Barack Hussein Obama addressed both chambers of Congress during a live, nationally televised speech last night. But instead of hitting a home run, Obama struck out.

Among the biggest lies Obama told last night was his oft-repeated claim that he wouldn't add to the size of the deficit, and his plan to eliminate wasteful spending and abuse in medicare to pay for health care reform.

As many critics pointed out after Obama's speech, if Washington was good at cutting out wastefulness in its government programs, it would have been done already.

Members of the GOP booed, heckled, jeered and laughed at Obama's outright lies and half truths. One GOP member, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled "Liar!" as Obama assured Americans that his bill wouldn't pay for the health care of those who are here illegally. Another, John Shimkus, stood up and walked out as Obama delivered his speech.

Wilson later apologized to White House chief of staff Rham Emanuel for his outburst during Obama's 55-minute speech. But the reality is that illegals will most certainly benefit under ObamaCare -- and taxpayers will be forced to eat the cost in the form of higher taxes.

During his speech, Obama magically downsized the number of Americans without insurance from 47 million to just 30 million. The difference being the number of illegal aliens that had been added in that category all along -- until last night.

Now we're supposed to believe that those 17 million illegal aliens just up and disappeared into thin air overnight?

The stakes were high for Obama last night as his approval ratings continue to dwindle. Just hours before his live televised speech to Congress, an Associated Press-GfK poll showed 52% of Americans disapproved of the way Obama was handling health care, while 42% approved.




  • LovelyLady


  • mizzdallas

    Now that was just sum disrespectful shyt.....

  • Daisy

    @Lovely they already have our healthcare lol

    Sandra they havent done so already cause they dont want healthcare reform point blank period they want ins co. to keep getting richer and ppl to stay sick cause its BIG BUSINESS!

    Pres Obama has already cut govt spending for some programs and folks got mad.

  • jazi65

    Regardless of how someone feels about the Prez's views that was total disrespect.

  • Shauny

    The boos was for the jackazz from SC not for Obama. Dude needed to get slapped. Joe Biden looked like he wanted to jump up and handle I bet they are applauding him on Faux and them Sandra are loving what the scum did.

  • melinla

    I thought of this site when he said it like "Sandra will definitely have a post on this!" That move was disrespectful and it proves they think the POTUS is a joke. How many times have people of his party lied....did he have the same outburst? Politicians are all a joke, they are supposed to be there for the people and they are really there for the money, power, and exposure.

    I've heard that the policy around health care will state the you must be a citizen to receive health care, but it also states that we will not actively investigate whether or not you are a citizen .... go figure

  • LadyJustice


    and i watched the video this morning, and i didnt hear any booing heckling and jeering, u obviously werent watching the same program. all i heard was clapping and cheering. sandra u need more people. lol


    I think the boos were for the a-hole that couldn't control himself while OUR President was speaking. I DON'T agree that our tax dollars should pay for illegal immigrants, but I do believe that everyone that is a tax paying able-body working citizen should have coverage.

  • LovelyLady


    I agree that everyone that PAYS taxes should have our coverage but NOT if you're here illegally cause most likely you dont pay taxes, HOW if you dont even have a social security number

  • PAHairston

    Hello All. Funny thing. The SC Rep that was so rude, so disrespectful to our first black President, Rep. Joe Wilson, well, his website is down due to high volume.( We should bombard his office with letters, emails, calls, demanding his resignation! Sandra, we need to stick together on this one. Peace.

  • starr

    I thought this was soooooo desrespectful...not of obama, but of the office of the president. I don't care what ya views are about any president....that was desrespectful

  • Daisy

    @Lovely some illegals do file and pay taxes they have an ID number or something they use. I saw a story on CNN about it and they were in TX and I was like who knew lol

  • PAHairston

    We always complaining about illegal aliens. Funny thing, I don't EVER remember white immigrants being referred to as illegal anything. At one point, ALL of us were immigrants in this country. Let me go one step further. Most Hispanics, Mexicans or whatever you want to call them take all the nasty, low-paying jobs that us black folks refuse to do today. Take the Hispanic ladies that clean my govt office everyday, service with a smile and good service to boot! If it were me cleaning up behind nasty govt workers, which are mostly white, I wouldn't have nothing to smile about each day. That's just one example. Don't get me started!

  • LovelyLady

    @ Daisy I never knew that, but thx for the info.

    I just dont think its fair we pay taxes while they dont. Then they turn around and get welfare that WE pay for. But hey thats just my opinion its like azz holes everyone has one.

