According to, pop singer and fashion icon Rihanna stopped by her local Best Buy prior to leaving town yesterday after checking out her new $10 million pad in Beverly Hills.

Among the CDs and DVDs she purchased was Beyonce's The Beyonce Experience: Live! She might have purchased that one for a friend.


Even old ladies had to stop and stare

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In case you've been wondering what singer Keyshia Cole has been up to lately since she's no longer touring or starring in her own reality TV series.

According to TaSh:

Keyshia was at Walmart in Cleveland, OH on Friday Sept. 11. She was there promoting the Luster’s Pink Collection, and signed autographs as well as took pics with the fans. Her man Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was there as well.

Awww, don't they make the perfect couple?

I touched on this subject yesterday, but I will repeat it today for those of you who missed it: Obama's Health Care Reform is not free. In fact, young adults, ages 19 to 26, will be expected to "dilute" the expense of covering older people by buying the coverage whether you want it or not.

Barack Obama has made this clear, but some people aren't listening. So pay attention to the following from the Washington Post:

Drafting young adults into any health-care reform package is crucial to paying for it. As low-cost additions to insurance pools, young adults would help dilute the expense of covering older, sicker people. ...this group could even wind up paying disproportionately hefty premiums -- effectively subsidizing coverage for their parents.

If ObamaCare passes, all of us will be expected to pay for health insurance or incur a penalty of $975. According to the WaPo, paying the premium for ObamaCare, which is expected to cost more than $100 per month, would be more expensive than just paying the penalty.

Understand that even if you don't have a job, you will be forced to pay for something that most of you don't need (right now) because you're young and healthy. But if you don't pay for health insurance, you will be fined a hefty fee.

Welcome to Socialism folks!

Hip Hop's 2nd most dysfunctional couple are back together and the world can breathe easier. The two (along with their baby) attended the opening of a salon in NYC yesterday. This is not news anywhere outside of NY. But judging from the pics, Kelis needs to hit up a gym asap to get rid of that spare tire around her midsection. She looks like she's pregnant with twins.

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What straight man cares if gays get married or not? True Blood actor Mehcad Brooks told Honey magazine in a recent interview that he is putting off his own nuptials until all gays can be married as well.

I want a wife, I want kids. The whole thing. But I’m also not even concerned with marrying somebody until it’s legal for everybody to get married. And what I mean by that is the whole Prop 8 thing. I find it really offensive. I just find it really problematic when you start throwing people’s rights away. Until we get our gay brothers and sisters back into a realm of consciousness that everyone else is in, it’s just not right. A woman who’s getting married — it’s probably going to be a gay man who made her dress, and a gay man who’s doing her hair and makeup, but he can’t get married. How messed up is that?"

He sounds very suspect to me. Especially in that article on The writer is obviously from Atlanta because she sounds so desperate. He deflects all of her questions about sex and women (except for famous ones of course). Everything about Mehcad screams GAY!

My personal opinion on gay marriage is if you're gay and you want to get married, do it. But we shouldn't force our lifestyle on heterosexuals. My 80-year-old mom does not want to see men marrying men or women marrying women in her church. It's a matter of respecting the rights and religion of others.

Furthermore, priests should not be forced to perform gay marriages if it is against their religion. Civil unions makes more sense in this case. That's my personal opinion and I'm entitled to it.

Well, he's not in cuffs yet, but he soon will be. Remember Jay Z protege Beanie Sigel? I know, it's been that long since he had a hit. The old geezer is now pushing 40 like Jigga. Anyway, a judge signed a warrant for his arrest in Burlington County on Monday.

The judge wants a word with the rapper, real name Dwight Grant, because he failed to appear before him on a... wait for it... drug possession charge. The 35-year-old South Philly native was busted last month for possession of weed during a traffic stop in Wrightstown.

According to, Sigel is no stranger to a jail cell:

In recent years, Sigel has been to prison on charges related to weapons, parole violations, and failure to make child-support payments. In 2007, prosecutors dropped charges against the rapper for keeping a rental car nearly two months past its due date, after someone else returned the car.

Barack Obama's 9-year-old daughter Sasha rushed out of the White House out to welcome her daddy on his return to Washington after a day trip to Ohio and Pennsylvania, where he participated in economic rallies, yesterday.

Yesterday I received an email from talk show jock Colonel Ray of NY talk radio 710 KURV. He requested that I call into his show to discuss "the 'backlash racism' against President Obama."

I fully intended to call in and share my thoughts on the subject with the NY audience because you know I'm not shy about speaking up when it comes to Obama. But do you know I completely forgot to call in?

Yes, I'm kicking myself right now. That one call could have opened the door to me getting my own talk radio show. One never knows what opportunities awaits them.

Look at Obama. I'm sure when he was smoking pot and snorting coke in college, he never thought he would one day be president.

Here's music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs wearing the Dirty Couture/slashed jeans style to an afterparty in NYC on Sunday. You know a certain style is played out when Sean Combs starts rockin' it. No one kills a fashion trend faster than he can. It's hard to believe this dude owns a popular clothing line the way he dresses. A 10-year-old kid dresses better than this.

By the way, I agree with Diddy who told NY's Hot 97 that the cop who disrespected him was in plain clothes. But the NYPD told that was not true. Well, pictures don't lie.


Remember that $10 million mansion out in Beverly Hills that sources claimed she didn't buy? Well, it turns out she did purchase that property after all -- and she got it for a steal.

According to ONTD, Ri Ri saved $3 million in the deal! She reportedly negotiated the enormous discount on the luxurious eight-bedroom home in Beverly Hills after convincing real estate agents to drop their price.

Rihanna's neighbors include Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Milla Jovovich and Tom Cruise who worry that their properties might not sell at market value due to Rihanna's 30% discount.

Rihanna and her assistant Melissa Forde toured the property today. It looks more like an office building than an actual house.

It doesn't matter which direction the paparazzi's are in, Rihanna's friend Melissa always makes sure she's facing them for that perfect shot.

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A scatterbrained ACORN worker in San Bernardino gives prostitution tax evasion tips to a couple posing as a prostitute and pimp (so what else is new?). But as an added bonus, the ACORN worker, who admits to committing every illegal act under the sun, confesses to murdering her husband (yea, right). She sounds just a little grandiose and delusional.