b/c he played a gay guy does not mean thats the only reason people care. It's sad that we are losing young actors/singers that r black, white,gay or straight

  • sumpthinspecial

    I concur….this post was tasteless and unnecessary. The young man has lost his life. Sandra you're better than this. Let "white" media make comments and write posts that are inhumane and that lack morality and good conscience. Let them display a lack of scruples by posting blogs such as this post. Not you. Yes, you can be “hateful” but this is hurtful and mean.

  • MZN

    Sandra is absolutely right... Because he played a gay cowboy, he receives special attention.

    He was on crack, oh well...


  • aqtpie

    Oh please, a hell of a lot of black media outlets also use double standards when it comes to black celebs; dog them while they are living but praise them in/after death. WHATEVER!!!!!

  • Smokie

    First of all, was he a CRACKhead or did he do powder and pills? I want someone to make that distinction, please. Crack is wack. (LOL)

    Also, the man is dead. He couldn't careless if we talk about him or not. Neither could Anna Nicole.

    HOW DID PIMP C DIE????????

  • aqtpie


  • aqtpie

    Dammit Smokie,
    I had just about forgot that I couldn't remember the site that I had read about PIMP C's new report on, just yesterday. LOL


    I worked as a valet for a party at Heath's house once. i saw him sort the white girl with my own EYES.

  • AaronMichael

    I'm sure there's plenty of other celebs on crack. His addiction took his life, he's gone and there's nothing anyone can do about it now. What else is going on in the world?

    I like the video where they tried to get Montel to talk about his death and he kept brining up the issue of how no one knows the names of the 28 people who have died in Iraq since the beginning of this year. The point is, there are much more important things happening in the world that have been overshadowed by this and thats the unfortunate part.

  • aqtpie

    Okay Smokie, I thought you jinxed me but I found it at Allhiphop, they are doing more tests and in the next 10-15 days they will be able to release a final cause of death.

  • Smokie

    Aqtpie, you know, they keep saying "10 more days"... what is the hold up? I hope this time they really do release the cause of the Pimp's death. I'm wondering if he was killed (poison) or something b/c that is the only time that a rapper's death isn't solved.

  • Mz_Magnificent1

    Woah...Bird I didn't see that! But seriously...I don't think the media is being kind about his death. They are painting him to just be a damn junkie...its not a matter of feeling sorry for him but more-so having respect for the dead period whether they were a drug-addict or a perfect angel.

    Give him a break its not like he was a mass murderer...he was just a human with flaws. I don't know how it feels to be addicted to drugs but I can only imagine it is horrible...

  • tbrown

    I think the reason his death is so sensationalized now is because of a number of things: yes, because he was nominated for his portrayal of a gay cowboy and because his death was 'weird' and unexpected to say the least. And also, because Heath never was a big fan of the press. I remember seeing him interviewed on the red carpet and he just looked pissed and peeved and ready to bolt. He didn't like attention, which is another reason this is being blown out of the water: you've got a man who keeps his business to himself and is sometimes vocal about keeping his business to himself who dies suddenly and unexpectedly and now everyone wants to know WHY because everyone is just nosy.

    I think showing the vid of him at a party snorting coc is just so tasteless now. Let the man be! Him being a crackhead or not is pretty much beyond the point; he's gone. His child will suffer his loss, his ex-girlfriend, his family, his friends, his fans. Why continue to borough into what is to me a dead issue? Pun intended.

  • hellava10

    Good gracious! I don't get the assumption that he was this wonderful family man. I agree with Bird --doing drugs is slow suicide. Period. I feel for him the same as I would Pookie down the street. If they found Pookie with a rolled up $20 buked naked I'm not going to think he was making paper airplanes. "We" were just as surprised to find out Whitney was into Tylenol alternatives. It is what it is. The hype is 'the other side' is soooooo shocked. Just because the media didn't force us to see Heath in that light, didn't mean it didn't happen. Could be the reason he didn't want the media around. Flip side is it may have saved his life if someone knew what the hell he was doing. I am sorry that his family has to endure the grief of his passing, but it was a choice HE made. I saw the interview - he may/maynot have been doing something but he was acting crackISH

  • Bsoul

    What about Britney?

    I'm sorry, I just felt compelled....

  • H.B.I.C.

    @ D4lyfe773

    What the fuck are you talking about? I haven't said anything bad about Heath Ledger, I said it's tasteless that blogs are posting videos of him while he lost his life. You need to try again sweetie, go back and read my original comment before you try to talk shit about somebody.

  • hellava10


    At least we know she'll be safe for the next 72 hours.