  • Ilovepink1981

    People who are not complete/illegal citizens do pay taxes. I worked for the IRS temporarily and saw there tax returns all the time. They can use a tax id number to do just about anything. Its said that we need to complain about Illegal immigrants using our good earned tax dollar when you hear and see people everyday trying to cheat the system. When Katrina hit people who didnt loose anything were out there trying to collect one of thos pre paid visas, everyday americans/citizens try and cheat the system all the time. I knew someone who IS NOT an illegal but keeps on having babies and wont do NOTHING about it and as long as she is on Medicaid/care she will keep on pushing them babies out.

  • 2thick4u

    This just shows how disrespectful our American leaders are.

    He should have been punched in the mouth and ejected from the forum.

  • rhiannon

    I for one am happy that someone in leadership sees a problem and is trying to fix it. My problem is that Obama's ideas are so unrealistic. He referenced automobile coverage in his speech last night. We will be required to have health insurance as we are automobile insurance. This can cause so many other problems that people are over looking. I voted for Obama so I'm not bashing him, I just wish he would take more time to create a healthcare plan that is really feasible. This Obamacare will not be free as many seem to think. You will be required to pay it just as you are required to pay your taxes every year. So what happens if you choose not to pay it? God forbid you are ever in a position to make your car payment, pay your kids daycare, or pay your healthcare bill. How they are gonna penalize those who don't pay is my question. You will probably have hefty fines to pay, or have liens placed on your home or vehicles. This is not about bashing Obama. People are concerned with the turn our country is taking. I've done my research and stopped believing in what he says a long time ago. He is a politician, nothing more, nothing less.

  • terika83

    Anyone else notice that this type of stuff didn't go on when Bush was in office? As MANY lies as he told there was still a level of respect that people held while he was speaking because...well darn he was the POTUS wasn't he? Hmmm...I wonder what's the difference between Bush and B.O.? *sarcastically*

  • LadyJustice

    terika83 that one guy did throw a shoe bush... although he wasnt american, most americans thought it was funny

  • rhiannon

    @Ilovepink I can completely agree with you on the illegal alien issue. Why do care what money is spent on them but we don't care that our homegirl sits in the house all day with her babydaddy eating up our taxes. At least these illegals are working and seeking a better life. It's our own people who are putting a strain on the system. The government should be more concerned about those who are able bodied citizens collecting cash assistance, and free housing.

  • terika83

    @Rhiannon, these are just steps that the govt. is taking to enforce NWO that's why they seem so far fetched because they are a stretch from what we know today....being lenient with "illegal aliens"...govt health care. I have no doubt that once this health care gets in place that eventually something will happen with insurance companies and ALL healthcare will be through the govt. It's about control.

  • terika83

    @LadyJustice...exactly...he wasn't American. lol. Yes it was funny but I don't think an American would have done that at one of his speeches.


    @ Ilovepink1981:

    I think the Gov't should be able to put a cap on how many babies a women can have if we are taking care of them. I know it's unrealistic, but if people just keep pumping out babies to stay on the system, we should be able to do something about it. More then 3 kids and on Gov't assistance, tie there tubes.

  • miamore73

    Like I said before the whole thing is based on race. You have never had something like this happen during a Presidential speech. He may have added "BOY" to his statement. I don't know why this South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson didn't just bring his hood with him. It's apparant that he has no respect for the President of the United States and just couldn't tolerate sittin there listening to this BLACK MAN tell him what he was going to do with his precious country and it's health care. If it were up to people like him we'd all still be out in dem der fields.

    These people are still trying to figure out how they let this boy win the Presidency. I'm sure they're all scratching their heads in confusion now though. They've even gone as low as to say Hawaii wasn't a legal state when Obama was born there. WTF!!!

  • terika83

    @miamore73's about race. Because even if you don't agree with what the president is saying you KNOW not to be disrespectful like that. To have an outburst like that just shows lack of respect for B.O. in his position.

  • luvly1957

    I think he should be made to make a public apology on TV just like he did the outburst on nat'l tv. How can you disrespect a sitting president like that and then his colleagues just sit around and not say aything. Had that been a democrat they would want to censor him and everything. It's RACIST.

  • ELove

    The funniest thing about the shoe-thrower incident WAS Bush looking at him LIKE... Boy if this camera wasn't running We'll be Beating you into a Coma :rofl:

    @PA (comment #14)
    There was this comedian on Def Comedy Jams back in the back and he was moaning about the U.S. trying to get rid of the Mexicans AND He finally said...

    BUT who is going to wash my cars and do the land-scalping ???