The Internets are buzzing about Trey Song axing his former management team who are now spreading rumors that he is gay.

Well, if you read any of the blogs you know that the gay rumors were being spread way before Trey axed his management team. So what's really going on?

Well, word is that Trey hired former Def Jam exec Kevin Liles to help boost his struggling career. But before that, Trey's management team hooked up with a local blogger to spread lies and misinformation about Trey's love life and when that failed -- they even asked her to manufacture a fake relationship with him.

Talk about desperation?

From what I'm told, the blogger was paid for her services, which included advertising and other perks. All she had to do was keep up the charade and convince Trey's gullible fans that he was strictly into females.

All that lying failed to stimulate sales though. Trey's album dropped and flopped last year. Today, with over 500,000 followers on twitter, his album has yet to go gold.

But back to the gay rumors.

I hear that Trey's label, Atlantic Records, is now very desperate to save Trey's career and image as a ladies man. That's why his team was dismantled and a new team put in their place. The new management team turned over a new leaf by emailing me (of all people) with exclusive images of Trey Song, which I declined to post.

If his old manager is talking to the blogs about Trey's alleged homosexuality, is it more likely that he's telling the truth since he has nothing left to lose?

Anyway, I just received an incriminating photo of Trey Song and Brandon Hines together (not sexually, but incriminating none the less). I reached out to Trey's publicist for comment since it's getting serious (something I rarely ever do). But because his PR has been so kind and supportive of in the past, I feel it's only right to let him know that the other shoe is about to drop.

  • CWhatsHerFace

    So Where is the photo Sandra? I'm waiting! :waiting:

  • ro


  • ggouch

    I am more suspect of the men who prepare an entire campaigne on denying they're gay.

  • scandalous1

    LMMFAO. Sandra it must be a slow news day. Thanks for nothing!

  • Daisy

    I am glad I don't take blogs as gospel :coffee:

    Get it Trey with your cute/sexy self!

  • wtf

    fuck that the pics..since when did u like trey?? lets get this blog popping...

    btw, i dnt like that desperate blogger and is his new management the people who got him the jayz gig?? found it random but kudos to him!!

  • talkingwithtami

    LAWD!!!! :cry:

  • Krysi J

    *in my best TUPAC pOETic JUSTICE voice*

    "HEEERrrrE YOU gO!" :rolleyes:

  • missy


    I see this is about to pop pop pop pop off

  • luvly1957

    Only blog i heard of him being gay is this one and when u called out da other site cuz u got beef wit her. maybe his old reps are spreading the lies cuz he let them go and they bitter and his cd is on da way platinum even though u said it wouldn't sell shish. Sandra why da hell are u so bitter?? need a hug? or maybe if u just tasted some beef u will change ur attitude. I thought in 2010 u were gonna stop spreading lies and be more nicer?

  • FloridaChick813


    ooOooOOoo Im ready to see that pic!!

  • Lovely One

    And still no pictures?! >:(

  • STLVixen

    I don't even like Trey Songz or his music. So why I'm even commenting on this is beyond me. As you were....

  • Tyzgurl

    I really don't know what the big deal is with proving/dis-proving (is that a word?) if a celebrity is gay or not....

    I mean...this could possibly ruin his fan base of little girls that have a crush on him and possibly begin conversations about homosexuality that parents aren't ready to have with their little girls. I know when I was younger I loved NKOTB (New Kids on The Block) and I would have been devastated and confused if I found out that one of the members were gay... :(

  • Bri

    Sandra is sooooooo messy...o kkk w/the subliminal messages...

  • Bri

    What is this whole obsession w/Trey about??? Anyone know where it originated??

  • Tyzgurl

    Krysi J Says:

    *in my best TUPAC pOETic JUSTICE voice*

    “HEEERrrrE YOU gO!”

    That's my favorite part. Tupac was something else in that movie.

  • Krysi J


    favorite scene in Poetic Justice

    @ the POST OFFICE

    Chicago: man they got me waiting, got me sorting mail with these fukking MEXICANS!

    Mexican: aye Chicago man, why you talking bout mexicans
    we got our own country MAnnnn

    Chicago: OH YEA...well why da fukk yall keep sneeking out?


    Mexican: *mumbles* basketball playing muDDer Fukkers!

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  • allthingsmwny

    I haven't heard any swinging of the bat anywhere else but here.. And to insinuate that bloggers are beards is insane.. Poetic Justice is my crack!!

  • Tyzgurl

    @Krysi J


  • 2thick4u

    Well I hope that the other shoe doesn't drop and he lose what he had worked so hard for.

    Gay or Not he is very talented and I LOVE his music...TEAM TREY all day :)!!

  • pointhimout

    turning down pics of trey songz? sandra, stop it. delante murphy, i believe, is/was his manager(s).

    he's sexy and e'rythang, but i'm not into his music at all. i think that is the obstacle they face. he's extremely easy to look at on the product, as long as i dont buy it. his management and marketing team will have to work on turning us lookers into buyers.

  • Mother Jefferson

    NEXT! When exactly did he drop his management? B*ssip is not cutting it. Sandra HUD court needs more solid evidence! :rules:

  • shannon04

    Im still trying to figure out what the big deal is, if he is gay? That's him and his life and it's up to him what he chooses to do with it. oh well..... :shrugs:

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    Truth it wouldn't matter...if we would not comment...why does Sandra hate MEN so much? something more than her being a lesbun

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