  • Bird

    I keep comparing him to Anna Nicole because of the reactions I have seen in the blogs, but in reality he was more like River Phoenix. Both were very respected actors and during their lives people focused on that. No one thought anything of them partying because they were young. And even now female celebs get a raw deal for partying excessively while men don't. The tabloids don't even report on them. His death was so shocking because somehow we think that if they luck up on a great part and do a great job they are great people. The fact is that behind not so closed doors they were troubled. I'm even inclined to believe that he died like Phoenix by taking some kind of cold medicine that didn't interact well with their usual drugs of choice. It's very unfortunate.

  • Bird


    I just think Brit Brit is crazy. I have no doubt that with treatment she can come back just like Mariah. She may always be touched, but she can get it to the point where she is able to work and appear somewhat normal. It's terrible that it has gone on for so long, but maybe she will finally get help this time.

  • LadeeLeo

    Wow, what a classless Bytch you are.

  • lovely25

    Seriously, an individual has lost a life!! Can we show some remorse??

  • Xsjado

    I'm sad he lost his life, but Ike Turner, James Brown, and Ozzi Davis never got this kind of anything (media) when they died. Plus that they had been singing and/or acting longer than his man had been alive.

  • kdillon

    Its a sad thing but what's done in the dark comes to light, dead or alive.
    You can't mix anti depression drugs, with cocaine, with sleeping pills because these are the results. The media coverage is out of control and some man pretending to be his father was calling celebs to get free stuff, this is horrible. These Hollywood people are not like they seem, I live in L.A. and I see certain celebs and just think how careless they are.
    The media doesn't care about black people, they never show us on the news missing or give us the same coverage.

  • Bsoul

    Im not so sure that Brit-Brit won't resort back to her old ways as soon as she gets out. Right now, she's an over-fried mess with that horrid British accent. No Brit I ever heard sounds like that.

    I thought she was playing crazy to get rid of her kids. I'm not so sure anymore. Maybe, through all that playing crazy, girl really flipped; practice makes perfect.

    I'm not being funny (When I make mistakes, feel free to correct me) but I think you mean respect. Remorse is feeling sorry for something that YOU did. Then again, maybe that's what you were looking to say, I don't know.

  • Bsoul

    For those who care, PageSix posted this article on this subject:

    January 31, 2008 -- HEATH Ledger had become a regular user of cocaine and heroin in the past year, getting so high on drugs that an exasperated Michelle Williams was forced to boot him out of their Brooklyn home, The Post has learned.

    "She couldn't take it any more. Heath wouldn't show up for two to three days, and all of a sudden he would show up on her doorstep, an absolute wreck," a member of Ledger's entourage who did drugs with him told The Post's Lorena Mongelli. "He was partying, doing drugs. She didn't like the company he was keeping. She gave him an ultimatum. . . . and threatened to get custody of the girl. He wanted to make it work, but it was this scene he was wrapped up in. Was he an addict? Yeah."

    The revelation comes as "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" said that "out of respect for Heath Ledger's family," they would drop plans to air a video of Ledger snorting cocaine with a rolled-up bill at the Chateau Marmont. The video was taped without Ledger's knowledge following the SAG Awards two years ago. reports that Ledger quips on the tape, "I'm gonna get so much [bleep] from my girlfriend. We have a baby together, Matilda."

    Heath's drug pal told The Post the 28-year-old star's mushrooming fame had him constantly exposed to drugs. As the pressures of work grew, he couldn't say no, and then wouldn't get help. "He was hanging out with a bad crowd. He wasn't cleaning up his act. He was making absolutely no effort . . . He was really into heroin. He wasn't sleeping or communicating with anyone."

    Ledger's lifeless body was found in his Broome Street loft in SoHo last week along with six kinds of prescription pills. Authorities believe he overdosed, although the cause of death won't be official until toxicology tests are finished.

    "At the end of the day this is really tragic," the source said. "He was a nice guy. I first met him in 2002. He was scared about the whole Hollywood thing . . . I don't think he realized how crazy it was going to be. So many people wanted a piece of him."

    But, the pal adds, things got really bad when heroin entered the picture. "Once you go down that road, then it gets really scary. Because all of sudden you shoot up, you take heroin, then you do a line of cocaine and then you take sleeping pills. Look at River Phoenix, he died exactly the same way."

    Ledger's reps didn't get back to us.


    When will our race ever learn? Racism is at a all time high. The News Media went out of their way to paint this man into a Saint. They knew this man was on drugs, just like all of the Holly Weird people who have gotten high with him. In not just Holly Weird, but all over the USA, white people get a free pass no matter what laws they break. To whole thing was nothing but another cover-up. Plain and simple! If he loved his kid so much, he wouldn't have been using drugs in the first place.

  • Poetry777

    Why is everyone so intent on lynching this man who is already dead... I think to have the audacity to sit here and pass judgement on someone whe is not even here to defend themselves is pretty low....And I'm getting to the point where as much as I like to know what's going on in the world from as many sources as possible...This may be one that I have to alleviate from my favs because I'm so tired of reading all these negative, judgemental remarks on every blog. There are only about two or three people I see entries from on this website who try to keep things positive! How dare you people sit here and constantly pass judgement on people you don't even know....constantly! And your lack of respect for the matter what mistakes they made in life...Man, may God have mercy on your ignorant souls...None of you can cast stones because all of you have done things that you want to take to the grave...SO STOP FRONTIN'....Get it together black people...PLEASE!!!!

