US president Barack Obama's former pastor Jeremiah Wright is at it again. He is protesting loudly to anyone who will listen that The One threw him under the bus. Haven't we heard this song and dance already?

It seems that back in February, a group calling itself Africa 6000 asked Wright to use his influence with Obama to get Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner to fork over some of the millions of dollars in Haiti earthquake relief funds.

But according to Hot Air, Wright told the group he was "toxic" -- and he then vented his frustration against Obama:

In his strongest language to date about the administration’s 2-year-old rift with the Chicago pastor, Wright told a group raising money for African relief that his pleas to release frozen funds for use in earthquake-ravaged Haiti would likely be ignored.

“No one in the Obama administration will respond to me, listen to me, talk to me or read anything that I write to them. I am ‘toxic’ in terms of the Obama administration,” Wright wrote the president of Africa 6000 International earlier this year.

“I am ‘radioactive,’ Sir. When Obama threw me under the bus, he threw me under the bus literally!” he wrote. “Any advice that I offer is going to be taken as something to be avoided. Please understand that!”

As Hot Air write Ed Morrissey writes: "Does this tell us anything we don’t know about Barack Obama?"

  • LadyLew

    Sooooo :blink: Why is this news?

  • Al-Ameera

    Oh lord, I could have did without this post.

    He had to throw him under the bus or YOU and all the others would be calling him a racist and blah blah blah....oh my bad you guys all ready are. Besides, Jeremiah should have learned how to shut it down but anyway....

    The Prez is damned if he do or Damned if he don't!

  • MissGauzzz

    @ Al-Ameera...Jeremiah should have learned how to shut it down

    :cosign: yeap!!! :coffee:

  • Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams

    I want Mr. Right to stop speaking now !!

  • ohpretty1

    Did anyone catch the depiction of him on The Boondocks? I was smh and laughing at once.

  • SugarPieHoneybunn

    I bet he just wanna cut Obama's balls off!!!! :hater:

    This post is lame.

  • Mother Jefferson

    :yawn: reaching for my caffeine... :coffee:

  • PAHairston

    Hello All, you know me, I gots to add my 2 cents to this post. First of all, there isn't a black pastor in America who hasn't made unsettling comments about "the white man" from the pulpit. (The truth hurts and most don't want to hear it!) Second, Obama needs to find some balls when it comes to speaking up for his race. I realize he's half white but if one didn't know this, would one know just by looking at him? NOT!! He's black, his wife is black and so are his children. So why not be black and take a stand? For instance, not one sitting president has EVER commented one the black-on-black crime that has plagued our nation's capital for decades. Hell, your family lives in a city where a black man gets killed almost er day and you can't comment? And you black? Yo wife and children black? Hell, maybe just maybe his 2 daughters will want to marry a black man, if one is left alive in this city. Why not be the first? He was so adamant about health reform, be this adamant about saving black a black man, especially the young ones. After all, they're just our future. Look out one of those White House windows Obama and see all the killing happening in your back yd. I'm just saying. Peaceeeeeeeeeee.

  • Daisy

    I like Rev Wright and Prez Obama

  • khandi25

    Ummm, isn't he retired??? Enough already.... :yawn:

  • DownSouthZeta

    That was a very well written post PAHairston! Too many people want to hide from the issue of race. The more successful people become, the more they choose to water themselves down.

  • SunnyPA


    While I agree with you, don't look for Obama to speak out too much on anything that might keep him from getting re-elect...he doesn't want Whites to think he's going Black on them. lol. Anyway, maybe he will grow a pair in his second term.

  • attorneymom

    I am still stuck on the fact that Pres. Obama has yet to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court.

  • Jessie

    Poor Rev. Wright can't let go of the past. Get over it. You will not be invited to the White House. Obama didn't throw him under the bus. Obama actually stood up for him and then Rev. Wright just kept on and on running his mouth. And, I too, wish Obama would appoint a black man or woman to the Supreme Court because we don't have any. Clarence Thomas doesn't count. He's another "black-people-hating-Sandra-Rose".

  • ohpretty1

    First of all, there isn’t a black pastor in America who hasn’t made unsettling comments about “the white man” from the pulpit.

    Especially regarding politics. At first, I didn't understand all of the hoopla surrounding his sermons. The black church has ALWAYS been a sounding board. Oops I forgot, folks (media) were mad and shocked at what was said during Mrs. King's funeral in front of the Bushes and other politicos.

  • TSRBenz

    i guess hes doing the same thing u do every day

  • Ashley

    oh well.