  • Poetry777

    Sorry again for the typos....I can't believe this stuff I'm reading man....This is truly sad!!!!

  • Bsoul

    Poetry, I'm not so sure that anyone is intent on lynching him. Rather, most are pointing out the double standard. When Rick James and Ike Turner died, not only did the media disclose their drug history, it disclosed the fact that drugs had been used the day/night they died.

    For those who are concerned Heath's family, I agree, they don't deserve to be dragged in with Heath's mess. However, I seriously doubt they are cruising Sandra's website--particulary being that most of them are in Australia, and his daughter isn't old enough to read. Being that he's dead, he doesn't know that his "indescresions" have been disclosed.

    I'm honestly sorry that he's dead--just as I am when anyone dies. However, this is a good wake-up call for ALL of us who think our dirt can or will never surface. If we take care of business while we're still living, we won't have to worry that, upon death, our name will be smeared; leaving our family to fend off questions.

  • Poetry777

    Bsoul, I understand what you are saying but it just hurts me how much people just hate on each other relentlessly in this world without ceasing. Even in death people can't have peace. I mean, we are all struggling to keep it together day in and day out....But there always has to be some hater somewhere...whether it be at your job, church, school, etc. That wants everyone to be as miserable as them...And unfortunately they seem to run the gammut.... As for the well as anywhere else we are discrimminated against..those things will continue until we stop doggin each other and start loving each other. Together we stand...Divided we fall....Maybe we will get it one day.....Soon I hope. God Bless.....

  • aqtpie

    I forgot to answer the question. No they wouldn't have treated Will Smith the same way, because guess what? That tape of Heath did not pop up until after his death, the minute we have old/new juicy info/rumors/tapes/pics of our black celebs we are leaking it on our major black blog sites and to the major news outlets. So if this case would have been about Will Smith in passing and there had been a video of him doing drugs back in the day, it would have been leaked while he was alive not after his death.

  • Bsoul

    Poetry, I feel what you're saying too. It seems that you are a very empathetic person...that's a good thing. Your sentiments are truly refreshing.

    Rest assured, Heath is not being personally hurt by ANYTHING being said about him; he is indeed, resting. Once we're dead, we're oblivious to attacks or well-spoken words. Meanwhile, it's those of us who are alive that are vulnerable to the ills of our world.

    You've given me a bit of food for though, I'm going to make a concerted effort to be extra nice to those who are living and can benefit from kind acts and words.

  • Sharonda

    He use to be on crack.And yes he is in peace in heaven just not on God's green earth (that many abuse).But if you wireimage recent pictures before his death, he didn't look healthy at all.

  • Poetry777

    Bsoul.....That's what's up... :-).... Thank U!...

  • babygurrl05

    I find it hysterical yet sad that someone as professional as you make yourself out to be would say such harsh and hurtful things about someone who has passed away. You mention that if Will Smith died this same way it wouldnt get coverage. IS THAT SERIOUS?? Will Smith is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood and it would get as much or MORE coverage as Heath Ledgers death has gotten. You really believe that him playing a gay cowboy in one movie is the reason this story is getting so much coverage?? No matter if he had a drug problem or not it was hidden and very rarely talked about and him being such a promising young actor makes this a shocking story.Shame on anyone who wouldnt feel the same compassion if this was a black actor but shame on you, Sandra for trying to devalue his death because there are some ignorant people who wouldnt give the same coverage to a Black Actor. You point fingers about race yet the title of this is called Who Knew Heath Ledger was a crackhead? Let me ask you this if it was Will Smith or any other black actor who died and a mainstream white blog had the same headline wouldnt we all be crying racism? So what makes it different for you to disrespect this man.When any young person dies( black, white ,rich or poor) its a sore subject that should be handled with respect to that person and their family.If you feel like this story is getting more coverage because hes white be angry at the media but dont devalue this young mans life.

  • babygurrl05

    also you should do your research and see why hollywood is boycotting entertainment tonight its because they sensationalized the video thru editing making it look as if he was using drugs. Someone ELSE at the party was NOT heath and yes he did say on the video he used to smoke 6 joints a day but what they failed to show was the rest of his statement where he showed the tattoo on his arm that was dedicated to his daughter and said i got this tattoo for Matilda Rose as a reminder to never smoke weed again

  • D4lyfe773

    To H.B.I.C

    Ha try again sweet heart. Your not a socialite and I know damn well that you wouldn't like it if people were putting in their two cent about a death in your family. Clap Back now!

  • bobby

    you are a fucking moron.